Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


27. Meeting

       "Later." A melancholy voice through the screen answered with what seemed much distaste.

        "Da' hell you mean later?" Boomed a deep voice back.

        Entertained laughter was received angrily. "I'll be there, Geez man, keep your pants on... better yet," A growl.

        "You think this is all fun and games?" The voice was threatening.

        The party on the other end quickly lowered the volume on the laptop. "You always want me alone Nicholas, this time you going to what, put me on a pedestal or something. I mean I am the best of my kind and all. And then there is that awful infatuation you have with me. Or is it an obsession? Regardless, it's cute."

        "Fine, you will answer to me when you get back." As soon as the words left his mouth, enlarged eyes followed by a huge smirk was returned.

        "You promise? Cause I have so much to confess, like let's see, oh wait it's not time for confession. What time is the meeting anyhow? You could send Hyde and I would be back there well before anything starts." Playful banter returned to normal conversation.

        A shake of the head, "it starts in a minute, there is no time..."

        Before Fury could finish, the flat screen tv along the wall behind him came on with Liara's feed. "Good. There. Happy now? I will be here for all of your pleasure. You would think with your woman Hill there that you'd be trying to keep your lowkey thing for me all hush hush."

        "Liara." His tone was court.

        She struck a nerve, "que pasó papacito? Te enoje? Pobrecito lindo de mi alma. But heeey I do like the way that you said my name, and to think without even having to work for that moan. Damn I'm good." (daddy what happened? Did I make you mad? Poor little baby.)

Liara watched as Nicholas lowered his head in defeat, knowing he'd always allow her have her way. They've had this cat and mouse for over twenty years. This was the way they were, their friendship was the same since day one and steadfast. As the man dragged his hands down his face, Liara heard the on comers.

        "Get yourself ready sexy, your company is on it's way. You called this meeting at like umpteen hours before anyone would be awake, like who even does that? These guys really need their beauty sleep. Everyone can't wake up as perfect as me." Yellow eyes shifted as she took in the duo she heard just beyond the door as they entered.

        "Now see my thing is, I heard this really annoying," Stark entered with Banner not a second behind. "But she is..."

        Liara held eye contact with the nervous, shorter in stature man whom was busy nudging his friend. "Why if it isn't the odd couple. He's keeping you honest I see. My sweetheart right there being all sexy in black, look at him, daww. Yes you baby," a wink. "Was just telling me that this meeting was all kinds of necessary and whatnot. Since he needs me just like everyone else here does. I decided to grace you, more than most, Coke Can with my glorious presence. I mean of course if your hubby over there, the mad scientist slash doctor lets you. I am still over here all up in my feelings since you refused to invite me to the Science Bros Love Fest."

        Tony walked up to the flat screen monitor and shrugged. "Well if you wouldn't have removed yourself from the premises when you did."

        Liara quickly raised her brows once as her enlarged eyes danced with delight. She slowly wet her lips. "I bet he was everything that you ever wanted in life. Cause we both know that you always fall short in that department. So tell me Silver Fox, move the hell out the way little tin soldier," Liara once again found the gentle chocolate eyes of the shy scientist. "Just how far. Oh, that's right. You and your heart rate issue, sucks to be you. I could tell you how bad he actually is in the sack."

        "Liara what the hell is your problem?" Fury blurted, overly frustrated, pulling her attention.

        A roll of the eyes, "since you are slightly older than most here, I'll forgive your ignorance and your interruption right along with that jealously."

        There was a silent challenge in the air, that both Bruce and Tony could not help but pick up on. "Quite. With that, we'll just be pulling up a seat. Cause this lover's spat is going to be the death of me. Such hostility. Tell me fluffy, are you all snarky on count that your boy here dominated you or that he wouldn't let you bite him since he's climbing the Hill on the regular." Tony leaned back in a chair as he propped his feet on the table.

        "Naw, he'll never be my boo thang, he just doesn't know it yet. Hury is so a thing though. Sexy thing at that. But know which is sexier? The one that I have YET to be invited to. Bitches." Liara quickly turned her head to see what was going on the right of her, just out of the screen feed.

        Bruce whispered to Tony as he made a few words out before Liara muted her side of the connection. "She's in trouble, you do know that right."

        "Is that what this meeting is about then? I thought it was for other things like Father-In-Law and that new rogue on the loose." Stark continued to stare at Liara, who was having a full fledged conversation with someone on her side of the screen.

