Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


35. Catching Up

        In the darkness sat a certain Ancient celestial being. Moments ago, awaken from plaguing dreams, with a start. Alana wiped her drenched brow dry. Turmoil, great sadness, heartache and pain, were leaving her physically exhausted and emotionally drained. Gathering her bearings, she glanced around. As dim as this room was, her visions and the eeriness of them were even darker. The tears which now flowed freely, were not of her own accord, however projected onto her by the subject of the nightmares' emotions.


        Orange flames in her red eyes, did nothing but violently flicker, as the fire within her soul burned bright. Knowing the reaction, solely based on her connection shared to the individual of her nightmare. These innermost fears and tribulations, were so overwhelmingly profound. Ones she’d never had guessed would be suffered, much less by someone so seemingly strong.


        Forcing herself from under the covers, Alana found shaky knees more than a bother. She hopped to foot and located said source, easily enough. Seeing as how their minds were currently intertwined. Long locks were pulled back into a messy bun as her eyes closed. The age old being phased out, only to reappear behind closed transparent glass doors.


        A hesitant, clammy hand reached for the handle, while staring through the closing. Thoroughly inspecting the other individual. The said person sitting just on the other side of the barrier, on a balcony barely two feet away. Staring off into the distance, clearly lost in heavy thought. A labored breath was taken by both. A furrow of red brows, as the light skinned woman finally gathered herself enough to join the other on the enclosing.


        “You seem… preoccupied.” Alana voiced as a slight turn of the head to the right was noted.


        The voice coming back, amused. “And you seem like you had a bad dream.”


        Alana licked her overly plump cherry lips. “What? Wait, how did…”


        A shrug.


        “Liara. Exactly how are you doing?” Now the petite woman was by her best friend’s side.


        A slide to the left, giving the other a place to sit. “Much worse than you saw. Besides that, just fine.”


        The fit woman taking to her friend’s side. “You know this isn’t the first time I’ve shared your thoughts.”


        A nod, while taking in the beauty of the night. “Yes, this I understand. My thing is, why do you find my mind a joyous playground and my little retarded ass life so very delectable. Maybe if you dig just a ‘lil bit deeper you can learn some things. Make sure to help me out on who’s bump is bigger, I just need conformation. Cause when I tell you. Boy!” A long pull of breath through clenched teeth, while she crossed her legs, “woo.”


        “And you just had to ruin it.” The sour face, gave the mutated female next to her a slight smirk.


        Pushed out lips, which turned up before she began. “Actually, I never did. I always went with the flow. Always a fucking lady.”


        “Liara, that wasn’t very ladylike. In fact, you are about the most unladylike person I’ve ever met.” Furrowed brows, giving the yellowed eyed woman a look.


        A deep dimple as her right cheek lifted in a smirk. “Thank you. That means a lot coming from you. I haven’t found a good enough reason to be, and besides, I like the way I am. Haven’t had a complaint yet.”


        “What do you think I’m doing.” A roll of orange flamed, red eyes.


        “You don’t count.” A cocky, lighthearted huff.


        Mouth agape, feigning hurt. “I forever count.”


         “Nope, I’m over you now. Besides, you ain’t want me.”  A shrug paired with a left tilt of the head.


        “But Bruce did.” A matter of fact look, given to the peeking yellow eye. Which shot in her direction, on the mention of the man’s name.


         “Does.” A barely audible hum after the correction.


        Alana’s voice, overly chipper. “Exactly...”


        “Exactly why I’m leaving everything alone.” The wolf woman, now taking in her royal blue tennis shoes. The right heel bouncing away on the concrete.


        Alana was upset and confused by her friend. She knew the woman cared for Banner, but what exactly was keeping her away? This was never like Liara to shy away from anything she took a liking to. Be it material or man. “Liara.”


        “Telepath.” Blue hair tussled as Liara snapped her neck, to fully take in the woman at her side. Sucking air through her teeth. A left black brow lifted high, while yellow eyes stared her down.


        “…” A huge huff.


        “Nothing good came from us, therefore I refuse to get hurt again. Point blank.” A hard shrug paired with rolled eyes, as her head lowered. Calming her building rage.


        “So, you did care.” Alana’s voice came across all too giddy with the statement. A head turned, and yellow eyes stared at her.


        Liara could hear her friend’s heartbeat pick up. She was excited with this bit of information. It was true after all, and Liara knew if she shared anything with Alana, then here it would stay. One way or the other.


