Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


6. Guerra

        "Hydra." Bucky barely even whispered.

        Steve lowered his brow. "Yes, this we know, Bucky. But how exactly did you know who she was was?"

        Bucky Barnes lifted himself from the table. "The eyes. Everyone knew of them, Guerra's eyes."

        The duo were now in the corridor, lowering the octave of the conversation on the offset of any eavesdroppers.

        "What exactly do you know of her, Bucky?" Rogers was truly interested.

        "Not much more than that. Only that she was stationed once in Mex..." Bucky started.
        "Mexico. Yes, I think that you boys need to take a step in my office." Fury intervened by placing his hands on both of their shoulders.                             
        The three men filed into Fury's more than spacious office. Steve took the furthest plush dwelling as his friend Bucky, not more than a mere second behind him, took the other. They glanced at each other then their gaze fell upon Fury. Who once again had taken his attention to the waters from beyond the ship. It was now storming, which did nothing but help in breaking the dam of memories, allowing them to flood in.

        The S.H.I.E.L.D. director grasped his hands behind his back as he stood tall, relaxed. "Twenty years ago. Both of you were still frozen. Well, actually we had no idea that you were still with the living, Barnes. Agents started falling left and right. The best men of specialist troops found themselves victim to an unseen enemy. We tried harder, buckled down, pushed back. Still there was no way anyone saw this foe, to a means. All that were lucky enough to see, were only hunted down as prey and slaughtered mercilessly in the middle of the night. Their bodies left as gruesome testimony to her power over the minds of the populous. There were screams through the communications that the only thing seen was the silhouette of a woman. Beautiful and mysterious. Ghostly and huantly. The men were so terrified that they started claiming they were being haunted by "La Llorona"."

        Fury, turned to face the men. "I mean if your men were getting picked off only at night, seeing a woman then the next second, nothing." The Director found the way to his seat. "You see the belief runs through all the Mexican people. "La Llorona", "The Crying Woman". She kills people in sacrificing them to her children she drowned while alive as punishment to her husband whom left her. None of the sacrifices appease her children, which is why she continues to be tormented and in limbo, murdering over and over. With the legend being something that is instilled in you from youth, as your bedtime story, it's something you fear more than the living."
        "Of course you didn't believe in this superstition." Steve mentioned.

        Fury nodded. "I knew something horrible was going on, but I had no idea what nor to what extreme. By the time I arrived, the bloodshed had dissipated. Liara had already finished her mission, the aftermath was more than anything that our brothers there ever experienced."

        "I did hear conversations that Guerra was the most terrifying person on the battlefield, in how she feared nothing, nor anyone. Her abilities far surpassed any expectations Hydra had for her." Bucky stared at the desktop.

        "You're right," Fury leaned back in his chair. "So much so that they stationed her closer to the border. Out of the jungles and countryside, closer to civilization. She already possessed "La Llorona" aura, that when she landed she had to only take a few lives before the fear in the people resurfaced. Around this time was when Liara began breaking free from the way she was killing into another style, against the wishes of Hydra.

        "Into what I have seen her do while fighting alongside us." Steve offered.

        Fury stared into Barnes' eyes, "you got the pleasure of half of it in teaching you a lesson."

        Bucky sneered. "Some lesson."

        Fury smirked. "Yes, after Liara would shoot one in the collarbone, she'd pounce in for the kill. In one fail swoop she'd slice your neck open and pull your entire throat though it. Quite a thorough action it is. Nasty, very animalistic, like her."

        "Yes, but what made her change her calling card?" Barnes asked.

        "I later asked her this. Her words were 'I was getting a little too bored with being told what to do'." Fury kicked his feet onto the surface of his desk. "You have to start at the beginning however and before she became what she is now. Liara was at that rebellious age, when authority was the last thing she wanted or needed. Hydra kidnapped her around the age of 17, after coming into the knowledge she was hacking their systems. Something they knew they could use to their advantage. That's when they tried to coerce her into hacking for them. They failed to realize her intellect was far superior than theirs. In her spare time, she found something that she wasn't supposed to find. Project Phoenix. That is when Liara was taken and first experimented on. They tried something on her that was never even fathomed to work. Some off the wall theory. They wanted to try to create the first Werewolf."

        "Wait, what? That is outrageous." Rogers was disgusted.

        "Why? You wanted to be the Super Soldier, how is this any different?" Fury returned.

        Steve looked mortified. "That was my choice. I wanted to do something for good. I was not forced."

        Barnes only sat in silence, as his own memories filled his mind of what she must have experienced.

