Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


13. Base

        Steve nodded, “yes, it is a very different and original custom.”

        “As old as you are, you would think that you have learned better tact than that by now.” The woman returned.

        Bucky did nothing but raise his brows. Lost as the two exchanged conversation around him.

        Liara batted away a strand of black hair that somehow found its way loose from the curls under the cempasúchil (marigold) crown she sported.

        “I am sorry. I didn’t mean to offend.” He turned to her.

        The 'La Catrina' painted woman refused to break her focus from the site down below. The crowd of celebrators were now completely within the cemetery. “Whatever Murica. You are free to whatever you want to do. I see the clothes fit you. Now if you two are happy with knowing my location, I will continue to do what I was in the middle of before I followed you over here.

        “You are…” Rogers began.

        “Yeah, being a heathen and all kinds of ungodly. All that good stuff and calling spirits here too, man I must be full of the devil huh. But you know how it is, oh wait ya don't. Whatever. Anyway, I'm going to pay my respects, of course, that is what all this is about. Know what, go to the house and eat. The both of you look as if you could stand a meal. I made it, you’re insulting me if you don’t. I’ll be headed back soon enough. Just have to take this down to… someone,” her voice trailed off. “Then we can all discuss this mission that at least you are sooooo ready to dirty your hands in.” She turned her head, stared at Barnes’ light stubble covered jaw, that slightly quivered. She began to slowly take in his posture, fitting him down then up, in being able to smell his hesitancy.

        Steve nodded as he knew all too well he had put his foot in his mouth. "Yes, we shall get back to your deemed base and let the others know of your location, and in that you shouldn't be gone for much longer. They will be reassured to know I've found you."

        "Okay." A cynical chuckle. Liara turned to face the men as she stepped forward. "They are so worried over poor little ole me, just make sure to tell Stark to leave my stuff alone. And to stop snooping, he won't find anything." 

        Rogers nodded, he and Bucky began to return from where they first started their trek. Making far better time, for the street was completely clear this time. As soon as they entered the house, they took in the site of almost everyone grouped around the table making plans and going over schematics. Fury was sitting behind an upright glass that functioned as a computer. Wilson was at his right, pointing out different areas that would make for perfect air strikes. Romanoff and Barton both to his left respectively, studying every little detail of the map.

        Stark was off talking to Banner in what appeared to be a den. The scientist seemed to be very uncomfortable with the entire situation. They were awfully quiet and distant to the severity of the mission at hand. Or at least in Steve's opinion. Rogers made his way to the dim lit room. The seated men hushed their conversation in his presence.

        "Cap. How goes everything? Did we find our lost little puppy? I was so scared that maybe she had been hit and ran over by a car." Stark, with a bottle of beer in his hand wondered.

        Rogers tilted his head, "yes, she is down at the cemetery."

        Tony narrowed his eyes for a fraction of a second, in reading the man's reaction. "Wait, in the cemetery? Did you bury her. You didn't even give me a chance to pay my last respects."

        "Tony, I... I really wish that you wouldn't." Bruce barely voiced his opinion.

        Steve raised a brow, "I agree with Banner. Lay off Stark."

        "Hey you're the one that always makes her bite your hand, not me. We have a very healthy relationship, she and I." Stark shifted his head backward in a defensive manner.

        "Right," Steve turned his back on the men, before he exited the room entirely, he stopped. "Guerra did however, inform me to tell you to leave her things alone, that there isn't anything to find."

        Bruce took in Tony, who threw himself in the chair that he was in earlier. "See I knew that this was a staged home, wait what? I would never!"

        "Actually Tony you would." Banner shy mentioned.

        Stark turned to his friend. "Some friend you are," and rolled his eyes.

        Bucky slowly strolled on leaving his friend behind, talking to the men. Even though he had been around these people for a while, Barnes could still feel the animosity and resentment radiating from them. He walked onto the porch as he needed some air, from escaping the thick air within the house itself. He leaned on one of the pillars of the house, as Steve joined him.

        In placing his hand on Bucky's shoulder, Steve could feel the tension. "Hey, everything is going to be okay, there is no need to worry about anything in the least. We have every angle covered. The mission will work out just fine."

        "All this I understand, it's not that in the least. It's in the fact that they don't trust me, nor do I for that matter. What if I have a problem with choosing a side. What if I forget that I'm on this side?" Barnes furrowed his brow as he stared at the cement below his feet.

        "Then that is where I come in cripple." Liara voiced, the men took her in as she came up the walk. The woman continued past the duo into the living room.

        "Ah speak of the devil." Fury greeted her.

        Liara tsked through her teeth. "Oh, it's like that? I mean I know that I have demon eyes, but woooooow. No rest for the wicked I guess."

