Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


32. Fix

        This seemed to be everything Liara wanted and needed, however there was still something lingering, giving the impression of being so seemingly wrong. It was there just in the back of her mind. Tiny as it was, but there it was nonetheless. Like one small flame, on a pitch-black moonless night. As if each flicker dancing in the wind, a thought outshining this tender moment and completely ruining it by slowly eating at her. Could the horrible ending with the man of her dreams be forgotten or for the most part, forgiven? Of course it could, that was never in debate, nor was this bothering her in the least. There were other factors which had been set into motion on her part, which could be greatly misconstrued if not known the entire circumstances. Right along with other uncertainties, like the biggest at the current moment. Where was this leading? Yes this. This kiss.

        As these thoughts rapidly began filling her mind, thrusting doubt deep into her soul. Bruce pulled Liara even closer into his person. A hand finding its way onto her hot skin. Fingers curled themselves into her bare left hip, clutching her forcefully while his lips pressed even harder. More demanding. Hungrier, as they separated hers. Filling her with his warm sweet flavor. Before the exchange became even more passionate, Liara lightly pressed on Banner's chest while slowly easing from him.

        With eyes still closed her head lowered, only to find a curled finger forcing it back up. Liara opened sad beaming golden yellow eyes. “I'm sorry, I just can't do this. I want to, GOD knows I do. Don't get me wrong, but I just can't.”

        Bruce watched as the large eyes which took him in only diminished in luster as she turned and prepared to lift from his side. On reflex his hand grabbed hers. Which led to the woman's hesitation in removing herself from his side. “Liara, the last thing I meant was to upset you, I somehow figured this was the correct thing to...”

        There was a furrow of a heavy brow as she nodded. Taking in their locked hands before inhaling a long breath, followed by walking to the porch banister. Her mind overly cluttered and in dire need of freedom from the mess. “Oh it definitely was. Only if circumstances weren't the way they are.”

        “I don't...” A hand found it's way around hers once again, this time intertwining them together as he took to her right flank.

        There was an exasperated breath on her part, stopping him short. “I just can't do this. I really can't. So please. Please don't.”

        There was a slow shake of his head. “Liara I need you back. I knew that the moment I saw you walk into my lab. There are still too many feelings here.”

        “You think that I don't know that? You can do things with me, which is a feat within itself. I for some reason gave myself to you, I don't know if it was for personal reasons, or hell, personal reasons. There was a lift of a left brow as Liara recalled all the previous times she easily found herself in Bruce's bed.

        “I absolutely detest when you speak in circles.” Banner shook his now short overly gray head.

        Yellow eyes rolled closed as she tipped her head to the left. When she reopened them, the lush green landscape was her focus point. “You are exactly right. You want the truth, okay, why not right.”

        Liara calmed herself and turned to the man whom stood at the same exact stature. There was of course a left brow raised, for that was what she always wore well.

        “Yes, I wish to understand what is bothering you. To understand what is weighing heavy on your soul at this precise moment.” Banner once again reached for her left cheek. Running his thumb under her eye, forcing her to take him in.

        “This. This is what is bothering me. You. You are what is weighing so heavy on my soul. I cannot and will not play by the rules that were once instated and enforced. I want... no, I deserve to not be hidden. See, you held me. You kissed me. You caressed me. All without restriction or fear when we were alone. But in public, in public you refused to allow yourself the luxury of anything remotely insinuating that we were together. That I cannot and will not partake in again. I mean it Robert. I will not be your dirty little secret any longer. If you want us, then desire us in the correct manner. I was never ashamed to call you mine, but of course you were always highly embarrassed to be associated with anything that I am and was. So you see. I refuse to go back down this road. Even with you.” Liara took in contemplating chocolate eyes as she tried her best to explain her feelings. This was never her strong suit, she was always the one to trip over her true deep inner feelings, but she needed it to be stated, no matter the manner in which it flowed out of her.

        Sincere yellow eyes were met with a confused furrow, “Liara I...”

        “I know what you are going to say. I’ve heard it all before. ‘Liara you know that I am unable. There are too many things that I just cannot give to you. A normal relationship is one of these. It's safer for everyone the way we are doing things’.” Hurt tainted each word. “So this is how we end.”

        A long inhaled breath was released in one huge huff. A calming voiced moan as Liara crossed her arms, watching a wild hare miles off, stop to scratch itself before rapidly hopping off.

