Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


37. Him

        A deep breath as she smelled the rain coming. It was calling her name, just as the person three miles away. Yellow eyes closed, with the heaviest heart. She was leaving, running. She had no choice, there was no other way. This charade had gone on for far too long. Long enough to where she had fallen. Fallen deep into something she thought would never happen.


        There it was again, just as loud and ferocious as the thunder now booming overhead. Her name. Yelled out in a panic. Another voice now angrily joined in. They both bellowed in unison. Liara screeched the car to a halt on the lone roadway. The seatbelt cutting into her skin as it jerked her backward. Burned rubber quickly began filling the vehicle with its stench. Her head fell in defeat as tears now stung her eyes.


        The woman broke down. The Wolf in her was taking over, and there was no way she was going to allow the human side of herself to leave. Here is where they belonged. Period. She knew, just as well as Liara. She was going to put a stop to this running, once and for all. They needed this, hell they deserved it. No matter the fashion it happened, or manner which led to this outcome.


        This relationship was easy, natural. It overwhelmingly terrified Liara. Nothing ever happened to her for the best, until this man. She had made the decision to leave before everything went south. It had been smooth sailing for far too long now. Every day she lived on eggshells, knowing the inevitable could be seconds away. But this was going to be the end. Guerra, as she called herself was putting her foot down. Here and now. Liara may have been too weak to accept this man and what he offered, but she, she relished in it.


        The voice vibrating through her throat was deep, husky and menacing. “I refuse to let this happen. You have already tried once to stop me, unsuccessfully. Today, today you will cease to resort to these ill-advised tactics. We have found what we need in him. He knows of our joined form. Made it his. Something no man has done, but still you run?”


        Liara’s breathing picked up, as she took in the air around her. He was almost here, and knew where she was. With this being the only exit to the hidden house, deep within the dense forest. His bike roared as it picked up speed. He had to have seen the smoke cloud from the burnout. She tensely closed her eyes. Liara knew Guerra was right. On absolutely everything she stated. But she herself was fragile. This man made her this way. Well, let’s say he made her needy. Needy of him. His time, his person, his… everything.


        When he pulled up, Liara was still seated behind the wheel, motor running. The man quickly ran to the car, yanked the door open as he forcefully ripped the keys from the ignition. He was pissed. All three of them knew it. Only two waited on being reprimanded.


        The man’s voice, a deep calmed fury. “What in the hell Liara. I thought we had an agreement. You were never going to do that again! Nothing good comes from this. Last time… last time I almost lost the most important thing to me.”


        Liara slowly opened her wet eyes, to fully take in the man who had softened his tone as his hand cupped her damp cheek. She furrowed her brow. The voice that spoke was of her own. “I can’t do this anymore. I thought I could.”


        The woman still seated in the car allowed the man to guide her face toward him. While she took in his troubled face, he noticed the manner in which the safety belt dug tightly into her body. He pulled out his pocket knife, one slice, releasing her. “Come on, let’s get you out of here.”


        A labored breath as he ushered her from the vehicle. “Did you really have to cut the seatbelt? That was highly unnecessary.”


        The abnormally tall man tucked his left hand into the crease of the opposite arm, while his right hand stroked his thick brown beard. A voiced huff. Liara knew she was about to receive a thrashing. “You know what? I’m really sick and tired of you doing this to me. I ask you one little question. One little question and you bolt? What the hell woman? I swear, all the sacrifices I’ve made for you.”


        “I never told you to do anything for me! ¡Hicisteis como te pegaste las ganas, como siempre lo haces!” Bright defensive yellow eyes looked straight up into light Hazel orbs. “Ain’t nobody asked you to come look for me, and nobody asked you to help me, and ain’t damned sure nobody asked you to save me. (you did what you wanted, like you always do)


        “You’re right. I always do, do what I want. Just like your psychotic ass.” Liara was turning to leave on that note, before she could completely turn, she was pulled backward into his embrace. His body was always so hard and inviting. Her safe haven. Once again why she needed to leave him. For his own good.


        Bright yellow eyes turned to look at him over her right shoulder. His cocky arrogance, pissing her completely off. She thrashed against his form. “Word to the wise little mama, that feels so good. And you know you’ll be taking care of that in a few moments. That would be you, doing what you want.”


        Liara opened her mouth to say something, only to think in what he just stated. She slowly wet her lips. As she raised a cocky left brow. Her man hugged her even tighter as she leaned her head back onto his broad chest. He rested his overly hairy chin on the top of her head as she lifted a right hand to caress his arm.