        “Truthfully? All too fucking much. I still do. There was never a lack of it on my part, always on his. Man, see I know everything about him. Made it my business, you know. For some stupid reason, I didn't want to fail him, us.”  Yellow eyes were full of sadness as brows heavily furrowed. “I got in too deep, Alana. Which I regret… to a certain extent. Answering that question before you even begin. But he hasn’t the foggiest about me. Jekyll, like most, think they know me.”


        “Girl, he truly and honestly cares about you. I really don’t understand where you got he doesn’t from. And before you even put that thought into spoken word. No. It’s himself he's scared of, not what could have been.” Alana, still linked with the Wolf at her side.


         “I really truly am too old for this, ‘it’s not you it’s me’ thing. Oh, I forgot, you know how Jekyll feels all of a sudden. So how about you answer me one thing then. Will he ever be able to Hulk Smash?” The wiggle of her brow, grossed out the woman by her side.


        A huge shutter and a turned lip. “See, I really thought you were being honest. When this whole time you were with Bruce just to see if he… oh my, eww you are about the most disgusting creature in all the universes. That is… why would you want... have you lost your mind. No don't even answer that. Clearly you have. Just.nasty.”


        While listening, fish lips, rocking of the head, side to side. All while eyes were rolled far back into Liara’s head. “Okay but you're the one sitting here defending him, so what you’re really saying is, he can. BET! And bitch, ain't nada about him eww. I try, I try and why wouldn't I, is so much a better question.” (nothing)


        “Stop calling him Jekyll.” Alana, now hating this new nickname chosen by her friend, for the Scientist on top of many other things.


         “Oh shit, defend your friend. I like that!” A smirk while looking Alana up and down.


        The age-old being, about over Liara and her consistent defense. “No, you like him. But you won’t allow yourself to.”


        “Alana, no but really. You just… don’t understand. This song and dance I have with him. I’m so over it. I want it to be us as a unit, see. But… but he doesn’t want that. He never has, never will,” a shrug. “At least I figure as such. I invested everything I had, you know. I just really, I really thought I had finally found the one more screwed up than me. But guess what. That boy has it more put together than I would ever have imagined. No wonder he only wanted to pet the puppy.” A curt chuckle, bringing herself from the self-pity she was beginning to feel. “I mean I could have fed him, but I guess he’s vegetarian. Hmmm.” Ending her statement with a hum.


        A roll of red eyes as her head fell into her right hand. “Annnnnd you are completely disgusting.”


        “No nun-uh! I just only would have sat all up on his face. Very relaxing. So good for the nerves. You should really try it, you’d so love it.” Liara held a high left brow before taking a gander at her friend, who was completely rattled by this topic. Liara had to admit, this was soothing to the soul. To watch Alana rile within her own skin. “Not with him of course, he’s clearly too much man for you, maybe with that little disabled vet you like. Then again, if you want me to…”


        “You will not.” The snap and quickness brought a toothy, crooked smile to her best friend.


        “You are so right, he stinks.” Liara forced through her giggles of sheer delight.


        Alana took that remark personally. “Watch it. Stick to Bruce, that is what you want.”


        There was a hearty chuckle. “Soo what you are once again saying is that he can?”


        “You’d know better than I would.” A repulsed lift of the lip.


        A shrug. “Reason why we split.”


        “Liara, I have a serious question. You were together for how long again?” There was a pensive look on the light skinned woman. Truly trying to remember the first occasion her company originally became enthralled with the shy man with all too apparent anger issues.


        Liara extended her arms backward, propping herself as she stretched her legs forward. “Wow, how quickly you forget, but I understand. My life isn’t that important.”


        A tsk. “It’s not like that and you know it.”


        “Okay.” Came the snide sarcastic comment as yellow eyes stared at her Puma Fierce, which rocked side from side on its heel.


        A huff, and another shake of her head. Alana narrowed her cherry red lips. “I’m serious. Let’s see, I didn’t know you were into him until…”


        “I wanted you to. Honestly let’s see, the first second I saw him, I was all up on it. Everything about him is perfect.” A shrug as she slowly wet her lips. “The flawless hairiness. The adorable disposition...”


        A pinch of the nose, “Liara, Bruce. I swear, it’s like talking to a potato.”