        Bruce tried to take a step closer to the woman that now stood in front of him. “Liara. You know I cannot give you that of which you seek. What we are is so much more than that of labels and public displays of affection.”

        “Really.” Once again a left eyebrow was plastered high on her face.

        A nod was given in return, “we always were. With you I feel various things, which I have never felt with anyone else.”

        Yellow eyes narrowed with the thought in her mind, only seconds from converting into spoken word. “Those are called lust, sex, and desire. All something that everyone does, unless you are of course Alana, she's a damn stick in the mud. Lame as always. She's much like you. Scared of the organs that they were given for taking joy in.”

        “Liara that is not what they are for.” Banner tried to brush a stray lock of hair from Liara's right temple.

        As soon as Bruce made an attempt in touching her, Liara shied away. Re-tucked her own strand back in place by running her fingers through purple hair. “Are you sure? Cause I know...”

        “Jesus, Liara. Those organs are for reproducing.” With his comment, there was a slight stiffen to the woman that stood inches in front of him.

        “Yes, that they are. Trust me, I know that just about more than anyone else.” Yellow eyes cut to the right, taking in the perplexed scientist.

        Bruce turned her body to face him completely as he placed a finger on his upper lip. “What ever does that even mean?”

        “Not a damn thing. Much like us.” Yellow eyes stared deep into chocolate orbs as she barely shrugged memorized by the calm fury that laid within.

        “I am your mate, Alpha as you call your significant other. Which means you have no choice other than to be mine, no matter the circumstances.” An extended hand was allowed to caress her right cheek.

        The way he said it. His tone, or was it the rasp in his voice? Whatever it was hidden within Bruce's words, provoked a cocky smirk to grace Liara’s face, followed by a single coy giggle. “When you’re right, you’re right. But at the end of the day, I make the decision if I am opening my legs or not.”

        Liara began for the house. Ready to end this conversation completely. That was until the words which were uttered to her back. Ones that made her turn on a dime and give the physically older appearing man a death stare.

        "Which goes without saying. Just as long as you know it belongs to me." Bruce could care less in the fashion the woman in front of him had taken to his words.

        "Trying to be cocky ain't working for you in the least. I would want to watch what the hell I say if I were you. Wouldn't want the other part of me to come out and show you just how much of a dick you're being. I could care less about the testosterone that you are dealing out right about now. It ain't that hot my friend. So I suggest that you reevaluate your life. You think you're the only one smelling around this? Don't even make me laugh sweetheart." The snarl deep on her face, the challenge great.

        Banner refused to back down. "You imagine just because I am who I am, I do not see the manner in which other men, individuals who are in fact more... far better equipped to... to be your lover, hound around you?"

        Liara could tell he was hurting, but the underline jealous rage was remarkable. How could someone who refused to claim her, be angry about any amount of flirtation. This was the way she was. And hell, he wanted a down-low relationship, which was exactly what she gave him. No strings attached, more a 'Friends with Benefits' type of deal. Even if he was the only one she was giving it to. However here stood Bruce talking out both sides of his mouth. One second he wanted it the same as before, now in his next breath he's pissed over her being, well, her. And people wonder why she is crazy.

        "What are you thinking Liara? I see the wheels spinning, right behind those glowing eyes." The sternness of his brow now matched his heated state as he inched toward her.

        There was a look of utter confusion on her face, before she felt it contort. Liara lowered her head, as her eyes raced side to side, trying to completely understand just what Banner had said. She wasn't upset in the least, far from it. Calm as ever, in fact. A right pointer finger was slowly and reluctantly raised to her side. Her voice trembled even more so. "What did you just say?"

        "Is Barnes better for you than I, I mean you do allow him to touch you. Something you claim to hate, however you are all too willing to have him in such a position. Alone in a small broom closet, on a balcony, you were even within his embrace in Mexico. Let's follow with the stairwell where you all too easily threw him up in my face. You were together in HYDRA, must I assume it as thus, the double meaning which I all too gladly take it as this point in time. You two are too familiar." His voice was so matter of fact. Completely lost into this fit of jealousy.

        Liara still had her head lowered, trying to understand and grasp any possible reason she was reacting to Bruce in this manner. Theories flying thousands by the second. This was something she had never heard from him. Yes it was nice, but it was just wrong.