        Banner furrowed his brow, "no, I'm serious Tony. Her guarded stance. She's troubled by something that has her complete attention at the moment. She is forever like the wolf. Protecting and defending, thus her more than usual sarcastic attitude that is a front for something dire in her inner circle. She's feeling cornered and snapping at everything that makes a move toward her."

        A stoke of his goatee while watching and trying to read silent lips. "And the fact that you might have understood a few words that were exchanged between her and, that was the lovely doctor wasn't it, what's her name again? It escapes me."

        "Besides the point. However, yes." Bruce studied Liara intensely, noting all the signs he all too well knew. She was hurting, but would never show it. Her pride was far too strong for that.

        Yellow eyes returned to the three that were content on having their full attention on her, while waiting on the arrival of the remainder of the team. "Now if the two of you are finished gossiping about me and my dire situation. The rest of the freaks are here, and one random extra is being let loose upon you today. Don't say that I didn't warn you."

        As soon as Liara finished her statement, the handle of the door was unlatched as none other than Captain America, his best friend Bucky Barnes, and Natasha Romanoff entered to a soft female "un huh".

        The trio found seats after they recognized and gave pleasantries to everyone in the room. Bruce found a seat next to Tony, which curiously was directly facing the monitor on the wall. He was busy watching everyone file into the room, so much so he missed the way Liara bashfully smiled and lowered her head while soaking in his appearance. A reaction in which did not go unnoticed by a certain hazel eyed, black haired man. Whom held Liara's now cocky gaze. The two seemed to talk in facial expressions by the time Banner turned to face front.

        There was a tight smirk, causing a dimple to nestle deep into Liara's right cheek as she rolled playful eyes, tilted her head to the left and shrugged. That was answered with a cross of the arms and a stern long huff. Which was in return answered with a sneered once over, a quick raise of the brows and a kiss.

        "What's going on?" The scientist whispered.

        Natasha leaned in from across the opposite side of the table, "some sort of battle of the minds, I imagine."

        "Look, I told you that you shouldn't have come. This has nothing to do with you. You are not one of us." Argued a high-pitched voice just outside the common-room.

        Liara mouthed 'really' questioningly, while observing Tony rush to the threshold. She raised her right hand and rubbed at the back of her neck, followed by tilting her head side to side to crack her neck in relieving a bit of tension. It was only after, that her eyes found worried brown ones that did nothing but watch. The stare was hard and intense, she could only muster to hold his gaze for under a minute before shying away. Only to curse herself mentally afterwards.

        "Everyone please come in and find a seat, Mr. Fury will call this meeting into motion very soon." Hill's voice rang out as she exited from behind a hidden wall.

        The last of the stragglers entered. Lang, whom was cleaning the crust from his eyes. Rhodey, greeted everyone already waiting. Wilson found himself a seat to the other side of Rogers. Barton sat in a solitary chair along the wall, next to the hidden door Maria just seconds ago exited. Vision held the door ajar for Maximoff as they coupled in next to Romanoff. Stark reentered with a look as he found a smirk on Liara's face. Thoroughly enjoying his look of utter bewilderment.

        "Look. Go in without me. You are cramping my style. I refuse to let you take my shine. Besides the Dirty Bucket is in there needing you to fill his mind with raunchy thoughts instead of that foul smelling mangy mutt." Phoenix pushed Alana to the door. "I demand a proper introduction. That animal and peasants need to be properly introduced to Royalty."

        Alana only crossed her arms and pouted her lips. "The only Royalty you are is a Royal pain in my butt."

        Phe laughed from her diaphragm, "you're so weak, you can't even say, never mind I'll help you out, get your ass in motion so I can go see my Tony and that sexy American Man that's next on my To Do list. Chop chop, time's a wasting. Don't make big black mad, or Liara won't be the one on her knees gagging."

        Alana turned her lip up as she then turned to leave, afraid of what would next escape the mouth of her newly in the flesh inner demon, so to speak. "I swear that you are about the most disgusting creature in the..."

        Phoenix called after Alana, her voice overly chipper, "no, that would be Liara putting things in her mouth, I mean my god. Just when I thought she couldn't get any lower than Banner. She goes and puts Fury's bone in her mouth, vile."

        "Jesus Phe." Alana grabbed for the handle.