        “What did I do? Can’t even answer a question, wow. No but seriously, let’s see. Yeah, the first second I saw him, I was loving the packaging. Everything I find attractive, and you should have already known he was my speed. Short. Ugh, why do I have such a weakness for men is size short? Curls, so luscious. Beard, manly. Those lips, man those lips.” A devious smirk, as her friend leaned into her. Which caused her to give yet another reason to gross the Celestial out. “Oh, and that bum…”


        “Gross!” Alana shouted out, clearly bothered with even the mere suggestion of Banner’s extremities.


         “I bet it is,” A huge breath inhaled through gritted teeth, followed by Liara biting her lower lip. “I’d kill to see.”


        “I’m so glad he can’t partake in the human reproduction process, because that is one image I refuse to even fathom.” Alana was completely through with this conversation. Even more so with Liara flatly stating of wanting to see this man nude and pushing to get a reaction from her.


        “Okay, that’s nice,” a husky laugh. “Real nice. Ugh, could you imagine though? You should be able to. Even your man is like Jekyll. One with the hair, it’s great. Maybe next time your friend gets all handsy, I’ll rip his shirt off and we’ll see if he’s anything compared to the great doctor. He’ll fail in comparison, of freaking course.”


        Alana, mad over the way Liara made fun of Barnes. “Bitch, never.”


        Liara burst into laughter, throwing her head back.


        The She Wolf now sat erect. Pointed a left pointer over to her friend with every word. “YES! The Balana, I ship the hell out of it. Power couple.”


        “Complete power couple is the Biara.” Alana pushed back.


        “You mean, Hiara.” The wiggle on her brow as she nodded, “Good times.”


        “I swear to your God, Liara.” A huge let go of breath.


        “I really thought you were going to say something else, nevermind.” A raised brow, as a frown was given in response.


        A smirk sat on the Celestial’s face. “Ohhhh, you mean the Lury? That is still a thing, never for a moment think it isn’t.”


        A roll of yellow eyes, “when here I thought you wanted to know everything that was the Biara as you call it.”


        “Are you ready to share now, or must I suffer though more talk of you wanting to see Banner naked? Cause that is quite frankly something that still to this day bothers me. Which is why you continue to paint horrible pictures.” The petite woman, crossed her arms.


        Yellow eyes looked to the heavens as a left pointer rested on her lower lip. “Well, if you would…”


        “NO! I am not tapping into his mind to let you see every inch of him. I told you this too many times before. I’m not doing that.” Alana detested.


        A snap of the head to face her friend, as her eyes begged. “But you would have if that whore of a friend of yours was still taking up residence in that sexy body of yours.”


        “Too bad for you she isn’t, now isn’t it.” With her comment, Liara pushed her lips out and up. “Thank the universe I can sleep soundly at night, not having those images haunting my dreams.”


        “No, see I want them haunting MY dreams.” A tsk.


        “No, you don’t.” Alana corrected her.


        A shake of the head, “I really don’t, I just love messing with you. It’s so easy to get a rise out of you.”


        Red eyes rolled while shifting in her seat. “No kidding.”


        “The first day. I recall it well. Nicholas was out getting the band of merry men together. He sent Red out to gather your boy. While she was out, he was gracing me with his presence.” Yellow eyes gave a look to the woman who leaned forward to look her in the face. “Oh my God what? You really thought I was going to say his sexy self.”


        “No, I'm happy now.” Alana crossed her arms, pleased.


        A smirk and roll of the eyes. “Anyhow, I was like whatever. We’ll think about it. I had no idea your happy ass was already in.”


        Alana adding her side. “Are you kidding? A chance to get even with the ones that hurt…”


        “Me your beloved, I know right. See you love me. You just scared.” Liara held a hand over the other, covering her chest.


        The Celestial, not amused by her friend’s antics. “Not what I…”


        Yellow eyes rolled with a snake of the head. “Then don't interrupt story time. Like I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. I agreed. Came in with him, I swear if you even remotely look at me like that again. Nicholas went and played boss man as I sat in the shadows, getting a feel for everyone.”


        “I know all this already.” A tsk.


        A raised lip. “Bitch, you said start at the beginning. Wow, the first time you follow directions, I swear.”


        “Whatever Fury.” A stern cross of thin arms.


        A tender smile. “It’s been forever since you’ve called me that. Cute. Still not flying, but cute none the less.”


        “Why, Liara? He clearly likes you. You know you and him would make a good fit. I’m going to make it happen.” Alana grasped Liara’s forearm.


