Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


20. Global Nuisance

        "I take offense to everything that you just stated. I was a burglar, I swear I get no respect. I burgled, I didn't thieve. Difference." Carried a voice from just around the corner, in the direction Tony and Alana were headed. As the woman was ushered on, she was hit with more new faces that peaked her interest.

        "You steal, that is the same thing," answered a heavy Russian accent.

        Tony continued on his path to the conference room. Alana slowed as she and Scott held eye contact for her entire parade by him.

       As the duo entered the empty room the woman mentioned. "There sure are a lot of new and very interesting people here."

        "You mean men and they're new recruits." Tony took himself to stare from behind the window.

        The woman with him smirked, tossed a long red curl over her shoulder as she found a seat to her liking. "Right. New male recruits. That is very promising indeed."

        "Good to see that you are already here Stark. You are whom I need a word with most." With his name being stated, Stark's cringe turned into a pleasantry while turning to take in the other man in a light gray business suit.

        "General Ross, how are you this fine morning. I didn't expect to see you in the least. What brings you here?" Tony extended a hand reluctantly to a man that he not to recently agreed with, for his mind was too clouded with grief in their prior encounter, leading to a major error in judgment.  

        An older white man took to Iron Man's side and gazed over the serine calming nature as well. "I know that we ended on the wrong foot, but I have decided to take another path to getting everything straighten out. With all these heightened humans..."

        A voice was cleared in a light high pitched tone seated behind the table. "Heightened humans?"

        "Yes, I have one on my radar that I am completely in need of capturing. Thus the reason I have called this meeting. Of course I know that you my good man will help me restrain this global nuisance." The man stated while taking in the new character seated staring at him.

        Before Tony could get an answer in edgewise, all the new recruits and more regular faces Alana knew entered. She perked when she saw Steve enter the room, even more so when he gave a smile and took seat next to her.

        "Long time no see. How have you been Ms. Deltora?" Rogers Inquired.

       A smile brightened the woman's face, "you make me sound so very old, besides how many times have I told you to call me Alana?"

        "Quite, I am sorry. How have you been since our last encounter? It has been awhile. You look great." Steve studied the seemingly chipper woman.

        A coy smile covered her lips, "I am doing. Thank you so much for asking. It has been far too long hasn't it. Such flattery shall get you everywhere and thank you."

        "Now that everyone is here who should be. Stark, my good man if you were to take a seat, I'll begin." He propped himself at the head of the table with two hands as his eyes lingered on each individual, burning their faces into his memory.

        Rhodey, Tony's best friend, leaned a fraction to whisper, "hey where is your boy Fury, shouldn't he be here?"

        "Dead remember. Besides he's listening." Tony motioned with a tip of his head toward Romanoff. "I have money he isn't in agreement with this regardless."

       "Most of you know me personally, others by word of mouth. I'm here to apologize for the manner in which activities were conducted on a prior date. That was not by intention nor shall anything remotely damning as this happen again. I have a tendency to be forceful and direct, military training. You each have my deepest regrets." The man started.

        Alana leaned into Rogers, "Steve, what is grandpa going on about?"

        "Before your arrival, let's just say that some of us didn't see eye to eye on some things and we had a small tiff." Steve whispered, but kept his eyes on the man that stood erect now before everyone.

        Alana's eyes perked, "wait, you mean you guys finally spared and I was nowhere around to see this? Who won?"

        A voice was cleared at the head of the table, "is there something that needs to be shared, Mr. Rogers?"

        "Yes, what the hell is going on. You keep pussyfooting around why you're actually here, just spit it out already. Everyone here hates you, whatever your name is. You are ass kissing so your dirty work will get done since you were previously unable. You know you messed up, now you are brown-nosing. Which means you tried but your flunkies failed various times. Or am I wrong?" Alana raised a disgusted lip.

        "Ms. Deltora, I take it." The graying man returned.

        The woman narrowed her light green eyes, "and unlike the rest of these heightened humans as you call them, I'm not one nor am I afraid of you."

        A smile washed over the man's face, "your reputation precedes you."

        The woman rolled her eyes.

        "Since the little lady is right, let's just cut to the chase. I do need your help for my men are always unable. They are allowed to get just so far, only to be led to a dead end. I have had this person on my radar for decades. If any one of you are successful, then all of your records will be expunged. I think that is ammunition enough for the task to be handled completely and thoroughly with discretion. Each of you have a folder in front of you with what I personally know. If anyone of you has information, pass it through my righthand on this, Mr. Stark." With his final words, everyone seated in the conference room eyed Tony.

