Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


26. Chatter

        "Look. I called you here because I needed you, common damn sense woman. If I need to find someone else, that's not even an issue. With the way I'm paying you to do absolutely nothing. Any random would be happy to fill your shoes. No puedo ni creer que yo estaba tan pendeja para..." Liara began, visibly angry. (I can't believe I was so stupid that)
        A small in stature, dark skinned Mexican woman cut her off. "Yo se que usted está bien enojada, pero..." (I know that you're really angry, but)

Peros? Tu me traes peros? The hell? Do you even understand the severity of this situation? I have absolutely everything invested in what little we have." (Buts? You bring me buts?) Liara was on the verge of a meltdown.

        Was Liara the only one that actually cared? Granted it was her problem, but Liara thought at least Lorena had some sort of fondness toward her and her relentless troubles, aside from getting a healthy deposit into her funds, she had to care for more than just the money. The other woman's retort cleared her mind from the severity that Liara came back to.

        "I salvage our last remaining resources! Scrape together the last hidden vials that were saved, stow away by you in emergency. Pero yo soy la mala? While god only knows who you have been out doing..." (But I'm the bad one)

        "E...ven I don't know," yellow eyes glassed over into confusion as Liara now slumped down into a nearby chair. Her broken words, catching the doctor off guard.

        Lorena reached a hand for the lighter complected woman, as soon as her hand made contact, there was a tense jump from the receiving party. "Liara, you are completely preoccupied in everything here, but there isn't too much more you can do than I can. You too hard on yourself. And I do not understand this 'even you don't know'. My English isn't that good you know."

        Liara slowly rolled her eyes shut as her head rocked side to side. She placed a thumb under the strap of the messenger bag that rested on her left shoulder, lifted it over her head and placed it carefully on the table. "That's where you're wrong. I've made a move, and I already know that it will somehow come back to bite me in the ass. Umm, Oh, just that I had my memory stolen, lost two days time, only reason that I haven't been here sooner to check on the most important thing in my miserable little useless life."

        A scrunched brow.

        "Before you ask, a very long story. Almost died. One is now two. Oh and apparently Steven Rogers' long lost boyfriend is The Winter Soldier. Whom has huge issue with keeping his hands... or is it hand, hmmm, whatever. Like I was saying, he can't keep off the goodies." Liara shrugged as she began to extract a thick bundle of material. "At least one highlight. So yay, score one for the pack."

        Yellow eyes tore away from the tightly wrapped items within the cloth, as the sound of Velcro rapidly separating, overpowered Liara's hypersensitive hearing. Before she could object to the treatment being thrust upon her, the bulb on the blood pressure cuff already had it's effect in tightening the instrument around her right arm. As her pulse throbbed in response, Liara gave her doctor an irritated suck of her teeth accompanied with an evil eye.
        Lorena pursed her lips, "I am not the only one that needs you alive you know. Did we not have this conversation four years ago? Cause I remember this retarded ass female..."

        "For someone that no speaky English, you sure picked a time to perfectly, heifer." Liara pursed her own lips to the right, creating a deep dimple.

        The deep brown skinned woman poked at Liara's cheek. "I hate that you have those and I don't. All the men like you for that."

        "All the men like me because they have good taste. Just look at me, bitch I'm sexy. This beautiful face. Big girls get all the play hun. I done told you, men want big girls cause they know how to cook. Men got to eat. Skinny bitches like you," Liara turned her lip up and gave the short woman an evil roll of the eyes. "Are skinny for a reason."

        "Bitch I know how to cook." She returned the same look with a snake of the neck, while her accent became somehow even heavier.

        "I bet you do, you ain't got Rosa for nothing." A smack of the lips.

        A raise of an eyebrow, "you really going there. Because the sam... huh, that is..."

        Liara raised her brows, a slight twist of the head, waiting for the other woman to finish. "So I take it from your reaction, I'm dea..."

        "Can I have some of your," without waiting for an answer, Lorena pierced soft skin with a quick draw of blood. She ran to study it, as Liara deflated and slipped off the cuff. "Just as I expected. You were being a bitch in heat. Your body is still fighting off the foreign DNA in your blood stream."

