Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


16. Down

        The Wolf blood infused woman made her way to the main house on street level, she ran into everyone crowded in the dining room. Fury pushed off the wall and uncrossed his arms. "Glad that you could join us."

        "You know me. A fashionable entrance is always a must." Liara found a corner next to Sam in propping against.

        Nick continued to discuss the mission at hand. "Rogers and Barnes will take the first wave head-on. Romanoff and Barton you will stick to the shadows, picking men off one by one. Wilson, you and Stark stick to the sky."

        Liara rolled her eyes and threw her head back, she already knew that there was no way Fury was going to let her close to the action, which of course she didn't want. But having to be babysat was what sat wrong with her, and the fact that Bruce wasn’t named by Nick, meant the man was to stay behind and watch her every move. Liara eased from the dining room and left the house all together. Making her way down passed the Quinjets. She was getting antsy, so she eased over to the opening of the cave.

        The sea was in a panic, much like her mind. As much as Liara feared it, she could admit that the sea held its own dangerous beauty. She could care less in it, but gave it its due respect. So much so Liara refused to go anywhere near it.

        A voice spoke out in a shy whisper. Liara wondered how long it would take him to make his presence known, "I know why you fear it."

        Liara cautiously side eyed the man that now eased in beside her. The further he inched to her, the more she sidestepped to the right in evading him. "I fear nothing."

        "No?" The man grabbed Liara from behind. Forced her to the edge. She jerked away.

        Liara stared over at the water as her toe loosened stone to freely fall deep into the body of water far below them. Her skin chilled over. An unknown fear consuming her. "Stop it. This proves nothing, what is your deal?"

        The man's left gloved hand wrapped around her and dug deep into her waist. Thrusting her further forward. Her toes now hung from the drop off. Liara struggled with fear. Just knowing that she was going to fall made her desperate. Her breathing came fast, panic set in. She repositioned all her body weight backwards into the man, he didn't budge.

        "Tell me that you aren't afraid of it." He inched her forward, even more so. Until her heels were barely even on any surface. He leaned in to whisper, causing both of their bodies to lean over to face the water. "Go ahead."

        Liara's heart was in her throat, as the man loosened his grip. Liara could feel herself off balance. In one fail swoop she turned into his arms, that held her tight and pulled her back to safety. She breathed heavily, unable to catch her breath.

        "I hate you now more than ever." Tears stinging bright yellow eyes from pure terror.

        The man let her fall from his embrace. Liara slid down to her knees and doubled over, trying to relax herself. The man squatted down next to her, "I know you are, because I'm the reason for it."

        "I should kill you now." Liara still heaved, reaching a hand out. Gripping his neck tight.

        The man patted her back, mocking sincerity. "But you won't for you want answers."

        "You touch me again cripple." Liara regulated her breathing, as Barnes reached for her hand still around his neck and loosened it.

        Bucky lifted her to her feet. "So I remember something about the both of us and this is the way you repay me. Some 'thank you' I get."

        She brushed her knees off. "You could have told me this bit of information but nooo, you wanted to touch me. If you needed me in your arms so bad all you had to do was let me know, but no, you do something so freaking psychotic." She looked up into the man eyes.

        "See that right there, that is the reason I remember. Your eyes. The glow they give. I..." Barnes was cut short, understanding Liara's signal of a quick light narrow of the eyes and a barely noticeable head shake.

        "What is going on over here." Steve's voice boomed down to them.

        Bucky turned to face him coming shoulder to shoulder with Liara. "Umm, nothing."

        "Guerra I saw you brushing at the knees of your pants, what's really going on?" Steve squinted quickly taking in the changing of the woman's eyes.

        A cocky smirk raised, "ok you caught us. We had sex and it was great."

        "What are you three doing down there, we have things to do, now get your asses over here." Fury called hanging from the Quinjet that Liara altered.

        Yellow eyes danced as she turned to Steve, "sorry soldier, but it seems that my ass is needed by an angry black man. I really like him when he's like that."

        Liara tipped her head closing in on Fury as he crossed his arms, "really."

        "Of course. Angry men give off this wonderful scent, you know, testosterone. Divine." A coy smirk, rolled eyes and raised brows.

        Fury pushed her into the aircraft as Barnes and Rogers joined the crew. Liara stopped. Watched as everyone were heavy into their own little worlds, she shook her head. Just like old times. Nothing seemed to change, nothing but she herself and her problems. Liara knew she wouldn't be human if she didn't have problems, no matter how otherworldly they seemed. She cleared her mind of her personal troubles. No way that she was going into this unprofessionally. Liara lowered her head and slowly began for the cockpit.

        Before she was even halfway there a voice rang out. "Oh Stewardess Stewardess."

        Liara stopped and looked down to her left. “We prefer Flight Attendant grandpa.”

        "There appears to be something wrong with my seat belt." Tony smiled up to her.

        “You mean besides you being in it.” Yellow eyes rolled as she took next to him. "They let anyone on these flights don't they. Mental patients, hitmen, terrorists..."

