Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


23. Enlightenment?

        The scientist raised a forefinger and thumb to squeeze at the bridge of his nose. Yellow eyes took a double take. Reached for his hand, stopping short at his wrist. A small narrow of the lips. "I knew that I should have installed audio and visual data recording. Something just told me to. What the hell was I even thinking? Obviously I wasn’t. Stupid.”

        “You are in no way shape or form.” A slow head shake overcame him as the woman lightly grabbed his wrist, twisting it back and forth in studying the device.

        Liara relinquished the timepiece, followed by roughly dragging both hands down either side of her face. “Yet, besides remembering that you got all sexy green, which forever goes with my hair. That I absolutely need to do something with, it’s all faded and not cute might I add. Ugh, I fail to understand just why the last thing I remember was you lifting me up and taking me to GOD only knows where. Hell, some of the stuff transpiring on the Quinjet is also a bit fuzzy for that matter. Don’t even get me started on how we are here, or waking in a room that I take is mine.”

        Bruce furrowed his brow, he felt the hardened stare the woman next to him was giving. As he turned to face her, a hard gulp was swallowed when taking in narrowed eyes that were not trusting nor happy in waiting for him to speak up. “You remember giving me this.”

        Liara squinted harder as a raised lip creased her right cheek. “And what was said. Look mad scientist, let’s cut the shit ok. I know you well, and I mean very well.” The reaction he gave of relaxed fury was not the one she was expecting, however she continued. “You think that you know everything that there’s to do with me. Cool, keep thinking th…”

        “You mean these, right along with a lot of other things your loose lips let fly?” Banner grabbed her wrists, forcefully turned them palm up, interrupting what Liara was about to say.

        Liara nodded in taking in her own handy work. Her lower lip poked out for a fraction of a second as she seemed somewhat unshaken with a light hum and a tip of the head. “Which was your fault. You know what, I’m not doing this. I want to remember. That is all I want. You hate me, I’m fine with that. I hate you, more so than ever, just so we’re clear. Cause I swear to the universe if you touched me I’m going to kick your ass. I’d let Hyde any day all day before I’d let you.”

        As Liara began walking away from him, to a corner of the landing, he answered. “So you do remember.”

        This comment made the She Wolf stop in her tracks, and spin on a dime. Her right cheek brandishing a deep dimple as she smirked while tipping her head to the right. “You got jokes I see.”

        “Look, what is the last thing you recall? Something you clearly remember?” Bruce watched the woman as she hiked herself unto the corner meeting of the railings.

        A coy smirk that pulled her left cheek up, then a satisfied moan as Liara recalled. She kept her eyes on the cement floor. “Reminding you Jekyll that you enjoyed my bodily fluids.” She raised her head and took in the man that now calmly leaned over the railing, looking over his left shoulder at her.

        “Is that all?” He kicked at the cement lip that gave a barrier under the metal railing, preventing anything to roll off the five story high balcony.

        Liara furrowed her brow as she watched the toe of his boater repeatedly tap at the surface. It reminded her of the soundwaves. She lightly closed her eyes, and flinched at every strike he made upon the cement. “The pain was horrible. I tried to continue holding on, just to make it. I needed for you all to be safe. No one could fall on my watch. I refused to let it happen. It started before I typed the code needed for the rest of the team’s entry. Which is why I told you to give it to them.” The woman opened her yellow eyes to take in the man who now wore a gentler face. “You noticed.”

        Banner nodded as he gazed over the gently swaying trees that the light breeze provoked. “I knew there was something happening the second I heard you faintly grunt then shake it off. If I’d known everything was going to head south as fast as it did, I would have gotten you out of there before…”

        “It’s whatever Jekyll.” Liara tiled her head backwards as she took in the illuminated night sky, “It’s going to rain, I’ve smelled it ever since I woke. The storm will be here in no time, it’s moving extremely fast. You should have realized by now I would never’ve let you remove me from the situation, Jekyll. No matter the severity. Some things never change, and that is one. Each and every one of you were under my care, be it stated or not. I had no choice but to withhold my position.”

        There was a bolt of lightning that pierced the moonlit sky, not even a couple seconds later, the thunder echoed. Followed by another flash that resonated with a loud clap. So much so, the ground rumbled, Liara winced and the bottom let go. The rain was cold and overly inviting to the woman.

