Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


7. Starting

        Liara laughed behind a closed mouth as she continued past her niche, deeper into the Helicarrier's hull. Fury was always quick to match her cockiness, and that was something she could admire in a person. The first time she came face to face with him all those years ago, he never gave off a change in his overall composure. No scent, heart rate, no uneasiness in the least, not a single change. That in itself was new, and something that desired her complete attention. He was the first person to ever accept her as she was, that earned her respect. Of course back in those days he was years younger, still was missing an eye, however he still seemed very well seasoned.

        She had to be at least 23, well Liara figured that much at least. She never knew exactly anything about herself in those days. Aside from that even though she detested her new let's say skills, she was clueless to whom she really was. In not knowing anything, she designated a random day on the calendar as her 'birthday'. Not for cakes, parties and gifts, no. Just to keep herself sane. To count the days just to begin again. It was mostly to make herself feel somehow, human again. That was the main reason.

        Liara kept her eyes low as she made her way down another flight of stairs. She knew that she could have taken the elevators, but they would be crowded and she just didn't do, people. Too many reasons to not to. And that was enough for her. She peered up and her destination lay just ahead. Liara loved it here as well, for it was always deserted. Well for the main part, if not for the resident Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist that she had hoped to run into while she was down here, and not his best friend.

        She made her way through the sliding glass door and the lab smells overpowered her. Sulfur was detected in more than a few spots, the boiling chemicals were just putrid, had her walking further into the room. As she moved in deeper, Liara detected the hint of familiar smells in the air, people she knew. "Hello."

        No return.

        Liara eased to the back of the lab. She finally found her company in the back of the room huddled together over a petri dish. "Oooh."

        "Guerra." Romanoff greeted, "I'll see you later Bruce."

        "Mmm, she'll see you later Bruce. You don't have to leave on my account, believe you me. I'll only steal your man a mere quick second. Then you can get back," Liara moved her hand up and down in the direction of the scientist Bruce Banner, "to you."

        The two ladies eyed each other. Romanoff smiled, "glad you're back."

        "I know it was so overly unbearable without me," Liara smirked.

        Black Widow placed a hand on Liara's shoulder as she passed.

        Suddenly the air became thick and stale as Liara shifted her gaze to Bruce. She took in a hard breath, in letting it go she made her way to him.

        "Fury wanted this analyzed. I was to give it to Robot Boy, but since you are here, I guess you'll do." Liara pulled a vial from her pocket.

        "Umm... yeah... oh ok. What is it?" He furrowed his brow as he nervously looked up from behind his glasses.

        "For a scientific genius you sure are sah-low. It's blood Sherlock." Liara shook the vial back and forth between her fingers.

        Bruce exchanged his view of the vial to take in Liara's eyes. She stood there holding his stare, he wondered if she was still upset. For their last meeting wasn't on the best terms. No, it was far from it, disastrous. He broke off everything that they had. Bruce was getting too deep in and he needed out before eventually hurting her, and he knew he would without even wishing to. If there was one thing that Banner knew, it was that the HULK had a way of hurting everything that he himself held dear. It was a process that Bruce was so more than accustomed to living. How could he force someone that he cared for more than anything, into watching him self-destruct.

        Banner knew deep down that Liara had to be beyond hurt from their last encounter. Nothing went as he planned. Bruce planned to let her down easy, but not in the manner he did it. They argued for a moment which led to his blaming everything on her. Liara and her ability to control the HULK without even trying. HULK's pull toward her was something that Bruce had never experienced before, not even with Betty. It was animalistic and raw. Like the HULK was the one in love with her, not he himself, but that wasn't even it. It was deeper than that, Bruce he himself loved her too. The more he fought it, the stronger the pull, and there were too many negative possibilities that could only come from it. Which was why he had to terminate it, nothing more than the fact that he loved her.

        "Jekyll! Did you hear me?" Liara furrowed her brow.

        Bruce cleared his throat, "I'm sorry, yes. Here, just let me take it."

        "Fury claims that it is of utmost importance," Liara placed the container on the counter.

        "Do you know what it's about?" The scientist pushed his glasses back to their proper place on his nose.

        "Nope, could care less." The woman turned to leave.

        "Um Liara." Banner called after her.

        The woman turned to face the older looking man in her presence, "yeah."

        "Can I ask you a question?" Bruce crinkled his brow.

        Liara's melancholy face turned into a smirk, "I don't know, can you?"

        "Clearly." Banner muttered.

        A contented hum, "clearly."

        "Um,...yes... are you back?" Bruce needed to know.

        The woman narrowed her yellow eyes, "does that bother you? I mean are you scared to have me around you? I don't bite, however as I recall," Liara bent down to prop herself on the counter that her ex was still behind. She gazed up into his brown eyes, "you loved it when I did." She raised her brows quickly. "Buuuut that is ancient history. No Jekyll, I'm not ill at you anymore. You aren't that important for me to pine over alll my life you know. But hey, it was fun while it lasted, we both know that. Oh, and before I forget," Liara lifted from the counter as she could see that her words were getting the reaction she wished for, in him, "you upgraded, I approve."

        With the man left speechless, the woman made her way from the lab.

        Liara decided to take some alone time. She placed her earbuds in her ears and headed for the stairwell, in doing so she was halfway to the bottom of the floor landing when her nostrils were greeted with an odor. She stopped, propped against the wall with her right shoulder and waited on the person to catch up to her. As soon as they were at the top of the landing she spoke up.

        "Must you be everywhere I am?" She only stared forward to the eggshell colored wall.

        "Don't kid yourself." The man spoke back.

        Liara pulled her right cheek taunt with a smirk, her dimple heavily engraving her face, "and yet here you are."

        She side eyed the man as he took her smirk in. "What's your deal?"

        "I don't trust you," she returned. 

        "Puts us in the same boat." Barnes returned as he pushed past her.

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