Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


33. Dysfunction


       The corners of heart shaped lips tightened as Liara gave Bruce a slight smile, then a crinkled nose. "That bad?"


        "I never said that." His eyes, refusing to leave from her face.


        A lift of a left brow. "Much like you never claimed me."


        "I see you are back to yourself." A light furrow of his thick brow.


        The smile refusing to leave her lips. "Somewhat."


        "Meaning." Still confused.


        There was a grunt as the woman reacted to the overly sharp pain shooting throughout her body. The vibration within her throat was followed with a solitary chuckle. Banner found his feet leading the rest of him to sit beside her.


        On instinct, the nervous man wrapped a hand around her left wrist. "Liara..."


        "Careful, someone could mistake you for actually giving a care. Besides I'll be fine, Jekyll. I did tell you that it would hurt. You somehow always think that I'm lying." Yellow eyes watched in contentment the chill bumps climbing her arm, produced by the innocent actions of the shy scientist.


        The She Wolf tried propping herself up on her elbows, only to slightly lean into Bruce. "You know I could help you." 


        Liara pulled Banner over her by way of a right hand crossing her body as she once again laid flush against the bed. Grasping a handful of hoodie in the process. "You really need to bust one huh? See my thing isssss... I would, but I'm not that kinda girl." Letting her grip go. A roll of the eyes. "well anymore."


        Bruce shook his head, letting go of an exasperated breath while his eyes closed. When he opened them, there was a tongue resting in the right corner of lips that were just begging to be consumed.


        "Stop staring Dr. Jekyll. That is something that ain't going to happen again. I have decided to chalk off what we happened to have done, as to you, regardless of which you, helping me recover. Nothing more, nothing less. So, if you happen to even remotely let that rub against me, I will personally take joy in putting hands on you." Yellow eyes rolled seductively, a lower lip was bit as a coy chuckle vibrated from her throat as she raised her brows once.


        Bruce continued to stare at her lips. "I... I am sorry Liara, it is just that... that I."


        Liara placed a well-manicured hand on his chest, "this, is attracted," followed to her own. "To this. It always has been and always will be. The smell produced the yearn, which in-turn led to whatever the hell we had. However, I cannot go down this road again. You are currently my Alpha, yes. However... I know, see I need more. I was taught that. I was showed that the world as cold as it is... there is always someone willing to give it to you, wholeheartedly, without a second's hesitation. Absolutely no matter how steep the price."


        There was a cut of his eyes to the right and a faint underline taint to his tone. "He cared..."


        "He loved me, like a damn fool. Why? I’m still not absolutely sure. But...he.did." Liara wore a most confused look while staring at Banner's chest, truly not understanding why the man that asked for her hand could care for her in such a fashion. The thought shrugged off to the best of her ability with Bruce hovering inches above her.


        A lower of a pensive head. "You did not however."


        "You already know the answer to that, now don't you." A taut right cheek, as her eyes now took in the salt and pepper of Banner’s head.


        Brows furrowed, captivated by eyes the color of the sun. "Then just why stay, and marry him in the first?"


        A left brow propped high on Liara’s face as she nonchalantly answered. "Convenience." Topped off with a pout of the lower lip.


        There was something in his tone. Nothing like before. Honest confusion, seemingly not getting anything the woman below him was spouting. "Meaning..."


        "I used him Jekyll, do I really have to spell everything out to you? Ugh." Liara pushed Banner from hovering above her.


        "I understand this much. My grasping is the actual need to." Banner offered in helping the woman from her resting spot.


        Liara lifted herself reluctantly onto overly shaky legs. Purposely leaning into Bruce before he relinquished his grip. "Meh, it was fun. I mean if you would have seen him."


        There was a sort of husky laugh, letting the scientist know, the memories flying through her mind were all of the indecent kind.


        "So how much pain are you actually in?" Righting the aching woman while changing the subject.


        A wince of the right eye. "Enough. But clearly not nearly enough."


        "..." A complete blank.


        "To let you help me." A purse of the lips to the right.


        "I was not going..." Bruce took in lips that pushed right even further as her eyes enlarged.


        "Now who's lying through their goddamned teeth. You'd take it all as soon as I gave you half a chance. Don't.fucking.even. See, this, this is what really pisses me the fuck off with you. Why are you so damn scared of someone that could possibly make you happy?” A raised lip, paired with a snaking neck, told everything.


