Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


15. Banter

        Fury could feel the presence of another person, and that he had overslept. He groggily rolled over, reached a hand for his eye patch. He slipped it down over his head. Ran a hand down his face, and sat up. He was greeted with a set of yellow eyes that raised in his attention.

        "Morning sunshine. I must really like you, I cooked." Liara sat on the bed inspecting the man. "Come on, gotta keep your girlish figure. I have coffee, eggs, pancakes, swine. Everything that is right in the world."

        "Nice pajamas." Fury watched the woman leave from the room with a raised brow. "I'm going to shower first, if it's all the same to you."

        "Right, it's so me. It's whatever, I'm going to eat my grits. You wouldn't even begin to believe how hard it is getting those down here." Liara replied in the hall, then made her way back to the kitchen.

        After setting Fury a place, Liara sat down to take her fill of grits, adding butter right along with salt and pepper. She was halfway through them, when there was a knock at the entrance to the cave home. With a disgruntled moan, Liara gathered her bowl and made for the living room. In no way of being able to decipher the visitor, she quickly reached for the door with one hand. Causing the other occupied hand to slip a bit, thrusting her pointer finger into the hot breakfast. She pulled a breath through her teeth, while removing her finger from the bowl. She automatically placed it in her mouth.

        Soon as the door barely unlatched, a scent filled Liara's nostrils. Her skin chilled over and a cocky left brow raised. With the door completely open, the man took in the sight before him. Liara standing in nothing more but a mere men's black, white trimmed button down dress shirt and her right finger sliding from her lips. She leaned against the frame, removed her finger slowly with a smack as a satisfied smirk gradually graced her face.

        His whole demeanor changed and Liara was eating it up. "Mmm, where are my manners? Have some?" She lifted her arms to either side of her, as if offering herself to him.

        "I, um, I... I just needed to..." the man unable to form a complete sentence as he tried to regain his composure.

        Liara pushed from the doorframe with her shoulder. Turned, jerking her head to motion him in. As her company shyly and reluctantly entered, he walked passed her. In feeling her eyes burning a hole through him, he nervously looked to her. Liara raised her brows as she closed the door behind her. He moved further in, giving her room to lead him where she wanted.

        "Come on. There is a ton of food in the kitchen, and by the smell of you, you haven't eaten yet. Jekyll you can at least be cordial enough and eat something while you wait on Nick." Liara led the doctor to the kitchen.

        Bruce stood nervously in a corner. Liara turned to him as he began to speak. "I, I am sorry to bother you so early. You know he called me?" She tilted her head slightly.

        Liara nodded as she turned her back to him, opening the tap. "Why do you always say that? How many times have I told you about that? You keep on and I'll start to believe that you truly are sorry, sorry as hell." She shook her head as she rinsed out the container. "Yes. Jekyll, just like I know you are hungry, I hear things. Jesus sit down. Just cause things here look as if they bite, they don't." Liara paused, looked up the the rock ceiling, licked her top lip, "wait, nevermind. I take that back."

        Banner furrowed his brow as he sat down, looking over his right shoulder to the woman that still could awaken so many feelings within him without even trying. Liara was in a shirt that did nothing but peak his interest. It was long enough to be decent, but at the same time short enough to entice, and that made his mind wander. Liara raised onto her tiptoes as she reached high into a cupboard, the shirt slowly began creeping up her thighs. Bruce turned his head. Faced forward. Fighting a mental battle with his other half, who desired more than anything to continue goggling at the woman. Bruce lost the clash, turned his head slightly, feigning as if he was scratching at an itch. His eyes in an unrelenting hungry stare.

        Liara reached for a coffee cup within the overhead cabinet. She prepared her company his coffee, followed by making an overly filled plate. She swirled around to face Bruce, noticing his composure as he swiftly turned completely forward, avoiding her direct gaze. Something deep within Liara screamed in delight as her stomach fluttered, followed by her heart raising and catching in her throat. Her heart wished that Bruce's reaction was from his attraction to her. Provoked by what little she had on, thrusting memories upon him of their time as a couple. The magic, chemistry and heat that they experienced as a unit. Sadly however her mind knew better. Opening her eyes to the realization. The true reason Bruce acted this way was nothing more than in the mere fact that she, being his ex, was very uncomfortable to be around. And even worse, alone together. All his actions were clearly indicative of someone uncomfortable and anxious. Liara quickly changed her view for the path to the table. She placed everything in front of Banner, then turned to leave from the kitchen when the man cleared his throat.