        Yellow eyes tensed as they stared at the hand holding her. “He’s one of my oldest confidantes. And besides there’s no way I’d sleep with someone that chooses a mark over me! His bitch ass!


        The hand that rested on her friend, only gripped her tighter, “Liara, the two of you could be great together, you only have to try.”


        “Back to the story at hand. No spin-offs alright. Alright. You remember when you, the evil twin, which was still in you, Red and Sparkles went to investigate some things? In where was that again? Canada. That is when I laid claim to what was mine.” The dimple in her right cheek, was being poked by her friend.


        “I love when you talk about him. I get to see these. You hardly ever smile, and you are too cute when you do.” Alana gave her best friend an overly touching smile.


        Yellow eyes lifted to take in the other’s eyes. “You need to stop playing with my motions, that is what you need to do. Besides, I was getting to the good part. When I had your friend, all stuck on stupid.”


        A tsk, “he’s not, well maybe. Look, he is just attracted to you, and he didn’t know what to feel.”


        A perverted laugh began before light skinned hands reached, trying to cover up her mouth. “Oh, he knew what to feel alright.”


        Alana was finally able to wrestle and cover the She Wolf’s mouth, which only made the woman laugh from her diaphragm. “I don’t understand why you have to be so disgusting at all times.”


        Liara jerked herself away, leaning backwards. Away from the hands that once again, tried to silence her. “I promise this isn’t out the way. No for real, apparently, it’s the way I’m wired. Your friend told me so.”


        Alana dropped her hands, upset by what she just heard, “what kind of insensitive asshat would say such a thing?”


        A quick light furrow of her brow, “he’s right. Just as hurtful as he meant it, it’s completely true.”


        “I’m going to kick his ass! When did this, why did this? Ah I see. Thank you. And you still gave him a haircut and shave. I’m so going to rip him a new one. How dare he! I can’t even believe the nerve of some people. I swear.” The light skinned woman began to see images play out before her mind’s eye.


        A shake of blue hair. “Alana, he was right.”


        “Ah, and you defend him, even after he hurt you. At least you have sense to not want him anymore.” Yellow eyes closed hard as the claps the other woman gave, were excruciatingly echoing within her eardrums. The shutter was what made Alana apologize. “I’m so sorry. Where are your earbuds? I thought you had them in, why don’t you have them in. Liara, are you trying to kill yourself.”


        She regulated her breathing, her voice was low, but steady. “So, he was getting a cup of coffee. I innocently watched. Because you know, I’m so very innocent and pure.”


        A raise of the right brow, “there isn’t an innocent bone in your body.”


        “He found a seat, I lifted from the table I was at. Because for reasons.” A coy smirk.


        Alana watched as Liara lifted to her feet, then proceeded to prop herself on the banister before them. “Because his smell.”


        “ it was to die for.” Liara’s skin heavily chilled over as she shuttered. Her friend walked up to her side, as she herself was running hands over either arm. “His eyes never once leaving my person. The fact he liked big girls made my day.”


        “You.are.not.fat.” The petite woman angrily began.


        “Not now, no, but then I was. We both know that. Facts are facts. I could care less, but the fact he liked all those rolls, made my day.” There was coy smile that graced Liara’s plump face.


        Alana returned a strand of Liara’s hair back into place as the light current blew it astray. “Even if you used your senses to know he liked you.”


        Liara gave the night scenery before her a look. “I could’ve cared fucking less at that moment. Honestly. I liked-ed him and he was feeling all them rolls.”


        “I swear you are about to make me want to kick your ass.” A groan.


        Liara rolled her eyes, as she defended herself. “Okay, so I heard his heart rate accelerate, so what? So I smelled the delicious chemical imbalance, who cares. So I felt the constant tingling in my…”


        “You better not finish that statement, or so help me.” The Ancient was quick to cut her friend off.


        A cocky smirk, as a deep pitched hum vibrated from within her throat.


        “Okay, you two were liking each other from that moment on. Granted. You liked him because of his, however it be to you, attributes. He liked you, based on how beautiful you are.” Alana lifted to her tiptoes, looking over the railing to the pair of men walking near the entrance of the facility, four levels down.