        "You actually think this someone is you." Bruce raised a left hand, trying his best to understand what was transpiring.


        "Woooow. Up until right now I really did. I guess Betty is the only one for you. Huh." Her right lip raised in a sneer while Liara sucked through her teeth. "Good to know."


        "I do not want to do this with you. I truly just want to understand what happened to you and why it affects you so." Two hands raised in the air, calling a truce.


        Eyes narrowed, taking another jab as Banner's arms crossed tight. "I take steps to keep myself from having babies. I mean why would I want a baby with any man that doesn't even want me. Right? Right. Therefore, I inject myself with estrogen. It helps, basically. So I can be the bitch in heat without any repercussions like producing offspring. Seems good to me."


        "Liara, leave it alone." The bothered scientist now pinched his nose. Truly it was taking every bit of concentration to not to go another round with the quick tempered, more than volatile woman.


        "Leave what alone? The truth?" An honest question on her part.


        "What are you implying?" Banner wet his lips.


        There was a right finger that pointed toward Bruce with every other word leaving Liara's mouth. "That if she was the one that you could get it in with, you'd have no damn problem claiming her ass. I mean who wouldn't right. Thin, beautiful, smart. Love of your life. Everything this animal could never be."      


        "Somehow, I take it you would do the same with Fury.” Bruce snapped back as he stared deep into her eyes.


        Liara was taken aback. Her tongue pushing the inside of her right cheek outward as an amused huff escaped.


        A lick of the lips. " First of all..."


        "Do tell." His brown eyes narrowed.


        "No, Nicholas was always a, you know..." Liara caught herself mid-thought, as a smirk slowly crept to her face.


        "A what." Thick black brows raised, waiting.


        A cross of her arms, seeing what Bruce was trying his best to do. "Umm, nevermind."


        "What." A slight turn of the head, pushing a bit further.


        A slow shake of blond hair. "It really doesn't matter."


        "Liara, a what?" His brow feigning confusion.


        Yellow eyes sat behind long black curled lashes as Liara squinted. "I'm not doing this anymore, it stopped being fun a long while ago."


        His tone changing. "A.what." Becoming demanding, more in power, however his pressure never changing.


        A shrug, paired with a cocky tilt of the head to the left and rolling eyes to challenge his new tone. As the voice accompanying, nothing but sweetness. "Nothing."


        "Dammit Liara." The dominance that his voice now carried, pushed Liara deeper into nothing more than her sarcastic side.


        "I'd rather not." Spoken through a long exhale.


        Bruce gave her a slow disappointing shake of the head.


        A turn of the lip at his failure to dominate. To just coward silently as always when the situation became more hostile. "Mainly, cause I really don't think it’s any of your goddamn business."


        Banner brought his right arm across his torso, tucking it into the bend of his left elbow. As his other hand raised. Curling a finger over his lips, waiting on the woman's inevitable incoming outburst. He could see the gears spinning just behind those large yellow orbs.


        With every piece of attitude Liara gave him, her hands clapped. Her eyes, nothing more than slits of glistening golden sunshine. "Oh my god! A good fuck. There, you happy now?! GOD! You want me to tell you that he fucked my brains out huh? Is that really what you want? Same as you did to your white girl hum? Huuuum. I mean this is clearly what you want. You want me to tell you also how we've been friiiends for decades? Hum? You also want me to tell you that I should've been the mother of his son? Hum? Cause he has one, and that is the child I should’ve carried. You also want me to go there and tell you that he was the first one to ever break my poor little demented heart? Cause yeah that was a thing. You also want me to tell you that he was the one to make me not trust men as far as I can throw them? You also want me to let you in on how naive and stupid I was to hang on his every word? You need me to tell you that it was he and not you that taught me men are dogs, only interested in one thing? You obviously have this need for me to tell you that he's the one that ruined everything. Or that he's the one that I should still allow to leave me unable to walk? The one that I should have been married to. Is this all the shit that you want to hear? Cause if so, I can make more up. It's the easiest shit in the fucking world to do. Ooooooooh and let’s not forget, the most important thing of all, he's the one that should be here right now battling himself emotionally with would he rather knock the shit out of me, or make love to me. Cause if so, all the above is good enough for me." As Liara walked away, she began to mumble under her breath. “Estúpido hijo de tu puta madre, estoy tan cansada de ti! Ni siquiera puedo creer toda esta mierda! Me tienes tan jodido!” (Stupid son of a bitch, I'm so tired of you! I can't even believe all this shit! You got me so fucked up.)