        “I’m sorry baby. You… you just. This just, scares me.” Liara turned to face the towering man, wrapping her arms around his torso in return. “I ruin everything I touch, and I refuse to let anything happen to you.”


        A cheek was laid now upon Liara’s head. “Baby girl, that is really some sound judgment you made. Let’s see, ever since I’ve met…”


        A huff as he spoke. Liara chimed in as she nested her left cheek into the tuft of hairy skin which escaped the opening of his leather vest. “Stalked…”


        A cocky smile. “Stalked, met, however you want to put it. It, seems I’ve been your Knight in Shining Armor.”


        The deep furrow of her brow was felt by the man, whose thick protective arms refused to release her. Then again, this super powered woman really was not trying to leave from them. “That's cute. But I'd rather slit his throat.”


        This brute came into her life, unwanted. Unneeded. One stormy day in Acapulco. In the small dusty rundown barrio, she rebuilt from the ground up. She had been residing here fully not long before he popped up. It could have not been more than a week before he made himself known in the area.


        A man with a taste for expensive liquor and imported cigars. Always in back of her bar, in the middle of something sketchy. A ringleader of what in Liara’s view, a cheap and sorry excuse of a biker gang. Getting things stirred up, theft, fights, women, bets, basically anything you could name on the wrong side of the law. Reason the seven of them fit right in with all the others in the town of rejects.


        “Remember when we first met?” The smile on his face caused his cheek to press harder into Liara’s head.


        The She Wolf reached up, caressed the other hairy cheek, before patting it, “you mean the first time I allowed you to see the perfection I am. Of course.”


        The chuckle he gave, warmed Liara internally. The woman took a step toward her car. Her man, refusing to relinquish his hold upon her. They in unison slowly paced to the vehicle. Liara stopped them, as she took a deep breath. The caramel colored man, slid his hands to grab Liara’s upper arms. Turning, picking her up and sat her on the hood of the car.


        A smirk as black and purple manicured fingers wrapped themselves around the tall thick man’s brown leather vest. Spread her legs, pulled the man flush with the cool metal. “You swear you are to die for don’t you.”


        This was not the comment she wanted to hear. “Never say that.” Her voice, a sad whisper.


        Thick fingers ran through purple hair as the rather tall man rested his hand on her right cheek. “I love you Liara, whatever your last name is.”


        Bright yellow eyes rolled closed as she leaned into her man’s touch. “Who really knows.”


        “I can help you with that.” His voice raspy and deep while he stared at the woman who made him fall hard, and quick.


        His breath, delightful and hot on her face. As yellow eyes swiftly opened, they took in serious beautiful Hazel. Her mouth opened, however nothing came. As she could only stare. Long brown hair flowed over his left shoulder as a heavy gust of wind whipped by. This man was the most beautiful being Liara had ever seen in her entire long life. A huge gulp as her pulse raced while he leaned even closer to her.


        The man leaned forward, as his right extended arm held him up. Two left fingers, slowly ran across soft heart shaped lips. Ones which excited him when they smiled. Crooked perfection, just as their owner. He lifted a thick left love drunk brow.


        Liara found her voice. Shaky fragile as it was. “Déjame en paz, bruto.” (Leave me alone, brute)


        His stare was on her lips, they were currently getting every bit of his attention as he closed the inches between them even further. His woman’s breath was now racing. Her skin was chilling over with his touch. He brushed another finger over her delicate lips, ones which have been ignored far too long. A hand found the small of Liara’s back, pulled her to him.


        When their torsos clashed, there was a whimper. This was his chance and he knew it. Liara was not going anywhere. She was his. It was going to stay this way for the rest of her life. This woman was nothing short of the perfect fit. Her dark personality. The sarcasm, her tastes. He knew she was meant for him, kindred spirits, there was too much in common. Throw in she was the first woman he could remember who truly hated him, only reason more he was intrigued by her. The biggest factor, she made him chase. This was new.


        Yellow eyes were bright and shiny. One of the many things which drove him wild. He recalled the first time he was finally allowed to see them, after weeks of trying to get to know her. The occasion. A costumed event at the local cantina. The way she dressed, a woman infected by werewolf scratches.


        Her skin, reacting to his every touch. The first time he found out about this, what caused it. This was the most innocent and perfect indication of her true attraction he could had ever wanted in a woman. This, a reaction resulting after a mere kiss. Which was also something which was not freely given, for the deep meaning it held with Liara. She hated being touched, for the smell transfer. However, being touched by her Alpha, was a completely different beast.