        Stark sat with a finger on his right cheek. He watched the general leave. He could only imagine the 'global nuisance' the older man was referring to. It was a no-brainer. He took a huff as he was the last to open his manila folder. To his surprise nothing in it was associated with a certain big green fellow.


Liara Guerra


Codename: Guerra/Oscuridad (Hydra/S.H.I.E.L.D.)


Super powers created from 90/10 developed Wolf infused blood. Super sight, hearing, smell, strength, sense, regeneration and not least is touch (more than likely the reason she hates to be close to anyone) Abilities are a constant Hacker ability only enhanced profoundly with new genetic makeup Natural colored black hair (that she dyed purple) Possesses yellow wolf eyes from new genetics, retain light in complete darkness (that glow when angered; strange white opaque pupils) Superior hacker abilities that far surpass any other at S.H.I.E.L.D./Hydra Not a people person Will kill, always the same. Bullet through her enemy’s shooting side collarbone, then rips their throats out (last resort for the fact that it is gruesome) Takes joy in toying with people (mainly Stark and his inability to keep her from hacking anything of his) Very coquettish Hates the fact that she is ‘special’ Efficient observer Introvert (to the point of being antisocial) Only knows that she has the natural ability to speak to computers; speaks fluent Spanish with Mexican accent Adapted the Hydra codename ‘Guerra’ as a surname to remind herself of what Hydra is capable of Loves to wear oversized hoodies and any type of hat, (to hide her eyes and identity) Keeps earbuds in her ears to drown out the overpowering ambient noise Trust is extremely hard to come by with her Has no friends, if you are lucky enough to be included in her circle of trust then you are family (her Pack, so to say) She has one, and only one confidant (even though she's the bestie, another loose cannon, and that’s putting it easy) Alana Deltora Worked with S.H.I.E.L.D. for a few years, went deep underground a little under four years ago Mostly only speaks when spoken to, more of a fly on the wall when in large groups Voice will somewhat deepen and give an animalistic growl when angered Has the knack to sneak into places unseen, for the hacking and wolf sense combined Fell in love with the wrong man (thought they shared a connection, this was before the gaining of knowledge to prior family history) Does not drink nor smoke (drugs are high on her to not do list as well) Retrieved info that led her to her past’s records (not a very good past; White mother, drunk abusive father of Mexican origin that sexually abused her. Hence the reason she left home around the age of 15 after her mother refused to believe her allegations) Animal lover (canines of all types are loyal to her for her True Alpha pheromones)



        "Son of a bitch." Tony blurted as he slammed the file on the table.

        A fraction of the wall slid open as Fury walked out, Romanoff handed him her folder as she pursed her lips. He read over everything. "Son of a bitch."

        "No kidding," Stark replied.

        "Everything on here is mostly true, which leads me to believing in the rest." Everyone turned to take in a calm and collected fire headed woman.

        Steve voiced his opinion, "wait you know all of this? These things are very intimate."

        " I have never seen this creeper before in my life, and only I knew the things that any of you knew slash know. The hair to the powers and personality. All this extra had to be someone else whispering in his ear. I mean she told me things, but not to this extent. I didn't even know this fool knew her or vice versa. But with this info, no wonder she makes the choices she always does. She's even more messed up than I realized. Oh well. We would all find out sooner or later right? Right. I'm going to my room, I'm bored with this entire thing." Alana stood to leave them all, but found that most of the team as well had the same idea.

        Stark punched the table as he lifted, overly heated. "This makes no sense. How does he know a fraction of what he does? Someone in Hydra must be feeding him this."

        "No, this is something entirely different. Someone wants her to fall, but who knows everything on her." Fury crossed his arms as he shook his head.

        Tony chuckled, "oh this isn't everything. You are so out of the loop old man."

        Nick turned to block the way of the approaching man, "what are you going on about, Stark."

        "Only that someone purposely gave that bastard, Thunderbolt just enough, but kept out a few things that I know to be fact." Tony maneuvered around the director.

        "So someone very close to her..." Fury turned to watch as the man passed the threshold.

        "Knows more than I and that hurts my feelings." Stark spoke over his right shoulder.

        "You know he is right." Romanoff placed a tender hand on the man's upper arm.

        Fury nodded, "I know that something is going on, but just what, I can't be sure until that crazy woman decides that she is ready to come back. I'm just hoping that your boy Banner can talk some sense into her."

        Natasha giggled, "that is better said than done."

        "He hates confrontation and she hates him." They both shook their heads.



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