        "Been celebrating I see." Fury saw the bottle in Liara's hand.

        Liara smirked, she raised the bottle to eye level, "I don't need to liquor a man up to get laid. Now, you more than anyone else already knows that I don't drink."

        "But you do know what's going on here." The seated man continued the conversation.

        Liara walked to the table, in seeing the reverse side of the detailed map the others were going over. She made an agreeing hum from her throat. "of course I do, I have been here for a minute. But that isn't what you really want to know. You want to know what I did, to what extent I went about finding out everything," the woman placed a half full bottle of mezcal on the table. Then proceeded to place her hands far apart, to prop herself as she leaned down to his eye level. "so, can we cut the crap."

        "I agree with the skeleton." Stark came from the other room, as he listened to Liara's snide remarks.

        The yellow eyed female smirked, when the man behind her commented. "Of course you do, because you are pissed I didn't share everything with you until now. Your hunger to know where I keep all the goodies is just irking you to infinity."

        The wolf blood infused woman turned to Tony as he cleared his throat. "I have no idea of what you mean, I..."

        Liara cut him off, "scoured this house top to bottom. Sardine," she poked him in the chest, "never disregard your gut. Besides you reek of jealousy."              

        "I knew it. See, I knew that my puppy was always faithful." The man smiled as he tried to pat her on the head but she grabbed his hand.

        Fury frowned. "What the hell are the two of you going on about?"

        Stark walked past Liara to sit at the table, facing the director of the Avengers. "Oh nothing. Nothing but the fact that this boring house isn't really. See I knew that there had to be more here than meets the eye, though I couldn't find anything. Even with my amazing and unbelievable skills, I was unable, which only made me more suspicious." Stark then turned to the woman. "How did you do it really?"

        Liara smirked, "Tin Man, you want to always show your smartness off that you overlook the simplest detail. I mean really, sometimes I feel for you."

        Tony made a gasping sound followed by a pouty face. "Is my smart really showing?"

        "Not really, sorry," the wolf woman made a face as Romanoff giggled.

        "When the two of you stop flirting and let everyone else in on what's going on." Rogers chimed in.

        Fury answered, "it's simple, this is Liara's base and our boy genius over here is just upset. That with all his little toys, he was unable to unlock anything."

        Tony made a small gesture with his fingers while Fury spoke. He then turned to Bruce.

        The scientist who was leaned back upon a wall, far enough away from everyone to feel secure, only nodded as he grimaced.

        "You keep sending me under the bus today. No more us time." Stark muttered.

        "Ohh, as much as I would absolutely love to see that, however seeing as how I wasn't invited, there are more important things at hand." As Liara declared, she reached high above her head toward the ceiling fan that was steady blowing air down upon them. She pressed in the lever used for reversing the blades' rotation. In doing so, there was a thin purple line emitted from within. It fanned out, encircling the entire room as it started from the ceiling down, everything it passed began to change.

        All the, as Tony claimed, boring arrangements and staged atmosphere changed. In their place were various plastic screens, wireless keyboards and other electronic databases and mechanical components needed to keep Liara's systems encrypted and stored safely along the wall behind where Fury sat. Along the opposite wall were more screens, that were all powered on. Showing the feed, cameras recorded of men steady working in a lab.

        These images peaked Bruce's interest, "wait, are.. are these live?"

        Liara watched the man from her peripheral vision as he walked to the screens, in getting a closer look. "Now why doesn't that even surprise me in the least, that you'd get off on this of all things."

        There was a chuckle from the table as Tony then spoke up, "for that, you're invited."

        "Yaay. See, that is all I ever wanted in life." Liara raised her right cheek in a devilish smirk.

        Banner turned around, "wait what?"

        When the dining and living rooms were finally finished their conversions, Tony made his glee be known. "This is what you had hidden? I approve. Excuse me."

        Liara shook her head as the man was already tapping away on a screen while running and talking to F.R.I.D.A.Y. Fury stood, made his way to the yellow eyed female that now took a seat in the middle of the chaos. Everyone was a buzz around her. Scouring over all the information that she had given them, it was taking it's toll on her, and he was the only one that seemed to notice. Nick knelt next to her, placing a hand on her knee.

        He leaned in, at barely a murmur, "you did good."

        Guerra, with her head already lowered, closed her eyes tight and gave a slight nod. There was a forced whisper. "I have to step out. If someone comes in, they belong here."

        The woman exited the room in a hastened pace, out through the kitchen's hidden entrance into the tunnels. Down until the voices were faint enough for her to cope. She leaned against a stoned wall and began to take in huge breaths. When her breathing regulated, she righted herself and stared out over the crashing waves. Liara smelled the air and knew she wasn't alone. She crossed her arms and grabbed her shoulders, in waiting for her company to close in on her.