        "Accctually it was pronounced Jesús. I remember him very very well." Two hands were thrown up in defense as Alana shot her a look. "I'm just saying, you have always been horrible with pronunciations. Touuu-chy."

        The fire haired woman shook her head, then yanked the door open hard enough to cause a lock of hair to loosen and fall over her right eye. As she replaced it and entered, a voice echoed out with added expression. "Sup bitch."

        "You'd know all about that now wouldn't you." A smirk as she took in her friend, pleased that she did indeed look well. Which was more than a relief in troubled times.

        A returned smirk in kind, "kinda comes with the territory, boo. I see that you've calmed your nerves. So evolving has done wonders for you. I just hope that you are less of a prude now."

        "I thought they said that you were okay now. You still seem to have a few screws loose. Maybe you didn't get pelted hard enough in the head." Alana began inching slowly toward the screen at the back of the room, inspecting what she could see of her friend.

        Raised brows followed by a roll of the eyes and a turn of the nose. "I know I'm sexy, but damn boo. Can I have me? I mean for real, the last person that was all up in mine like that got laid. I've always told you, for you I can always make that exception, but you scared."

        "You're gross," Alana returned as she turned her lip.

        "I bite too." A growl, that changed to amusement from Alana's reaction. "Aw come on now boo, only a little, I promise that you'd enjoy it."

        There was a slight narrow of emerald eyes.

         Liara rolled her neck as she shook 'no'. "Not anymore. That parlor trick doesn't work any longer. The split made you lose your mojo, damn shame. You would've had much more fun here with me. I have food."

        "If you two are finished wasting my time, I have a meeting to conduct." Fury had walked between the screen and the woman that stood staring with crossed arms.

        "Do I still get confession?" Raised brows, "cause I do remember I was promised confession. I have to repent for all my sins ya know. I made a list."

        There was a voice that echoed from the other side of the room, "two pages?"

        Yellow eyes closed as she shook her head, "more like four."

        Stark crossed his arms.

        A shrug, "Eh, I got bored. Just like right now with this stupid meeting that Fury refuses to take control of."

        "Alana find a seat somewhere," Fury ushered the woman to a chair. "Thank you."

        Fire hair twirled as she found a chair that faced Steve Rogers directly, he smiled as their eyes met. A sweet smile was returned momentarily as her eyes shifted to that of the man next to him. He was sitting there with a ball cap on, his elbows resting on the table and his fingers intertwined in front of his face, covering most of it as he stared at Alana. The only thing she could clearly make out was his piercing blue eyes, that barely peeked over his fingers. Ones that never seemed to blink.

        Why was this man staring at her like this and why did it make her heart seem to jump from her chest into her throat. And why was it even harder for Alana to tear her own eyes from him. The worst part was now their breathing had synced. He slightly nodded. That wasn't unusual. However what was, was in the fact how her heat skipped a beat and she held her breath when he did so. She took a hard swallow, trying her best at regaining composure.

        Green eyes enlarged and she started when a voice echoed within her mind, "you.nasty.hoe. He got you all wet wet. Thank everything that is right in the world that I'm not there, got the room all stank now. You are so damn nasty, control yourself woman. He ain't all that."

         "Get out of my head. You have no idea what you're talking about. I highly dislike this human being. I don't like the way he's..." Alana began.

         "Undressing you with his eyes. He's so not your type right. Cause if he's into bestiality then he isn't your type right? Right? Cause I for one know that I'd refuse to open my legs after he got it in with an animal, the human's god only knows what you'd catch." Phoenix butted in.

         Liara made herself known. "If this is group chat, I'm out. I refuse to associate with her type. I have a reputation to uphold. I can't be confused for a slut."

         "You speak blasphemy. I'm only active on occasion, Scooby Dumb. Oh how I so wished this connection would've been severed. Now having to hear this Bitch With Tricks on the regular is quickly going to drive me insane." Phe retorted.

         "Too late," two voices laughed as they spoke in unison. The echo within their heads causing a shrivel of Phe's nose.

         "I'm out bitches, Fury needs me." Liara now paid her complete attention to the meeting in progress as she began to type away on her laptop pulling up images as everyone turned their attention to a hologram that reflected what the She Wolf inputted.

         As Hill dimmed the lights, the door opened slightly, three people entered. Two males and a petite female. The Director made eye contact with each as they found a seat.