        He took two more steps. Now Liara could see his black boaters, ones she kept from an encounter they had years ago. Never once having the strength to toss anything of his. Knowing one day he'd need them. Because she always knew she'd return into the fold, this was something which was all too inevitable. Her body shook as it shivered over.

        "Cat still have your tongue? Everything is so factual to me. If not Barnes, let us go back to the one who gets each and every waiting breath your body takes." Banner's voice was painted with nothing but rage. If he were with anyone else, he would have been the 'other guy' long ago.

        Barely a whisper as it finally clicked, "oh my god."

        "Not quite, however he seems to think himself as such. Dear ole Director Fury." With his words, Bruce saw a smile come to her face. His silent rage consumed him even further, he was bursting at the seems, he made an attempt to grab Liara's right arm. However, she was quicker than he in this state.

        Liara used her body weight to spin and slam Banner hard backward into the side of the house. She pinned him in, fists full of cotton hoodie. Though he made not one move against her, seemingly content with being manhandled. Her breathing now matched his, a panting. "Not today sexy."

        She gradually lifted her head to stare into his eyes. "Ain't doing this with you." Bruce was so far gone, Liara tipped her head to the right as she goggled at him. Mesmerized like a kitten watching a light maneuver across a room. "I... I... I have to..." Liara cursed herself, yes this was what she indeed was afraid of. She fought every urge she could muster to combat what she had finally realized was trying to consume her as well.

        Banner once again began, this time with a turned upper lip. "Even his name puts a smile on your face. What did mine do? Hmm? Anger you. Disgust you." There was hardly any force needed to lift his right arm from Liara's tight grip on him. "Shame you?"

        Yellow eyes narrowed as she tried even harder to hold him back. Something Liara already knew would be a no go. With his incredible strength just sitting there within him, ripe for the using.

        His fingers trailed softly down either cheek, then across her soft lips. There was a swallow on her part, for the burn even a touch this light produced within her person. Banner forced her head up as far as it possibly would, continued trailing his fingers down her neck before pulling Liara into his person. He once again reached for her head, she leaned back.

        Liara was becoming bothered. Banner was too far out of character, and she now possibly knew why. It had to be, there was no other explanation. She was now in need to escape from his grasp to find the solution. A smirk crossed her face as a quick idea came to mind. Her voice was husky and deep as she giggled. "Funny how you're the one that I'm all pushed up on. You have me exactly where you want me, but you prefer talking. Damn shame, cause I so had other plans." A left brow seductively perked as she raised a right hand. Curled it to caress his left cheek.

        Her actions worked. Bruce relinquished his grip. As soon as he did, Liara darted for the door. In this state, he might of had Hulk's strength, but he lacked the beast's speed.

        Liara followed her nose. To what was once the back bedroom on the main floor, now converted into a lab. "Lorena, I really need for you to stop reading that hideous romantic novel and help a sister out."

        "Yes, are you okay? Your breath is not so good." Lorena scrunched her brow as she studied the yellow eyes that were still bright aglow.

        Liara held a hand up, stopping the woman from any further pleasantries. "Just like your speaky English. A dose, I need it."

        "A dose? A dose of just what, Liara." Bruce, on her heels heard the exchange. "What are you going to do to yourself now?!"

        Liara flinched as a faint moan escaped when Banner's voice raised.

        "Should I be worried?" His voice lowered, noting the pain he accidentally forced upon her.

        Lorena furrowed her brow. Gently placed her Scientific Studies book upon the lab table at which she was seated. Lifted herself, strolled to a glass cabinet which contained various vials as well as small glass medicine bottles. To retrieve one vial of thick, deep dark, almost black liquid.

        While the doctor made her way across the room, to the opposite wall of where Liara stood arms crossed, just within the door frame. The she wolf found the time to answer his question. "Ugh, can't a girl get a fix without you all up in mine."

        "Liara, estas segura?" The dark skinned, far shorter woman turned to give the yellow eyed woman her full attention. (you sure)

        Liara blinked dull eyes, "mira, no tengo otra opcion. Si tuviera, nunca jamas te preguntaria." (look, I have no other option. If I had, I'd never had asked)

        "I understand what is being said." Bruce chimed in.

