Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


17. Recoup

        The team returned to an empty Quinjet after the retrieval of the delicate intel. Fury was the first to enter, assessing the damage. Three empty water bottles and the entire contents of a black knapsack were strewn throughout the ship. A book and Bluetooth headphones were jammed, protruding from the left siding of the jet. Bruce's clothes were ripped to shreds on the floor. As Romanoff picked them up, a piece of material returned to its resting place on the metal floor. In doing so it caught Nick Fury's attention. He kicked aside the remaining scrap to reveal one of Liara's purple earplugs. The man squatted down to retrieve it, noticed there was dried blood encased within the inner cavity. He searched the floor with his eye, looking for the other. A body walked up behind him.

        A fair colored hand extended, offering him something just within a balled fist. Fury accepted the matching earpiece that plopped into his hand. "Fury, may I have a word." Tony asked as the taller of the men returned to his feet.

        Fury nodded as he pocketed Liara's belongings. "Walk with me Stark."
        The Director led the man back outside of the aircraft to have their conversation. He stopped when he was satisfied with the distance they had traveled. Stark walked to aggressively kick at the dirt. Pissed about the new found information. He crossed his arms and frowned.

        "You knew she'd get hurt didn't you." Tony accused.

        Fury furrowed his brow as the men stood looking out over the same terrain. "We all knew this was a serious mission Stark, what the hell are you implying."

        "Don't hand me this 'took one for the team' shit. You did this. You orchestrated everything..." Tony began.

        Fury cut the man off, "Stark, you have no idea what you mean."

        "Really!?! So you didn't go to see Deltora in the cafeteria of this damn base, and she wasn't the one that almost killed Liara? I'm just imaging the entire damn thing right." Stark was overly heated.

        Nick extracted the blood covered earpieces from his trench, examining them. He shook his head, his whole demeanor changed, "I would never hurt Liara, much less on purpose."

        Stark walked over to the man, looked down to the earbuds in his hand. "I as well am soft on," Tony tilted his head, "Spot. But that still doesn't change the fact that you've had this planned before we even left the damn Facility. Which is why you kept the Code Green as a backup plan to get her ass out of there if and when it went south. Now both of them have disappeared from the map. God only knows when those two will come back, if ever. A rage beast and a savage wild animal on the lose, good job there Director, couldn't have done that better myself."

        "Wait how in the hell did you know Deltora was there?" Fury asked.

        Tony threw his right hand up in the air in disbelief, "Just because my tech isn't quite as advanced as Killer's doesn't mean that I'm stupid. I do have the same tendencies that she has."

        "You saw us," Nick stated.

        Stark rolled his eyes, "I borrowed info, of course I saw you. The damn sound waves were a dead giveaway old man. I mean why in the hell would Alana do that anyhow?"

        Fury shook his head as Tony snatched and pocketed Liara's custom made earplugs. "Deltora claims that there was someone there. I figure they engaged in conflict. Verbal information was given, insinuating that the foe was like Liara, but that is..."

        "Impossible from everything that I know. Bruce could never achieve to copy the Super Serum, let alone come anywhere close to copying the Wolf Serum. He... hell, we tried too many times over to no avail. Whatever Deltora's new friend is, it isn't nearly up to par with our fur baby that you almost killed." Tony stroked his goatee. 

        Fury eyed the man that was overly concerned for the woman who was hurt in the mission. He turned and walked from Stark, with his hands on his hips he took in the path they just taken to come back to the Quinjet. "I told you that we all knew the risks of our roles. Anyone of us could have been in her position."

        "Is that really what you keep telling yourself. You and I both know that is bullshit. The only one that was going to be hurt was Liara and you knew it from the start. That is why you informed her at her little base camp that she wasn't going in. I'm not as slow as the rest and you can't stand there and lie to me. Live in your fantasy world but know that I call you on it and you're going to catch hell when the shit hits the fan." Stark turned to the man.

        "While you sit there like you know nothing." Fury mentioned.

        Tony shook his head, "oh no, I'm going to be on Scrappy Doo's side and defend her. You messed this up, not me. I'm just waiting for everything to fall into place."