        "Rage beasts, wild animals. Speaking of which shouldn't you be caged." Stark turned to the woman that was now eying the 'rage beast' as Tony so nicely called him.

        Liara continued to take in the man that sat in front of her. Face in a book, listening to Bocelli. 'Ave Maria', one of her favorites by the artist. "Yeah, I'm straight. Couldn't be better." She turned to face the dark haired man.

        He leaned close into her face, furrowed his brow.

        Liara raised her left brow. "What."

        "I'm trying to see something." Tony reached for her face.

        The woman swatted his hand as she turned away. "Stop it Coke Can."

        Tony tilted his head and pursed his lips and tried again. "I'm serious."

        "Whatever, if I let you do whatever it is, will you leave me the hell alone?" The woman looked down to her hands.

        "So you can continue to stare at Banner." With Tony's remark she turned to face him.

        "Oh I see," Liara opened her eyes largely, propped herself on her knee, cupped her left cheek as she stared deep into Tony's eyes.

        Stark returned the gaze. "So when are you going to take him."

        "What are you even talking about. I'd rather do you. You've been so asking for it." A wink.

"" Tony threw himself into Liara's arms. Turned his body so his head was now resting in her lap. Liara began to run her fingers through his hair. He looked up to her. "Summer. '9...6?"

        Liara looked down to him. Wet her lips, a slow light nod was given.

        "It was... hell I was different back then." Stark tilted his head as he thought out loud.

        The She Wolf smirked as she recalled, her eyes took in Tony but her mind only saw the memories. "Yes, your life resembled… my mind."

        Tony took an insulted breath with her comment. "It couldn't have been that bad was it. I remember good times."

        A contented huff, "that they were. Ones that will never be repeated." Liara lightly poked the man's nose.

        "But I was good right?" He poked his lip out. Feigning pouting.

        "If the two of you are finished flirting, we are here." Fury called over his shoulder.

        Liara took notice of Nick's worried tone. She ushered Tony from her lap, "of course, the best," then headed for the cockpit.

        "These are the coordinates to the Hydra Base." Romanoff stated. Looking up to the yellow eyes that ceased to scan over the ground far below them.

        Fury knew that Liara could see everything as perfectly as if they were in close proximity. "How many?"

        "Too many." The yellow eyes still scouring.

        Steve ducked his head in, trying to see what Liara saw. He could only make out clouds and remnants of a mountain peak. "I see nothing."

        "Then again you wouldn't now would you. With wolf powers come wolf sight, wow do you remember nothing? I guess memory is the first thing to go." Liara pressed her fingers hard onto her forehead as she closed her eyes tightly.

        Steve became bothered by her remark. "Then do you have a better plan?"

        "When don't I." Yellow eyes shot back over her shoulder.

        "Good, this better be worth my time." Stark commented as he was now seated by his friend.

        "This was my base, over too many years ago, you think that I wouldn't have my own way in and out? And before you start Tin Man, yes without their knowledge." Liara voiced.

        "Secret door, I love secret doors!" Stark beamed.

        "How many years ago?" Barnes shyly voiced, so low that none heard but the intended party.

        The yellow eyed woman reached over Fury to punch in new coordinates. The craft followed instruction to the letter as it took them to the other side of the mountain. Nothing but lush vegetation growing in the wilderness. As the Quinjet lowered, it took on the appearance of everything it came in contact with. The craft touched ground flawlessly.

        Steve walked to the belly of the craft as the others followed. Liara took seat, extracted a small square device and powered it on. There was a brief blue light emitted, then it lit up the schematics of the building within the mountain itself. "As each of you can see, there is a small army here. Even with two senior citizen vets, a mechanic, a pigeon, and two sassins there's more than ample time for the bad guys to gather what you're looking for and hightail it."

        "And a spy." Everyone looked to Fury. As he took seat next to Liara. He studied the blueprints and amount of men. "Unfortunately our friend here is correct. This is a better way."

        A voice cleared as he had made his way through the crowd, and squatted in front of Liara to take in the moving sight in front of him. "I… I mean… he could always um... go in."

        Liara’s eyes found Bruce’s and raised. “That is a wonderful idea. Then you could kill everyone in sight, even tear to shreds the fragile computer components that are somewhere hidden within their grasp, after Red retrieves what we need from them. Then that would leave the insane wild animal that you are supposed to be pet sitting to wreak all kinds of hell. If it were me, I’d so let you have go. How ‘bout it Bossman?”

        “Hell no,” Fury called out.

        “So that’s what it is. Nice try though.” Brown eyes stared back through the moving lights between them. Romanoff placed a careful hand on Bruce's shoulder. Which did not go unnoticed by Liara in the least as she watched through the holographic image. Banner lifted to speak to Natasha, who led him to be alone in the cockpit. 

        "A pigeon though?" Sam blurted out, calling Liara’s attention.

        The She Wolf shrugged, "a sexy one at least."

        "Heyy, I'll take it." He sat down next to the woman, studying the scene in front of him.