        "They wiped her memory clean of everything until she was only a shell of a human. They began injecting her with what they called a Wolf Blood Serum. Highly diluted at first, to see how her body would react. Nothing was happening so the Powers That Be wanted to up the dosage. They began pumping her with a heavier saturated dosage. She was to have been all of stable for a day, she flat-lined multiple times, somehow..." the words were dragged out. "Somehow she fought. Since they figured Liara was going to die regardless, a scientist was given permission to try one last time. He promised he could bring Liara to be what they wanted and more. He drained all but enough blood to keep her barely alive. He pumped her full of nothing but pure Wolf Blood Serum until it was at a 90/10 blood ratio."

        Bucky shook his head, "shit."

        Steve elbowed him, "language."

        "She was kept sedated until her vitals slowly became stronger, which was no more than a few hours. Liara regained consciousness slowly, as she did, clueless to her identity. The only thing she was aware of, was that the noises in the room and the light both hurt, extremely. The sounds she told me were the worst, so excruciating to the point she screamed to rid herself of them. Doctors rushed in. In doing so their smells overpowered her senses rapidly, confusing her. But, it's when they began talking that she finally had enough. Liara told me she growled. However the voice that reverberated throughout the room wasn't her own. The animalistic voice told them to shut up as she pushed them away, but her new strength only ended up breaking one man's arm while the other crashed through the wall. It took five men to finally sedate her thoroughly." Fury frowned in recalling most of the conversations that he had with Liara over the years. The tales still stung after all these years.

        "My goodness." Rogers whispered.

        Barnes only lifted a brow as he side-eyed his friend.

        Fury grimaced while shaking his head. "It was a slow process for her. Liara had to not only deal with her new powers, she also had to deal with the fact that she had no recollection to her past or even her name. She told me they began calling her Guerra because as soon as she awoke, that's exactly what she was going through, a 'war' with herself. The scientist was hailed for his works. He was also the one that brainwashed Liara into believing she always contained the powers he bestowed upon her. It wasn't too long after Liara finally was able to contain control that she rediscovered her, how does she say, ability to 'talk to computers'. She made sure to do this behind closed doors, that no one would catch her in the process. Not knowing if this was something she did on the regular or not. Liara tried finding anything possible that happened to her, memory wise, for she could never remember anything before waking in that infirmary room. She found nothing. Liara searched every inch of each encrypted data to no avail. The only thing she found was the file of Project Phoenix. Somehow that name felt familiar to her. Liara told me she clicked it, then was amazed to see that it was nothing more than recordings of a woman."
        The director was now in need of moving his legs that he returned to his favorite window, however this time, his company joined him.

        Steve crossed his arms and Bucky traced his bottom lip with a finger.

        "A woman being held against her will. Liara programmed all the cameras to play on a repeated schedule as she made her way to the holding cell. She saw they had the woman trapped within a cooling chamber, Liara pulled the lock until it popped. She slowly pushed the cover until it fell off, releasing all the freezing air in one steep gush. She reached in, as soon as she did, Liara told me the woman within opened her eyes. Eyes that danced like fire. That when the container's temperature reached the warmth of the room, the woman within began to thrash about. As Liara reached to deactivate the power chain that fully ensnared the inhabitant of the metal container, the woman furiously watched every move with careful inspection. In seeing that the woman refused to trust her, Liara snapped, telling the woman that she could have just as easily have left her there trapped." Fury shook his head and grasped his chin.

        Steve let a gust of air out. "That's the first time that Guerra met her, I see."

        Barnes only stood there, every bit confused.

        "Yes that is how the two of them met," Fury chuckled. "After that, it's been hell putting up with the two of them in the same room."

        "That is an understatement." Steve returned.

        Fury nodded, "Liara finally found the mechanism to free Deltora. In doing so, Liara told me that her hand brushed Deltora's forearm, and in doing so Liara saw flashes of herself, but as well images that were new to her. Ones that were other worldly. Liara told me that in that moment she started calling Deltora, 'Telepath'."

        Barnes found a corner to prop up in as the other two men continued to discuss what was before his time joining. He heard of both Hydra Operatives, of course but never was stationed near them in his stint under Hydra's control of him. If Deltora in person was anything like Guerra, he knew that she as well would be going on his bad side. "And this Deltora, where exactly is she at the present time?"

        Steve turned to his friend, "she is in Asgard, I guess. For that is the last confirmed location."

        "Yes. Deltora is there and we have the pleasure of having Liara here." Fury inserted.

        Bucky huffed, "some pleasure."

        Fury raised a brow, "indeed."

        "Now, we have from when she was taken, up until after her powers, but you have failed to tell me exactly how and when you met her." Steve mentioned as he was being ushered back to his seat by Fury, all the while Barnes continued to hold up the wall.