        As soon as the man was close enough to her without her having to raise her voice, she asked him, "you ever just stare at the waves and think that that is your life in a nutshell?"

        "Steve asked me to bring you these." The man offered her two tiny earbuds.

        The woman quickly retrieved them from his extended right hand, then clasped them tightly in her own. She finally looked into Bucky's piercing blue eyes. Liara furrowed her brow, as she drank them in, there was something there that she smelled earlier. Hesitation. "Thank you, you needn't bother though."

        Barnes took a step forward, to the cavity's opening. "Yes. Repeating the same course over and over, to the same avail. Only to continue the cycle endlessly, then without warning finally something cracks, gives way. Making everything come crashing down. Change." The last word was barely a whisper, but came through to Liara as loud as a scream.

        "You know they don't trust either of us." Guerra turned to the man, as she placed her noise concealing wireless earbuds into her ears. "At least you have Murica."

        The man raised a brow, "good, then they know that we could both snap."

        Liara smirked, "whenever you feel froggy big boy."

        "You aren't strong enough." Barnes snapped.

        The yellow eyed woman growled as a snarl formed, she looked him up then down. "I don't know, I think that I could hold my own. I mean I can already tell you like it rough. And that's right down my alley."

        Barnes furrowed his brow, "wait you say I have Steve, you have no one?"

        Liara nodded as her gaze now was upon the ocean below. "Sure, death. Very old friend that one. No, really I have someone, Alana. That ain't saying much seeing as how she isn't anywhere to be found when I need her. But to be fair she has a life to figure out as well. But there is no need for any others. Too much attachment involved, and hey besides for some strange reason I have, get this... you. This is what, the second time you have worried about my well being? Even though you hate me? Here I thought that I was the only schizo here. Says a lot about a person you know, but no I think you're more bipolar than anything else."

        "I worry for the safety of all my teammates." Barnes gave a face of innocence.

        The yellow eyed woman made a face, "sooo that's why you choked me, I thought that you were trying to tell me you needed to get laid. Safety. Got it."

        "You started it." Bucky turned to her.

        There was a smirk on the woman's face as she stared at the waves, "you are sooo right, back when I shot your dumbass. That felt sooo good, and I'm beyond itching to finish it. But not right now, I have prior engagements. So I'll just go with the satisfaction of knowing that I won."
        "I have a scar now." Barnes turned to the woman that was now taller than him, thanks to her heels.
         Liara retained a gentle face as she refused to lift her eye from the horizon. "Your welcome. Oh, I don't think that I hate you as much anymore. It's only a mere loathe. However it depends on which me you're talking to really. This me, sees through your bullshit and calls bootleg anciano (elderly man). You have demons and are scared of them, rightfully so. At least you have the luxury to choose. Which must be nice. You cripple, have a deep friendship that keeps you grounded. I envy that. Never mess that up. Cause at the end of the day, that bond will always be the most important thing in existence. No matter what the others see, say or do."

        Bucky tilted his head, "wait you were called here why exactly?"

        "Which? The first mission in which I let you know I was so much more dominate than you in D. F.? That was a favor for Nick. I'm here now to like I said, to make sure you don't step out of line." Liara turned to the man next to her.

        Barnes nodded, "even though you are not able to take me down, not even on your best day."
        The woman rolled her yellow eyes and smirked. "Nope, but the one that was forced here, could snap you just as easily as he could me. Oops, but here's a little secret, just between me and you. He couldn't lay a finger on me. I have him under my complete control."

        The dark brunette furrowed his brow, at a loss. He searched her eyes all confused, "Phero... mones..."

        Liara's snarl turned into a smirk, "I'd show you my bitch power, but I was told repeatedly that I was supposed to respect my elders."

        "It's really hard to take you serious while you're dressed like a skeleton doll. I can't tell if you are human or just a cheap canine copy." Bucky dug back.

        The yellow eyed woman raised her left brow in confusion, "wooooooow, that is all you have, don't hurt yourself. I do forget that you are old as dirt. Was that supposed to hurt? You need to dig deep boo boo, cause that so ain't cutting it. And by the looks of you," she looked him up then down as she crossed her arms, "you can't. You done dug about as deep as you can go, what a pity. Just when I thought that you miiiiiight possibly have had a slight redeeming quality." Liara pursed her painted lips to the right. "Oh, and this getup was a promise that I made to someone, and there is absolutely no way that I would not come through. See there is one thing about me, you'll find out. I mean, of course besides being a freak and all. Is that I never lie, my word is my bond."

