Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


5. Recognition

        Liara smiled, thinking in her pleasant exchange with Fury as she walked down the hall, to what were inevitably her same quarters. She entered room 20, in crossing the threshold she noticed there was a package on the bed awaiting her. There was a card, she laughed in reading it. "Knew you wouldn't be able to resist the invitation. Welcome back. Don't make me regret this."

        Liara tore open the packaging to reveal a state of the art laptop. "Niiiiiiice."

        A second later, the woman pulled the scanner she always carried from her sweats to scan the new toy. Nothing. She raised an eyebrow and hummed to herself. Then within minutes had it up and running. With fingers typing as fast as wind, "You've just made your first mistake, Fury. I thank you, he's beautiful. With that being said, this still nowhere near makes us even, so don't even go there."

        Before anything else, she had it tapped into her own personal servers. Liara opened all the cameras to her base. Then a secure line of communication was established. Within a second, one of her private militia secured the other end.

        "Señora, puedes oírme?" The musclebound, heavily tattooed man inquired. (Ma'am can you hear me?)

        Lira nodded, "Si, perfectamente Raúl. Cómo anda todo por allá? (Yes, perfectly Raul. How's everything there?)

        The hired henchman described to his boss the extent to what they were experiencing. "Todo se sigue igual, señora. Ya puedes ver por usted misma. Todo es tranquilo. Todavía tenemos los frascos si que vamos a necesitarlos." (Everything's the same, Ma'am. You can see for yourself. Everything's quiet. We still have vials if we need them.)

        "Gracias por todo, amigo mio." She grinned softly and let the live camera feeds continue. (Thanks for everything my friend)

        There was a knock at the door, actually Liara heard him coming from a distance. Before he ever even arrived at the barrier. The reason Liara had already shut her feed down. His smell was protruding from beyond the door. She smiled, and had no idea that he would've taken this long to make his presence known. For he was one of the scents she picked up earlier when with Fury.

        "Come in Rogers." She opened the door to receive her guest.

        He entered, confused "How did you know?"

        A raise of the brow.

        "Right, wolf smell." As soon as he said it, he regretted it.

        "As well as the hearing, my man. Come on in, make yourself at home." She ushered him in.

        "That was insensitive of me, I am sorry." Steve looked horrified.

        "Over the truth? Most times, it does hurts."

        "However, that was never my intention, to upset." He apologized.

        "Rogers, trust me, I could care less. I am what you said I am. Accept it the way that I have. Now, can we move it along?" There was a lightness in her voice, that somehow eased him.

        He raised his brows quickly, "ah yes, I was wondering if you were here to stay and if so, were you available to join me in the cafeteria, for a cup of coffee while we discuss your position."

        She nodded," hang on and let me get my cap."

        Liara walked over to the bed and grabbed her Greenbay Packers cap. She pulled it down low over her forehead then pushed her short hair back. Steve took in the team on the cap.

        "Cheesehead huh?" he mentioned.

        "The ONLY reason that I wear this hideous color." She pointed to the green hoodie she had chosen that morning.

        One chuckle behind closed lips as he motioned for her to lead.
        As the two made their way down the long corridors, Liara slipped her earbuds in. Keeping her eyes to the floor as all the smells were received and categorized within her mind. There were no words exchanged as they traveled. Liara was fine with this. Steve was still embarrassed for his slip up.

        "You may find a seat, I'll get the refreshment." Steve instructed, as he took his place in a line of people.

        Arriving in the cafeteria, Liara realized just how hungry she was and grabbed an apple. She found a small table at the far end of the room, which in her opinion was the perfect place to be. Away from the masses. She took up residence on the booth side along the wall. Steve fought with the overcrowded room to snake his way there. He took the chair side of the table.

        He placed the carrier filled with extras on the table, "I have no idea how you take your coffee, so I brought a little of everything."

        Liara smirked, "I take my coffee the same as my men, hot and brown."