        "Everything started six years over her initial capture, and not too long after Mexico and the entire "La Llorona" incidents there." Fury leaned back in his chair. "Liara by then gained all knowledge of her lab rat status within the Hydra Organization. Provoking her to slowly start leaking information to us. We were informed by her that she was now stationed in Nuevo Leon, and the urban legend of "El Chupacabra" was her new creation. As soon as I received the info on her general location I landed with a special jungle ops team. In no time she found my precise local, and began her stalking, pursuit of me. Learning as much of me as possible. After a week we put our covert mission into play, only to be foiled. Liara hunted down my entire team, none was killed but subdued long enough giving her a window to get to me. She ushered me into the direction of a trap. There she toyed with me until I finally lost consciousness. I was awaken by my troop, and we retreated. There was no sign of her, until I checked my data recorder. There is where she left me more than enough intel on Hydra to send back to headquarters. They were more than ecstatic to receive the detailed plans for upcoming threats. After this attack on us everything went quiet, to the point that my crew felt comfortable enough to take time out to go to a cantina. I joined them, to keep an eye out. A drink was sent to my table, then a body sat down before me, this is when I first came face to face with those unusual and piercing yellow eyes."

        Steve nodded, "I see. After your conversation, was this when she decided to join S.H.I.E.L.D.?"

        Fury chimed in. "No, she remained there after that. Liara didn't leave for years. She stayed on the front line while still keeping in contact, feeding me information. Something within her wouldn't allow her leave. The hunt, the kill did nothing but provoke the wolf. Liara gave me an ultimatum. She knew I wanted her here with me, on our side after all the private conversations and meetings we had throughout the years. Liara specifically told me the only way she'd walk away from Hydra's wonderful paycheck and power was if I could give her what she had been seeking more than anything. Her past."

        "Well, I am glad that you were able to get her at least that. I don't know what it would be to have to live for years without knowing from where you came. That must be horrible. I mean I have missed so much, but being aware of the things going on around you without a foundation, somewhere to run... devastating." Rogers acknowledged.

        "Now you two know her story, well to the extent of the details that I know. Of course there are things that she keeps hidden as well as anyone. But you both had your questions that needed answering. Nothing more than the sheer fact you Steve are the Leader, and you," Fury swiveled in his chair to face Barnes, "are his righthand man that I was willing to share anything."

        "There is also the fact that Guerra is one to not share, practically anything." Steve added.

        Fury nodded, "and there is that."

        A knock echoed from the door. A second later, none other than Liara herself popped her head in. "Se puede?" (May I come in)

        The woman took a look around, "I knew my ears were burning. Hot topic all of a sudden. Sup Murica?" She looked Bucky up then down. "America's friend. Hey bossman, I need to have a word. Of course if you are finished telling them my life story and all. Alllllthough you know it would have been soooo much easier to just have asked me and I could have totally put on a video. Popped some corn, got some cold ones. It would have been a regular movie night."

        "Gentlemen." Fury dismissed the others.

        Liara quickly raised her brow as she wiggled her fingers when Bucky walked passed her to exit.

        "You don't like him much." Fury noted.

        "Hate him actually." Liara plopped down in the chair that Steve was in prior.

        The S.H.I.E.L.D. Director closed the door, "why?"

        The woman hummed, "Hmm, haven't decided yet."

        Fury shook his head. "So what's up?"

        "Nothing, just got tired of hearing my stupid life story." She stated dryly.

        "Well what do you expect, Liara?" Fury's voice deepened, became threatening. "The others know nothing about you. You offer nothing while you have the way to learn anything on everyone."

        Liara challenged him, her voice becoming low, harsh, as her eyes began to glow. "How exactly is that my fault. None came to me."

        Fury narrowed his eye as he now sat across from her, "Dammit Liara! You never change."

        Liara snarled, "I thought you liked me this way."

        Fury was about to slam his hands on the desk, as Liara swiftly grabbed them. "I had that happen already once today, I'd be damned if I let it happen again."

        "Then get over yourself. Your leader..." Fury still heated.

        Liara let her grip go, "not my leader, that would be you. You oh so wanted me working under you." She lifted her brows as she lifted from behind the desk.

        Fury called to her, "are you going to follow my commands to the letter?"

        The woman stopped and smiled, "if that's what you want. Anything to please you Nick."
        Fury only shook his head. "Ten a.m. sharp. You. Me. Control room."

        Liara nodded, she paused before completely leaving the room. "Ooh Nick."

        Fury was now at her side, "Liara."

        She let out a short breath, as Fury held the door in his hand, "tell me again just why I'm here?"

        The man at her side only smiled deeply, "because you can't get enough of me."

        Liara shook her head as she smiled, "and you say that I never change."

        He smirked in watching his long time friend leave the room entirely.

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