         "Good of you to join us. We've been awaiting your arrival, Mr. Parker. You of course know Stark and his tech." Fury placed two hands on the large table as he leaned forward.

        "Yes Sir, hey Mr. Stark. I'm still completely grateful for you know, everyth... wow, her hair's purple, that's awesome." There were a couple of chuckles as the boy sat in awe of the woman sitting behind the screen.

         "That's whom I want you to meet. Liara this young man will be assisting you, Stark and Banner in any and all scientific studies." Liara finally pulled her eyes from her phone that she continued to swipe away at.

         ", oh I'm so sorry, but... but did you know that you, well that you have yellow eyes. That's amazing." The young Peter Parker was in awe of the woman behind the screen.

         A left neatly shaped brow sat high on her face, Liara slowly blinked as she found no humor in this boy's ignorance. "Tell me again just why I need a do boy."

        "Actually he's highly intelligent and is quite useful, Guerra." Fury, with an overly angry tone directed his comment to the screen behind him.

        Liara shrugged, thrusting off this bit of news right along with the use of the surname. "Whatever, I am science. I don't do science." There was a slight entertained huff that pulled her eyes to a certain hazel eyed man.

         "Don't do science, since when? Like that would be me saying that I don't do..." Began a hearty voice.

        "Soda Cans in Alana's skin, boy that is going to be great when he finds out it was your nasty ass, and not the sweet innocent and puure woman marinating in her own juices over there." Liara narrowed her eyes as she took in the white haired woman that had quickly snuck in and grabbed a seat before catching everyone's eye.

        "Alas, are you not fond of the sci..." A rather large, long blond haired Norse God began.

        "Everything but you, Backwoods Barbie and his boyfriend Labor Day over there. Oh and New Boy." Liara was quick to cut off the man that had not too recently hurt her friend.

        Parker spoke up, "ma'am are you referring to me?"

        "Li-ara." Fury tried to intervene.

        "Nooow, the tiny tot asked a question, we cannot be rude. I must give him the information that he so desperately desires." With a cocked brow and devilish smirk, Liara turned to the young man. "Yes. Yes now why would I be referring to anyone else but you, sweetheart. Bless your tiny heart. Widdle baby Pee Pee."

        "Liara that is enough." Fury turned to the yellow eyed woman that sat with a smirk and was about to server the tie, when she poked her lips out, motioning to Phoenix.

        A brow still high on Liara's face as she watched the tall bald man turn to the small fragile looking woman. Liara crossed her arms, leaned back as the man burned a hole through the petite woman directly in front of him. His body then turned to directly face the female that bore a strong resemblance to her. There was a hard wrinkle of her brow as the man stared relentlessly.

        Alana could hear her own heartbeat as Fury spoke. "You going to introduce her or should I take that honor?" Alana knew that she should have been the one to do it. However since she caught glimpse of this strange dark fellow with the light eyes, she seemed to forget how to actually communicate with this planet's inhabitants.

        There was a smile on the white haired woman's face as she waited on the dumbstruck Alana to answer. So much so she entered her mind once again. "See in a time like this, it takes perfection like myself to take control. Sucks that we aren't joined any longer huh. Wake up Sleeping Beauty, fugly wants an answer."

        "This," a barely audible voice slowly, shyly, and reluctantly started. "Is the age old Celestial being with whom my entire existence has been tied to. For those of you that have been here and know me, know of the story. For the rest of you, this is..."

        "Each of you have the high honor and esteemed privilege to call me Phoenix. I know that this may seem strange to your small simple minds, even though it's overly simple. As for you Rover," A devilish smile was given to the screen that reflected back a slow long blink and unamused face that seemed overly bored with this entire conversation. "Master seems more than adequate."

        With a quick turn of her neck, paying attention to her side of the world Liara slammed the laptop closed. Severing the connection. This broke Alana from her nervous state. She lowered her head in effort to try and communicate with Liara, to no avail. Closing her mind off to her surroundings as she continued, unsuccessfully. Trying so much so that time had escaped Alana. Losing control to her whereabouts and the inhabitants in her proximity. Thor cleared his throat. His more than familiar voice bringing her back to the round table and once again the burning eyes of Steve's friend.

        "So what you are saying is that you want Bucky and myself to go in Blazing Saddles? Into unknown territory." Steve voiced.

