Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


3. Decided

        In leaving the dark apartment, Liara received a call. She knew whom it was without hesitation. No one else had the way to obtain her. She swiftly jogged to the stairwell and answered. "Si, dime." (Yes, tell me)

        "Jefa, te llamé para decirte que hemos utilizado otro frasco de sangre." She closed her eyes knowing there weren't too many ready resources for her to use back at their station.  (Boss, I called to tell you that we have finished another vial of blood)

        In returning the phone to her pocket, "Entonces exactamente cuantó quedamos? Dos?" (So exactly how many are left? Two?)

        The heavy voice on the other end begin with hesitation. "Jefa, nada, tenemos suficiente para esta noche y tal vez mitad del día mañana." (Boss, nothing, we have enough for tonight and perhaps half of the day tomorrow).

        "Tranquilo," she heard a breath on the other end. "Voy en camino" (Calm down, I'm on the way)

        As the caller hung up, she waited for her music to begin playing as she made her way quietly to the 'borrowed' ride. The snow was mounting and she remembered how much she hated it, and the way that no one seemed to be able to drive in said conditions. What was worse in her opinion was that most of these gentuza (riffraff) grew up in these elements, but never grasped the common sense in to be able to drive correctly. It wasn't hard, but then again, anything that had a certain science to it and anything that had to be done to the number, people thought that they knew everything and were better than instruction. This would be their downfall in the long run, but who was she to tell them?

        She climbed inside to make her way to her own little haven, knowing that Fury's eyes were always watching, especially so close to his little abode. She once again gave her little salute in passing his window. A smirk for show, for her mind was all too well caught up in where she needed to be in this moment. If she could get there without any delays, there would be a chance for her to get some much needed rest. She had been going on fumes since they left for this cursed country, a little over three days.

        In route, Liara pulled out a little black device that could have been no bigger than a stick of gum. She powered it on, and within seconds it emitted a blue laser. The light fanned out and began scanning the entirety of the car, it took all of two seconds. She sped up and was on her way with much needed invisibility. No one would be able to find her now that she was under the radar once again. Her mind wandered as she drove.

        She remembered the last time she was here, four years ago seems like a short amount of time for most. But if you have been through what she has, then it's more of an eternity. Let's see, there was death, plenty of that. Hell, she had her hand in more than a fair share of it. There were mind games. Jealousy, hatred, treachery, and even sibling rivalry. All those things were only the highlights of her time with S.H.I.E.L.D., those were good times. Ones that led her to a gift of something Liara thought she'd never have, and that was a friend, a confidant, Alana. No. Alana was so much more than that, she was something that she never knew what it meant to possess, and that was family. Yes, family.
        A furrow of the brow and a tender smile became Liara's lips. She missed Alana, and all the mischief that they made within the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. itself. They had quite the time, even to the point that they made a few enemies within the organization, but hey, how is it their fault if other women somehow felt threatened by them? They never once did anything to force anyone's hand. However when someone is different and refuses to submit to the norm, jealousy's ugly face will always show itself. They weren't chismosas, (gossips) nor did that type of thing even slightly appeal to them, only another reason they were labeled outcasts, which to them was more than a good thing. They were better when left alone. They both knew that keeping too much company only brought drama.

        Drama. That was something Liara could always live without. But the one thing that seemed to surround her, like it was somehow second nature. Alana always told her, "you're too preoccupied over what is beyond control, that will always destroy you."

        She made her way onto the freeway, in attempt to reach her destination quicker. The trip was going far faster than anticipated. It wasn't late, well not too much so that the streets would be secluded. She passed few cars far and in between, that her mind once again was lost in thought over the past.

        She shook her head, in thinking on her best friend's words. She had known all too well the topic Alana was speaking on, and it wasn't over some ill tempered female, no. It was associated with the one bittersweet memory that haunted her, every moment of every day. It was the one thing that she could never understand. Well, one person. He was the one thing that drove her away, and the painful reason she has refused to return to her S.H.I.E.L.D. rank over the years. The wound was still fresh, her emotions were still so raw and overpowering. He was her inspiration, her existence, her entirety and the anchor that kept her sane. Although he never saw it, or if he could, her sentiments were far too frivolous for him, that they hardly even mattered. Their relationship was kept in secret, apart from a few in the know. Mainly for his fear, of what practically seemed like everything. Liara let out a long moaned breath. She had always prided herself in her ability to read and understand people, but this man had her at a complete loss. Her heart clouded her mind, and that feeling was something that ate at her. How could one person have eluded her so.

        "Why. Why do you do this to yourself, Liara? He never loved you." Her voice cracked and hitched as she hit the steering wheel. "You fell for his introvert charms like a fool. He played you, just like the idiot you are. But here you are, living in the past, as always when it comes to the oh so lovely scientist." Her conversation continued with herself. "Get it together woman, he told you where he stood on everything, so move on. Give yourself the freedom you deserve." She shook her head as she argued with herself, the anger doing nothing but building within. "No, I tried love once. Not going there again. NEVER." Her voice had changed to a rage that shook her entire body as the words were uttered. "I am stronger than this, I am bigger than this retched feeling. Love does not exist. It's nothing more than a fairytale that one spouts to their young, to paint the world as a pretty lie. A fantasy, nothing more, nothing less."

        She finally came to the end of her journey. A long breath escaped an emotionally and physically spent woman, as she exited the shelter of the car into the harsh climate. The bitter cold hastened her pace to enter the cannery used for her secured base. Liara took in the sight of her men working and studying in the laboratory, in making her way to the infirmary.

        She was stopped short. "Señora, todo salí igual de antes. Lo siento mucho." (Ma'am, everything turned out just as before. I'm sorry.)

        Liara knew as much, but only nodded and patted the man on the back. "No te preocupas." (Don't worry)

        She pushed to the rear of the factory, that now housed the medical wing. The temperature dropped a few degrees, forcing her to pull the strings on her hoodie tight. She started down the long hall to her final destination for the night. She pondered on the few hours to come, and the reaction of the colleagues still in S.H.I.E.L.D., that she remembered, would have in receiving her. Before the time Fury contacted her, she never once tapped into the system to see exactly who was there. She never cared or trusted herself, and could basically guess.

        Rogers, of course, mainly for she was paired with him on the recent favor Fury called in. Liara already knew that Barton and Romanoff would never leave, they had too much stock and reason in sticking around. She knew Alana took leave, accepting Loki on his invitation to Valhalla. Joining him, and his brother, Thor, for Alana contacted her before her departure. That was a sad exchange on both sides. Then there was that masked guy that she had never seen before, Steve's friend, yes he peaked her interest. A chuckle escaped as she recalled the way he reacted to her shooting him, hatred. Stark. She smiled. That man was always going to be in the spotlight. No matter the price, for he loved the recognition and every bit of the fame that came along with it.

        Her pace slowed to a halt, her eyes dropped to the concrete flooring as thoughts jumped from Stark to his best friend the scientist, yes Banner. The biggest error of her life, the past she wished that would just die and cease tormenting her entire existence once and for all. All the times she cursed Bruce's name, each and every time his presence invaded her dreams, no matter how wonderful... NO Liara was fed up, and finally decided then and there. She was tired of not being capable to control herself with just his thought within her mind. His hold, his power, the complete domination over her HAD to stop. The past was dead, here and now.

        Liara passed the threshold, let a breath go as her entire face tenderly took in the sight. There before her eyes was the all too real reason she could not let go of the past. It was her present and her future, her entire life.

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