        Barnes gave her a perplexed look.

        Liara was left mouth agape, in learning what he was giving off and it came to her a great enjoyment. She took in a deep breath. "Oh my God, this is your first mission as an Avenger? You are soooo going to love the Big Guy. Word to the wise, don't cross him." She patted him on the shoulder as she passed him to head back into the house. "Fyi, the Big One, yeah he's the one that is more than capable of putting you in your place. Don't ever say that I never did anything for you."   

        The wolf blooded woman made her way back into the kitchen. She stopped and watched all the others as they were hard at work with their plans on how they were going to confront the danger. She took a breath and walked into the once dining room. Bucky had caught up and passed her as he took to Steve's side. There was a nod between the two then Steve made his way to Liara.

        "Quite the detailed information that you have gathered. We have decided that we are going at fist light." Rogers placed a hand on his hip.

        The woman shook her head, "are you serious? I mean are you? None of you have slept. Maybe you, I, your friend over there, tal vez (maybe) happy go lucky Jekyll are able. No one else is capable of being at their best on such a lack of sleep. Besides, no Hydra agent that you are looking for will even be close to their headquarters by then."

        "I told you guys, but no one ever listens to Tony." Stark shrugged as he went back to clicking a computer screen.

        Liara raised her left brow, "third person, really?"

        "Then what do you suggest?" Fury chimed in, from the dark hallway that lead to the den.

        Guerra threw out her right hand upwards in a questioning gesture. "For everyone not super, animal, or irradiated to sleep after you finalize your moves."

        The sound of the front door opening, echoed throughout the entirety of the house's first floor. Then a heavy Mexican accent rang out. "I see we have company."

        A woman made her way to Liara. She titled her head while taking in the costumed woman. Guerra lifted her left brow as she turned her cheek slightly. The woman then nodded.

        "Who the hell is this?" Stark ran out.

        As Liara slide out of her heels, "wow, rude as ever. This is my healer."

        "Healer she says." The woman rolled her eyes, then walked to the table and placed her bag on it. "My name is Lorena."

        Liara made a repeated psst noise, which made the woman shake her head. "Doctor Rodriguez" she looked for the approval she received. "Does that work better for you, Señora (Mrs.) Guerra."

        The wolf blooded woman grabbed her heart as she made an agonizing face.

        "Veterinarian. I see." Stark extended a hand to the woman as he pulled her toward him and started a conversation.

        There was a slam of the door and a rapid pace to the feet that hit the floor. Liara turned quickly to the living room and squatted, opened her arms and allowed the little girl to run into them. "My baby!" Liara then stood and twirled with the little one in her arms.

        Everyone's attention rapidly fell on the two in the middle of the room. Stark with raised brows, instead looked over his shoulder to Bruce, who stood frozen. Terrified.

        "Let me look at you," Guerra squatted back down. The little girl that couldn't have been any older than three unleashed the death grip from around her neck and backed up. She spun pleasantly around as Liara's yellow eyes smiled at the site. "You are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Selfies."

        The little girl giggled and pulled a phone from her dress pocket, handed it to Liara. "We look the same." The two took a few pictures, then the little girl was happy.

        "Rosa Linda give her some space." Lorena called.

        The little girl gave Liara a kiss, followed by another death grip hug. "I love you." As soon as she turned around, Rosa Linda found the woman's heels, slipped them on and was clanking around the house.

        Guerra raised herself. She took in the horrid troubled stare on the scientist's face. As much as it hurt her to see his reaction, she maintained calm. "Finally I can go take a shower. You, Lorena can suck my blood when I'm back."

        "Our fluffy isn't sick is she?" Stark sat with the woman at the table.

        "You mean besides having two people in her mind trying to fight for supremacy? Not really." Rodriguez began.

        Bruce stopped inspecting the little girl from afar as he overheard the conversation. He closed in on the two, "I thought that she had the wolf persona at bay? That she somehow found a way... a way to subdue the other one, so to say."

        "I'm sorry, and you are?" Lorena turned to the man.

        Banner extended a hand, "Dr. Bruce Banner. I would like to help study her blood I... I mean if I could of course."

        The woman accepted his hand with a smile, as Tony added, "plain ole genius here, but I hold my own."

        Liara made her way back to the table, she placed a plate and a bottled water on it before she sat down.

        "What is that?" Stark eyed the plate with intent.

        The woman looked to him from behind wet curly locks. "Un tamal en hoja de Plátano. (A banana leaf tamale) Kitchen. Big stand alone stove. Oven. You better hurry, Nick is already going to town on them."