        Her company looked so confused.

        She laughed in grabbing three creams to add to her drink.

        Steve cleared his throat. "Right, so I was needing to speak to you on everything that has happened within the time frame since your departure years back."

        Liara nodded. "Let's see, when I left, you and the rest of the gang were still trying to stop Loki. Yes, I remember it all, all a little too well. Alana was more than enthralled with him. Something about the way he," she waved a hand in the air, "toyed and devastated you all, did wonders for her. How did that entire situation pan out? I had other matters that needed my attention. Sorry, that your fight wasn't as important to me. But hey, you won, so that's well and all that crap."

        "Yes, we won, but at a price, as many things do seem to go. There was great loss, and many innocent people died. But Thor in the end took his bother home, Alana took leave with him to make sure Loki would pay for his misdeeds." Steve began.

        "Umhmm," Liara returned while she sipped her coffee. "So did you have any casualties?"

        "No," he shook his head, "but it would have helped if you didn't leave when you did."

        "Yeah, my bad." Liara nonchalantly shrugged.

        Steve looked up to greet the person that arrived and pulled up a chair next to him. Liara knew the smell, as it filled her nostrils once again. Her gaze fell to her lap in recalling. A very overpowering aroma, manly of course. Earth, leather and musk, but there it was once again, that hint of metal. She was more than certain it was for the guns, outfit and mask that he wore from the former encounter, but it was still there lingering on him.
        "You shot me." Barnes flatly stated.

        His voice was warm but threatening, like the calm before a storm. Provoking something deep within Liara. She slowly wet her lips, smirked and replied. "Is that all you say?"

        Bucky squinted as he took in the deep dimple across the table.

        Steve could see the confrontation building.

        Liara was never the kind to back down from anything, it was the wolf in her, it loved the fight, the challenge, the crave to dominate. "Get your friend, Rogers."

        Steve cleared his throat, "Bucky Barnes, this is Liara..."

        "That's all he needs to know." Liara cut Rogers off.

        "Um, Liara, Bucky." Steve exhaled.

        She lifted her head slightly. Stopped on this Bucky's hand balled into a fist on the table. "A name to go with the bullet, wonderful."

        Bucky's fist tightened. "You shot me."

        She heard the chair he was in, ever so slightly inch forward, causing Liara's smirk to harden. "You want another one? I'll do it again in a heartbeat."

        "Guys, could we just let bygones be bygones?" Steve tried his best to break the tension.

        Barnes' voice lowered as it angered. "YOU.SHOT.ME."

        "We have established this. You keep on, you'll have that pleasure once again big boy." She now eyed him from behind her brim. A beam of sunlight caught her right eye, causing the entirety of her yellow iris to glisten and glitter, while her white pupil constricted.

        Bucky's eyes enlarged for a fraction of second as he took in the sight, but not once backing away from his threat. "Matched the clothes to the eyes I see."
        "Guys, I'm serious, you are going to have to work together. Bucky, you are going to have to let this go. Liara had no idea that you were going to be there. You joined me last minute. She did only what a teammate should do, keep six. You Liara, those animal instincts of domination need to be put in check. Bucky, that wasn't nice at all." Steve frowned.

        Liara did nothing but stare into the large blue eyes of the man in front of her, the silent challenge still there, they both knew it. She smirked in thinking of how much fun it was going to be to have someone to torment.

        Steve pounded the table. "Guys."

        Liara winced in pain as Bucky watched, then turned to face Steve.

        "Yeah, I understand." Barnes stated.

        "Whatever, I'm out." Liara's voice was low, and clearly trembling.

        Bucky turned to Steve, whispering. "You know you hurt her right?"

        "I'm sorry, I was just upset that the two of you wouldn't let it go." They both turned to watch the woman leave as she placed her earbuds in her ears.

        "I know her, well of her." Bucky kept his eye on Liara until she was completely gone from site.

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