Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


18. Biara

        The night was long, eventful, and overly enjoyable. Hulk had put Liara to sleep long ago. She was laying on her stomach next to him in peaceful slumber. He had been watching her steady paced breathing for hours now. She seemed so at peace while she was resting. He dragged his fingers lightly down her back and loved how anywhere on her body he touched, there was a trail of goosebumps left in his quake. He leaned down and kissed her right shoulder blade, thrusting her entire body to chill over.

       A satisfying chuckle resonated from the woman, "having fun?"

       Liara turned to rest her opposite cheek on her arm in being able see the man at her side. Hulk was still in Bruce's skin. She took in the satisfied man that now laid down next to her as he propped up on an elbow. The cave was dark, but she could see everything perfectly as if it were day. The heavy and rapid flashes of lightning let Liara know the outside conditions had now converted into an electrical storm.

        Hulk trailed his finger down the woman's arm, curious even more still. "LIARA SAME."

        The She Wolf studied the man that carefully inspected her during every bright flash, "Always."

        The way the flashes lit the cavern and the man inside, made Liara's heart flutter. She closed her eyes as he caressed her face. What should have been a tender moment was more on the verge of regret and remorse. A single tear escaped. She furrowed her brows as her eyes opened.

        This should have been her and Bruce, not her and Hulk. Granted they were two parts of a whole, but what Liara wanted was the whole. Banner was the one she chose all those years ago. The one that still haunted her dreams. Hulk. He, he was only a perk. A sweet, caring and protective perk.

        Sure Liara was mean to Bruce, but he deserved it after all, didn't he? He did break her heart after she reluctantly let him in. She never believed in love, but that man made her feel things no other man ever did. Their chemistry had always been off the charts. Just to let him in and play his game, with his rules made Liara feel alive. Then for Bruce to just rip it all away in the horrible manner he did, somehow damaged her. Like someone had gutted her. Leaving her soulless, heartless once again without meaning to life.

        Liara told herself she was fine with hating Banner for the rest of her life, but who was she really kidding? Trying to play 'the scorned ex that will show you what you let get away' was weighing heavy and getting old really quick. He knew what he lost, he should have, at least. She made him happy, hell well at least Liara thought she did. If anything she knew Bruce made her happy. Happy and whole for the first time in her troubled life.
        Hulk caught glimpse of the tear that pooled in the crease of Liara's eye. He reached to wipe it away. "HULK HURT LIARA?"

         "No," Liara faked a contented huff. "It's just..."

        Hulk sadly furrowed his brow, "LIARA WANT BANNER."

        "Never like that, Hulk. Just... just Jekyll is the only one able to tell me some things that happened during the mission. But, actually I'm happy. You helped me and I owe you for that. Besides, you could never hurt me," Liara leaned over to softly kiss his cheek. "Happy tear."

        Hulk took the woman in his embrace. He kissed her forehead as Liara snuggled her face into his chest. She allowed the man to continue to hold her. Before she knew it, in enjoying his warmth she found herself beginning to doze into slumber. However, the most curious thing was she could feel the eternal battle that Hulk was currently having.

        Hulk was struggling his hardest to remain the one in control. The battle had to last at least a few hours. Liara could tell that it was emotionally draining, for the poor body that held her finally relaxed and the paced breathing caused her to smile bashfully. Liara slowly lifted her head to come face to face with a slumbering Banner. She stared at the sleeping man, her hand began reaching for his face. She pulled it away for a second when he took in a jagged breath. When he let it go, her hand found itself cupping his heavily bearded cheek. Her fingers found and began to lightly trace his lips. Liara leaned in and gently kissed Bruce. The man rolled onto his back, and Liara tenderly chuckled.

        "Sleep well, cause later you are going to have your panties in a bunch with all these. At least your other half had the sense to put his pants back on." Liara ran her fingers over the evidence left behind from her night with Hulk.

        She kissed his hairy chest before leaving his side. Searched the cave for her clothes and headed for the water source. She washed up, clothed and headed for the entrance to the cave. The sun was now peeking from behind the horizon. She sat down, kicked a leg over the drop-off and leaned back on the curve of the rock behind her. The sight was beautiful, so was the one to her other side. She pulled her right leg up, threw her arms around it. Laid her left cheek on her knee as she took in Bruce. Liara inhaled a deep breath and returned her gaze to the outside world.

        A couple of hours passed before Bruce regained the strength to wake. This time it was harder for him to retain control. Hulk was getting better at shutting him out. Also there was the fact that the beast could eat off the chemicals that Liara's person always produced, which never failed to provoke him to being further in control of everything. He cleared his eyes and studied his surroundings. The Hulk had taken them to a cave that he was very familiar with. His eyes focused as they caught sight of the woman that sat sideways in the cavern's opening with a leg in her embrace. He began to panic as he remembered that she fell in the mission. Also that he wasn't able to help her until after she was gravely injured. He lifted and made his way to her.

