Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


36. Cute

        Alana sat quietly, nervously wondering why this man was here and what he wanted. There was a silence which was slowly killing her inside. She wanted to speak to Barnes. But what was it about him, which made spoken language seem the most difficult thing to do? An eye peeked from the corner of its resting place, observing the quiet man.


        He seemed okay. Fair skin, clear blue eyes, somewhat longish brunette hair and a scruffy beard. Nothing making him singularly stand out from the rest of the inhabitants of this planet in the least. Actually, he seemed quite normal enough. The only flaw, could hardly be considered one, since it actually made him just that much more appealing and mysterious. His arm. The Vibranium appendage.


        There was also the fact, which just now came flooding back to her memory. Liara said he was HYDRA. Granted, Alana could overlook this, and far beyond, since she once as well was there. However, this man would have to prove himself. She admitted to herself, no it was more than that. It could be considered, begging. Yes, it was close to this feeling. She begged to herself Bucky would feel the need to prove himself to her. To other people she could care less. Wait. No. What was this feeling? Greed?


        The light skinned woman lowered her head. This man was driving her insane already, without even doing anything. She furrowed her brow, trying to understand these new conflicting emotions. She made mental note to kill Liara later for casting these human emotions on her in the past, so she herself could better understand the creatures of Earth.


        Barnes watched as the brow of the woman next to him, became just that much deeper. “Want to talk about it?”


        Alana righted herself, gaining her composure. For weakness, was not one of the things she wanted him to think she was. “I was… wondering a few things.”


        “I as well, sort of the same.” Blue eyes gave Alana a once over as a light smirk was given.


        Red eyes lowered, unable to hold his piercing stare. “About me? I’m an open book really. However, you, you are…”


        “That bad?” The chuckle given, only made Alana scream internally.


        Red hair shook, “we’ll see.”


        “Only to your friend. There is something there, I really don’t know how to explain it.” The man narrowed his lips as his eyes stared past the scenery before him.


        Another furrow of red brows, “as in you two like each other? Cause by what I’ve been told, it can pass as the two of you flirting. If you like, I can put in a good word. I mean she’s already into the arm, not that hard to throw in the man that possess it. She does love your type.”


        “Ouch, my type huh? You really don’t care for me, do you?” A lift of the brow, as he completely turned his head to face her.


        A purse of the lips, as she shook her head. “Truthfully. I don’t know you, and that plays a huge factor.”


        A huff as Bucky began. “You sound just like that…”


        “I’d watch what I’d say, if I were you. I might not be as powerful as I once was, but I can still crush you.” A self-assured lift of a right brow.


        A humored moan. “I see. You defend her. I can respect that. It’s how I feel with…”


        “Steve. Then you do understand that compared to her, you and all others come last. She is my best friend and I’d kill over her.” Alana cut the man off, and continued to explain a few things.


        A smile, which was bright and honest. “See, we have more in common than you think. We were both in HYDRA, both would do anything for our friends.”


        “And both have issues with the crazed wolf girl.” Alana chuckled with her own statement.


        “I wasn’t going to say anything, but yes. She and I currently hate each other. She has good reason, on her part. Me, I think it is solely based on some sort of a deep-rooted feeling. I don’t trust her, but I haven’t bases for it.” Barnes lowered his lips onto his hand, as he thought.


        Alana watched him with an admiring eye. “I think both of you need a dose of reality. Then again, Liara is sneaky. Even Phe said she’s different. She couldn’t lay a finger on it, only that something is off. I haven’t seen anything out of the ordinary yet, but then again, I’ve just gotten back. And I really don’t have the time to babysit Liara. I have my own troubles to get out of, ones that Phe placed me in, unfortunately.”


        “Anything I could help you in?” Bucky’s question was honest.


        Alana, feeling more at ease with this man, the more they talked. “Oh, you trying to get on my good side, or trying to be the hero and save the day?”


        “More like the damsel in distress. I do tend to do that sort of thing. Always up for the challenge.” An unsure cocky smile.


        The smile the man received was bright and cheerful. The light amused giggle which followed, let the man know he was in her good graces.


        Alana chuckled at his comment. She could admit yes, he was. Only one on his bad side, was the one that loved being a thorn in everyone’s side. “You know what, I somehow believe you. I get good vibes from you, nothing less. I don’t know what you believe yourself to be, but I see nothing but good in you Bucky Barnes. And before you think I’m reading your mind. I would never do that. Solely when a person asks. Unlike my counterpart. You need to be careful of Phe. She’d love to play in your mind. You have a dark past, and she’d love nothing more than to pry that loose and revel in your misery.”


        “I, I was not…” Bucky began, but froze the moment a slender hand found his.