        With a furrow of his brow, Barnes intervened. "Actually Steve, this is known territory. Liara also knows it well."

        This caught two peoples' attention. One the shy scientist. Bothered that Liara's name was carelessly flying out of this man's mouth, thrusting his mind into various theories. The other, the fire-haired Celestial Being. Left in sheer amazement of his sultry voice.

        "Now you see what I meant. He always has that filth's name in his mouth. Just look at fugly over there, the one that had the infestation by bedding her. If that reaction isn't proof enough that Broski and the dog are doing something. Eww. They are going to like make the ugliest babies in the world, can you imagine the poor things, and in the way they would look. Dis-grace." Phoenix picking up on the manner in which her other half reactioned provoked by the man that sat in front of her. "You better swoop, and if you ever think in touching mine, I will kick your ass, believe that."

        "Just because we are still joined mentally doesn't give you the right to invade my head at any given second. I mean unless you are ready for me to tell poor Tony about your bait and switch. Orrrr then again I could let you in on a little secret, but that would hurt your feelings beyond belief. Wait that is exactly what you need." Alana slightly raised her brow at Phe that sat in view.

        A furrow of the brow, "what are you even going on about?"

        "You do know that Tony and Liara did some things. Way back when." A lick of the lips.
        A slight tilt of the head, "yes, they both dabbled in the dark market and sells of illegal weapons."

        Alana's eyes danced as her other half, the curse of her evil tainted side, sat clueless. "Oh I'm sure there was sell of illegal weapons in the dark alright."

        It took all of three seconds before there was a reaction of enlarged eyes and a turn of the upper lip. The voice returned in Alana's head was dark and sinister, "you.lie."

        "Why do you think that I never once looked in his direction? Hmmm. I'll wait until you catch up. I take no joy in having sloppy seconds." A more than cocky raise of the brow.

        "Bitch you never get firsts, you're too scared of men. The hell do you mean sloppy seconds." Boomed Phe's voice back in her head.

        Before Alana was able to get a nicely thought out retort, Fury had called her name. "You can or cannot get in contact with Liara at the moment."

        "Um Fury, that is not a nice tone, maybe we could ask her a little better." With his voice calling from behind the Director, Alana dared a peek at him.

        Steve had voiced his opinion as his friend had lowered his hands. Alana slowly swallowed her over salivating mouth as she stared at the newcomer. His face was interesting enough. He seemed normal enough, normality at it's finest. But if that was so, then just why was she reacting in such a way?

        "He is fine Steve, he is worried about the one that he harnesses a flame for. I too am worried for her well being." Alana's eyes returned to the man that towered over her, leaving her in a slight shadow. "No Fury, I am not. Liara has seemed to become stronger in her ability to keep me closed off. I must admit that is great since I am far greater than the lot of you."

        A light voice began. "Look can we get on with this meeting, I really want to know where I fit in with everything. Look Fury, you know just like most of us, you leave some food out and Ole Sparky will come back around. She's just doing what females in heat do. Roam until they are fu..."

        "Phoenix could you like not." Alana interrupted.

        "You are right, there is so much more important things at hand. Like you Steve. Yes you telling me, no wait. Showing me, that is so much better, yes, just where I fit in. Cause I know exactly where you could fit in." She smiled devilishly as the man beside him huffed contently.

        "Gross, I hate it when the little mutt is right, you are so going to have to wash those panties. Jesus, if I can see it, better believe he can. Wait, that might be a good thing. You can make Down Under jealous at the same time that you reel the other one in and back from playing with puppies. Cause that is just gross. Leave that to the perverted puke colored ones. I mean those kind can't get laid by humans anyhow." Phe continued to pester, only this time mentally.

        "I really wish that you and she would leave me alone. I don't do that. I'm pure and innocent. Besides, nothing happened between Thor and I, only friendship." Eyes were cut once again to what could pass for Alana's twin.

        "And with that attitude, it never will." Phe rolled her eyes.                               
        Fury walked to the door as he began. "As soon as Liara gets back you and she Barnes, can get squared away on the best procedure to completing the mission with as few causalities possible. Rogers, make your plans on what to do with the new recruits. Stark, you and Banner can become more acquainted with Parker and his skill set. There shall be more information given to us when our leading tech expert comes back."
        "Meeting adjourned." Hill walked to Fury's side and called the meeting to an end.

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