        "Yessss." Tony made his way to the kitchen. With Romanoff, Barton, and Wilson in toe.

        "Hmm, I guess if I can pull you away one tiny second, from your new boytoy. You can steal my blood. How many you need this time, cause last time you were a bitch and took like most." Liara asked her doctor.

        The long haired, dark brown skinned woman laughed, as she grabbed her bag, "oh honey be afraid. I"ll go and get my instruments from downstairs, I'll be back soon, you better save me something."

        "You can have him." Liara whispered as her friend patted her on the shoulder in passing.

        Lorena left for the staircase in the living room, leaving Liara staring a hole through an overly nervous and twitchy scientist.

        Bruce nervously peeked into the piercing yellow eyes that seemed to never blink as they calmly held his gaze. He gulped when Liara finally raised her left brow, followed by her ruffling her wet purple hair. Banner had always liked how that shade seemed to do nothing but compliment her skin tone. And the color combination with her eyes, only made her even that much more irresistible. Bruce could feel his nervousness slightly change into that of want. He quickly put his emotions in check, for if there was one slight change in his physical or emotional being, Liara would pick up on it. Even if this need and want was coming from the other guy within. Banner was too troubled at the current moment with the details over the little girl, in who she was. That there was a very high possibility she could be Liara's and his. He without realizing, had turned around to see where the little one was. 

        "It must be hell for you." Bruce turned around to face the whisper from his left. Her left brow was arched high above her yellow eye. As she sat calmly in her chair at the end of the table. "Not knowing if she is a result of what you destroyed. I see the terror in your face you try to contain." Liara smirked, "I hear the race of your heart that you try to restrain. I smell the fear reek from your body that you try to suppress." She shook her head as the smirk became something mean. A horrible snarl as her voice deepened as her eyes became aglow. "What if she is? What if she is something that you created that is perfectly sound? With not one single problem in life, but the fact that her father didn't love her enough."

        Banner did nothing but become overly agitated. He stood and left the table as fast as his legs could take him. He almost ran into Lorena as he headed for the front door.

        "Hey, you ready? Sorry it took so long, I received a call..." the doctor tried to explain but was cut off.

        "I know I heard. Some big date hmmm. She does need a new daddy, you know."

        Lorena shook her head, as she prepped the woman, "true. But I need a good man first."

        "When you find one, let me know," Liara then tsked through her teeth. "OOOOOCH. What the hell was that for?"

        The long black haired woman leaned in, and barely made an audible whisper, "for being a bitch to him, of all people."

        "I don't care if you were watching from down there, that hurts, Jesus. You could have killed me." The yellow eyed woman moaned her displeasure.

        The doctor pursed her lips. "Why haven't you two made up and out yet?" Her voice still at a whisper.

        "I don't know, are you over me killing your husband yet?" Liara pushed the freshly placed bandage down on the crease of her elbow.

        The woman smiled, as she pushed Liara in the shoulder. "Why do you think I asked. He was an hijo de su puta madre (son of a bitch) anyway."

        Guerra only narrowed her lips. "Quite."

        "I'm going to go look at this and do some other things down in the lab. Call me if you need anything. Can I leave.." Rodriguez began.

        "Why? You'll be listening like you just did not even two seconds ago. Phone call, you are so lame. And leave. My baby girl nor I want you around right now. She hates you, you know. She loves me."

        The woman grabbed all the items from the table as she headed from the room, "that's because you give her everything that she wants."

        Fury made his way back to the dining room as he called a new meeting. Everyone gathered around and pulled up a chair. Liara just watched as the man pulled out a chair opposite her, and relaxed. "I have taken into consideration what you have stated earlier, Guerra. Seeing as how a majority of the team does need full rest, there is no other way around you having guests tonight."

        There was a sound of running coming from the den. Rosa Linda, crayons and paper in hand, made her way to Liara. Guerra pushed her chair back, grabbing the girl, spun her around correctly in her lap and kissed her on the top of her head in one fail swoop. The tiny tot began happily drawing away.

        "You got those moves down," Barton mentioned, who was seated to her left.

        The yellow eyed woman looked at him and nodded. Romanoff whom was seated to Liara's right was admiring the girl as she drew her picture.

        Liara brushed a lock of Rosa Linda's hair from her lips as she answered the director. "I had this planned already, there are more than enough rooms upstairs that everyone gets one apiece. There are more clothes, food, whatever."
Liara took the crayon that the girl was handing her without breaking eye contact with Fury.

        Nick nodded as he now held conversation with Sam, Steve and Bucky that were at the front of the table.

