Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


30. Exchange

        "No." Stated a monotone voice belonging to a thin shapely woman, whose face was framed with layers of long white curls. Whom stood content on peering safely from behind a window, out upon the night’s frigid terrain.

        "Because that isn't true, why else?” A purely defensive voice retorted.

        An overly dry laugh, "because you li…ke..."

        "Wait, what happened," Alana rushed to the window from which Phoenix stood frozen, staring out. In more than a need to find out what would make the other woman stop ridiculing her. It was never like Phe to just break off and stop anything that she was going to say, ever.

        The women stood side by side, gazing at the same huge mass of green until it was no longer visible. "Can you…"

        "No. Ever since the split I can't recall being able to go into someone's mind unless it’s you. Same as you." Phe carelessly offered.

        Alana headed and thrust herself onto the overly inviting cream colored couch as she decided to find something to watch. In attempt to entertain her attention. Without thinking, “where you think he’s going?” She regretted the question that seemed to just escape her as soon as it left her lips.

        A foul perverted laugh in Alana’s opinion was returned, “you already know where he’s going. I don’t even need to be able to read minds for that one.”

        “You are disgusting. You don’t even know where he’s heading. He could be going to see I don’t know. But guaranteed that he’s not going to see Liara, she hates him now. I wish I knew what happened there. After we split, I went to see her in her dreams. But she was still on him.” The celestial being now laid out across the furniture as she channel surfed. Red to orange hued hair fell flowing from the armrest.

        White hair was gathered and pulled up into a messy bun as Phoenix found herself a seat facing her better half. “Even though I could care less, I’m glad that they aren’t a thing any longer.”

        “Really?” Emerald eyes narrowed, knowing that the other woman would insult her friend with every breath that her body contained.

        A nod, “of course.” Her eyes now held Alana’s. “She stinks and he’s nasty as hell. Put them together, they reek.”

        “Uggh. I wish that you’d just for one day lay off her.” A raise of her nose in detest.

        A smirk was returned, “not my job, that would be your boy Fury’s.”

        Alana lifted in her seat, “yes! At least someone else sees it.”

        Phe studied her counterpart. Alana seemed overly interested in still, as the humans call, ship two people. “Miss Angelic Pure and Innocent, just why do you insist on making something out of nothing?”

        Alana crossed her arms, as if she were a child trying to be defiant. “There is something there, I don’t care what anyone says. She might be able to hide things from me, but..”

        “But what? Do you really listen to yourself? I mean do you really? Cause you are about the most innocent thing in existence. And before you get all pissy, I said almost.” Phe held her hands up, sensing the resentment taken from her honesty rising within Alana.That title goes to that one guy, you know the one, that really needs to be shown what a woman can do for him. Ugggh, can you even imagine the damage that he’d do?”

        A tsk. “He’d rather do a rock. And secondly, he doesn't seem that way.”

        “I could sooo be that rock. You might be right on that one. He’d be gentle, but I’d show him how being rough is so much better and enjoyable.” Phe’s eyes were now large and glistened as various inciting images flew through her mind.

        Alana jumped from her prone state. Insulted in the fact that she could see everything that her twin soul was inventing with her mind’s eye. “You truly are disgusting. You and Liara are exactly alike, that is why the two of you hate each other so much. And is why if I were her, I would have beaten you down for almost killing me. But again that’s just me.”

        Phoenix laughed from her diaphragm, “please tell me that you aren’t going to act like a scared ass baby when you get your boy all in the buff.”

        “I have no man, nor do I even want to know who you’re talking about.” Alana made for the door, she really wasn’t in the mood for this conversation, much less with the ridicule that was sure to follow the accusations on her counterpart’s side.

        There was a laugh behind her, “now that’s what I am talking about, go find that dingy looking thing. If you happen to see the other one, put in a good word for me.”

        Alana rolled her eyes and continued on, head down, trying to clear her mind while keeping Phoenix out. To where ever her feet lead her, seemed a good enough plan. Which ended as soon as it began the second they ran into another pair. Ones that wore heavily worn down brown boots. Light emerald eyes refused to lift to meet the owner of the footwear. For the dark color of jeans that loosely covered the shafts of the boots, already revealed whom was standing before her. Alana barely mustered a meek “excuse me.”

        “You are Liara’s friend.” His voice sent shivers through her body.

        Even though that was the last name Alana wanted to cross his lips. It did nothing but bring to mind what Phe stated earlier. “Alana, yes. Now please forgive me, I have to go.”

        “You hate me too I see.” Sky blue eyes continued to stare at the top of a bright red head.

        There was a slight release of breath, “I really don’t have any reason to feel anything towards you, actually.”

        “That is a shame, Steve speaks highly of you.” With his words, Alana dared in lifting her head, only to regret it the moment she caught glimpse of his eyes.

        Light green eyes were now held in a death stare, she somehow found the courage to fight through this feeling that was strange and foreign to her. “Yes, Steve is a wonderful person. Always sees the good in someone.”

        He just stood there, all calm. Why was he not affected in the least by anything? Surely he had to as well feel the way the heat now in the building was at an unbearable degree. There was a faint voice that did nothing but laugh, “you.stupid.bitch. That is you and your hormones. You want his, no wait. I need to describe this to you in detail don’t I? Where do I begin. Okay see little one, when a woman likes a man.”

        “You know what, I don’t have to listen to this!” Alana spit back to the voice in her mind.

        More laughter, “apparently you do. Cause as soon as you looked into his eyes, you lost all kinds of control with blocking your mind to me. Now where was I, ah yes I remember. She gets these tingling feelings in her...”

        Alana had it with the voice within her mind. “SHUT UP PHE!!!”

        “Not my fault. I was programmed.” There was a furrow of the brow in the small framed woman that stood before him, indicating that her indirect comment was not for him. “Not meant... for me.”

        His defensive tone snapped Alana back to giving the brown haired man her full attention. However with his words, she could tell that he took them the wrong way. “I was referring to myself, but sure, that could work as well.”

        “I’m sorry for running into you, I was lost in thought.” Bucky began.

        Alana narrowed her lips, for in her mind, she just knew it was she herself that failed to pay attention. “It’s cool, I have to admit that I as well was heavily thinking in something.”

        “Boy were you ever.” Phoenix once again piped up.

        Instead of answering the voice within her mind, Alana just shook her head and took a deep breath.

        “Anyhow, back to what I was going to ask you.” Barnes now leaned his right shoulder against the wall.

        Cherry red lips pursed, “wait, you were going to ask me something?”

        “Yes.” A hand ran trough his thick chestnut colored hair. “Umm, like I was saying you are Liara’s friend right.”

        “I really don’t understand, but yes. You can call me that.” A nod.

        A dark smirk. “Good, then you do know that something is off with her and I don’t trust her in the least.”

        A squeal echoed through Alana’s head. “OMG! Ask him is that why from what I hear, that he can’t keep his hands off her, that way you are killing two birds with one stone. Ask him just like that.

        Alana cut her eyes and this time something deep within her agreed with the other woman that only she could hear. “So that is the excuse you use, since you for some reason cannot keep your hands off her?”

        In taking in her raised right brow, he smiled. “Rather it’d be you I see.”

        The tall, thick white man let out one satisfied huff while looking Alana up and down.

        Alana speechless, could only watch as the man looked her body over, followed by pushing off the wall and walking past her. She crinkled her entire face as she was left confounded.

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