        "What did you say?" Hearing the mumbling under her breath.


        "I called you a son.of.a.bitch. Son of a bitch!" Liara now headed toward the closet, speaking to the man behind her. The one she left standing by the window, in a more than irritated mood.


        "I'm not finished with you." Banner reached for her.


        Liara yanked her right arm forward, seconds before Bruce was able to grasp her. "Actually you.are. You are not going to fuck me let alone touch me. I wish I could be what you want same as I wish you could be what I need. But since that ain't happening no time soon, on either end, I'm going to hummm let's see. Yep, that's right, go to Nicholas. Since you know, I'm a hoe and all that good stuff. At least he has no problem being what I need him to be. And besides..."


        A hand tightly gripped her upper arm, jerking Liara backward, spinning her to face him. "Liara. Stop hiding behind everything. I know you. The real you. The one you try your best to hide deep within yourself. I more than see her. So clearly in fact." Banner vigorously maneuvered his head to catch the eyes which refused in taking him in.


        “Barely!” An animalistic growl while the She Wolf thrashed, trying her best to yank free. “” She demanded through gritted teeth.


        "You are the same one that calmed the beast in me." His eyes. The more she stared, the more they easily began melting her soul. Thoroughly calming her erratic spirit.


        A hurt roll of the eyes. "A lot of good that did me."


        Bruce wrapped a more than submissive Liara into his arms. "See, this feels..."


        Her voice breaking, "like… a… lie." Liara closed her eyes, savoring this man's smell. Each inhale driving her more into misery.


        "No." His tone dry.


        "Yes..." A long calming breath. "I made you happy, you remember. You have to. There were so many elements there. Dysfunction the biggest. But, for you to just throw it completely away... It still makes no sense. None. Out of fear? Fear of what?"


        Bruce's griped loosened. Liara leaned back, taking in the sad face of a more than hurt Banner. “Circumstances.”


        A small nose crinkled with his remark. “Robert.”


        "Myself." Bruce furrowed his brow as Liara caressed his left cheek.


        "Do you remember the first time?" Yellow eyes pleaded.


        Her eyes. Why was it he could never tear himself away from her. No matter in which skin he donned while in her presence. "How could I ever forget? It seemed the most natural thing, it more than scared me."


        "It still does. Even though it shouldn't." A sad turn of her brow only made Bruce want to hold her tighter. Her voice tender, "Robert, I can't help you unless you want it."


        The scientist allowed the mutated woman to leave from his embrace. "I understand, just I... I cannot risk it."


        Liara walked to the window, arched her back as she extended two hands down on the sill. Wetting her lips as she began. "You were in a 'so called' rage."


        There was a cute amused chuckle as she recalled.


        Banner scratched at his head. He as well smiled, much to his own dismay.


        Yellow eyes lowered from the night sky, seeing nothing more than her memories. "It provoked something deep within me. It really did. Unlike anything I ever felt before. A natural attraction. I still don't know if for your strength or your testosterone. I mean hell, I can smell it, even now."


        Brown eyes drank in Liara before lowering himself on the edge of the bed. "Which is why..."


        "I know you would take everything that belongs to you, only since you are a gentleman, you understand no means no. I feel the turmoil going on within you as we speak. I really can. You want to take what belongs to you. You want to show me what I deny. But you won't, because you know I want more. You don't desire what I do. Which sucks. You have doubts. Like you always thinking I'm easy. Meh, could be. Power turns me on. And funny enough, the only one stronger than me was, is," Liara now took in the reflection of the man she truly desired. Confused, hurt and most of all heart-heavy, "the only one getting it."


        "Random question." Catching her eyes in the glass as his mind was wrapping around the tiny broken bits of information the woman offered.


        She took a gulp, knowing Banner could all too easy see her battle as well. "She's sleeping. Every time I take one of those horrid injections, the further I'm able to push her down. My mind is quiet for the moment."