        Liara heard the man begin to stir and finally rushed to her. There was a hint of unease in his mind, which came through loud and clear by his heart rate. As he closed in, Liara let him know she was fine.

        Without taking her eyes off the horizon, "it's beautiful here."

        Liara turned to eye the man that leaned a bit to take in the terrain far below them as he asked for her welfare. "Are you okay?"

        She laid her cheek on her knee again as she turned to face Bruce as he squatted feet away from the opening. "You might want to put some clothes on." Liara took to foot, as Banner copied her.

        Liara walked to face the man. She stopped inches in front of him. "Yes, I am okay. I owe you." Her brows furrowed. His innocent gaze was too strong for her to keep, she lowered her head. "You took care of me, even though I was a bitch to you."

        "Technically, it was Hulk." Banner answered.

        As Liara lifted her head, her eyes lingered on one of the hickeys that the unaware man carried as testament to the passion that ensued for a majority of the night. She shook her head, clearly bothered by his remark. She began to pass him, "He is part of you."

        The She Wolf was stopped by the man grabbing her wrist. "What?"

        "I said thank you." The two stood shoulder to shoulder, facing opposite directions. 

        Bruce shook his head, "so you healed completely?"

        "Yes. It took awhile however." Banner made his way to face the woman once again. His hand that still tightly grasped Liara's right wrist was now checking her pulse. "But now I'm good. Yay."

        "Your pressure is fine... normal as it is for you." As soon as Bruce released his grip, Liara darted away from him. Bruce turned to watch her. "But you didn't recoup naturally did you."

        The She Wolf stopped in her tracks. Her mind racing as the images played before her wide eyes. Recovered her composure and turned on a dime. Walked up to the man that stood as tall as she. Squinted as she shoved the clothes at Bruce. ​"Yes. Completely natural. Oooor you prefer that I tell you Hulk and I made beautiful and passionate love all night long in your body, and I feel sorry you weren't allowed to remember any of it."

        Bruce received the clothing as he furrowed his brow. Liara and her sarcasm were still in full effect, at least that was normal. But he had a feeling there was still something off with her. He put his theory to the test. He barely whispered under his breath, however Liara continued to walk to the brook.

        Yellow eyes stared at her reflection in the crystal clear water, she side eyed Bruce when he finally squatted next to her, clothed. Quenching his thirst. "What's wrong?"

        Bruce stopped drinking water from his cupped hand as he looked over to Liara. "I... I don't... I don't understand what... what you mean."

        "Really? Can we cut the shit? Cause the way that this lying to a yellow eyed freak is going." Liara watched the reflection of the man that made a sour face at her words.

        "No." Bruce responded to a bewildered look staring back at him.

       "No." Yellow eyes raised as her head shook once while raising her shoulders and throwing up her hands. "Ughhhh. Okay just give me the bad news please. I'm really tired of this weirdness that you have around me, even though yooou are the one that dumped me. Do I need to slip my tongue down your throat for you to mellow the hell out? Cause you used to love that now didn't you. Damn, no I forgot. No can do, you have a pet gnat now. No more wet puppy kisses, awww. Sucks to be me huh. Buuuut go head on boy, you going places." Liara shifted her weight and now sat crossed legged next to Bruce.        

        "Why are you always so sarcastic." Bruce asked.
        Yellow eyes narrowed, "deflection? Really. So what is it like having that sort of pet? Is she all up in your face, cause they do seem to like to fly into your eyes a lot. And I mean right in them. It's a pain really. Such a bother. Oh oh oh, like I told your green bean side, you are soooo degressing in the food chain."

        "I am not the one deflecting, that would be you with this constant babble." Bruce took in a raised left eyebrow, calling him on it.

        Liara slowly paired her brow with a smirk, "oh."

        "What does that mean." Bruce scrunched his brow.

        Liara quickly raised her brows once, "absolutamente nadita de nada." (not a thing absolutely nothing)

        "You were never the jealous one, but," Yellow eyes side eyed him when he started. 

        A heavy dimple encased Liara's left cheek as she devilishly smirked. She slowly turned her head to take in the full reaction that Banner would give her with the statements her mind was forming. "You mean like you ever since I graced you with my presence? Mmmm, let's see, I had you fumbling in your little playground of a lab, then there was the way you were all fidgety down in Mexiquito Lindo (beautiful Mexico), within the main house. Oh, let's not ever forget, cause I know I won't, the internal fit that you were having when I answered a door when I did some things and said some things. Oh and the way you were eating me alive with those eyes. Scratching your head, sexy. Had to be something that I was wearing. Also don't forget the tinge of anger when Casanova was all laid out in my lap, then the cute conversation I had with Nicholas, the testosterone that you were giving off was amazing. But you want to speak of jealousy."

        The joy in her voice was what was eating at Bruce. She was masking something. "So this entire time..."

        "I have been making you see what you let go, or in your words, provoking... same difference." Liara shrugged as she rolled her eyes, then her mood changed in a blink of an eye. "You hurt me Jekyll, you hurt me deep." Sad yellow eyes furrowed and took in the rock that cradled the streamlet.