        "No, wait what?" Liara kicked the rolling chair with force. Sending the doctor rapidly rolling, grasping the round seat dearly for life. As she bent over, Liara took in the smear Lorena had prepared, with careful inspection with bare eyes. "There's no way... ohh.emm.gee."

        A raise of her thick brow, Lorena scooted back to her blood sample. "So now you know what you were doing for two days."

        "NO!" Liara detested and rejected the mere idea.

        A purse of the lips, "then why don't you tell me just why your body is working overtime ridding itself of the impurities that only you intake when you bite, claw, scratch and jam your tongue down men's throats. And with this amount of quote unquote infestation, both of we know why and exactly how. We have been here, done this time over time again, no? This is why you body is right now feverish. Slight clammy and hot to touch. Your DNA absorbing the hosts' to stabilize itself with further intakes, no matter the quantity."

        Liara furrowed her brow as she walked away, toward the glass partition overlooking the infirmary. She placed a hand on her right temple, then ran it hard over her face to the other temple, finally closing her palm under her chin. A smile curled her lips, not only at the other woman's slightly broken English, but at another memory. "The bastard was telling the truth?" Liara whispered to herself as the images of a statement on a balcony then a stairwell conversation ran before her eyes. The way he was all too comfortable around her, the way he touched her. The blatant way he dryly stated that she did let the beast within claim her once again. What were his words exactly again? "So you do remember". Narrowed lips, as she began her retort. "There may have been a kiss...'t.count. Closed mouth, unaware. A point trying to be made. Hey it could have been a female, you never know." A tilt of the head accompanied by a shrug.

        "You are so funny. You are never going to let me live that down are you? It was an honest mistake. I saw the two of you from the side and a strange angle. Both of you had long hair. And the ways you were sucking on each other faces."

        Liara raised her neatly shaped left brow as she stared through the glass perforated wall. "They always do don't they."

        "All but the one." With Loren's remark, yellow eyes quickly shot to the right, changing and overflowing with emotion as the words hit her hard. A huff resonated through her on reflex. "Funny how he's the one that left his mark on you, no."     

        "I have absolutely no idea what you mean. All the good ones come with long hair. You can keep the unhairy kind. Not my type in the least." Liara did one thing that she did best, deny.

        The darker of the two women only nodded to the back of the other. "The last time I looked, he was halfway there. Nasty beard on his face. And there was hair even on his chest."

        "You mean the taco meat spilling out? Yeah that is a perk that passes to the Grinch as well. He's very very hairy, but that's no nevermind." Liara's left brow was high on her face as she thought in Bruce.

        Lorena nibbled at a pen she found from beside her blood sample. "Cause you been there done this? Just the other day, right."

        "Now, you are going to just sit there and assume that I opened my legs for him." Yellow eyes rolled as her attention was on the steady beeping and the room slightly below them.

        "I'm saying that someone did, and that it very much as well was you." There was assumption and accusation in her tone.

        Liara turned on a dime, "now let me get this straight. You have miraculously discovered that beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's Jekyll's infestation I carry right? Cause you are so damn smart and know everything about me." Lorena's facial expression seemed horrified and readied herself for the thrashing that was eminent. "Wait, no no no no, go back to the way you were just looking, all smug and better than me. Remember you know everything, come on now. All I did was ask a fucking question. Now you are all offended. But you accuse me of letting a man that destroyed me, get it. Do you ever think before you open your mouth?"

        Lorena refused to let Liara get away without hearing about herself. "Even though you are still completely in love with this man. You had an argument, and you took it personally, as you always do everything. You carry this chip on your shoulder..."

        A raised lip murmured, repeating the words as the tiny woman that could have stood no taller than five feet continued. "A chip, you know what..."

        "Because your heart is tender and full of love. You try your damnedest but I see right through your lie." Her voice still full of emotion.

        Liara heavily furrowed her brows as she followed by slumping in a chair, "Your no speaky English was perfect just then. I'm proud of you. But no, you forget, I do ladies, I'm attracted to what I have." Liara grabbed both her breasts and lifted them a couple times.
        "And you are a bitch." Lorena throw the pen she gripped tightly in her hand at Liara.

