Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


25. I Cannot Believe You

       "Are you really going to follow me like that? You know you're really quite horrible with tracking at your old age. Nope, not behind that one. Keep trying. I mean if you found me on your first try, I would've given you a nice gift. But as the usu, you suck at this game. Should I give you a hint? Nope, not that one either. You have to try harder, much harder. That one is thick enough, but still freezing." A cold laugh was carried on the wind.
        The man stood still, gathering his bearings, “well, if you weren’t constantly leaving…”
        A faint whisper, “you miss me that much? Poor you huh?”
        With the woman’s voice coming from a completely different direction this time, the man was at a loss in trying to pinpoint her location. “This isn’t cool, Liara. Where the hell are you going?”
        A tap on his shoulder, “you are dead, remember, why the hell does it even matter what the hell I do with my time. You should have already known that keeping a wild animal trapped isn’t a good thing. I go, but funny how I always come back when needed, correct. Therefor I see no harm nor foul when and where I go.”
        Fury crossed his arms, as he looked down to the woman at his side. “So I keep you locked up?”
        “Hmmm, it really seems that way. You have always tried your damnedest to keep me in check. I find it curious, exactly how is that working for you?” A head tip just to his right.
        The man placed a hand gently on his friend’s shoulder. “You are always going to do what you please, but I know that you are faithful to whatever you are tied into. Just be careful. Call me…”
        “Dawwww, you want me to call you, and to be careful. I knew you loved me, be careful sexy. Someone could be listening and misconstrue your words.” Liara placed an arm around his waist as she turned to face him.
        The man pulled her into his embrace.
        “Nicholas, I’ll be back soon enough. I have issues that have to be dealt with. And before you start, I’ll be back in a couple days. No one needs me to stay here. Besides, what would having me here accomplish? Just the fact that you roped me back in? I think we both know that we both would drop anything on a dime for each other. There’s too, far too much invested in our relationship.” A hand brushed hair back from her brow.
        Nicholas now patted her back, “you stay because I owe your ass.”
        There was a chuckle into his chest, “okay.”
        “What does that mean?” He called after Liara as she turned to leave.
        The yellow eyed woman walked one last time up to Fury, cupped both cheeks into her hands, “exactly what you think it does.”
        “How long?” Fury closed his eyes as the woman kissed his cheek.
        “Long ago, baby. I told you sweetheart, it wasn’t cheap either.” Liara patted his chest after she brushed lint from his shirt.
        The Director watched as the purple haired woman turned to leave. “Do I want to know.”
        “Probably not, but you will. Cause we both know you won’t leave well enough alone.” The woman held up two fingers as she walked deeper into the thick forest.
        Fury only stood, shaking his head and smiling as he stroked at either side of his lips. If anything, Liara knew him like a book. And this means that she would have covered every track possible as to hiding what he secretly paid her for her services. There was a chuckle that resonated from deep within himself as his hands found his hips.
        “That woman.” Nick Fury smirked as he turned to reenter the compound.
        A voice cleared in the distance, calling his attention. “Sir, catching a little air?”
        “No Hill, making sure that everything is secure. You know I don’t trust these so called measures here. I know for a fact that they can be overwritten.”
        For a second the woman seemed confused then nodded, “ah. Guerra.”
        “Hell Romanoff and Stark for that matter. I’m pretty sure if our resident scientist wanted to try his hand at it, he’d pass with flying damn colors. Man shall always be smarter than machine, Agent Hill.” The man passed her into the building.
        The woman jogged to catch up. “Well, yes of course Sir. We created it, so we should remain superior.”
        “We should, but most aren’t. You, nor I can understand half of the things that those four do. Then there are things that they also understand that is a mystery to the others in their little super knowledge group.”
        “Well. Sir, first off, Romanoff isn’t that superior in the intelligence, only she was taught hacking skills, that I also contain. She and I aren’t that much different really. Combat, weapons, covert, military spy stuff, nothing fancy. It really isn’t that complicated. But what those other three possess is incredible. Liara was already smart, but refuses to let it show, as if it were a sin or something. Stark revels in his smartness, is overly smug that he is highly intelligent. Then there is Banner, who is adorkable. He knows he’s super intelligent. I mean his IQ is through the roof, but he tries his best to hide away from everyone as if he wants to not exist. Give them all science crap and they’ll kill each other over it.” Maria analyzed the named personas.
        “Affirmative.” Fury continued to his office.
        Agent Hill stopped just short, “goodnight Sir. I shall meet with you early if there is need.”
        The Director nodded, “Goodnight Hill.”
        The always in black Avengers Director entered into his personal space, with his mind on only one thing. What Liara could have used in his possession as payment. He opened his laptop and searched to no avail. He tried tapping into the laptop that he gave Liara when she returned, which he already knew would be a dead end. He seemed to be getting nowhere fast, just as the She Wolf had planned. But the fact she told him that he’d find out weighed heavy on his mind. Meaning that there would be a form of him finding it, he just needed to know what he was looking for, and that part of the puzzle was not going to be a cake walk.
        Just before the man was about to give up in frustration, there was a knock on the door. “Enter.”
        “I’m sorry that I have intruded on you so late, but I need a word with you if I may.” The words carefully flowed from her almost as slow as she cautiously entered the room.
        Fury tore his eyes away from his laptop, in closing it. He took in the sight before him. Alana with her grip tight around an unknown female, that remarkably resembled her. Aside from a few color changes, such as hair and lip shade. Their eyes were almost the same shade of a light emerald green. They both had the same body shape and size.
        “Sit down.” Alana threw the woman into the seat in front of Fury.
        Nick enlaced his fingers as his elbows rested on the glass surface of the desk he sat behind. He dared not intervene.
        Alana crossed her arms and cut her eyes to Fury, to Phoenix then back to the Director. “So I heard from this,” Alana threw her hand up in disgust at the woman cautiously sitting in the chair. “You thought that she was somehow me, a cheap horrible knock-off even on her best day. And that you gave her some stupid mission, also the end factor that someone was hurt from the team. She refuses to give me a name, and so help me you crusty ass old man, you better. Cause I swear to your God if the reason is what I’m thinking, I’m ripping both of your throats out.”
        “That’s the dogs move.” Murmured a light female voice.
        “Shut the hell up, Phe.” Alana snapped, causing the other woman to flinch.
        Fury who did nothing but lean back in his chair commented. “Phe, as in your Dark Phoenix trapped evil soul type mumbo jumbo.”
        “Hey! I am no mumbo jumbo! I am dead sexy. Look at me. Far better than Sally Sunshine over here.” The white haired woman coyly motioned to herself.
        “Barely,” spat two voices back at her in unison, putting a frown on Phe’s face.
        “Look, it’s a long story. I was tricked into having her soul split from my mine. We are from here on out two spate beings…” The fire haired woman began.
        Phoenix perked up in her seat, cutting Alana off. “You’re welcome. Long story short, baldy. I took over her dull body, played a game with this crazy dude, won. Or did he let win, who cares. She took a minute to heal while I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Am I supposed to also mention that you also had se…”
        “That is quite enough Phe.” Alana quickly cut the woman to her left off.
        Nick furrowed his brow, “so the two of you…”
        Phoenix once again cutting in, offered more information. “We both share everything. But taste in men. She has half of my powers and I have equal of hers. We are still connected mentally as well, so our telekinesis is still a thing. A horrible thing at that."