        A slight narrow of the eyes as he wondered. "Which helps you exactly how again."


        A laugh. "By not giving it to you. No really, in all honesty. She recovers quickly. Even more so these days. This ‘so-called’ cure really doesn't work around you. Just found that out, funny enough. Reason why you were a complete asshole earlier."


        "This raises another question. Just what did happen." Staring into Liara's truthful eyes, as he could more than tell she was picking and choosing which questions to answer.


        "Use the huge brain you were given baby. Shouldn't be too hard. I'm an animal after all." Liara walked back over to the bed, threw herself backwards, lying next to a seated Banner. Staring a hole through him as he thought.


        A court breath. "I really wish you would not say that." 


        "Why not it's true. The older I get, the more I become that which I was created to be. Keeping away what I am is what I've been deduced to. Stupid actually. I've become you." A humorous laugh as the scientist turned slightly cutting his left eye at her. "It's true. Think about it."


        A long close of his eyes. "You knew what was happening, how early?"


        "Days ago." A quick raise of the brows, as the man tucked a left leg under his right knee, turning to face her. "Truthfully. But you began smelling better and better when you got here. I wasn't quite sure, until all your hidden jealousy came shining through. You were trying your best to make me bite back. You were snapping. You have absolutely no idea of how I wanted soooooo bad to. If I would've, I promise things would be completely different right about now."


        "Exactly what are you implying?" His eyes taking in a deep breath from Liara, as she was indeed basking in his scent.


        Scrunched brows as she noticed Bruce watching, inspecting everything she was doing. "My smell, it was even stronger, correct. More profound?"


        "Yes." There was a nod on his part.


        "To the point that you wanted nothing more than to... Me seeming uninterested was beyond pissing you off. In fact, quickly pushing you over the edge. Overly consuming you with more and more jealousy. The moment I placed my hands on you, you relished in it. It drove you insane. But the second I touched your face, I knew for sure. Every bit of reason I ran. If I would have let you bite back..." A scrunch of her brow while she stared at the left pull string on the hoodie Bruce sported.


        "I am so very sorry for earlier, there was something completely overtaking me. I was in a rage that I have never experienced before. Blind rage consuming me in the mere fact you refused engaging me. Provoking me to say various things. Ones thought uttered would compel you to respond. It was so farfetched, even for me."


        A laugh as she covered her face with both hands. "I was in heat."


        "Wait, what." Bruce was taken completely off-guard by her comment.


        An embarrassed laugh, as Bruce grabbed her hands from her face. "Just understand it is what it is. The longer we engaged each other, the harder it was for me to keep composure Robert. Four years and a husband, made me do some very thorough soul-searching. I found out more things about myself in that time, ones I was completely uninterested in knowing before. I was gifted the utmost reason to, therefore I did. I was more than obligated."


        Banner released the woman's soft hands, which fell to either side of her as he contemplated his next question. "He..."


        "He never forced me to anything. Accepted me as the deranged freak-show I am. Never pushed nor took advantage either.” Yellow eyes became tender as they remembered. “He took care of me, protected me. And before you ask, yes, of myself.”







        "I take it you have not been able to locate either one of their whereabouts, Sir?" Hill walked into Fury's office after a mashing sound was reverberated down the small corridor. 


        The tall, older, always completely in black man stood staring out a window, the remains of what could be thought a cell phone, in pieces. On the floor near the entrance of the small office.


        Maria placed a folder on his desk, concerned. "Sir?"


        "Tell me. Are either one of them here at the moment?" A stern brow as he took a long breath.


        The thin brunette shook off his tone, "Sir, I brought you all the intel Romanoff could find, which isn't much, sorry to say."


        "Hill, tell the others there will be a mandatory meeting in three hours’ time." With his directions, there was a nod from the woman as she exited.


        An exasperated breath as Nick Fury found his way and crashed backward into his chair, retrieving the information. Just as he figured while he thumbed the papers, only a synopsis of the green giant. Nothing on a strange eyed, weird haired woman. "I swear Liara, if you are out there doing stupid things with even stupider.... what in the hell are you hiding?”


        "That's a good question, one that I really need answered." In walked a fire themed redhead. 