        Liara looked over to him. "I bet you would, in all its crazed glory. Let me see your little bat."

        Sam reached to his back, extracting the contraption. "This is..."

        "Yeah yeah yeah." The woman nodded.

        Liara went to work on the drone. Falcon was more than interested, "exactly..."

        "She's loading much needed info and communication, much as I just right now did." Stark lowered his wrist as a light on his watch died down.

        "Now I will be able to see everything that you do. Without having to solely rely on hearing it. It will be directly fed from your goggles and your fly here. Neat huh." Liara looked up to Wilson.

        Sam nodded in understanding, "so you will see everything I see."

        "Yep, so if you're checking out Murica's round perky ass I will know." The woman snaked her head, taking a gander at Steve's rear.

        The man retrieved his belonging and replaced it on his back, before he jumped up to speak with his friend. Liara took to a compartment at the back of the craft. It was darker, small and nice here. Without everyone crowded around her, she reached in a black bookbag and retrieved a water bottle.

        "Twenty years ago from what I can remember, then there was a time that I did something for you in ‘78. I am apparently older than I think I am. Which I figure you know about as well." Liara twisted the cap off the drink. While her company walked up behind her in the overly small, just big enough for one adult, cubicle of plane.

        The man leaned back on the wall in which she was facing. In doing so, their upper arms brushed. Barnes gave Liara the once over as she took a sip of the water. "Purple huh."

        "No." Liara leaned a shoulder on the wall to her left. She could smell the man. On top of his regular scent there was something more there. Anger, hesitation, fear. And a bad case of the nerves.

        Barnes lowered his head and took in his boots. "I was wiped from remembering anything that had to do with you. However, being around those eyes."

        Liara furrowed her brows as she quickly lowered her head. "I have no idea who you are, great grandpa. Winter Soldier, yes. To a certain extent. There is this unrelenting need to hate you beyond belief. Like it's somehow instilled in me. Coursing through my veins."

        A slow voice tried to piece together images that ran through his mind's eye. No matter how much he tried, the fragments never gave him a complete nor fluid sequence of events around his stint in Hydra nor around Liara. Just the fraction of a memory was all he could offer. “The water.”

        The woman barely a few inches from him winced.

        “I can barely remember, but we were engaged in a battle at night,” Barnes shook his head, trying his best to make sense of the images he had dreamt. “On top of rooftops that spilled over to a parking deck. Then I was only able to trick you to be able to contain you. You ran down a stairwell, and there was were you found your demise. There was some sort of commotion they forced... commanded me to stop. You were subdued but this is as much as I know, I’m sorry.” He peered over to the woman that was trying to wrap her mind around these events.

        Liara felt his stare, she pulled her right cheek taunt. She looked over to his piercing blue eyes, that seemed more than apologetic, “a different time. You were being controlled, much as I.”

        “However it doesn’t mean that I’m okay with it,” Barnes ran a hand through his brunette locks. As he became even more frustrated than anything.

        Liara huffed, as she turned to rest her back on the wall to her left, to face Bucky. “At least you can remember that much. I’m grasping at straws with this entire thing. All I can remember back to is right before meeting Nicholas, hmm waking up of course. But I think that I’m actually okay with not knowing things. The more that I stumble across, the more it does absolutely nothing but end up damaging me more than anything else in the end. I’m just tired of hurting.”

        “I’m sorry that I can’t offer you more.” Liara studied the apologetic man that tucked a thick lock of hair behind his ear.

        Bucky looked over to his company as she furrowed her brow and shook her head, “no one can. Unlike you, every detail surrounding me has been wiped from any piece of tech. I can all too easy find it, and that is something Hydra refuses to let me get my hands on. Don’t feel bad, I’m used to being let down by absolutely everyone. Why should you be any different?” Liara shrugged, seeming to brush off the seriousness of the conversation.

        Yellow eyes softly rolled as she took another sip from her water bottle. As she inched by the now calm company to leave. He stopped her by grabbing her left bicep tightly. As Liara looked down and sneered at his hand, Bucky whispered. “I’m not like everyone else.”

        Liara narrowed her lips, as she recalled that line all too well. She had it beat into her repeatedly by two different men. Both that she let in. One that she still loved with her entirety, but denied to let her guard down again with. And one she lost, the one that kept her grounded by loving her and the complete mess she was. She refused to show any emotion or react to said comment.

        “I hate being touched.” Liara removed her eyes from Barnes’ gloved metal hand long enough to jerk away from him. In doing so, her elbow caught him in his ribs. “However since you are new, I’ll let you slide with that warning.”

        “Some warning.” Bucky winced as he held his side.

        There was a lightness in his voice Liara knew was inviting. “Let’s see. A bullet and now a cracked rib. How much more for you to understand that I ain’t the one?”

        “I don’t know, ‘no’ has never been something that I’ve ever heard.” Bucky cockily answered.

        Liara smirked and let a contented huff vibrate through her throat, “until your boyfriend got all super you mean.”