        Bruce extracted his jacket and headed toward the woman that maintained her nonchalant posture, perched upon the railing with her head thrown back, allowing the rain to pelt her face. “The lightning is uncontrolled tonight…” As he began Liara was quick to cut him off.

        “Much like me.” As she spoke, Liara lowered her head with closed eyes. When she opened them, there were two sad brown eyes staring back with his jacket held above his head. “Go back in, Jekyll. You’ll catch your death out here. Besides I need to be left alone with trying to salvage anything remotely possible.”

        The scientist now held the sport coat over the both of them as the downpour became harder and more intense. “Get down and come on. I will tell you everything that transpired.”

        “Will you now.” Her yellow eyes pierced his as they stared an accusing glare into his soul.

        Banner shook his head. With his free hand reached for Liara, whom maneuvered from his reach. “I guess you won’t know until you come in, now will you.”

        The woman shrugged, “I guess not, huh. Let’s see, you turned into your sexy better half, hmm… twice. Overly simple enough. We haven’t been here that long.” The woman raised her brows as she took a long whiff, then nodded. “Four hours to be precise. You’ve been busy with the hubby. So much so that you haven’t had the time to bathe, extracting my beautiful scent from your tender flesh. Even though you have taken just enough time out of your busy schedule to change your clothes. Cause those chinos and that nice purple button up aren’t my standard take along clothing of choice. However, with that being said, that shirt would look killer on me. If you were mine, I’d be parading that bad boy off the day after.”

        Another loud crack. This time, directly over their heads, was strong enough to make Liara flinch in pain and tsk through her teeth. Triggering Bruce in taking his chance in grabbing the woman to usher into the protection of the building. “Why are you always so stubborn?”

        “Because I can.” Liara ran her left hand down her right arm, extracting the excess water, followed by the other. “Why do you continue to obsess over me? I ain’t none of yours. It’s not like you don’t know what I have under these clothes, what’s the matter? Sexy won’t give it up, oh that’s right. I’m the only one that can calm the beast, and I ain’t talking about the huge one.” Liara raised her brows once and cooed as Bruce pursed his lips to the right. “Anyhow I told you that I am okay besides the memory lapse, genius.”

        The scientist only shook his head, while sitting down on a stair. Bruce took a depleted breath in laying the damp jacket over his right thigh. Allowing his elbows to prop him up as they came in contact with his knees. His fingers lightly enlaced, covering the middle of his face. Liara smirked, satisfied with herself and plopped down next to him.

        Yellow eyes took in the man to her right. She gave him the once over, completely narrowed her lips as he began. His whole demeanor was defeated, causing Liara to take a huge breath and lower her head. “You lost your hearing completely. Almost your life, I find none of this funny.”

        “The last thing I remember is you trying to make your way to me. But were unable to. Another wave pelted the ship, and I just could not take it any longer. It was just too much. Taking the earbuds out,” Liara cringed as her right hand instinctually raised, grabbing at her lobe.

        Bruce, who was now giving the woman he cared for more than anything else his complete attention, noticed her shiver. It wasn’t from the memory or lack thereof, but from the cold. On reflex he picked up his jacket, and leaned into Liara. Reaching around her, draping the clothing over her shoulders. Their eyes lingered, gazing into the others. Liara’s held a sadness, that the scientist could feel in his heart. She broke their contact in lowering her eyes to the stairs they sat upon.

        Liara pulled the jacket closed around her as another shiver overtook her. In releasing a calming breath, she continued. “In taking the earbuds out, is when the full force of the next wave consumed me, and did the most damage. I lost lucidness, I have no idea what happened from there.” She shook her head, trying her best to remember anything. “I have tried my damnedest to recall, ever since I awoke in that room. Ugh, Jekyll I have racked my mangled brain for hours, even the other side of me is at a complete loss. Please don’t tell me that I went there,” her face spun to face him, her eyes pleading for his reassurance. “Please.”

        Her last word barely a whisper, pulled at Bruce’s heartstrings. Without thinking in his actions or her reaction, he reached out and caressed her left cheek. “Look at me.”