        Romanoff cleared her throat, "Sir we are ready for take off, we found the general direction to where our two agents headed. Should we follow?"

        "No, that would get us only so far. When Liara awakes, Natasha she'll cover her tracks completely. And by now, she's wide awake. She'll coax the Big Guy to bring her back when she's good and damn ready. The only thing left now is to head back to New York. Siphon what we can from our components and discover what Hydra took from us."

        "Of course," Romanoff returned to the cockpit with Barton, awaiting the order for takeoff.
        As Fury went into motion, Tony spoke up, "and what of this whole Alana mess?"

        As the two entered the jet he answered Stark, "we'll handle that one when we get to base. I have already sent Deltora there."

        Barton closed the hatch and began pressing the buttons appropriate to take them back to the Avenger's Facility after the men entered completely.

        When Liara awoke, it was to a set of huge green powerful eyes that were full of nothing but concern. He wore his troubled emotions as worry lines that heavily creased his brow. Hulk reached for her. As his fingers slightly came in contact with Liara's skin, a disgruntled moan Liara could not hear nor feel vibrated throughout her body, which caused the overly large man to pull his hand nervously away. The woman's hearing still had not healed. Hulk tried again. All he wanted was to touch her. To make sure Liara was truly okay. Her suffering had not ceased in troubling him. For her screams still echoed in his mind.

         Liara furrowed her brow as she ran her hand down the right side of her face, trying to focus her eyes. The She Wolf tightly closed her eyes as they still were a little hazy. She shook it off and opened them again. She looked straight in front of her, as another light irritated moan resonated from within her. The jagged rocks high above let her know that at least her smell wasn't off. She slowly tried to prop up on an elbow. Missed.

        Two strong green hands saved her and pulled her into his embrace. Liara rested herself on his right thick muscled thigh.

        The woman cleared her throat. "I'm fine, just my equilibrium is completely off." She knew she was speaking, she just had to be. However she could not hear nor was there any vibrations felt from her body, thrusting her into panic. "HULK... Hulk can you hear me? I swear that I am speaking, but but I hear nothing."
        The large green man placed a huge finger under Liara's chin and lifted her face to take his in. Hulk's eyes became lighter, less stressed. He knew she was in pain, but the fact that she'd never lie to him put the man at a bit of ease. He nodded. Hulk smiled gently down to the woman that he held in his arms. Liara lowered her head, knowing she couldn’t allow herself to become lost in feelings. However being with this man, was all too easy. Everything about him was perfect. The way he smelled. His strength. His passion and hell even his temperament was everything that called and beckoned something deep within Liara. She took what was supposed to be a deep calming breath, which turned out to be a complete mistake.

        On reflex her eyes glowed bright like the sun on a hot cloudless summer afternoon. Her body ached for him, even when she refused it to. Every time they found themselves together, there was a chemical release in her that overtook her senses and controlled her. The worse part, it also heavily affected this overly large green part of Bruce. It always had. She could sense and feel the change in him. His breathing slowed as he took deep inhales of her scent. His touch became so much softer, his body more lax. Her pheromones were going to be the ones getting her in trouble once again, and nothing but the mere fact there was nowhere to run to free herself from this animalistic nature that has once again reared its ugly head.
        Liara tried her hand at holding a conversation even with her lack of hearing, she could read him and his body language. Anything to try and draw her attention away from the urges she was having, the ones she refused to go through with. “Hulk, thank you for saving me. You really didn’t have to. I would have been fine, as soon as the waves had finished their purpose. Of course there was that strong possibility that I would have died first, however I know you wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. Please don’t look at me like that, just because I can't hear, doesn't mean that I have lost my other senses.” Liara spoke to her hands, but could feel the burn of the man’s caring eyes.

        The woman tried to free herself from Hulk's grip. Better said than done. Of course she had no problem with being so close to his overly huge and bulging form, but at this moment that was the last thing that she needed.

        “Um, Hulk I need to get down, I can’t breathe. I really need to clear my mind and think about some things. May I go?” With her words the man released his grip. "Thank you."