        He remembered everything so clearly. He was so tired of seeking someone who could love him for who he truly was, and not his appearance. Women were too easy to come by for him. They always were. A quiet, proud and confident guy somehow was prime real estate. Mainly with the loose girls. After years of meaningless flings, women only interested in the physical and material. It was time for a man to find a woman who looked deeper than a face, or body. He, now in this stage of life, needed a woman with a substantial grip of what was of importance. He wanted what he saw his friends have. A family. And he just now asked.


        Liara was frozen, she knew what he asked, but did he mean it the way she took it? He was waiting. “No. I will not go with you to that tiny ass island. I ain’t trying to die. Happy now? I answered your damn question. Since you refused to let me go out and think about it. Always got to be crowding me. Clingy ass bastard, I swear.”


        A smug smirk. “Now. The answer to this one. Either one of you, or in unison. I mean you have both screamed my name together at once. You know, I always have loved being with you. It’s like having a threesome every time.”


        Yellow eyes showed their rage, she arched her back to have their torsos touching. To show her anger, as she raised a finger and came inches from his face, about to tell him off. Before she could open her mouth, the smile behind his beard and mustache became bigger before he leaned even closer and hungrily tasted her lips.


        Liara took two handfuls of vest, leaned them backward. “You smug ass bitch.” Spoken through breaks from his kisses, before she lay flush on her car.


        “Mmhmm” retaking her mouth in his. He pulled away, Hazel eyes stared down to the woman he planned on spending the rest of his days with. He raised a brow.


        Liara’s face was encased by a circle of brown hair. In this space, she could only see his face. Her man. The one she knew loved her. Why, she could not put a finger on, but he did. And she could admit with him, she felt at ease. He knew her. In such a short time, this man had completely took it upon himself to solve the jigsaw of her mind. She looked to the top of her brow. “One of us wasn’t paying attention. And the other… quite frankly could give a fu…”


        Once again, the thick man leaned down to passionately show his affection.


        Liara moaned to his actions this time, causing him to lean up, taking in her eyes. “Don’t look at me like that. You ain’t that good Mister Man. And before you think that you are in control, did you ever for a minute stop to think that maybe just maybe I want you to kiss me? Yes, while you are looking at me like that. I need to be able to judge if you are better than all the other men that I can be with right about now. You know, a girl has to keep her options open. And just remember when I’ve had enough, I could thump your big thick ass like a damn fire ant. Okay, you can continue with the ‘I’ll show this crazy psychotic ass bitch I’m a man’. Oh, and just to let you know. I do, do what I want. So, after I allow your tongue to play once again all up in my mouth, strictly cause, I do know where it’s been mind you. I’m going to slip and fall onto that hard ass dick that is completely going to waste.”


        A lift of a left brow, “really.”


“Of course.” Liara ran her hands through his hair, gathering it and pulling it up in a bun. “I mean of course Mister Maluhia, I wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good dick on the last day of not having a legit last na…”


        Before the words were complete, her lips were overtaken again.



        Liara wiped at a stray tear falling from her cheek. The slam of a door pulled her from within her mind. Shook her head clear as she regained her senses. The wolf woman was at the edge of the forest, on her way back to the compound when her mind began to wander.


        It was a good memory, therefore she allowed it to replay before shutting it out. It was not everyday she was asked to get married. Or make love on her pretty shiny purple toy. This brung a sad smile to her face. Her pace picked up.


        The woman tried her best to avoid the ones who slammed the car door. However, they were still lingering in the night air. He was in a sleek black tuxedo. Shiny black loafers paired with slick back hair. He looked a million dollars. The woman at his side, in a skin tight, bright red dress. High left thigh split. Strappy heels, paired with waves in her red hair, looked priceless. This was just what Liara needed, something else to make her hate herself.


        The man closed the passenger side door. The two held a slight conversation, which Liara could care less in. She took a hard breath, and pushed on. She told this man they could only be friends, and there was no taking this decision back. No matter how sexy Banner looked in this moment. One last look at him, damn he was really nice looking. “Okay girl, we ain’t doing this, no more.”


        As Natasha spotted Liara walking past the other side of the parked car, she spoke up. “Guerra. Full moon. Good night for a stroll.”


        Yellow eyes smiled to the short woman. “Indeed. I still do find it calming. I’d love to stay and chat, but that’d be rude.” Yellow eyes causally greeted Bruce. “Banner.”


        The man was jittery, as always. He gave a grimace, which Liara knew was a better attempt at a smile. Liara gave an amused huff, shook her head and entered the base. Glad she was pulled from her mind, yet to a bittersweet reality.

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