        Alana saw the torment written all over his face. Without thinking, her hand reached and held his. It was tearing her up inside, that someone as caring as Barnes, was manipulated to become something so very dark and diabolical. “Bucky, you don’t have to say anything. See, like I said I understand. I suffered at their hands as well. You are not this monster you believe yourself to be. I promise you.”


        His entire face became pained. The devastation he inflicted on people was something he swore to fight against. Not inflict. “How, how can you be so sure?”


        Her other hand found its way to comfort him by rubbing at his back. “Know why? Because I believe in you. Look at me, please. There, I see it within your eyes. The remorse. There’s some things about me, you don’t know. For one, I am a creature of life and renewal. I see the true form of every living thing. I see their energies. I sense things. Things which cannot be seen, nor felt by any other being. Within you is great pain. But don’t be discouraged, there is also hope, honor and beyond that, I see the need to protect. You are a rare breed Barnes. I respect you. That is another thing I don’t give out lightly. So, before you ever doubt yourself again, don’t.”


        “You speak as if you know me. My feelings.” Barnes reached for a reluctant strand of flamed colored hair. It continued to whip in the night breeze. “I must remember to become more mysterious.”


        A fair hand, finally retrieving the lock of hair and wrapped it around the bun on top of Alana’s head.


        “No, just one tends to learn people when they have been around as long as I have.” Alana lifted to foot, which provoked the man at her side to jump to his.


        Bucky cleared his throat. “I am sorry for keeping you in the elements this long Alana. May I walk you back to your quarters?”


        The petite woman looked up to the man who greatly towered over her. “You may.”


        The duo began to the double glass doors, Barnes held one open for his company to enter the compound. As Alana passed him, there was a smirk. His chuckle returned, let the female know he took notice. “And what was that for?”


        As the man took to her side she began, “I think the men of your age were quite the treasure.”


        “Is that so?” Bucky took pride in her comment.


        A nod, “yes. Far more respectful, courteous. Your human females have no idea what they are missing this day and age. Chivalry is very becoming. This makes me ponder. Just why men stopped being as such. Someone I know would say it’s sexy.”


        The two slowly walked down a flight of stairs. “I have a question. Since you are not of this world, are you easily impressed as the girls here?”


        “And you just ruined it.” His look, made her giggle. “I was just messing with you. A gentleman, no matter what his species, is always something I take a shining to.”


        The man held open yet another door. “So, I take that as a yes.”


        The two slowly strolled past several doors before coming to a halt by hers. “So, you take that as a yes. That’s cute.”


        “No, you’re cute.” With his comment, Alana felt the burn of her cheeks. She took a huge swallow as her hand opened the door behind her. She ducked in before she would embarrass herself even further, by not know how to exactly respond to his statement.


        The Celestial stood for a second, staring at the wooden barrier. Battling a sea of emotions. In closing her eyes tight, she took a calming breath. When her nerves subsided, she took notice the sound of a constant spraying noise. If not seconds later, the hint of the pleasant aroma filled her nose.


        Alana turned to see Phoenix with a can of air freshener held tight in her right hand. Her finger pressed completely down. The steady stream pointed directly at a seated Liara. Who had her shirt pulled up, covering the bottom half of her face, and a right hand clutching it down dearly over that.


        Alana ran over, yanked the can from the other woman’s hand. “What in the hell are you doing Phe!”


        “Well if it was house broken and you bathed it, I wouldn’t need to.” Phe crossed her arms as she left the living room, she shared with the other Celestial.


        Red eyes took in the seated woman, clearly highly angered by these on goings. She lowered herself to be on eye level. “Liara, are you okay?”


        A left black brow lifted as she spoke from behind her shirt collar. “Sure cutie.”


         “ I swear. I was asking if you were okay, and you say something like that? Must you always be sarcastic? Oh and listen to my conversation!”


        Liara lowered her head. In doing so, her shirt effortlessly fell from her face. Yellow eyes fixated on her right pointer fingering the wedding band around her thumb. “That spray actually reminds me of my late husband. He wasn’t chivalrous, but at least he smelled good.”


        Red eyes rolled. “I’m so going to curse you out.”


        “Bitch please!” Yellow eyes enlarged, as she took to foot. Placed a hand on her friend’s right shoulder as she passed her. “I’ll see you later.”


        Confusion, “you’re leaving?”


        Liara continued for the door, but turned in delivering her parting words. “Yeah. I only came here, excuse to bother your friend. But mainly I needed to see your face after all the shit your boo was feeding you. Oh my lawd, y’all gone do the grown folk. I cannot wait!”


        “Do I even want to know what that is?” Alana retorted.


        A smirk. “Something you’ll do well before Jekyll ever does.”




        The She Wolf sighed, “Night cutie.”


        “Goodnight eavesdropper.” Alana smiled as her friend exited the room.

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