        There was a slight change in Barnes that thrilled Liara. As her sneer got deeper she looked him up and down.

        “I struck a nerve, aww. Poor baby. Not the one to take a fancy to being out of the limelight and playing second fiddle huh? Always used to being the pretty boy getting all the girls. Must be nice, oh wait, you forgot that feel haven’t you? Sucks to be you. Everyone can’t be like me and get every man they want. But I’m sure if you let Mr. Perfect Christian know that you love him, he’ll act on his overly contradicting tendencies.

        Barnes rubbed at his side, “what is wrong with you?”

        “Better question is what isn’t. Fyi, Murica has never been my type. Never found him easy on the eyes. Alllthough not even gonna lie, from the neck down,” Liara raised her left brow as she tilted her head to the left. “Totally a paper bag man... The damaged ones. They are so my thing.”

        “Poor guys.” Bucky furrowed his brows.

        Liara raised her brows quickly, “I don’t know, they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the freak show that I am.”

        As she left the niche with the man in toe, they ran into an over inspecting eye of Nick Fury. Barnes squeezed by, to find the side of his best friend. While Liara was stopped by the leader of this mission.

        “I don’t know why, but I damn sure am starting to regret bringing your bipolar ass back into the loop.” With his words Liara opened her mouth agape, feigning being taken aback as she clutched at her breast.

        Her lips quickly turned into a perfect white toothed smirk. “I find your jealous very sexy. No but seriously, you wanted me to keep an eye on him, I’m doing as ordered. And you would rather me keep my hands to myself right? Right.”

        “Yes.” Fury scratched at his beard.

        “Yes… you are jelly, daww. That is so overly adorbs.” Yellow eyes danced as they mocked.

        Nick shot her a look, “you going to keep this up?”

        Liara placed a forefinger on her left jawbone as she looked up, “I don’t know, you still making me stay here with Dr. Jekyll.”

        “Of course.” Hands on hips.

        “Seems you answered your own question.” Liara maneuvered around the man.

        The She Wolf found a seat far from everyone as the rest of the Avengers prepped themselves for their disembark of the aircraft. She retrieved her cell from deep within her pocket, skimmed through hundreds of playlists to finally settle on something to enjoy while drowning out the various conversations. She laid her head down on the components as she closed her eyes and waited on everyone to calm and leave.

        “I know you can hear me. Leave the doctor the hell alone.” When Liara heard his voice she cursed under her breath. Lifted her head and turned to rest on her other cheek, now facing the cockpit.

        Everyone finally filed from the Quinjet, to Liara’s satisfaction. She lifted from her seat, walked to the cockpit. To keep a safe eye out for any unseen danger for the team.

        The yellow eyed woman switched channels on a button of the craft and spoke. “I find it astonishing that you can keep up with the rest at that pace. I might just have to take you for a spin myself.”

        “You would be surprised.” Rang a voice back through the speaker in the cockpit.

        A slight huff, “sounds like you are about to pass the hell out to me.”

        “Leave me alone woman I need my wits about this mission.” Fury spat back.

        Liara this time pushed a button on the Bluetooth communicator that she held in her hand. “Just within a mile there are three guards doing standard patrol. Two heavily armed and the third with communication.”

        As her voice ran through each’s ear, Bruce took a glance up to Liara, whom stood steadfast, staring through the glass windows of the Quinjet.

        “Got them in range.” Barton’s voice rang through.

        “I would be surprised huh.” Liara once again held her private conversation.

        As Fury bent down to retrieve one of the guns, “payback huh.”

        “Hey you told me that I couldn’t poke the beast, nothing about poking the least.” Liara turned to eye Banner.

        Liara walked to the middle of the craft. Pushed a few buttons on the round table in the middle of the carrier before walking off. Voice transfer was now here as well as holographic images of the inside and outside of the base. Bruce found this interesting and found himself at the opposite end of where Liara stood previously.

        The She Wolf was back in the niche currently retrieving the goodie filled backpack. She called from the room, “Jekyll, see that little green light right there in front of your left pocket. Press at it.”

        He did as she asked, and now the images grew bigger with the feed of Redwing now added. Liara made her way back to the table. But this time to the scientist’s side. He continued to stare at the images as the woman stared at him. He was like a kid in a candy store as he scoured the on goings in front of him.

        Liara reached her hands around Bruce’s left wrist to remove his watch and replace it with another. She made special care, to not touch him in the slightest. The last thing she needed was a mental battle with herself to go right along with tell all eyes. She laid Banner’s other watch on the table.

        “You can take that god awful thing out of your ear now. Just long press the face of the watch and you can communicate with the team.” Liara tucked a stray lock of purple hair behind her right ear, while reorganizing the order of the camera feeds.