        The woman slowly obeyed, with the making of a tear beginning to pool in her right eye.

        Banner now pulled the coat further around Liara as she once again lowered her head. He lifted it, this time with a curled finger under her chin. “No, you did not go there.” Troubled yellow orbs now peered back into his consoling chocolate colored eyes. She gave him a questioning furrow of the brow as he all too well knew her and her ways, he shook his head. “We actually did a lot of this. Normal human communication.”

        Liara rolled her eyes and lowered her head as she chuckled to herself. She wet her lips, as she returned her gaze toward him. “Nothing about either of us is normal. Then again, you my introvert company, are just a tad bit more than I.”

        “How so?” Banner relaxed and now leaned backwards, throwing his elbows back to prop upon the landing behind them.

        Liara turned and slid to the opposite end of the same stair, until her back was stopped by the wall. She raised her legs into her embrace under Banner’s coat that she secretly was thrilled with having on. For the thin form fitting shirt and leggings she had on, left her freezing from the conditioned air that was set to a very high setting to maintain the base at a comfortable atmosphere. “As I recall you only tried to kill yourself once. That is far from where a troubled and deranged person like me has gone. These,” Liara held her arms palm up, and began to run her right fingers over the long mark over her left wrist. She chuckled once, “were only the beginning. Or did I tell you that as well?”

        “No, you really did not comment much on them.” Bruce frowned.

        “If you would stop lying, that would really be great. I’m trying my best to be cordial with you Jekyll, I mean it’s hard as hell. But you lying to me is going to make me tell you about yourself.” The woman gave him a look.

        Banner slowly nodded. “You could go there, then I could also not tell you anything about what happened and it could continue to eat at you the way it is right now. Your call.”

        “That seems to be exactly what you’re doing regardless.” With her comment, the man lifted to foot. Liara kicked her left leg out, pushing him backwards off-balance to land back to his seated position. She left her leg extended down in front of Banner’s feet on the step below both of them. “If I have to sit in your lap, giving you a cheap thrill I will, to finish this conversation that you wanted oh so badly to have in this deserted stairwell. I was content in the rain, but now you have me in this damn cold, freezing my fat ass off. So can we get on with it?”

        “The Bluetooth slipped and bounced upon the floor, you went not even a second behind it. I repeatedly called your name to no response. I rushed to you as you were on your knees, screaming. Holding your ears with each wave that pelted the jet, hell you.” Bruce ran his fingers through his curls as he turned to take in Liara as she stared at him, thoroughly soaking in each and every word that left his lips. “Blood was pouring from your ears. I quickly got you out of there, that was the only option.”

        Liara pursed her lips as she gave a light crinkle of her brow, “thank you Jekyll. I thank Hyde, down there deep within you as well. Make sure you tell that sexy bastard that, kay. You got me out of there, you deserve a cookie. I recall only a blur of your arms around me, nothing more. And it’s killing me that I don’t. Did I hit my head or something while I was around you? Did Hyde drop me? I swear that if you dropped me. Ugh.” Liara lowered her head into the palms of her hands. Banner could tell she was overly frustrated. He inched to her side and found himself running his hand up and down her back, comforting her.

        A small light chuckle, “you were out for quite a while. Your body was fine, but your hearing was completely gone. Hulk found you nourishment. Helped you recover to a satisfactory level.”

        “Wait, waiiiiit hold up. Back it up there, grandpa. How exactly do you know this? If I remember that sweetheart of an incredibly insanely chiseled green bean, that he would have never of let you spy on anything that had to do with he and I. He does hate you, you know. I mean added onto the regular shade that he continually throws at you when it comes to all this.” Liara shivered once again as she leaned away from Banner’s touch to now face him entirely.

        The scientist nodded as he scratched at his salt and pepper beard. “Of course this is always true with him. Yes, he refused to let me interfere with the two of you, blocked me out completely. You personally told me everything of import. Which of many things also consisting of your failed attempt at suicide.”

       A tsk, “woooow, and you wonder why Hyde and I both hate you, Jekyll. That was harsh, yeah but true, what else did I tell you?”

        “That you gave your husband a hard time.” Banner smiled shyly as Liara threw her head back and laughed. The laugh was a carefree, whole hearty laugh, “That hard huh.”