        Nick laced his fingers as the woman made her way to a seat directly in front of him, "and exactly what in the hell are you implying Deltora."


        "The latter of your statement. What exactly are you hiding?" There was a raise of her brow.


        A cocky smirk graced his face. There was a small chuckle. "Same could be asked of you. Seems everyone here is basically harboring something needing to stay tucked away. Like the fact everyone can now see your imaginary friend for starters."


        "Cute. Let's see, in your case we can start on the fact that you are so unbelievably naive. Thinking that my said imaginary friend was I, a horrible low-class version in any case. And let's not even get started on the way your mind is constantly on our unique friend. One that we both care about immensely." Alana narrowed her eyes, still highly upset over the fact this man allowed her friend almost die.


        The dark-skinned man leaned back in his swivel chair. "True, I care about each individual under my direction. I cannot afford for anyone to fall while under my care."


        "Under your care, she's been there exactly how many times? Clearly not enough for you to be her man yet. Shame too. Both of you are old, crusty and nasty. Perfect fit if you ask me." A smirk on the newcomer's face as the Director turned his lip. "Hey, don't look at me like that. Not my fault that you couldn't lay her while she was here. You fed her right? No worries, she'll be back. Then that is your chance to shag, that is what they say this day and age right... no wait....fu..."


        Alana rolled her eyes at the snow white haired woman, who could pass as her twin, while Nick snidely answered her. "You really think you're funny don't you."


        The woman seductively sat herself on the desk. Winked at her female counterpart, whom she caught eyeing her in detest. "No, I actually find myself rather hilarious cue ball. But right about now, I find myself spouting truth." She flicked her hair as she turned to the man in the room. "You do forget that that dry piece of meat right there and I can read minds right. What she refuses to mention, I have nooo problems in. And the fact that you want to do unspeakable things to a filthy mutt is quite disturbing. You should really get that checked. There are doctors for that."


        “If you don’t get your scrawny ass off my desk.” His voice threatened.


        There was a chuckle that reverberated in Phe’s throat, not the one to back down from the challenge.


        “Phe, get off his desk.” Alana butted in, to calm the thickening atmosphere. “And, rude Fury.”


        Emerald eyes held dark glassy brown eyes. “He’s alright sis.”


        “I’m not your sis.” An exasperated breath followed.


        A pleasant tone, as a smile graced the white-haired woman’s face. “But you did take up for me, I love you too. And the big chocolate man was just letting us know that we are too skinny for his taste. He likes the one with meat on her bones, and funny enough she likes his bone.”


        “Phe shut.the.hell.up.” Alana was tired of Phoenix’s crap.


        Phoenix laughed from her diaphragm, truly delighted in her ability to bother the others in the room, “wow, was it something I said?”


        Fury pushed away from his desk, followed by opening the door for the pair to exit. “The two of you get the hell out of here and prepare yourselves for the meeting.”


        “Ugh, what is it with you and meetings. The last time I came you had, nevermind. Yes, we need to prepare for the meeting with… all the others?” Light green eyes looked up to the bald man, expecting nothing less than an answer.


        “Yes, everyone better be at the briefing, there are no exceptions.” A close of his eye. “Now, is there anything else.”


        “Nope,” Phe pulled her counterpart from the room in a rush.


        Alana pried her arm from the other woman’s clutch. “What is your de…”


        “Spandex. He’ll be there. I have to sit by that.” The celestial being cut the other off.


        Alana pinched her nose, “do I really want to know?”


        “Bitch no! You have the one that needs to be reminded that Liara carries fleas.” There was a raise to snow white brows.


        “Phe!” The red-head was now disgusted with the other part of her.


        There was an upset breath, on part of the fact that her millennia younger ‘twin’ was not agreeing with her. “Okay, well then the fact that humanish vagina is better.”


        "” Alana lowered her face into her hands.


        A tsk, “you’re right, you’re right. But at least we maintain…”


        “Phe if you don’t stop, I swear!” Alana began for her room.


        Phoenix caught up with her counterpart. “Oh, you are sooo right, we need to be sexy for the meeting, got you. Where was my mind.”


        “You are insufferable. You do know that right.” A long breath was taken as the duo entered their quarters.


        Phe carried a bright smile, “Thankies.”