        Bright yellow eyes made their way to an in cave brook which was heaven sent at this moment in time. She headed in a wobbly rush to the water, lowered to her knees in front of it as she prepared to wash her face. She unzipped the purple hoodie and placed it neatly on her lap, while Liara as well took off her shirt for use in scrubbing at the dried blood that still stained her skin. She pulled the hoodie around her body, holding it tightly down between her upper arms and sides. She scrubbed at her neck and chest, then continued by rinsing out the black shirt until the water ran clean. It was a long process that ended up helping the woman calm her nerves and ease her troubled mind.

        Without even thinking of her present company, the woman continued with her cleaning. It had to have taken her no more than a few minutes for the blood to be gone, but that was more than enough time to have put the man with her in contentment. To see her moving around and doing normal things, made him feel the need to find her nourishment.

        Hulk made his way to Liara, he reached a hand to her. Wanting to let her know that he was leaving. The woman turned, clasping the hoodie closed at her breast. She looked up to the man, "you going to leave me again? This time make sure that Jekyll allows you come back to me."

        The huge green man that towered over her gave a sneer, "PUNY BANNER."

        Liara smirked in reading his lips. She walked with him to the opening of the cave while slipping her arms one by one into the hoodie. Hulk gave one last look over his shoulder down to the woman that now leaned onto the rock. Liara raised her brows once as he jumped down from the drop-off.

        Yellow eyes narrowed as she thought to herself, "he's so far stronger than you give him credit for. Oh Hyde if you only knew that you were the puny one. However, if both of you realized that you'd be invincible if you stopped hating on each other and embraced one another." She kept an eye on Hulk until he ran off on his own personal quest. Thinking on the possibility that just ran across her own mind. "Incredible."

        The She Wolf took the hoodie off, walked back over to the shirt she left by the streamlet and slipped the damp clothing on. It felt wonderful against her hot skin. She followed by finding a nice sized rock to sit upon while she removed her tennis shoes and the sweats that were meant for Bruce when he took his body back over. Liara folded the articles of clothing and left them on the boulder for the man, returned for the opening of the dwelling.               

        They were in a mountain cave high above terrible terrain. The steep incline left them inaccessible, which she already knew was his plan. She sized the distance, and surrounding territory. They were indeed high, but not too far for her. From their current location and her abilities, she would be able to make a suitable landing without hesitation. Even if green turned to brown, she could make it safely with him in her clutch. Liara then took in the horizon, scanning for any telltale sign of where they were.

        Before she could accurately determine anything, her partner was seen a few miles off. Coming in at a full run.​​ Within seconds he lowered himself and was flying through the entrance. He quickly turned to Liara when she began to complement him.

        "Nice entrance, as always." Hulk gave her a satisfied smirk. Liara turned her face up, "I take that back, eww. You could have done sooooo much better. I felt nothing, wasn't sexy in the least. Sorry, didn't do a thing for me."

        The man huffed as it sent Liara's wet hair flying backwards. "Yes, see I could use more of that, cause as soon as this mangy excuse for hair dries without a hairdryer, then yeah, we both know that outcome." She combed her fingers through her hair.

        Hulk turned his back on her, "awwe, come on. I pissed you off? I mean you are already the better half. What are you going to do, change to Jekyll?"

        Yellow eyes took in the contort of his body, letting her know that he huffed once again, "no, you wasted that one, I needed it on my hair. Wait! What are you doing, noooo don't, you brought that back for a reason."

        Green eyes grew three sizes as soon as he felt a hand run up his back, in trying to maneuver around him. His breathing caught, so did Liara's for a fraction of a second. She pushed it down, began using it to her advantage. She trailed her left hand's fingers lightly around his right side as she walked around his mass to face him. She slowly looked up to him as he hid what he brought her. His face was sour and he was bothered. When their eyes met, he turned his head to the left.