        Bruce watched as Liara came back into view from the little room in the back of the craft. She had changed her clothes, back into what she had always worn when the two of them were involved in an outing together. Two layers of clothing. On top, a man’s zipup hoodie and men’s sweats. Which was mostly all she ever wore lately, and underneath would be a fitted T and leggings. He was surprised that she took to his side, even more so when she leaned in close to him and started fumbling with his watch and placed a new one on him. It took everything in himself to remain calm and not take a deep whiff of Liara and the way she always smelled good in her vanilla flavored lotion. Bruce watched as she replaced her hair correctly. In doing so he could take in her profile as she spoke to him.

        Banner cleared his throat as he reached for the Bluetooth communicator and extracted it from his ear. By this time, Liara had already left his side and was sitting on the opposite end of the jet. She looked up to him through the moving images.

        “You really… um… think that something will happen?” Bruce asked as he motioned to Liara and her clothing.

        A devilish smirk, “I’m not even going to touch that one.”

        Banner furrowed his brow as he returned to sit in his seat on the other side of the images. Liara returned her attention to her phone. She was once again looking through music, to this time keep from going stir crazy and provoking Bruce. It was taking everything in her to keep her mind void of him. In this situation now, was even harder than ever. It was just them, here alone. It was all too easy to become nostalgic. She huffed as she found something to listen to, while waiting on the others to get closer to the secret passage.

        Bruce and Liara both studied the images, waiting on the team to get closer to the hidden door. It was not too far in front of them, depending on how fast they traveled. Liara determined at least ten minutes away with their current pace. Banner became antsy, made his way to the live holographic feed and studied everything. He tapped on air, and pulled his fingers apart to make the scenes zoom in, getting a better look on the surroundings. He placed his glasses on and studied the vegetation. He could name every single one of them, even though there were a vast quantity.

        Yellow eyes tried their best to keep to the phone screen in her hand, aside from the occasional glance to the screens to check on the advancement of the others. “They have, I gather around ten minutes till they reach the tunnels. If you zoom in on that part just to the left of where you have it, you will see the small opening of the cave. With your trained scientific eye, you will catch it every time.”

        “Yes, there is a slight difference in trees there.” Banner looked through the images to Liara, who was steady into her phone.

        Liara felt Bruce’s stare, she looked up to him, “You thirsty. I have water, the climate here is much hotter than you are accustomed to.”

        The scientist walked over to the woman and retrieved the offered bottle. “Thank you.”

        “From your schematics we are almost there, but everything seems the same.” Rogers' voice echoed throughout the Quinjet.

        Liara pressed the button on the communicator, “you know I’m sick and tired of you and your bull…”

        “Wow, it amazes me the way that you blatantly disrespect your elders.” Stark interrupted the zingers. “Besides old man, the nose of our trained bloodhound is never wrong. There is a cave not too far in front of us. It is a small opening but it’s there just the same.”

        Bruce made his way to the table, pressing on the wristwatch as instructed. “Tony is right Steve. You just have to make it through this thick overgrowth and you will be there. It is less than a mile in front of you.”

        The scientist then returned to his side of the plane. As soon as Bruce sat down, Liara was taking in every detail about him. Pretending as if the moving images were the center of her attention. Banner’s hair was slightly grayer, scarcely more defined wrinkles, no visible scars. He lacked a day’s shave, which Liara loved more than anything when he was burly and manly. Their eyes met for a brief moment before he righted himself and opened the bottle of hydrating liquid Liara had given him briefly ago.

        The woman slowly started for the cockpit, frustrated with the atmosphere in the carrier. She looked down upon the crew, they were nearly there. Liara pushed a button, leaned down, propping herself up on her elbows. She arched her back as she began to taunt. “Why is it that you are always in the rear? Is that a thing that I need to know?”

        “I swear that there is going to be hell to pay when I see you again.” Fury scolded.

        Yellow eyes playfully rolled, “you promise? I love being disciplined. But I will have to schedule you in of course.”

        There was a low disgruntled moan that vibrated through the machinery.

        “Hmmm seems I’m open two weeks from now on a Sunday. I can fit you in right between sleep and shower, is that good for you? Cause if not…” the olive complexioned woman continued to pest her friend.

        Nick spat back through the intercom, “I swear to God Liara…”

        “You really shouldn’t do that, that isn’t good. So what you are saying is that it is okay for me to bother the beast now?”

        Sam’s voice called through, “everything is clear within the tunnel, Cap and Barnes have already entered. We as well are getting ready to follow.”

        Bruce answered before Liara could, “yes, everything is going good, however we keep getting a frequency disruption.”

        “Yes, I have that on my end as well.” Sam returned.

        Liara spoke up as she saw Fury duck down and Romanoff follow and redistribute the hanging vines and thick leaves as they were before being disturbed. “That won’t be a problem in about two milliseconds.”

        Bruce watched as Liara rushed her way to the table, opening up a virtual keyboard and typing code. All the screens were more vibrant and now showed feed from the cameras within the base. No more blips and dots representing the enemy.

        “Damn girl, you bad.” Falcon called through the intercom.

        Liara nodded, “good, you see everything that I need you to. Coke Can.”