        Yellow eyes and a head followed the pen that landed at least a foot to the right of where Liara was seated. "You throw flickted. That is the technical term for me, yes. Now which kind, is the real question. Fabulous? Glorious, beautiful, amazing, extraordinary? Sexy?"

        "Deluded, egotistical and a denying bitch." Lorena tossed her long black hair over her shoulder.

        Rolled eyes, "the only thing I am denying, is the urge to kick your ass right about now."




        A thin caramel complected woman made her way to sit in a chair that faced a couch in the lush room that was being taken up by her alter ego. Whom now was free and wreaking havoc as she had all to well wished for. No matter how little it was, with the biggest target that anyone could have given her. Just Alana had no idea that Phoenix actually hated Liara this much. To go to the extremes of actually trying to do away with her, caught her off-guard. Alana cut her eyes to the woman that took seat on the couch, watching Spongebob.

        Phoenix could feel the burn of emerald eyes and it was beginning to become quite a bother. "Would you like stop?"

        "Did you, like stop?" A red curly tress crossed her shoulder.

        Long thick white hair was tossed over Phe's shoulder as she let go of a breath. Then suddenly there was a smirk on her face, "I don't know, did you like stop? I have a proposition for you. You tell me why you are blaming everything on me when you were actually the cause of us like this, then I will tell you something."

        "I have to tell you nothing. You hurt the only person that we actually care about." Fury was in her green eyes.

        Phoenix shot Alana a look, "look, you took that mutt on as a pet. As soon as I saw it scratch, I was done. I don't do bugs, and it is crawling with fleas. Then you fed it, I told you not to. Once you feed strays, they never leave..."

        "Shut the hell up Phe, I'm serious." Alana was pushed to her limits.

        "So am I. I was fighting some guy. His sexy deep voice was nice and hot on my neck though, he better be fine. I swear if some nasty human scum touched me, he will burn, literally." Phe pulled her hair up into a messy bun. "Then again they all can't be sexy as American Pride, now can they."

        "I forgot you liked him." Pursed lips and rolled eyes.

        An amused tsk. "Liked? Hoe, that man is fione, and needing to trip and fall into my vagina."

        Alana added. "You know I heard that he's still..."

        "!" Phoenix now was on the edge of the couch, soaking in every word that left Alana's mouth. "Source?!?!"

        Pursed lips were her answer.

        "Holy shit, oh this is so going to happen. You can fuck a bucket." The slightly lighter shade of green eyes sparkled.

        "Excuse me? I can do what to a bucket? Do I even want to know what you are even going on about?" Alana gave her a confused look.

        "He's so right down your alley, but of course he and Liara are like a thing." Phe shrugged.

        Pursed lips, not buying anything Phe was selling. "If he's my type then he isn't hers."

        "Oh he so is, both of yours. However he is currently in his unevolved stage, which means Grizzly Adams and so all up in Liara's radar. You know her and the whole Were thing. The hairier the better, I mean look at, nevermind. But you need to see the man side, not the roguish animal one." Phe pointed a well manicured stiletto finger, at her counterpart.

        "How quickly we forget the way you did what you did while you scammed me out of control of my body. You know that Liara really liked that man, God only knows why." Rolled eyes as she raised to walk to a window.

        A devious chuckle, "oh trust me, I saw why."

        Alana shook her head, "you are just as gross as she is. Which is why I fail to understand just why the two of you hate each other. You are two peas in a stinking pod. Your mouth is just as foul as hers. And your mind just as disgusting."

        "He was nice and so damn tall. Tattoos, okish build, his face was meh. His dominate force, manhandling and the way that he toyed with victims was what had me stealing him from her. He deserved a far better ride than that of Liara the Big Purple Dog. It was fun while it lasted. However my taste is light years more advanced. Liara and her neanderthals are gross." Phe clicked a button on the remote, lowering the volume.

        "Even though your hoish ass slept with that guy. And rubbed it all in our friend's face." A shake of the head as Alana pinched the bridge of her nose.