        Liara slowly closed and opened her eyes, "fine, have it your way. I was going to confess that at least you had one thing going for you, but yeah that boat sailed, I mean since it doesn't even matter anymore right. Right." This caught the man's interest. He side eyed her, but still kept his hands clasped tight over something. "Since you are all upset with me, I'll just jump down from here and be the one to leave you for years this time. Simple. I'll be out of your hair, since you are clearly all interested in the gnat now. Moving down the food chain these days I see."

        Hulk turned to face her directly. He narrowed his eyes. "NO."

        Liara raised her shoulders as she rolled her eyes, "but she is all a skerd of you, how does that relationship even work? Whatevers, I'll be going, since you're mad with me and I have obviously damaged your fragile psyche."

        The She Wolf turned to leave, as soon as she took two steps to the opening, a huge green hand picked her up and returned her to his lap. She turned and straddled the man.

        She bit her lip, and watched her hands run up his hairy torso. "This was the only good thing about your entrance." She smirked. Arched her back, which caused her body to slightly rock, then reached up to play with his hair, "oh and this, you are grayer. And it is very very very becoming."
        Hulk nervously watched the woman that was toying with him. He knew Liara was provoking him, and she was doing it so very well. To the point that he desired her. With his urge growing, if she was to move even slightly once more, then she would know. He took in her parted lips that held a slight contentment as her eyes took in his hair. Instead of following his heart and desire, he chose his mind which was afraid of hurting her further and furrowed his brow. This caught Liara's attention and she changed her gaze for his.

        She carefully eyed him with inspecting but caring eyes, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have touched you."

        As she began to lower herself from his lap, he offered her what he hid in his hand. He extended his fingers and there lying in his palm were various fruits. She watched his lips that formed words, "LIARA EAT. NEED STRENGTH. HEAL."

      The woman retrieved the small watermelon, bunch of bananas and a few pears. "Thank you, Hulk." She took a deep breath. As she placed the items on a flat rock, she crossed her legs and sat facing the man that moved closer.

       Hulk watched with pride while Liara partook of his prize. He took careful time to choose what he knew she loved. She peeled a banana and started breaking pieces that she popped in her mouth. She was through two of them when she finally looked up to him.

        "Did you say anything?" Liara furrowed her brow, generally curious.
        The man shook his head as he read something in Liara. She was troubled. She was never the one that wore her emotions on her sleeve. However Hulk knew she was scared. Before he realized it, he was caressing her face. To Hulk's surprise, Liara closed her eyes and leaned into his hand.

        Liara placed her left hand over his, "Hulk, thank you so much for the food, but I'm afraid that that isn't going to give me back my hearing. I know you hoped it may. I was wishing that eating and regaining my strength would have done the trick as well."

        The woman lifted from her spot and headed for the cave opening, frustrated. She smelled a thunderstorm brewing. It was headed their way at a considerable rate of speed. She propped on the rock opening once again like before. Liara placed a hand over the same cheek that still burned hot from Hulk's touch. She furrowed her brows as she closed her eyes. There was one sure way she knew she would heal, at an accelerated rate. But there was no way that she was going there.

        There was a crack of thunder that echoed throughout the cavern, only when the lightning followed, did Liara know the storm was fully surrounding them. She was so lost in thought, which pushed her mind to wonder as usual. She rushed to the man that now was situated against the furthest wall facing the opening.


        Liara climbed into his lap, looked up to his troubled face that was glued to the storm. The woman changed her position and straddled the man to face him directly. He still didn't budge. Liara cupped the man's face in both hands, "hey, I'm here."

        With her voice bringing him out of his fear, Hulk pulled Liara close to him. A hidden smile washed over the She Wolf's face as the man held her. She dared to glance up at him, he was paying her all his attention now. Liara leaned into the man, allowing the same cheek to rest on his chest. The heat that was building now in Liara was immense. Hulk began to stroke at the woman's short purple hair that was still slightly damp.

        Within seconds something changed, everything became serious. Liara did not know if it was when she was stupid enough to allow herself to act on her emotions. Or was it when she realized that he, this part of Bruce still was comfortable around her to allow her touch. Liara was nervous, her breathing had picked up, her nostrils filling more each time with Hulk's scent. Her skin washed over with goosebumps. She needed to distance herself from him, but it was too late. The wolf in her was taking over and there was no way that she was going to not let Hulk take what belonged to him.