        “Affirmative.” Tony replied. “This place is crawling with baddies. This is going to be fun.”

        The rest of the crew finally caught up to where Steve and Bucky were awaiting. “I need for you to go straight take the second left, follow that route.”

        “Wait, why are there various paths?” Barton mentioned.

        Sam answered, “to throw the trail off if anyone found this. Basic armed forces tactic. The longer it takes an enemy to find you, the better you are at an advantage.”

        “Not everyone is all gung-ho like you Arrow Boy.” Tony added.

        Liara smirked, “actually I am, but I find it fun to toy with my prey. Besides I hate every single person that has anything to remotely do with Hydra, so yeah, needless to say don’t go anywhere that I don’t lead you.”

        “How goddamn long are these tunnels?” Fury called out.

        Liara smirked through the images, “daww, do you need mama to come carry you? My perfect little spy all tired and cranky. Just keep going, geez you’ll be there soon enough.”

        Redwing was unleashed once again and sent further into the oncoming tunnels, the feed the drone sent back was nothing from the ordinary. Exactly the way that Liara left everything years ago. Cap and Barnes continued to push to the end of the corridors. They were well around the corner before everyone else.

        “This path starts declining, everyone be prepared. We are getting deeper into the base. Guerra where exactly does this tunnel end?” Falcon asked through his earpiece.

        Liara lowered the water bottle from her mouth, “just ahead of the old couple. There is a dead end. It will lead you to a door. There is a lever just to the left of it hidden on the wall. It will be an off white color.”

        “How long were you here before you changed your mind that you were on the wrong side?” With the voice that asked was a shock, but the question did the most harm.

        Liara only lifted her eyes to stare through the hologram. “I really don’t want to do this with you. I truly don’t want to fight.”

        Bruce defended. “It is a question.”

        “That we have been through multiple times.” The woman facing Banner tipped her head, as she lowered it. “Nothing has changed, Jekyll.”

        Banner shook his head, watching the woman, “you never take anything serious do you?”

        “I did once, but it bit me in the ass now didn’t it.” Refusing to eye the man that sat across from her. As she sat tapping away at the screen of her phone.

        Bruce pushed more, “I’m not talking about us.”

        Liara’s body shuddered as a hard inaudible huff vibrated throughout her. She clutched the phone down upon her thigh and stared at the scientist. Giving him her complete attention. “Nor was I.”

        “I… I just meant.” Banner embarrassed by his mishap, lowered his head as he fingered his new watch.

        “No, you said exactly what you meant, you always do. You somehow got from what I stated that I had to be talking about you. You are very egotistical aren’t you. Oh how quickly Jekyll forgets that I did make a life for myself. Yes, even this insane freak, after being dumped by an even more deranged beast somehow found the strength to carry on.” Yellow eyes pierced their target.

        A voice called through the Quinjet’s speakers, calming Liara’s ensuing rage. “Okay there are at least fifty men on the other side of this door.”

        “Annnnnd?” Liara smirked.

        The bald man shook his head as the two on the aircraft watched.

        Liara walked and pressed herself against the round table “That would have been soooo much sexier if you would’ve had let’s see, the crippled one’s hair. Relaxed it, pressed it, glorious.”

        “I have no time...” Fury demanded.

        The She Wolf cut him off, “the com and cam have been down for ages, waiting on your old ass to catch the hell up to the group. Walking around badass with that pimp walk does take forever you know. As sexy as it may be, it’s slow as f…”

        “Cover?” Fury spit back.

        Raised playful confused brows was all that Bruce took in from the woman with him. He could admit that he was slightly jealous of the continued ongoing banter that had been cycled for a while now, but remembered that he was the one that let her go. So Liara was allowed to do what she wanted, no matter the outcome. Also he had no right to say anything, unless he himself was willing to act on his emotions. Liara cut her eyes to him as he closed in on the table to join her.

        “Red, own personal do girl. Remember her. Yeah she’s there for something right, not just making the rest of you look sexy. We women get no respect.” Liara saw the smile that crossed Romanoff’s lips.

        “Liara.” A pissed Fury demanded.

        With her name being called, a slow satisfied smirk graced her face. “I love being in charge, it brings back the best memories. When the lever is pulled the lights flicker off. Thirty seconds. More than ample time to do what y’all do.”

        Rogers pulled the lever on her words. He, Barnes, Barton, Wilson and Stark moved in. Taking down all the agents in matter of minutes. Stark threw a couple of men down that he found in a watchtower on this floor. As Redwing found its way back to Wilson, showing that the area was clear.

        Liara watched over the crew, until her attention was captured by Banner, who was easing next to her to get a better view of the ongoing retrieval mission. He was rolling up the cuffs on his dress shirt to just above his elbows after wiping his brow. His sport jacket had been tossed over his book. Liara offered her water, in sensing the heat resonating from his body and the elevated pulse resulting from the short breaths. “Here. Before you go into your carefully thought out reasoning of why you refuse to accept what you need. May I remind you that you have done far worse with my bodily fluids. A little backwash should be the least of your worries.”