        "Good for you."  Liara began, speaking to the peeved scientist whom now took to her side. "This conversation was never meant to hide anything, genius. I swear you have all the book smarts in the world, but when it comes to common sense you lack it, big time buddy. You forget that her best way to communicate is Español, her first language, wow."

        A shake of long black hair, as Lorena prepped the table with everything she needed to give Liara an injection. "Since Sr. Banner thinks something is hiding, I will speak in his tongue." (Mr.)

        "You really shouldn't, you suck at it." Liara pursed her lips to the right side of her face.

        Bruce, much calmer since not being alone any longer with the yellow eyed woman. The same one who remained at his side, tried his hand at grasping what was going on.

        "I see the wheels spinning behind those brown eyes. Yep, I'm fixing to shoot up, have some. It feels really really good. You should totally try it, maybe you wouldn't be such a damn asshole. Or a prude for that matter." Liara rolled her eyes, as she dropped her arms while walking over to help Lorena.

        "I think this not the best idea, too soon for it." Liara placed a reassuring hand on Lorena's while the small framed woman spoke.

        "Your concern it noted. My thing is, calm your nerves." Liara took a breath.

        Bruce threw a right hand up, even though he was speaking to the back of the women, in all honestly feeling quite ignored. "Is no one going to give me any details as to what is transpiring."

        Lorena saw the gesture of 'no' Liara gave her with a tightening of her yellow eyes. "I told you, I'm a drug addict. Happy now?"

        "She will be good soon. Sr. Banner, I will not hurt." Lorena began, looked confused as Liara sat with raised brows next to her.

        Liara was waiting for the rest of the sentence, "A noun, at least a pronoun would be helpful, or were you trying to tell me that this wasn't going to hurt you. I already know that much."

        Bruce shuffled a bit in place as he tucked his left hand into the bend of his right elbow, as his right hand now sat covering his lips.

        Lorena turned her back on Liara as she now spoke to the scientist. "This is a... cómo se dice?" (how do you say)

        Liara slumped down in a lab chair, barely lifted her eyes as they caught Banner's, "Serum."

        "Yes, serum, helping Liara continue to stay like this." Lorena smiled as she grabbed a thick needle and began filling the syringe.

        The nervous scientist strolled next to the small doctor. "Which consists of what exactly?" Banner never took his eyes off the clearly thick black liquid as it slowly filled the barrel.

        Lorena nodded, "I don't like this, no matter."

        "Exactly, no matter, my body, my decision.” Liara rolled her eyes as she felt the anger resonating from the only man in the room. Her head lowered as she prepared herself for what she all too well knew would ensue after the injection.

        The Mexican doctor pulled a chair to sit herself next to her friend. "I feel this is too early."

        "No problem, if anything goes wrong, I have a Quack and a Mad Scientist here to help me." Heart lips tried their best to produce a believable smile, "and after, I can do my hair. These black roots are so long, and this gray ain't my friend in the least."

        "It comes from wisdom." Bruce retrieved the empty vial from the table and raised it to his nose while he turned his back on the pair of women.

        "No, it comes from old age. But what it does, is make me look the part." She lifted her head as she inspected the worried man. "From here, it smells like fresh ass."

        Lorena lifted her eyes from watching the latex strap produce budging veins from Liara's left arm.

        A shrug, "well it does."

        "I play with it a little. You may sleep through now." The Mexican woman turned to retrieve the syringe.

        A phone began to vibrate.

        "You going to get that? Could be important." Liara lifted her brows as the doctor came closer to her arm with the needle.

        "It will go away." Black hair swished as the doctor shook her head as she readied herself to inject Liara.

        There was another set of vibrations from Lorena's pocket. The doctor extracted the phone, to take a deep breath. In her reaction, Liara knew the number. "I. I have to." The doctor stood, forced the syringed filled serum into the scientist's hands. "You will do," she pulled and pushed him into the seat she was in not even two seconds earlier. Before running from the room.

        Liara offered her left arm. "Jekyll, I know that you do not approve, even though you do this to your own self, but I need your help. Please. You know how to inject things into the blood stream. I promise that it won't hurt me." Liara looked up, while she rocked her head side to side. "Well too much, I hope."

        Bruce was jittery. His head shook violently. "I'm sorry Liara, there is no way I will contribute to testing anything on you."