        Drunk bright eyes took in the hand that began to raise her head to face him. A quick image flashed before Liara's mind's eye. She closed her eyes, cursed her conscious, and jerked her head down. Carefully thought about where she actually was. However thinking about it and actually being in it were two completely different demons. Liara thought she would be able to remain in control. To be able to maintain her lucidness. But as soon as the brute pulled her into his person, it was a done deal. Liara already knew that he caught glimpse of her eyes. She took her hand at talking. Clearing her throat seemed a foreign language to her.

        "" Liara's voice caught as the man's body was more than giving off the signs of desire.

        Liara lowered her head and debated the benefits if she allowed herself to do this. Yes, she would get her hearing back. For there was the fact that every time she was with a man, her stamina mixed with her heighten pulse rate regulated her body and healed itself much quicker than normally.

        On the other there was the fact that if she did go there with this particular man, then the wound that never healed would only be reopened. Also the fact that this would eventually come back to bite her in the ass, was high on the list.

        Thick fingers effortlessly lifted the face of the object of his affection. Her eyes were closed, Hulk took this as his only chance. He leaned down and kissed the lips that had been calling to him ever since he was alone with her. Liara's eyes flew open for a fraction of a second, then rolled back into her head.

        The kiss lasted no more than seconds, but it felt more like an eternity. Liara slowly backed away as she took a huge gulp. Her glowing eyes slowly opened as a shaky right hand covered her lips with two fingers. She nervously climbed down from the man's person and slowly inched backwards from him. She turned her back on him, as her body was already mending itself.

        This caught her off guard, never had it worked this fast before. All the noises were coming back, slowly and faintly, there was an echo like she had an ear to a seashell. She closed her eyes, giggled and her voice could finally be heard to herself once again. There was a voice that was heard from behind her. Faint as it was, but it was there.

        "HULK'S LIARA." The man moved to her as he saw the back of her head nod violently.

        He reached for her right shoulder, as soon as he came in contact with her, Liara's eyes closed and a low growl vibrated from deep within her. Hulk turned her to face him.

        The deep voice that resonated from the woman, repeated the words, "Hulk's Lia..."

        The lips that found hers were no longer of the large green kind, they were of the plump brown kind. Ones that drove the woman wild. A pleading moan was heard as Hulk wrapped an arm around Liara and pulled her into his embrace. The man's mouth moved to the woman's neck as her eyes opened wide in pleasure. She forcefully balled his hair into a first and pulled his head backward.

        Two pairs of glowing eyes. One yellow. One green. Stared one into the other. Their brows touched as Liara gave him an animalistic smirk through her rapid breathing. The look was returned but with greater hunger. Liara raised her brows once as she bit at her bottom lip. Her hands were now at work, caressing the body she had been longing to touch as soon as Bruce was first detected on the Helicarrier. Her eyes rolled closed as she erased the inches between them. As she lightly dragged her nails down his back, her mouth found his tender neck. She breathlessly moaned as she tasted his flesh.

        Hulk's pulse raced as his female touched him. He had decided to use Bruce's body. For it was completely vulnerable, and he needed to be able to feel each and every touch that was going to ensue this night, no matter the consequences.

        Liara seemed to be able to read his mind as she giggled and whispered into his left ear, "when he takes back over, he's going to be soooo pissed."

        Hulk angrily huffed as he lifted Liara's shirt from her body and flung it aside.

        "Good, since we are on the same page, I suggest making this evening," Liara continued as the man picked her up to lay them on the ground, "hmm, very memorable. Did I ever tell you that I love when you are like this? The strength and the eyes do all kinds of thangs to me."

        Hulk smiled as he breathed in the woman. He kissed her long and hard, with all the years of pinned up passion since their last encounter. He was dead set on showing Liara that she needed him and only him in her life. Bruce ran her away, right to the arms of another. That was never going to happen again. Liara was his and would remain that way.

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