        A shaky hand reached for her, she batted it away. "Liara, I..."

        "Please let me finish, I really need to get this out. I was mad at you for a long time. I mean a looong time." A ripple in the water caught Bruce's attention, he slowly changed his gaze to Liara. When she slowly shook her head, Bruce caught glimpse of the tears that freely flowed down her left cheek. "I hated everything that you were, and everything that you stood for. Everything that you made me into. You made me weak. So damaged. Broken and useless. It wasn't until I recognized this about myself that I learned the real reason behind our breakup. It was never about me."

        Liara allowed the man to cup her right cheek and guide her face toward him. "I never meant to hurt you in the manner I did. My words came out all wrong. Vicious and evil. I made everything about you when it was truly about me." He wiped at her tears, which only produced more.

        "I'm just tired of fighting with you, I've told you already before. I can't do this anymore. We clearly have two different opinions and will never see eye to eye." Liara grabbed at Bruce's wrists, and lowered his hands from her face. "I'm glad that you and Red are a thing, you deserve some happiness. Please remember that. Hey, at least you can do her and not have to worry about repopulating the world with cute little abominations."

        "You are never going to let that go are you." The doctor asked.

        Liara tried to replace a loose strand of hair, when her arm was yanked toward Bruce, "heeey, stop." When she began to jerk it away, Banner grabbed the other. Easily overpowering her while tapping into a bit of Hulk's strength. "It's none of your business. Let go."

        "It is my business because I say so." The scientist continued to tussle with the woman. Finally he squeezed her forearms, as Liara tsked through her teeth. Bruce rotated them to completely take in the sight. He furrowed his brow as his face went white.

        Liara tried to jerk away one last time, but Bruce was quicker and stronger than she was. He pulled her into him, Liara was practically in his lap, their faces inches apart. As his intoxicating scent filled her being, she closed her eyes. Trying to fight its power over her. Bruce trailed his finger lightly over the thin lines that marked either wrist.

        "I told you, I hit rock bottom. It wasn't until I learned to love myself that I finally understood you." Liara opened her glowing eyes that took in the top of the man's head. He continued to study her wrists.

        "You possess the ability of self-regeneration, the bruise I gave you the other night is completely gone, and your hearing is almost perfect. However." The man was unaware of the effect that his closeness was doing to the woman in his embrace.

      With every breath and every stroke Bruce made upon her skin, it was slowly driving Liara insane. It was taking everything in her to keep her body in check without manifesting the effects of his closeness and touch. She tried her hand at talking normally, "that you gave me in another fit of jealousy, thank you for reminding me. My hearing is fine like it is. Let me be deaf to whispers and high frequencies, they were always a bitch anyhow. After trying to kill myself, and you better not say you're sorry, cause I'll kick your ass. I found out that self inflicted wounds never heal. Go fig."

        The She Wolf in his grasp once more tried to jerk away, he furrowed his brow. He leaned forward and whispered. "Look at me."

        Liara shook her head. She knew he knew. It was all too obvious, even for him. Her body had already taken to reacting to his touch.

        "This was because of me, let me at least help you in regaining your complete power status." Bruce released his grip of the woman.

        She opened pleading glowing eyes, unable to move. Her voice shaking and clearly on the brink of failing her, "please leave me alone, I can't do this. I really can't. You don't understand what you're asking of me. There are too many feelings there on my side. You see this as giving me a solid but I see this as catching feelings all over again. I.just.can't."

        "Even though you slept with the other guy." Bruce unzipped the hoodie slightly and pointed to a hickey on his left collarbone as Liara let out a nervous guilty chuckle.

        "That was a solid. There are too many secrets, ones that will cause things to change," Liara gave Bruce the once over, and cocked her left brow high, "and we made love. Completely different technique than you. You were always the aggressive ty..." Before Liara could finish, Bruce had crashed his lips into hers. Taking what he had longed for ever since she came back. He knew that if she let Hulk in then Liara was still in love with him, much as he with her.

        "I feel so sorry for you. You are in a relationship and don't even know it." Bruce huskily whispered, coming up for air.

        "Is that what Hulk told you?" She followed by biting her lip, staring at his. She traced his bottom lip. "I'm scared Robert."

        Banner took his cue as soon as she called him the one name he longed to here come across her lips. He kissed Liara again. This time long, tenderly with the longing of four years. This woman was still his and he could finally feel it. Every touch he made upon her let him know. Her body reacted to his entirety, same as it did before he ruined everything. The sensation he remembered came back, the one that scared him into ripping Liara from his life. The one that he overly enjoyed was once felt again, and this time Bruce relished in it. The void that this woman left in him with her absence was filling in.

        He leaned her back. He needed to feel her, to make her completely his once again. He looked into her eyes. For the first time Liara smiled, a real smile. Banner told himself, that was what was going to stay on her face from here on, no matter the consequences.

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