Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


9. Protection

       Liara was beyond heated that she stormed fists clinched to Fury's office. She knew he was there, he wouldn't be any other place. 'Dead' or alive, this was his sanctuary. His aroma seeped strongly through the door. In smelling him... leather, musk, cotton with a tinge of gunpowder, she turned her nose up and her lip into a snarl. Preparing herself for the words that were about to be unleashed.

        She slammed through Fury's door. By her look, he knew. "Good of you to knock."

        "What in the absolute hell were you thinking?" Marching to face him at his workstation. "Seriously that's all you have to say?"

        "Well I don't know, other things did come to mind. Like why in hell you broke my door." Sat the overly calm director, elbows on the desk as his intertwined fingers were raised to his chin.

        Liara stood on the visitors side of Fury's desk, "you think I give a damn about..."
        "I'd choose my words wisely." Fury narrowed his gaze as he looked up to the woman.

        "You would." Liara scolded under her breath. Liara's snarl deepened, "I could give a blankety blank about your blanking door, old man."

        Fury rubbed his chin as he turned his attention from the woman.

        "So I imagine now you're going to tell me that you're cool with him here," Liara continued.

       Fury slowly shook his head. "No I'm going to tell you to return me my laptop."

        Liara was steaming, "so this is some sorta joke to you, fine. Take it back Indian Giver, it's in pieces anyhow."

        "I highly doubt it." Fury nonchalantly mentioned.

        The woman punched her fist down through the glass top on the desk leaving a divot within the wood itself underneath.

        "That's coming out your paycheck." The older man lifted himself from his chair.

        "I COULD GIVE A RAT'S FLIPPING ASS ABOUT YOUR GODDAMN DESK!" Liara had had enough. She slid across the surface of the structure and bucked on her friend and director.

        "Then why don't you tell me how you really feel." Fury smirked.

        "I swear to the universe the only reason I don't tear you a new one is because you are like family." Liara now had him pinned against the wall.

        "Are you finished." The man only raised his brow in looking down upon a pair of dull yellow eyes.

        "The hell you mean am I finished? You know damn well I ain't even started yet. This is bullshit." She raised a finger to his right temple, the force pushing his head sideways.

        "I beg to differ." Nothing but collected cool.

        "I swear Nick I'm NOT playing. I don't want to hurt you. But you are treading that overly thin line." Liara pushed off the man, sending herself backwards, giving them space.

        "You ain't gone do nothing, you know why you're here, and I goddamn guarantee you, you ain't going nowhere." The in all black man, slowly strolled back to his desk. Picked up the wastebasket, sliding loose glass into the container.

        Guerra swiftly turned to face the man. "You are overly confident in your damn self all of a sudden aren't you."

        Fury replaced the pail and closed the gap between the two of them. As he reached for Liara's face, placing a palm over her cheek, "don't you ever for a moment think that I'm not grateful for what you have done for me."

        Liara backhanded his hand away, "those three bullets hurt like a bitch, and come to think of it, I still haven't forgiven you. And stop patronizing me, not funny."

        "I never said any of this is funny, especially why you're here." Fury crossed his arms.

        Liara rolled her eyes and let out a disgusted breath, "Whatever old man, I'm out."

        "Last time I looked, you ain't that much younger than me." Nick raised a brow as his company headed for the broken door that stood ajar.

        She smugly chuckled, "difference is, I make this look good boo boo."

        Before Liara reached the door, the man called out "you still pissed?"

        One forced chuckle, "always."

        "So this isn't a good time to ask you a favor." Fury teased.

        "Nick, look here," Liara turned to face the man. "I might technically be a bitch, but I ain't no do girl."

        "Who's that?" Agent Hill entered the room.

        "Ask Fury. I have a date that cannot wait." The wolf woman exited the room.

        Hill furrowed her brow taking in the state of the door. "Sir?"

        "Nothing, just the fact that Liara is leaving." The S.H.I.E.L.D. director accepted the files that the woman offered.

        "She's just outside, I can catch her if you like." Hill mentioned.

        Fury shook his head, for if his agent didn't understand, he wouldn't enlighten her.

        Liara heard the woman's remark before quickly inserting her earbuds. Sometimes people could be so clueless to everything around them that they could actually hurt themselves. Fury knew that she needed to go and blow off steam, hell so did she.

        The wolf was begging. Whimpering and scratching to fight. At this point it cared less who it was. 'Guerra' just wanted to inflict devastating pain to satisfy the hunger. It was taking absolutely everything that Liara had to keep her at bay. She made a pact with herself that that life was over. Well it went more like a dictatorship, but the loba (she wolf), 'Guerra' had no choice but to learn to become 'Oscuridad'. It'd been a long and turbulent road, but Liara had made it there, and being back here was doing nothing but coaxing the loba out of hiding, much to Liara's dismay.

        "I have to so break up outta here before I lose my mind. I ain't trying to hurt no one, but that boy done got me so riled up, that it only seems fair to kick his ass, on principle." Liara thought to herself.

        She was on her way to the aviation hangar to snatch herself a nice Quinjet to reach land. Liara already knew that with no real threat nor foe attacking that most of the aircraft were just stationed and never seeing airtime. She just strolled into the operations room, clicked a couple of buttons on the computer, and found a Quinjet not in use. In boarding, she programmed on her personal cloaking device that began it's job of scanning the entire craft as she began setting the autopilot.

        Sometimes she wondered just why it was so easy to do things under everyone's noses. Liara was just as casual as you could possibly be, someone had to know that she didn't belong? Didn't they? Or was that again asking too much of a simpleminded person? She shrugged, turned the Quinjet on, sat back and let the machine do the work for her.

        As the jet neared the takeoff landing strip, Liara received a text message. She sneered loudly as she read it:

        Bring your cocky ass back now, you are going to be in serious trouble if you continue to take this course

        A chuckle resonated from within her throat as she swiped her finger across the onscreen keyboard:

        Tysm 4 ur concern it really means a lot

        Liara took a seat and began to calm herself as she sent a new message to another party:

        Estoy en camino (I'm on the way)

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