        Bruce was glad that Liara only offered the bottle with an extended hand, while keeping an inspecting eye on the rest of the team. For his cheeks now burned hot for the memories that were just provoked from Liara’s overly bold statement.

        “In this main hall there are two sets of passages that you will need to split-up into groups, to finish with this task before your new friends wake up and the gig is up. Middle of the room. Grate. It’s going to lead to the motherboard room three levels down. The huge pillar to your left ‘Murica on the other side of the room. Small button in the etching when pressed opens a small passage right behind it, which will lead to the computer rooms.” Yellow eyes examined each of the monitors.

        “We are killing all communication until we get to the final destination.” Fury called out one last time through the communicator.

        “Barton and Romanoff you stay with Fury. The rest of you us will hit the chute.” Steve demanded.

        Liara stood with full attention given to the images of the rest of the team. To see who went where. She had her money on the groups and they divided just as she imagined. Bruce began to leave her side to find his way back to the seat he occupied earlier. Still keeping an eagle eye on the team. He stopped when he heard Liara give out a faint grunt. He turned to see her scrunch her brow followed by a bewildered look. She shrugged her shoulders and continued to watch her teammates.

        “Steve, you felt that.” Bucky called over to his friend as they opened up the grate.

        Rogers nodded as the other men crowded around, waiting on the men to lift the heavy grate from its resting place. “Yes, that was some sort of energy wave.”

        “What are you two old men talking about? I didn’t feel anything nor did F.R.I.D.A.Y.” Stark wondered.

        Sam was the first to travel the dark sliding tunnel, then Tony eased himself in. Bucky jumped in as Steve was the last to enter, making sure to pull the metal piece back in place.

        The slide down was not as long as Rogers imagined. He landed wobbly as Barnes righted him steady on his feet. “I guess that we follow this pathway to where we need to be.”

        “Yes, but Wilson has found a problem with that, so have I.” Stark added as they all began toward the end of the long man made corridor.

        Rogers furrowed his brow, “really, and just what is that?”

        “They both have stated that there is a passcode needed for the entrance to open.” Bucky mentioned to his best friend.

        “I have started F.R.I.D.A.Y. into hacking it, but since our loyal little puppy is a tiny bit…” Tony began.

        Stark was cut off by the female voice from his suit. “Sir I am sorry, but there is no acceptable crack available to us. I have tried all to no avail.”

        “Shit, I can’t get us through here, and did you know that there is a disturbance going on?” Stark asked.

        Rogers cut his eyes, “yes we could do without the harsh language. Bucky and I felt a small vibration earlier. It shook my shield, as well as his arm.”

        “It seems more like a Hydra defense than anything. They use electromagnetic waves all the time, to prevent from being taken over by S.H.I.E.L.D.” Barnes offered.

        “Quite, that would be all peaches and cream, but these my old man are soundwaves set at an ultra high frequency and they are getting stronger as the time goes by. So my pondering leads me to believe that they have found our little spy friends messy end trails and have mistaken them for the happy puppy dog that used to frolic here.” Tony continued.

        All the men looked at each other, each one knew exactly what the other was thinking.

        “Fury, those soundwaves...” Rogers was cut off.

        “They are stronger up here. Have you reached the computer room?” Nick inquired.

        Sam answered him, “Redwing has sent back feed that we need a code, and Stark has been unable to crack it.”

        “Get your goddamn asses to the damn panel so Liara can give us the goddamn code then. Natasha has everything here squared away. I’m sending her and Barton down to the room now, from the other door." Fury commanded as he stepped through the bodies that laid strewn on the floor in a hastened pace. "Liara you ready for them?”

        “When ain’t I old man.” Liara stared at the team as they hurried down the hall. Romanoff and Barton closing in on the other side of the motherboard chamber needing the same code. She leaned into the table, watching closely. Bruce kept a careful eye on everything in front of him. Something was going to happen, he felt it in his bones.

        Liara narrowed her eyes as she studied the hologram, “Nick, where are you headed?”

        “I’m taking care of something. Stay on top of the feed and team. Fury out.” Nick continued on his way.

        The Quinjet began to sway. “Electromagnetic pulses?” The scientist asked.

        “Soundwaves. Great huh.” Liara gave a faint smirk as she pressed at buttons on the table. Trying to block and stabilize the airship.

        Banner held tight as another wave crashed the craft, rocking it back and forth. He looked up at the woman that steadied herself, dead set on keeping an eye out on the team. She held tight to the table padding with her left hand as the right slowly typed at the surface of the smooth plastic round table top.

        “Everyone will need this code.” Her glazed eyes slowly looked over to Bruce.

        Banner furrowed his brow as he took to his feet. He was a few steps from the center of the aircraft when a more powerful wave impacted the jet. This one was hard enough to make him lose balance and stumble backwards and fall into his seat. He took a glance over to Liara as she was still watching over the rest of the Avengers.

        “Liara.” Bruce called as he watched as she removed the earbuds from her ears.