        The hours passed by like clockwork. Members of The Avengers slowly began trickling into the meeting-room.


        Alana was still in thought over her friend, whom she had yet to lay eyes on personally. Seeing her through a tv screen was not the best of terms, for she knew Liara all too well. That woman was too quick to be able to lie to the eye through technology. Besides, that was her forte. With her mind elsewhere, Alana’s feet led her into a solid form. A rather thick hard one at that.


        The woman slightly shook her head, as she mumbled “I’m sorry. excuse me.”


        With the voice, she quickly lifted her head. “You are quite alright.”


        “Is she now. Speak back to the kind man, what’s your name again? Stanky?”


        “Bucky, ma’am.” Clear blue eyes flashed quickly from behind a cap he used, pulled down low.


        “No, Stanky seems to far better suit you. I mean you do have on the same clothes from just the other day.” There was a sharp pain in her upper arm as she looked down to see Alana’s nails digging into her skin. So, her next sentence was only uttered from her mind to the woman at her side. “Well, if he didn’t insult me…”


        “I am sorry for her as well.” A nervous smile came across as more of a grimace.


        Barnes placed a right pointer on his plump lips, “she actually… reminds me of someone. Yellow eyes. A far less sarcastic one, but a bit like her I would say.”


        The complaints which were given were only heard by one party. “I really realllly hate this guy! THIS is what you choose to get all gushy over? The blatant disrespect! To compare me to such trash, such filth! Such a disgrace, to human and canine kind. I swear I find absolutely nothing about this sorry excuse for a human being…REDEMPTION!”


        Phe’s attitude changed the second a blond came up beside his best friend. “Alana.”


        The thin light skinned woman returned the pleasantries. “Rogers, how are you.”


        “Bitch, speak another word to my man, and it’ll be” Phe screamed in her mind, only to hear a slight giggle echoed back.


        Steve caught Phe’s light green eyes, “ma’am.”


        There was nothing but sheer delight in her tone. “OH.MY.GOD. did you hear him? Did you? He has such great manners, dawww. He was raised so correctly. So respectful. I love him, I need to feel him insi…”


        “Nasty.” Alana cut her off. “Steve, this is Phoenix.”


        “You can call me Phe if you like.” The fair skinned man accepted the extended hand from the petite woman. “And you Pukey, can call me Phoenix.”


        With the other woman ushering Captain America to the business table, Bucky turned his attention to Alana. “She really doesn’t care for me I see. But has an eye for Steve.”


        “I mean who wouldn’t.” What was she saying?


        “Oh,” there was a furrow of Barnes’ brow.


        Instead of making things better, Alana was only putting her foot in her mouth. “Yeah. I mean he’s great and all. Handsome, respectful, honorable, graceful, humble…”


        “I see.” Bucky spoke before the thin long-haired woman could finish.


        “You know the closer I get, I swear I wish I never heard any of that. You really suck at… basically just talking to a man.” The voice in her head wasn’t the one she thought would be the one to rub her face in her inability to make complete sentences at the current moment.


        Down the hall walked Banner, followed in toe by a now royal blue haired Liara. She raised her brows quickly as Bruce nervously turned to her over his shoulder. He picked up his pace as she slowed hers. Liara raised a judging brow as she looked the back of Barnes up then down. When he turned to face her, a snarl overtook Liara’s lips.


        “Lumberjack Barbie, how quaint. I see you kept my instrument of pleasure safe. Yep, take that allll kinds of the way I meant it. Alana, you look,” Liara poked out her lips then pushed them to the right. “quite parched.” The yellow eyed woman took a step past her friend, “you really should do something about that. Dehydration can’t be good for the body.”


        “It is good to see you as well, Liara.” The small framed woman rolled her eyes and shook her head.


        “It’s always good to see me. Ain’t that right Dingy.” The She wolf looked over her shoulder and chuckled when the hate in Barnes eyes told their tale, before he made his way into the large meeting room.


        Alana studied Liara, head to toe as the taller, thick-framed woman crossed her arms. “You look really well Liara.”


        “I do heal, Alana.” Yellow eyes rolled.


        Red brows furrowed, Alana’s strength melting away as her voice softened. “You almost.”


        “I didn’t.” Liara’s voice overly blunt.

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