        Liara nodded as she lowered her head, "that's fine, I guess I will do it myself."

        "You have learned this skill since you have been gone." Banner crossed his arms, with the serum filled syringe within his grip.

        A shrug, "no, but how hard can it be? You learned. And besides if I fuck up, we get to see if I die like humans do. I love this plan."

        A roll of the eyes.

        "A word of advice, only women do that." A smirk. "You asked a question earlier. If I answer... you have to give me the entire contents."

        Banner now unleashed his arms and studied the tube within his right hand even further, as Liara began again.  

        "It's a mixture of my blood. Estrogen, oxycodone, and I'm not quite sure what type of  benzos she's put in there to put me under." Yellow eyes tensed for a fraction of a second while staring at the cylinder Bruce was now rolling back and forth between his fingers and thumb.

        Bruce caught the tension of her eyes as she stared at the object. "Why do this to yourself, if you are afraid of it."

        A giggle, "Boy I ain't scared. It just... it hurts. However as necessary as it is."

        Banner nodded in understanding. "This is your step in robbing yourself the ability to have children."

        "My blood is a death sentence. Don't ask, just only know that my blood is fatal, this has been all too well proven." She wet her lips. "Besides, could you imagine having an insane person for a mother, oh, and lets not forget the fact she's a monster. Yeah, poor baby."

        Liara took one long breath she forced out through narrowed lips. Bruce nodded, as he took this sign of her relinquishing control. Yellow eyes took in the needle as it came closer to her skin. There was a smirk and a laugh as a thought popped in her head. Her eyes danced, Banner could tell it was a honest thought which produced it, not her sarcasm masking fear. There was another laugh, her body moved a bit. He grabbed her arm, trying his best to steady it. She pulled in a happy breath.

        "Dammit Liara, if you do not be still." A reprimand.

        "Okay, I'm sorry," Another outburst. "Okay okay okay." One last hearty laugh. "Okay, for real this time. Hey... hey, so like when I'm out, don't be doing thiiiings to my body. I swear if I wake up tasting D, I'm so going to kick your ass. Cause I'll know."

        Bruce twisted her arm, sunk the metal into Liara's flesh, catching a vein with precision. Pressed the entire contents in one quick bothersome press. As soon as he finished his angered action he regretted it, for it produced a horrible painful gasp in Liara. Her eyes tightened as tears rolled down either cheek.

        Somehow Liara found the strength to force 'thank you' out before her body slumped forward into waiting arms of a more than capable man.

        The syringe was thrown to the floor in an instant, as soon as Bruce knew she was in pain. The furrow on his brow said everything. His anger in what he just did. His hurt in what Liara was doing to herself. The pain in the fact this woman did deserve what she asked for, yet he was not the one with the freedom to give it to her. He pulled her into his arms. Brushed purple hair from her moist face.

        "It functioned." Lorena made her way to Bruce's side and took a gander at Liara. She lifted a wrist, took the She Wolf's pressure. "She is good. Upstair, room three."

        With her words, Bruce picked himself and Liara up. Made his way up the narrow flight of stairs in the front of the house. Down the spacious hall, to the third room on the right. When opening the door, he chuckled and spoke to an unconscious Liara. "No one but you."

        He entered completely, head shaking as he kicked the door shut. This was indeed Liara's room. Turquoise wall paint. Purple bedding, complete with purple and green throw pillows. There were even her favorite Disney 'Princes' as she called them, nestled neatly about. However only one of them actually considered as thus, she once told him. Bruce also remembered how she adored these three characters most, being she associated greatly with each.

        The man tapping into his alter ego's strength, carried Liara over to the bed. Gently laid her down comfortably. Followed by sitting himself next to her. A left wrist was pulled into his grasp. Okay. Her pressure was normal enough. Her breathing was regulating quite rapidly from what it was only minutes ago, however with an occasional stutter.

        Bruce took a hard breath while he massaged his temples. Lifting from the bed, to look over the room once again. There were two windows side by side on a wall that ran parallel the length of the bed, topped with purple sheers. Which allowed for pleasant, warming sunlight to fill the room. Furniture was scarce, which only consisted of a large wall mirror, and one armoire.

        Banner found himself standing before the mirror, staring not at himself reflected back, yet the rise and fall of Liara's chest. She was so at peace while she rested. A smirk quickly came to his face. "Oh Liara. What is going on with us?"