        "May I please speak to you before Fury comes?" Banner deeply furrowed his brow.

        Liara took a hard exasperated breath in turning on a dime. Pulled a chair up and stared directly across to the gently salt and pepper haired man. "Are you going to eat?"

        Bruce nodded, "you all too well know that I was brought along to retain you."

        "Yes Jekyll. I also know that Nick has gone out of his way to change the mission, for GOD knows whatever reason." With rolled eyes, narrowed lips followed, her dimples sat deep within her cheeks. Liara shrugged as she stared at the table between them. Lowered her shoulders followed by her head, as she encircled a left hand around the right side of her neck.

        Bruce took in her demeanor that came across as defeated. Was Liara still comfortable enough around him to show her true emotions, or was she once again baiting him in and playing her role. He took a sip of coffee, it was exactly the way he liked it. He took time to savor it, "I have issue with this as well."

        Liara vibrated a huff, "you take issue with everything."

        "I never wanted to be here in the first place. I was extremely content where I was. Just fine. Now they want me to be around y..." Bruce watched as Liara slowly raised her head, a left brow already arched high on her forehead as she caught his slip up. He took a hard breath and continued. "They want me in the thick of this."

        The woman across from him took a long blink. She shook her head. "Always the coward." Liara narrowed her eyes.

        This remark sat wrong with Bruce and she could tell. Liara wasn't trying to provoke the man in the least. But if her comment stung, then she would have no problem in continuing their inevitable unpleasant discourse. No matter how much she lacked the desire to fight. Bruce began to reach for his cup, he pulled it to his face as a brow raised on hers. There was something brewing within him and she could feel it deep within her bones. Liara did nothing but carefully inspect Bruce with a furrowed brow. He was too calm, too in control. In returning the cup to the table he nodded as if he was in agreement with some unheard source.

        "You did always have a problem with this me, didn't you?" He lifted a finger to his temple as his elbow now rested on the table.

        This conversation was not going to end well for either one of them.

        Liara tilted her head, in not believing Banner would even ask something like that. She scrunched her brow in shaking her head. "Nope, on the contrary. Just that he is better than you at everything, and I do mean everything. Emotions..." in not having the strength to hold his eye contact, Liara stared contemplating at the table instead, "expressions."

        "He is a monster, a freak. Something that you should run away from. You never have, making you more dangerously insane than originally thought." Banner continued to stay propped with a finger on his temple.

        Liara leaned back in the chair, still calm as ever while enlacing her fingers. "Funny." Her voice was stale, cold. Without feeling. "The monster that you call Hyde is the reference used for many things. Including present company that accuses him of being something he isn't. The freak you call him, is the same term used for each and every one of us, no matter in how normal most of our outer appearances present themselves. Another, He is a living being, part of you. A rambunctious, pure, passionate and adorably innocent protector that he is. And if anyone should be running it's him, from you. Because we both know as soon as he's allowed to be released from punishment, it's going to be hell getting him to go back in the damp, dark, dismal, decayed labyrinth that you call a mind with me back around. The only one that actually gets him. But I am the insane one."

        Banner raised a lip with her words. He all too well knew she'd defend him. That was all Liara ever did, protect Hulk. "No. He is the thing of... the stuff of nightmares. All he will ever be is a ticking time bomb. Taking me with him."

        "You're right. He is..." Liara shook her head.

        "You finally realize the truth." Bruce cut her off.

        Liara took a sharp depleted breath, "your worst nightmare. While you are his. You know I still wonder to this day why he even cares so much for you, let alone everyone else around here. Each and every one of you are terrified of him. No wonder y'all have Hyde feeling some type of way. Such a burden to bear, always having to prove yourself to people that quake in your presence and wish you didn't exist."

        "He's incapable of establishing a humanized relationship with anyone without inflicting havoc. Besides, the other guy... he hates me, mutual sentiment I must add." Bruce lowered his head to inspect the plate as he grabbed a piece of bacon to nibble upon.