        "No tienes hambre hijita? (Aren't you hungry dear) Mira, te traje esto. Mmm que ríco, y un aguita. Sí? Come hijita. (Look, I brought you this. Mmm how tasty, and some water. Yes? Eat dear.) Liara leaned down to speak to the child in her right ear. Without hesitation, Rosa Linda began to eat.

        "Romanoff, I suggest that you and Barton take rooms close together to better get a handle on things." Fury spoke out.

        Guerra spoke to the Assassins on either side, "there are two rooms here on the ground level if you wish. Up to you, but there are still enough rooms upstairs. However I suggest being down here, there are far too many eyes and ears being around a level up.

        Barton nodded, "she's right."

        Rosa Linda finished everything that she was going to eat, as she begged for the water to be opened. Romanoff rapidly grabbed the bottle and twisted the cap off. "Here sweetie."

        The tot took a sip of the water and smiled. "Mira (Look) I made this for you." She grabbed her coloring and showed it to Liara.

        "A ver," (Let's see) the wolf woman leaned over the child's shoulder to see the picture that was made for her. "Oh look, it's beautiful. I see everyone I know. Yes look. There is Lorena, this pretty little lady." Liara tickled the girl. "That is me, I can tell, know how I can, you got my hair right."

        Rosa Linda giggled. "And look, look there." The tot pointed to a tall man in the picture. "I remember him."

        "I do too." Guerra kissed the little girl on her right cheek as she hugged her.

        Liara could feel Rosa Linda smile, "I took him his favorite cookies."

        "He's going to so love that. You are the sweetest thing ever, did I ever tell you that. I love you, mamí (baby)." Rosa Linda kissed Liara's cheek, then began to yawn. The woman turned the child sideways in her lap so she could sleep comfortably.

        "Guerra." With her name being called, Liara looked up to Fury that seemed to be a little troubled. "I need to know that you will not leave while the rest of us are sleeping and do something... something like you."

        There was a fake lightness in her voice. "Something like me, he says. I'm exhausted. After slaving in the kitchen under that hot stove all day for all your ungrateful asses. 'Cept Tony, he already told me thank you. I could care less what or who you do. A bed is calling my name. Something like me, I got your do something like me." The last words were a harsh whisper meant to be heard.

        "Guerra, everything's okay, right?" Steve asked, concerned more for the child than anything.

        "I don't know, let's ask your boy Fury." She now eyed the man. "You are so afraid that I'm going to do something like me, that you brought Hyde along to keep me in check? While I keep your elderly cripple in check, I mean my GOD, how does that even work. Why not just come out with it already. Lies upon lies upon lies. I already told the old man, but you know with his age he's probably forgotten by now. Got to be the only reason he hasn't said anything." Liara looked at the overly pensive man. At least she could tell, was pissed off at Fury just as much as she, even though he hid it well. "So until he comes correct, Murica, I'm going to continue to do something like me."

        "I'm sure that it's not like that, Guerra." Rogers looked from the woman to the director.

        "Why in the hell is he here? Think about it abuelito. (grandaddy) He needs assurance. Your boy sniped his ass last time, what's stopping him from it again? You ain't got enough to kill him if he did. I have no quarrels in doing it, he ain't my... nothing. Enemies closer and all that bull. And seeing as how Nicholas here figures that I will turn into some awesome rage beast like Hyde. That only one person has that pleasure in, might I add. When I do this mesmerizing feat, he's got that angle covered. Since once again you aren't strong enough, Murica. This time on strength."

        Tony chimed in, as he sat down across from Steve. "Of course it's not. Just some loony wolf misinterpreting the human language once again. Is it a full moon right now, cause wow, let me tell you little lady, you are in full Werewolf mode tonight. Wow, and they say I'm over dramatic. Can't we all just get along and thank the pretty fur baby for her hospitality and accepting us into her den, I mean my goodness, no wonder she hates all of you."

        Liara cut her eyes to the man, "you're so full of shit. You remind me so much of my dead husband. May his poor stupid soul rest in peace."

        Tony poked his bottom lip out as he made a sad face, but he wasn't the man that had Liara's attention. It was the man to his right, from her vantage point, propped crossed armed on the wall. He was taken completely off guard that his head had shaken at least four times, however slightly it had been, she caught it.

        "Pay up Barton, I told you that ring was a thing." Tony hit the table hard enough to stir the tot.

        "Your dumbasses bet?" Liara rolled her eyes as she shifted Rosa Linda to her right shoulder. Barton and Romanoff patted the little one on her head and made their way to the first floor bedrooms.
        Rogers interrupted, "Stark is right, I have been rude. Guerra please accept my apologizes. You have fed me, clothed me, and are giving me a roof over my head. I am most grateful as well for you in saving us from the Hydra trap in our arrival."