        Bruce grabbed the back of his neck as he now stared at her face. There was a slight wrinkle of her brow. Which sent him back to her side, checking her pulse once more. He jumped as the door came unlatched. Dark brown fingers curled around the door. "Sr. Banner? Hello, um, here. Clothings, if you want showering."

        The scientist made his way to the fragile seeming woman. She was indeed very tiny and small framed. She couldn't have weighed no more than 100 pounds, on a good day. A kind smile was given as he handled the clothing. "Thank you. You are very kind."

        A bashful lower of the head was returned. "Here, the bathroom. For when you need."

Lorena motioned to the taller man to join her. She opened a door, which he figured led to the bathroom, but instead lead to a huge walk-in closet. There were drawers and shelves surrounding them. Mirrors and rods for hanging clothes on either side of them. The room took a left turn, and opened into a huge extravagant bathroom.

        Lorena looked Bruce up then down. "I leave you now. Liara will not wake up, maybe hours. You sleep, after shower, yes."

        "Indeed," Bruce watched as the woman rapidly turned to leave him alone to tend to himself.

        As soon as the scientist heard the door latch, he lifted his head and took in his environment. White marbled stone flooring. Deep dark Royal Purple walls trimmed with bright white crown molding and white ceiling. There was a stand alone glass shower with a waterfall faucet to his right. Beyond that, the floor sank into a molded Jacuzzi tub. The further he eased in, he saw the tub was huge, big enough for at least four people. "You have expensive taste, if you don't have anything else."

        Bruce chuckled to himself as he disrobed to shower. The extreme heat was relaxing on his nerves. Ones that had been shot ever since he arrived. They somehow became even worse when he was alone with Liara. This had never happened before, something that could be taken as a jealous rage. One he was absolutely unable to control. Seeing how everything had calmed, he recognized now, just how far gone he was earlier. "Dammit Banner."

        Bruce lowered his head as the water pelted his back with its relentless steady pour, his right hand lifted as he propped himself up, more than defeated. A long depleted breath as he turned the knobs, refusing to leave until the last ounce of water touched his head. On his way out of the glass shower was when he finally noticed the toilet. He hummed while taking in the niche that housed it. He shook his head. It was by the door, a half wall blocked it from sight.

        White sweats were what was given. The man made his way back to Liara. She still lay in the same position he had left her not too long ago. Instead of just sitting next to her, this time Banner was tired enough to try his hand at sharing the King size bed with her. He laid himself to her right, turned on his side to stare at her while she slept. Worried about her progress. Curling an arm under his head, for more support. Somewhere between thoughts of his actions from earlier, Liara refusing to not do this to herself, and watching her steady paced breathing, Bruce lost consciousness.

        There was a stuttered breath before a long inhale and a moaned release. His aroma was delicious. Bruce, with the lavender of her body wash encasing his entirety was very appealing indeed. Her body shivered over. Only this time it was not for attraction nor physical touch, yet for the pain surging throughout her body. There was a roll of yellow eyes followed by tears as she tried her best to push past the pain to move. It was slow going. However, just having this man in her bed was motivation enough.

        Turning her head to him, seemed the worst until she regulated her breathing to the pain. "Sleep well sexy. You need to gather yourself. Heavy conversation is pending." The whisper was followed by a soft huff. The tightening of her diaphragm hurt like hell. She rolled her eyes closed.

        Liara seemed to take at least five minutes to ease herself from the bed. Knowing she needed to just get up and make herself expel this from her system. Finding weak knees, she staggered her way in the closet. There within she found what she needed. It took at least two hours to finish. Her body almost back to normal. Just a little more rest, she would be right as rain. Back to her spot beside slumbering Banner. One last look over his body as a smile forced her eyes to close. Before Liara knew it, she was once again forced back to sleep.

        Banner woke with a jolt. When he opened his eyes it was overly dark within the room. He had slept far longer than anticipated. He lifted from the bed, headed to the door, which had to have a light switch near it. His hand ran over the wall several times before finding it.

        She made no movement, the second his stir awoken her. A smile crossed her lips all of two seconds. As soon as the lights came on, their eyes met. Liara held his gaze. Her eyes smiled as Bruce lowered his head, in preparing himself to speak. Lifted his head as his eyes burned into hers. "Blond."

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