        A purse of the lips to the right as yellow eyes enlarged. “Yeah, that was so it. After that initial meeting, I took it upon myself to meet him personally, without the boyfriend around. So that I did. In his little playground. Yes, in that lab of his, was when I found out that he was the most adorkable thing ever. Of course, I lied to him. Told him I needed his signature for a few pieces of paperwork. He signed my tablet.”


        “It was nowhere near that simple, I already know how you work. How much squirming until you left him alone.” Alana asked, while her eyes continued to lay on the men far below.


        “So I might have been waiting in there on him to show up. I wasn’t there that long. Five minutes, max. I was sitting in the back. Okay, maybe the lights might have been off. It was nice, aside from the stench.” A small smirk in remembering her actions, and the start the scientist gave. When he afterward told her, her eyes reflected in his glasses, was what took him off guard.


        A small chuckle, “is there ever a time that you are not stalking?”


        “My prey?” A puff of air as a smirk once again graced the olive skinned toned woman.


        A shake of red hair. “You had it bad for him since day one.”


        A raise of the left brow. “I told you, he was to die for on the outside. I had to know what was going on, on the inside. Anyhow. I had him stumbling all over himself. Without even trying. That is how I knew he was already mine. Of course, you know I was the one to have control of the situation.”


        “I hate to break it to you, Liara. That is the way he is.” A careful hand was placed on her far taller friend’s shoulder.


        “True, but not with the smell he was putting off.” There was a look, which Alana read and knew Liara was reveling in, just by recalling.


        Liara arched her back as she crossed her arms over the railing. She lowered her chin to rest upon them, she stared over the moonlit night. She knew Alana was too busy trying to determine what Superduo was doing below. However, Stucky wasn’t anything she herself remotely cared about. She took a deep breath, taking in the smells of the nature surrounding them, craving to take a walk through the woods just beyond the compound.


        Alana placed another hand on her friend, this time, trying to call her attention. “Did you hear me?”


         Liara turned to have her left cheek resting on her arms. “No, sorry, I was thinking…”


        “In your bae.” A finger played with a blue curl which danced in the wind.


        “No actually I was thinking in how much I wanted to stroll through the woods, but you have me here talking about, should of could of would ofs. So, are we done with the not so grand way we met? Cause that wasn’t hitting on nothing. A man, a woman, oooh such greatness. Two people of the same stature, one skinny one fat, then again that is the way things work right?” A smile given back to the stern look she was now receiving from her company.


        Alana shook her head, took a breath, “I have a question. Before or after you two were together, you began to wear the extra clothes for him?”


        A shake of the head. “I began dressing in layers for him, before we officially became anything remotely dysfunctional. No one else seemed to respect him enough to bring clothes for, if and when the need be. I just found it in poor taste to let everyone see his sexy.”


        “Thank you for it. I swear the last thing I want to see is that.” Cherry red lips frowned as she gave a sour face.


        “The first time he actually made a move was when he was all juiced up. You remember that day? Funny enough it was what, three days after we came face to face. I got to meet that sweet side of his.” The smirk on her face, Alana only lowered her head into her right hand once again.


        Red eyes were closed, as she spoke through the hand that still covered her face. “Liara, the Hulk was in a rage mode. He was tearing everything to shreds. He could have just as easily killed anyone of us. Then here comes your psychotic ass, all provoked by it…”


        “Anyway, let’s remember all the details correctly, yes? Good.” Liara broke in.


        “You got all off on when I told you he was in rage mode.” With her statement, Liara did nothing but give a chuckle, which turned into a loud amused laugh.


        “HA! Ohhh god! I was all oooh really. You got pissed. I just don’t understand why. Oh, oh, ohohoh, then you called me a bitch! Baby boy ain’t like that that much.” Liara’s laughter was now sheer delight as her entire face lit up.


        There was a disagreement thrown back, “that was Phe coming through, loud and clear.”


        “I know. Which is why looking back, it’s overly funny. Cause I don’t know if she was speaking to me or you. I really am leaning more to the side that it was you. Cause she could care less what happens to me. But she needed your body to do whatever it is that she did when she took over.” Liara stood, and now peered down to the men still heavy in conversation as her mind went back to the day in question.




        "Hey! Hey you! Yeah you, sexy broccoli. I'm really getting tired of you and your shit. Everyone else here is terrified of you. But me, I'm just fed the fuck up with your temper tantrum." Hulk spun extremely fast to take in the voice yelling over his growls. As he leaned down to come blood shot eye to yellow eye, Liara raised a cocky left brow. Then let out a coy laugh, deep from her diaphragm. Clearly enthralled with the giant's massive force.