        "With your body. SO you are just as much to blame. However he was nice, even better with the lights out. Had us both moaning. Well worth it." A smirk crossed her lips as she recalled.

        There was a knock at the door as Phoenix ran to answer, to avoid the conversation further. "Yes of course, wouldn't miss it for the world."

        With a close of the door, Alana shook her head. "No. I am not going to the meeting. I am too worried in what you did to Liara."

        "And I told you that she is fine. She healed and left right before you popped up here. Now come along and meet the new guys. There is this very interesting man that can changes sizes. That in itself needs to be experienced. I sacrifice myself for tribute." Phe bounced over to Alana and pulled her by the arm.

        The two celestial beings made their way up a flight of stairs, as they bumped into a rather tall long haired blond. A heavy accent provoked an overly exaggerated "oh" from Phoenix. "I am sorry, pardon my presence and being clearly in the flow of..."

        "Oh for the love of everything, move bro." Phe blurted, cutting the man off. As she pulled Alana along.

        "Why were you mean to him?" Alana asked. 

        A knowing look was returned as she pulled her twin being to an isolated corner. "Look, I can still see and feel everything that you do, no matter that we are all distinct creatures now. So how about you try it again. Or should I just go and kill him myself."

        Alana shot her eyes to the plush cream carpeting below them. "It was a mutual decision."

        "That's great, I slept with his bro and you got the other, no harm no foul. But I told you to not catch feelings, that he was into that human tramp, Plain Jane. And before you even think of trying to deny what your nasty ass did with him, might I mention that overly nice mole, in that divine location, right there on his..." A toss of a stray curl back into the bun.

        Alana looked horrified. 

        "Exactly. Now let us go to this meeting, you can see just how perky Steve's ass is, it's a true wonder of this world." Light emerald eyes raised in delight.

        A red brow raised high above her eye. "Aren't you more worried in everyone seeing you and having to explain yourself."

        A hearty laugh, "you should be more worried about Tony."

        "Wait, what?" Alana tried and failed to stop Phoenix from walking away from her.



        "So everything is going as planned with this little experiment I see. No need for the help of let's see, someone of awesome talents." A dark haired, hazel eyed man dressed in a Mötley Crüe T paired with skinny jeans.

        A slight lift of the head, led glasses of a man dressed in a white lab coat to slip, causing him to raise a finger to correct them. "That would ah, be great Tony, but no one here is as skilled at this as I."


        Stark covered his heart with both hands, mouth agape, feigning himself flabbergasted. "That cut deep man, Deep. Hey, so random question."

        "I, I uh really don't have time for this right now." A heavily salt and peppered, tightly coiled curl found its way down to his temple. 

        Tony hopped upon a stool on the other side of the lab. "You're really letting yourself go man. I mean I find it overly sexy, manly even. Can't wait to see how it looks on the Big Guy."

        A grimace. "Really Tony."

        "Oh absolutely. It's overly attractive." Raised brows.

        "I would greatly appreciate you leaving me alone while I finish this." Bruce stated.

        "I would if you would've let me ask you what happened between you and the pu..." Banner shot him a look, he returned an apologetic one. "the yellow eyed one."

        The doctor squeezed a dropper, releasing three drops into a beaker just below it that slowly boiled above a Bunsen Burner. "Only anything that you want to believe, but the truth is, Hulk saved her."

        "And by that you mean you, dawwwww." A huge smile.

        Banner turned off the burner and took off his lab coat. "He cared for her the first day, when he was finally weak enough for me to reclaim my body, I awoke to find Liara almost completely regaining all of hearing. She lacked the ability to hear the ultrasonic, hell even whispers fell on deaf ears, so to say."

        "So is that when you made love?" The dark haired man questioned.

        A confused furrow of the brow. "We had an extensive conversation, Tony. Which is saying a lot."

        "So the two of you made up? Is my OTP once again alive? Cause I have names already picked out. Little Tony, little Tony the third, then the forth. Oh and if you have a girl, Tony with an 'I'." The taunting of his friend was what he loved to do more than anything.