        "You're pouring it on a bit thick don't you think, man." Wilson whispered.

       Fury, Rogers and Barnes all made their way from the dining room. Leaving Liara alone with a perplexed Stark and a baffled Banner. "Yes Sardine, this band on my right thumb was his, the mezcal that you have been eyeing was his favorite liquor. The tamales and tacos you scarfed down were his favorite food. Anything else you are dying to know?"

        "When did you fall in love with him, why did you marry him, why did you stop loving my friend. Oh and the biggest question, how old is the girl?" Bruce scrunched his face at the mention of himself. He left the room, for he refused to listen to Liara talk about this.

        The woman raised a black brow. "Never. Cause he was hot and stupid enough to be in love with me. Because he broke my heart when he dumped me. Three."

        "So not greenish in the least?" Tony pouted.

        Liara stood, in passing Tony she whispered, "not even furry."

        Stark wrinkled his brow all of two seconds to understand that she had just told him the child wasn't even hers. He smirked and made his way upstairs.

        Liara headed toward the dark den, she was a bit hesitant in knowing Bruce was here, for his smell did nothing but fill the room. For her it was the most intoxicating aroma she had ever inhaled in her life. Cotton, leather, a hint of metal and glass. Topped off with his personal musk. The more she breathed his personal scent, the more her body covered in chills. Liara took one last pleasurable whiff before she pushed the emotion down deep.

        She made for the only window in the room, to lay the child down in the daybed directly under it. While in motion, Rosa Linda stirred and begged Liara to not go. The woman sat on the bed with her, not paying any attention to anything but the tiny child. No matter the stare she could feel burning a hole through her head from the man that sat in the dark. Guerra patted the tot and hummed as she grabbed for a stack of wipes. Liara took the headband off the girl and began cleaning her face. When the woman had finished, she leaned in and kissed the little girl's forehead.

        The yellow eyed woman gathered all the wipes into her hands. She took a breath in standing, made her way to the waste basket that just so happened to be located to the side of the couch, where Banner sat. "I really think this is the correct place for this conversation." Bruce took in Liara as she squatted down to retrieve a stray dirtied wipe that landed on the floor.
        The woman stood, as to make her way from the room, "there's nothing to say really. Two, maybe three words at the max." A hand grasped her left wrist. They both looked down at the hand tight around her wrist, equally shocked. Liara in the fact that his touch still sent electricity through her body, Bruce in the mere fact that he actually found the nerve to touch her. "Can I have my hand back? I really need that."

        Bruce stood to face her. The wolf inside Liara only begged, screamed and clawed to be let out. The woman tried to jerk free from the scientist's hold. The fingers gripped tighter. Liara pulled a lustful heavy breath through her teeth then moaned. "You do remember this leads to things right?" He could see the woman bite her lip. That did nothing but make him want to pull her into him. He let her go, knowing she was baiting him. "You're no fun anymore are you. You should have him come out to play, I was this here close to letting her. They would have had so much fun you know. Using us to get what all four of us loved to do."

        "This isn't funny." Bruce furrowed his brow.

        Liara threw herself backwards onto the couch. Crossed her legs as she wrung her left wrist with her right hand. "Oh, no it's not. I'm highly pissed. You were sent here to keep me in check, and you are going along with this. Treason. First of all, I am far better than you little man, I have my better half controlled. See I am not scared of a challenge, there is always a solution to every equation, you should know that."

        Bruce shook his head then massaged his lids with his thumb and forefinger. "I never knew that was the reason I was here. They told me what they always do, that they needed a "Code Green". If I would have known..."

        "That it had to do with me, you would have flat out denied, don't make me laugh. I swear that for someone as smart as you are, you seem to never draw conclusions the best. Why is that? This is going to leave a bruise. Ugh. Long sleeves a must." Liara stood, brushing passed Bruce as she headed for the kitchen. This time the man only walked behind her.

        Bruce watched as she turned the light on to inspect her wrist. "I'm sorry..."

        Liara smirked, "that you are. Excuse me. I swear to GOD Jekyll if you don't back off me, I am going to start to think that you want to get laid. And that isn't going to go over well with your little girlfriend."

        "Is that a problem? You had a husband." Banner tried his hand at baiting her. That only backfired.

        Liara let every bit of her delight be shown as she laughed in the most mocking manner he had ever heard. "Now the truth comes out. That is what has your panties in a bunch." Liara licked her heart shaped lips. Rolled her eyes, moaned and ran her right hand from her chest to her throat. She pulled air through her teeth, "whom reminded me each and every night that I was a woman. I need to thank you for dumping me. Best thing that could have ever had happened for me. So, a huge thank you, Jekyll."