        Yellow eyes looked to the slumped over man, her voice trembling, clearly weak, “they are almost there. Just a few seconds…”

        Fury walked down a dark hallway, knowing his final destination. He turned down to what was a cafeteria on the right side of the corridor. Dozens of men laid dead, eyes burned from their heads. He stepped over them, as he did so, his long black leather trench dragged along many of them, painting their bodies with blood. He saw exactly what he was looking for. He picked up the pace as he walked up on a person, spun her around.

        The tall man bent down low to face her on eye level. “What in the hell was that? I told you to stay hidden and to not do anything stupid.”

        “I did exactly what you told me to do. Let’s see. Stay hidden, I did. Kill everyone here that the crew weren’t involved with, I did. Stay off the levels that you were on, I did. Not to come within at least a radius of a mile of any of you, I did. You're welcome.” The small framed woman looked genuinely pleased with herself.

        Nick backed away from her, “so the soundwaves that are killing…”

        “NO! Ohhhh noooooo! There is no way in hell that you are putting that one on me. You let your friend too damn close to here. That is alllll on you and you alone. I cannot even fathom that I was stupid enough to believe that you would keep her safe. I am the only one that ever has and ever will.” The caramel skin toned woman was getting rather bothered by Fury’s tone.

        Nick held a hand up, “what the hell are you even going on about Deltora?”

        The woman with fire themed hair looked up to Fury with light green eyes. “Since I have to spell it out for you. It.wasn’t.Liara.that.those.soundwaves.were.for. Happy now?”

        “Wait what.” Nick raised a brow. “She is the only one that is the way she is..”

        “You think that I don’t know that. But there was this guy. Strong, fast. Nowhere near as strong as me, but he was looking for Liara. Claimed that he was like her, yeah right, impossible.” Alana rolled her eyes. “Liara made sure of that a long time ago. Besides his eyes weren’t even weird. But he did have these caninish pointy teeth, really nice. Like that is the only thing that my pet dog needs to finish off her look, that and the fur of course… and maybe a set of claws, yeah definitely the claws.” Alana thought out loud.

        “You, back to base now. None of this happened. You have it, take it with you.” Fury turned to leave.

        Alana grabbed him by the arm, “of course, I am the best. Wait which base would this be? I heard that everything was destroyed.”

        Nick stopped, “just think hard enough.”

        “Oh,” with her words being said, Alana Deltora phased out.

        “So, this was quite the workout huh? Glad you hung around a little longer?” Romanoff turned her head slightly to Barton as they ran down a deserted hall.

        Clint poked his bottom lip out, “sure, this is fun. Just like the reason I want to leave, before things head south.”

        Natasha laughed, “so how is everything?”

        “Same.” Clint responded as they took in the sight of the sliding door that would lead them to the motherboard.

        “Rogers, we are in the vicinity. How much longer on your side?” Romanoff called through the transmitter.

        “We have the door within sight as well. Guerra, we could really use that code right about now.” Rogers communicated through the Bluetooth.

        Another wave, this was the fiercest yet, there was no way that she could fight it any longer. The sound was dreadful and agonizing. They were coming too quick, and each louder and stronger than the last. She released the earpiece she held throughout the mission. It slid from her hand. Clinked repeatedly on the floor, she wasn’t far behind. Her knees hit the metal hard before Banner could reach her. She was covering her ears, screaming. The tears ran free and fast as she rocked back and forth on the metal surface. Bruce placed a knee on the floor in front of her, he had called her name repeatedly to no response. He placed his hands over hers as he forcefully lifted her face. Liara was in mortal agony. Bruce’s hands became hot and sticky, as he finally noticed the blood running down either side of the woman’s neck. Another scream as another wave rocked the jet. Banner’s eyes began to change to a bright green as he cradled Liara in his arms.

        “Guerra!” Steve’s voice boomed through the jet.

        Bruce took a huge breath as he gathered himself. He was getting even more bothered by the second, as he looked up to the computer images, and remembered the code that Liara had typed not a few seconds ago.

        “Traitor,” Banner relayed back.

        Stark and Romanoff both keyed in the phrase, "we're in."

        “Banner, get her the hell outta there. NOW!” Fury yelled through the intercom.

        “Halfway there.” In one fail motion, Bruce’s body grew as he gently scooped up a suffering and incoherent Liara into his arms. He opened the belly of the Quinjet.

        Nick informed the man in the Quinjet, “there is a S.H.I.E.L.D. hospital hidden not far that owes me a…”

        “NO!” The voice that replied wasn’t of the doctor, but of the other that was now occupying their shared space.

        Hulk held onto Liara firmly as he positioned himself to jump, but became nervous when she whimpered. She took a stuttered breath, then fell limp in his embrace. He took that as enough proof she needed to be far from here. To be protected from all others, including the one that refused to let him come out. There was no way that he was going to let Liara suffer any longer, there was one place that he knew, one place that he could hide her away from everyone. No one else was going to hurt his Liara.

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