        Bruce lowered his gaze to the beaker in front of him, his whole demeanor changed, seeming defeated. "I really hurt her, Tony. I mean, I cut us off for this precise reason, but I mean I really destroyed her. She told me things I wish I could take back. I know which could and would have been avoided if I..."

        Tony made way to his friend, gave the man a reassuring clasp of the shoulder. "She was already damaged before you got to her. Never blame that on yourself. She was always a little ball of crazy with beautiful packaging. You actually made her a lot stronger if you think about it. You got in, no one can. If you continue to think about it, her crazy matches your crazy. Now the only thing left to do is, now listen to me carefully, make love."

        Bruce shook his head, "Tony, I really wish you would leave me alone with that, I told you, I can't. My pulse races, I Hulk out. It is the way it is. It will never change. Besides, we have to go to this conference that Fury called."

        "I love you Bruce truly I do, but believe me when I say, I don't believe you as far as I can throw you. Oh, and you better not sit next to Romanoff. Liara will kill you. Can't have you smelling like another female now can we, especially when we are so close to a breakthrough."

         The scientist let go of a huge breath, "that's nice. Can we just go and get through with this? I have so many better things to do with my time."

         "I bet you do." One last jab before the men began to the mandatory meeting.




        "So you ready for this?" Asked a light blond in a tight fitting tank top.

        A nod, "as I'll ever be."

        "I was not let in on what this was about, so I can't prepare you thoroughly." An apologizing smile.

        Shoulder length brown hair was placed behind his right ear, "it's cool Steve. I understand."

        The two men were standing on a balcony in the wee brisk morning. The prior night's rain completely washed away the last remnants of snow that reluctantly dusted the ground. Steve Rogers, the leader of The Avengers stood tall. Crossed-armed, overlooking his best friend Bucky Barnes to his right, propped lazily over the railing, watching the bare trees. All of which seemed to shudder at each jolting ice cold air occasionally whipping by.

        "I just wished I knew what was going on. First this Ross guy has us at odds with each other, now with him smelling back around, just doesn't sit right with me. Which I figure this meeting is all about." Rogers lowered his hands, to tightly grasp the railing.

        Huge blue eyes took in the tenseness of his bestfriend. He clasped his shoulder. "Well my thing is, if we never go then we'll never find out. So come on kid, let's see what your Director has in store for everyone."

        A tender smile was given to the man at his side, "you are always ready for anything that is thrown at you aren't you."

        "For the most part buddy. I've had a couple curveballs, but baseball is my game. This should be interesting enough. Is everyone forced to be there?" A small warm smirk.

        "You mean will Liara be there." Steve let go of a huff.

        Bucky pouted, "I have no idea what you mean. I just need to as you say, prepare myself for any obstacles."

        "You are messing with fire with that one. You will get burned, trust me. She's not like any of the girls from your heyday Buck. Whatever you have, she has better and more of." Rogers turned from his friend.

        "Look, Steve. I think that you are misinterpreting things. I don't trust that woman as far as I can throw her. There is something there that I just don't like. She's hiding something, believe me. I can just feel it. I have been trying my best to get to the bottom of her, but can only get so far. She's a dark character and playing everyone. She needs something and is going to work you until she gets it. And before you ask, Hydra programming has me seeing what the rest of you don't." Barnes closed the distance between he and the taller man.

        "Wait, you think that Liara is still working for Hydra in some fashion? That's nonsense Buck. She hates them more than any of us. She is slightly different, strictly based on the abuse she received over many years at their hands, that's something you should understand more than anyone else here. Besides, I have seen the two of you together more than once. There is a calmness there, just within the destruction." Steve led them down a winding corridor.    

        Bucky furrowed his brow, "so you think that she and I have something going on. Wow, that is so farfetched, even for you Steve. How about this, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, and I will stay away. Far away from her."

        "How far Bucky?" Rogers stopped, not believing his friend in the least.

        A shrug, "out of her personal space."

        "Until she wants you to touch her. You haven't changed a bit have you." Steve chuckled.

        An unsure smile, "I don't know, I think that age has matured me. I think with a much bigger head now."

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