        The yellow eyed woman turned her back on the man as she made her way to the sink. Grabbing a towel, wet it in cold water to use as a compress. For a bit of swelling had began on her wrist. As she wrung the excess water, she felt a shaky breath on her neck. Her eyes grew three sizes. Then the heat from his person could be felt as he leaned in close, a hair from touching her. Liara's breath caught. In hearing Bruce's steady heartbeat, she knew he wasn't trying to provoke her. It was the fact that he himself in his closeness was driving her emotions in chaos. Her breathing had quickened, her eyes were glowing. She already knew, every time she was aroused that was the first sign. She was nervous, clammy and skittish, she felt like an utter fool. Until his voice awoken something in her, tying all those feelings together as her skin shivered over and was overcome with the chills. Liara closed her eyes tight in the losing battle.

        "I don't want to fight anymore. You did what I needed for you, in to live a full life. I'm sorry that he died, but you have something that I could never give you. But I need to know something, I have to." Banner whispered into her right ear.     

        A tear escaped the corner of Liara's left eye. As she struggled with keeping her voice strong. "Jekyll, Rosa Linda isn't my late husband's."

        "So what you were saying at the table was true? Liara," when Bruce said her name he encircled her right upper arm in his grasp. "Please."

        "Jekyll, would it be so bad if she is?" As she spoke her head lowered in defeat. She was about to loose herself into the feeling that she was unable to battle against.

        Bruce furrowed his brow and backed away from the woman. "Liara I can't... I can't be a father. I can't do that to a child. To make them suffer. To allow them.."

        Liara's emotions had changed on a dime, now she was devastated. Not for herself, but for him, Banner. She walked up to the man. "You can be a father. You did things that can produce a child, or don't you remember? Cause you did them very well might I add. I can refresh your memory if needed. So you can show your girl Red in there."

        "This is not some game, Liara." Bruce walked away from her, back into the dark den, where the child lay. "Look at her, she is beautiful. Just tell me. What is wrong with her?"

        Liara walked next to the man. "Aside from the fact that she loves me? Perfect bill of health."

        "Of course she loves you." Bruce turned to the woman at his side.

        The woman cleared her throat, "I'm sorry?"

        Banner searched for the right words, "I watched you with her, earlier. You are the perfect mother."

        The woman let out a sigh. "So you are still on that same old song and dance? Why do you have to mess everything up all over again? This is why I hate you Jekyll. Just when I think that it's safe to try and communicate with you, you say something GOD awful stupid. You know what, you're right, this isn't fun anymore. Children are a blessing, that one must cherish. The people that deserve to have them can't, while others like you and I who can, flat out refuse. Big difference. So no Jekyll, this isn't our abomination." Liara's words were slowed and they showed her sting. "So yay, no worries for you, old man. No monstrosity walking around here."

        Bruce grabbed for Liara in knowing that he opened the wound that never completely healed, she jerked away. "Dammit, Liara. I didn't mean it like that."

        "Yes you did. You did just right now, just like you did four years ago. See I don't know why I try, I really don't. You are self absorbed and are set in your ways." Guerra turned to face the man with her eyes all vivid and bright.

        Bruce tried to reason, "that came out wrong when I... I said it. Every... thing came out wrong when I said them... back then."

        "That sounds like a personal problem. I know what you said came from your heart, and you meant every word." Liara had calmed to match his tone. "So believe me when I say that I cannot be your friend. I tried it, it doesn't agree with me. Oh and if you try and touch me, with this or the other color, be forewarned. I'm going to kick you square in the..."

        "Kinky, hey I was thinking why don't you turn into the big guy and she can turn into the bitch. No wait I've heard enough to know you are already her. So you two can just go at it like rabbits. That is what both of you need. A good angry smash. See what I did there?" Tony turned on the light as he joined the two in the middle of the den. "No? No, you are always slow," Stark turned to Liara. "I know you do."

        Guerra shook her head. "I'm going to sleep. I have an idea, in my absence, you can take my place. Science Bros, I ship it."

        "You don't mean it," Stark turned to Banner, "she doesn't mean it Bruce." Tony then returned his gaze to the woman. "Your eyes weren't all glowy and you didn't do that thing with your voice, you know the 'growl cause I'm an animal thing while I talk'. Yeah you weren't all Were, sorry. It really was lacking in the theatrics department."
        "So you dodged a bullet on that one huh my man, not your kid. I mean not that it could have been in the least, right. No crazy ex to worry about, and no baggage. What a time to be alive. Even though all this hour that you two crazy kids have been down here, you have been aching to kiss her. Come on, you'll get your chance, Brucey, you'll get your chance."

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