        The rest of the team stood on guard at the ready. Knowing the inevitable only seconds away. A whisper was detected, carried by the wind, "Liara, you do realize he's in rage mode right."


        "Oooh, really." The way she said it made a red head roll her eyes. 


        "You.stupid.bitch." With the remark, there was another roar from the giant.


        Liara stood her ground as Hulk did nothing but breathe angrily at everyone surrounding him. "Everyone.leave."


        "Not the best idea Guerra." Furry slowly inched to her side.


        "I said go!" With her shout, green eyes found hers again. He turned and pounded a fist deep into the asphalt barely centimeters to the right of Liara. While everyone else made their way to safety far away.


        "Bitch move Banner." Liara crossed her arms and waited for the beast to react.


        Right on cue, Hulk roared his dissatisfaction.


        A tsk as yellow eyes looked the beast up then down. "Really? Sorry but you don't scare me boo boo. You never have and you never will. If anything, what you're doing right about now is completely having the reverse effect and you know it. Now what. Don't look at me like that. I swear if you yell just one more gin, you ain't gone like me."


        Hulk picked up an armored car and chucked it aside, clearing a path for himself to continue his rampage. He turned his back on the purple haired woman.


        "You think you hard.” A cocky chuckle. “You ain't bought that life. What you know about that? Hmmmm Robert?"


        As soon as he heard this horrible putrid name, he turned on Liara. Right hand clenched in a tight fist, arm cocked at the ready. 




        Ready to strike.


        Even still, there he stood. Frozen. Unable to move, as he stood staring into glowing yellow eyes. 


        "Exactly. You know it too." The words leaving her lips, as if honey, with him the fly.


        As if in a trance, his head tilted. Mesmerized in this woman. He reached out, a large green finger ran down Liara's right hip, not letting up till her lower thigh.


        On reflex the woman's skin reacted to the electricity powerfully surging throughout her body. Provoking a deep sensual shiver. Resulting in thick chills covering every inch of her person.


        For the fraction of a second Liara took in reacting to Hulk's touch. By way of eyes rolling closed in shear ecstasy, there was a deep overly cocky huff turned grunt as she was pulled into the beast whom was already into his first jump.




        Alana listened wile Liara explained some things as she went over the day Bruce had turned into the Hulk, and lost complete control. The Celestial knew her Wolf friend was enthralled with Banner in this state. From her continuous and relentless talk prior to. Wanting to meet this side of him. How she claimed she needed to meet both sides, for further studies.


        However, The Age Old Being had no idea any of this touchy feely went on, or that Liara was singularly able to calm the beast with just a look. No, there had to be more than just this. The question was going to eat at her if she did not ask.


        “Liara, okay so you really let him touch you in that state, of course you did. You are nasty. Therefore, you weren’t afraid like any sane person and you should be. Never once did it cross your mind that he could crush you?” Her eyes wore worry.


        A tender smile and a small release of breath. “He could have smashed me, I was all up for that. But no, it never did. Okay, while you are rolling your eyes. Trying to hold your anger, here’s why. The testosterone he was dealing off. Lord knows, it was so enticing. Which provoked the pheromones in me to become stronger and let’s say in turn, provoked him.”


        “Wait.” Alana furrowing her brow.


        A nod, “yes. See, he, no matter which he it is. Alana, we are linked. A whole other level of attraction. Animalistic, I guess you can call it. I do. My smell is something he is always going to crave on count of the beast inside of him. It’s a strong part of him. Raw, unparalleled. And provokes, no… compels him to lust after me. Sometimes I think that’s the only reason he does like me.”


        Alana now pulled the sad woman to return to where they once were on the stone bench. “Liara, don’t say that. That is far from the truth. He, he just has these issues he must work on to be able to care for someone else.”


        A shake of the head. “No, see I understand all that. He isn’t capable of self-love. See I know that, because I was once there. Until he does see in him what I do. And everyone else does, he’ll never be able to give any woman what she deserves. Hell, he won’t be able to give himself the love he oh so richly deserves. Which is another reason I can’t be with him any longer. I loved the dysfunction we had… to a certain extent. I wanted to touch him in public, but he refused that. I wanted to claim mine anytime. But that once again, something not allowed. I thought for a long time he was ashamed of me, like I am. But never once did self-absorbed Liara for once think that Robert Banner had problems with self-doubt.