        Yellow eyes danced as a giggle turned into a contented laugh. “Very.”

        Brown eyes gave her a look.

        “I’m for real. Oh so for real. Ok, no, really, you thought you had it bad with me. You did right in dumping my nasty ass, cause I know for a fact I left that poor guy all kinds of fucked up in the head.” Liara now lowered herself down to the next step, and slipped her arms through the sleeves of Bruce’s sport coat. She turned sideways, laid her head upon her crossed arms, giving Banner her undivided attention. “Thank you for that, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve laughed. Never thought that you’d be the one to help me out in that department though. But don’t get it twisted, I still hate your guts.”

        “Why do you always do that?” Banner tapped the woman on the head.

        Liara reached for his hand, trying to swat it away, unsuccessfully. “For the same reason that you have been toying with me this entire time. For the kicks bruh. God damnit Jekyll leave me the hell alone. Just cause you are the strongest here, doesn’t mean that everyone is fair game.”

        “You are correct, only you get that honor. You have made my life a living hell since your return, therefore I see no shame in giving you a taste of your own medicine.” He tried to poke Liara again, this time she grabbed his hand, twisted it backwards. He smiled. “Is that all you have?”

        Yellow eyes glowed and narrowed, “you smug son of a bitch.”

        Liara released him. Stood to leave, but not before Banner grabbed her, pulling backward. She lost her balance and fell into his lap. Right where he wanted her. Bruce encircled her waist, holding her against him tightly. He knew the effect that he was having on her, since not too long ago this woman confessed that she still had feelings for him. Just as he for her. Hell not too long ago, he made this woman his all over again.

        “Maybe, but you cannot leave until we finish our conversation. So here you shall sit, like you threatened me with just moments ago.” With his free left hand, Bruce pulled purple hair from the right side of Liara’s neck as he spoke into her ear.

        The She Wolf was furious, she was overly heated that Banner was bold enough to even remotely touch her, let alone be this brazen. “Actually, I was aiming to straddle you, get a raise from you. I needed a refresher into what you were packing to compare you to my poor dead boo. I mean it’s been so long, maybe you can’t even get it up at your age. Then there’s also the fact that you always were the one to do those stupid insane experiments on yourself. God only knows what they do to poor Jekyllcito. (little Jekyll)” The woman leaned back into the man, making sure to grind against him. As she began to speak again, Liara turned her head as far right as it would possibly go, to fully take Bruce into view, over her right shoulder. A pleased sultry moan vibrated from within her throat as a cocky left brow raised. “Oh look. You’re playing with fire old man. And this fire burns hotter than any other. Be warned.”

        Banner maintained his composure, maybe she did not remember their time together, but Liara was going to remember this and everything that transpired between them this night. “You think you can have any man you want don’t you.”

        A chuckle as Liara returned her gaze to the underside of stairs leading up a flight. She leaned carelessly back onto Bruce’s left shoulder. “Hmmm, I’ve never had a problem there my brute abductor. What next?”

        “Four years Liara, and you haven’t changed a bit.” The tempered voice mentioned.

        With his words, the woman furrowed her brow, and all her memories of the years without him began to flash before her eyes. “The lies you tell. I just recall how easy it is to push every single button you have Jekyll.”

        “That is right, you have secrets that would change everything between us.” With his words, the woman in Bruce’s embrace took a sharp breath.

        Liara turned her head once more as far as it would go to peer over her right shoulder. “We did have a serious conversation I see. That’s nice. I hope you enjoyed it thoroughly. That will be the last time that you ever get anything remotely decent from my mouth.”

        “Really?” Banner saw a change in the eyes of Liara right before she lowered her hand swift and hard into his groin.

        Liara eased herself effortlessly from Bruce’s grip, that held his jacket tightly in a fist. “Oh look what we have here, a mad scientist and a get this, a science experiment. Wow, and the kicker, I hate you both. Well maybe not you Handy Man as much as Dr. Jekyll.”

        Blue eyes took in the Doctor that sat, clearly in pain on a stair. Liara with feet on two different stairs with arms crossed. A more than devious smirk on her face. “What happened to you, are you ok?”