        "What she says it's true. The lying bitch..." Alana began.

        "She lied to you?!?! See I told you she was shady. I mean aside from her technically being a bitch." The light skinned woman butted in.

        Alana pinched the bridge of her nose, "you all will be getting a taste of what I've dealt with my entire life. I have learned how to tune her out, but now that she's in the flesh."

        Fury lifted himself and headed toward the window directly behind his desk. "Look, I have no idea how this happened, nor do I quite frankly care. What I do care about is my team, my entire team." 

        "Which now I'm apart of. Right? Right. I mean of course I am. You and I are the same, Alana baby, sweetheart, old buddy ole pal." The seated woman stayed put as the other small framed woman took to Nicks side.

        "So it was she I spoke to and sent into motion? She's the one that's caused..." As he began, the regret was written on his face as he closed his eye.

        Alana nodded, "chaos yes. I was gravely ill. My body needed to recover from the lack of her in my system. Look Fury, please just tell me that..."

        The man cut her off, "Phoenix, Phe, whatever her name is, produced soundwaves."

        Alana phased out and reappeared pinning Phe to the ground on the other side of the toppled chair. "I so cannot believe you!"

        Phoenix thrashed in pain, "I had no choice. I was fighting some huge dude in the dark. So I saved myself the only way I knew how."

        The Director tried to separate the two individual celestial beings, unsuccessfully. "Look what is done is done. Liara's fine now."

        "Where's she? I will be the judge of this." Alana relaxed her grip on Phe, as the other woman scurried away from her.

        "She left, like she always does. She'll be back soon enough. She's not changed as much as you seem to have." Fury dictated.

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