        “Awwww, you said his name. You love him.” Thick lips curled into a bright and overly happy smile.


        Rolled yellow eyes in return. “Love doesn’t exist, unless it is a family bond thing you are speaking of.”


        “Cause you would know.” A purse of the lips.


        A nod in agreement.


        A calming breath as she decided to change the subject. “Whatever, go back to when you were Liaranapped. All of us were running for cover when he was testing the produce. None of us saw that, but we did see the blur of green flying through the air.”


         “It was overly ripe, believe me.” A husky laugh, as Alana punched her in the forearm. “Okay, okay. He took me away, so romantic. He turned back into the overly sexy him. I got undressed.”


        The yellow eyes that raised in session, only made her laugh. “I swear if you weren’t my best friend, I’d hate you. Anyhow, you gave him the sweats. I know this, I want to know to where did he take you.”


        A smile, and another raise of the brows, “why, you jealous? He took me to a beach. Happy now?”




        “What exactly did he do?” Bruce found her hand and intertwined Liara’s fingers between his.


        Liara shook her head, “Nothing. I don’t want to go there, Robert. I just want to stay in this moment. Can we please stay like this? No problems, no stress? Hidden away from life, just for this fraction of an instance, just as I know you like.”


        Yellow eyes rolled closed as the man she desired more than anything, pulled her hand to deliver it a soft kiss. The grip which held it became just that much tighter. “I am sensing diversion.”


        “And I am sensing,” a sigh. “Nevermind.”


        “Am I doing something wrong?” Banner stopped. Feeling the change in the woman beside him. The same one who was fixated on the crashing waves.


        “Everything is wrong.” Liara lowered her head. “You hide this, what we can have, what I can possibly give you. I make you slightly happy right?” Her last words were heavy with question.


        “It is not a question of making each other happy. It is a question of what the hell is happening to us when we are around each other.” Bruce pulled a reluctant purple haired Liara along with him, as he inched closer to the edge of the docks they were under.


        There was a hesitancy in her, one he all too well knew was there. “You trust me right?”


        There was a slow nod, but a death stare at the waves. “Not you that I don’t.”


        “Okay. Now you see it my way.” Before Liara could detest, the man found the strength to pull her into his arms.


        “I really like you, Robert. I mean the first moment I saw you, I wanted to get to know you.” A finger lifted her chin. This was the first moment her bright yellow eyes were taken in by soft and tender emotionally filled chocolate ones.


        His reaction caused Liara to once again shy away. “Look at me.” There was a whisper on his part into her right ear. She cursed him under her breath.


        “No. I’m sorry. I should just respect you and leave now. Just as you want. You are so right, there is something going on between us, and it’s not right.” Liara was about to leave the man standing here. However the rush of a wave, caused her to gasp and lean back into him.


        Banner took no hesitation in wrapping his protective arms around the woman. Once again, a light whisper found her ear. “I need you to look at me.”


        This occasion, Liara was unable to deny the man. Bright golden orbs curiously furrowed as Banner, without emotion stared unblinking at her. Liara took a hard breath while changing her gaze to his plump lips. As if by chance, her thought in tasting them became her reality.




        A wince as a giddy screech came from Alana. “So he kissed you just like that? Wait wait wait, no he dominated you just that quick.”


        Liara rolled her eyes. Not to her friend’s comment, no. But to the company they now had, who stood just within the shadows. A snarl as Liara took to foot.


        “Alana, I'll have to continue with story time some other time. Right now, I'm feeling rather beat.” The She Wolf made for the double doors, not before stopping just shy.


        Liara wet her heart shaped lips before she began. “You came right on time. She needs company. You hurt her, I take the pretty. I have about a hundred different ways I plan on using it.”


        The Wolf mutated woman eased from the balcony, but not before watching as Alana’s new company causally strolled over to her.


        Red eyes turned to see the person which sat down next to her. “I thought you were... I'm sorry, I have to be leaving.”


        “Please stay. It’s a rather pleasant night, for a nice change. I would truly enjoy the company. Steve refused, which is what you caught sight of. Since your friend left you all alone. Why not share this space together?” Bucky placed a brown lock of hair behind his right ear as he gave Alana a tender smile, which she returned.


        A slight smile crept onto Liara’s face as she watched what was beginning to happen. She turned to leave the couple, giving them their privacy.

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