        His question was directed towards Banner, but Liara answered. “Oh my fucking God are you seriously asking him how he’s doing? Poor defenseless woman here. Now you are so back to square one. I’m fine, thanks for asking, I could have died, but that’s all peachy keen right cripple?”

        “Liara, are you ok? What happened?” Bucky now turned his gaze to the yellow eyed woman.

        The She Wolf gave a snarl, “oh no, don't even! He got what he deserved.” Barnes put his hands on his hips, “you shouldn’t do that. Makes you look like a straight bit…”

        “Banner, are you ok?” Shoulder length brown hair swished as he turned back to the scientist.

        “Hello,” Blue eyes back to Liara. “Yes hi! I told you already he is fine. Next time he’ll think before he pulls one of your numbers. I’m overly tired of being touched, I mean unless this was some sorta set up. Grabbing. Being all forceful and divinely rough with me in their arms is so your thing. I mean even if it does feel more like a tickle, great great grandpa. If so, I mean if the two of you wanted a go, deserted stairwell, middle of the night, I’m game. It’s been a looooong minute, even longer for you paletero (ice cream) man.”

        Bucky ran a hand through his hair as a small smile came to his face. “Defenseless, you? I recall the last time the two of us were alone.”

        Liara gave the Winter Soldier a huge smirk, so much so her right dimple sat heavy in her cheek. “I bet you do. Highlight of your life. Murica’s face was priceless in catching us though.”

        “Whatever.” Barnes rolled his eyes.

        “Exactly.” Liara leaned into Bucky and whispered, “don’t you ever lay a finger on me again or you will get worse than he did.” She patted his shoulder as she made her way down the stairs.

        Barnes turned to the older appearing man. Offered him a hand. “I could have told you she hates being touched unless it’s her provoking or initiating it. That woman is something else.”

        “Yeah, she is a real card alright. Thank you. I’m… I’m just going to call it a... a night.” Banner pulled up with the other man’s help.

        Bucky nodded, "yeah."

        Bruce headed slowly down two flights of stairs. When he began to open that flight's door, a hand slammed it shut. Pulling him into the dark corner.

        "I don't know what you're playing at, Jekyll. But it ain't cute." Liara poked the man that stood on eye level with her in the chest.

        "Even though you are the one that..." Bruce began.

        Glowing eyes cut him off, "I don't know what happened between us for you to think that it is somehow okay for you to treat me like you are, but trust me, I will get to the bottom of this. You are acting too familiar with me and it..."

        Bruce pulled Liara into his person, turned trapping her between himself and the wall. He could feel her breathing pick up. "Some of this." He ran his right finger down her neck. Her entire skin chilled over. She took a stuttered breath to his delight. Banner now leaned in closer to whisper into her right ear. "And a little of this." He brushed his lips across the spot on her neck he knew drove her crazy.

        Glowing eyes tried their best to dull, while squirming to resist the man whom was far too strong for her liking. "None of this happened, you are trying to get payback for what I did to you on the stairwell. Let me go Jekyll."

        "Speaking of which, you owe me. Is there something going on between you and him?" Banner furrowed his brow.

        Liara raised a cocky left brow, "sleeping with someone doesn't mean that you have to have a relationship one hundred percent of the time with the person. Sex is sex you know. Like you carrying around her scent."
        The man holding Liara against the wall chuckled, "that is true, but with you and your integrity it does."

        "Stop laughing at me, this isn't funny." Liara freed her hand and palmed Banner in the left collarbone.

        "If you wouldn't have done what you did to me on the stair, I would have let you off the hook, but since you were mean, I feel it my duty to make you feel a bit of pain. Now, the way to go about this is the question. Should I tell you everything, or keep you in the dark of just what you did." Bruce smiled as he toyed with the woman in front of him just a bit more.

        "I swear to everything Jekyll!" Liara growled.

        Bruce smiled as he opened his mouth. "You also begged." With his words now in the atmosphere, he pushed off Liara.

        Her hand slipped quickly around his arm. This thrilled Bruce, meaning she wasn't going to leave well enough alone. He turned on a dime and again found himself pinning Liara against the wall.

        "For this," Bruce once again tasted the lips that provoked something deep within him.

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