        Liara pursed her lips to the right of her face. Took a calming breath while throwing her head back to take in the ceiling. "Really." She returned her calm gaze to the food in front of Banner. "Jekyll, you know good and damn well that I never once had a problem with him. Or did that never count because it was strictly an animalistic relationship? That is what it was wasn't it? Seeing as how," She traded her line of sight for the man that contently ate, while seemingly taking in her words lightheartedly. "I'm no more than a damn filthy animal that as well, has lost grip of what it means to be human. Isn't that the way I was classified by the lot of you? Umm... he hates you because you never try to understand, or appreciate him. Not even a simple 'thank you', even Soda Can knows Hyde's worth. He's saved your life how many times now? Quite a few that I can recall, I can only imagine how many it's been since the last time that I've had the displeasure of being around you."

        "What you do to him isn't normal, nothing about either one of you is for that matter." Bruce grimaced.

        Liara took pleasure in his disposition. Bruce looked up to see her eyes smiling. "Being normal is highly overrated Jekyll. Oh my introvert company, we both know this." Liara suddenly lowered her voice to barely a whisper, "by your reaction to your own statement I can see that you enjoyed every moment that you touched me as well as I. Is that normal? That you remember every single detail when you do that thing you do so well as him?"

        Before the scientist could deliver his retort, he finally heard what caused the woman sitting in front of him to lower her voice. As Bruce turned to watch Fury entering the kitchen, Liara saw this as opportunity to officially put an end their conversation. She lifted herself from the table and took in Fury clothed in a black A-Shirt and black cargo pants. He still had a towel draped around his neck.

        Liara raised her left brow in confusion as the man closed in on her, he stopped short when noticing her perplexed look. "I'm trying to figure out why in the hell you would have a towel draped around you, I mean you have no hair. Like this baffles me."

        "Many things baffle you woman." Fury shook his head.

        Liara handed him his cup of coffee, "like?"

        "Like being nice, playing well with others, sharing. And by putting some goddamn pants on." The tall man sipped a bit of the hot liquid, making an agreeing hum.

        "This is my house, I'll wear whatever the hell I please. Besides, I don't see either one of you avoiding staring at my poor little legs. So I'm doing something overly right. Secondly," Liara retrieved the plate from the table, taking a glance into Bruce's eyes. "I never share anything that is mine." She walked over to the stove and filled it for Fury. "You should know that by now, Nicholas."
      "Since this is some good damn coffee, and that food smells wonderful, I'll let you slide." Furry smirked as he leaned sideways into the woman.

        She turned to face her boss, who was currently in the role of friend. He gently took the plate from her as she poked her lips out. "You're going to let me slide? Pah-lease. You're just hungry and it's been how long since you've had my cooking? Let alone my breakfast?"

        Fury sat himself where Liara had been not too much earlier, Liara took in Banner, who seemed to be bothered by this exchange. She leaned against a counter, while Fury sat to eat. "So Dr. Banner, she's forcing you to eat as well I see. She's a wonderful cook, you should at least get something in you before the mission."

        Banner turned slightly to take in Liara, giving her the once over, "yeah, I... I am not too thrilled about this mission in the... the least."

        Liara pursed her lips, "join the club. I'm going to shower while the two of you fight for dominance."

        Fury looked up from behind his cup, "where are you going, this concerns you."

        "Hardly, I know my role sweetheart. I'm forced to be a good girl in the reject corner while this guy with an anger issue keeps me in check." She straightened herself and rubbed her left cheek. "Besides I'll be able to hear you regardless. Buuuut you are more than welcome to join me and tell me just how unbelievably right I am." Liara turned to leave, then looked over her shoulder. "I would invite you Jekyll, but you'd Hyde out and that'd be no fun at all."

        "Guerra." Fury sternly called after her.

        A voice carried through the hallway, "how'd you know!"

        The man only shook his head as he smirked. 

        When Liara exited the shower she prepared herself mentally for the mission. She was a bit ticked that Fury ushered Banner from the house when informing him on the details of their part. She dried herself, then took a glance of her reflection in the floor length mirror. In letting out a hard displeased growl she shook her head. Staring back at her was the other taking space in her mind. Her voice came back loud and annoyed. "I so cannot believe that you did this to yourself. Look at it, look. Scars are attractive but this is hideous. You know they'll never heal right, right!?! I so cannot believe that this is the outcome of you not being able to handle things without me. Keep me out again, watch and see. You best be glad that those mental walls that you built to keep me out were for shit. You are a freaking disgrace." Liara closed her brightly glowing eyes that reflected back like tiny brilliant orbs of bottled sunshine.

            Liara rolled a sly eye, "that's cute how deluded you are, you will never have full control of me again. Hydra may have made you, but I own this bod. I did this to me? No, that was your demented ass. Funny how every time you aren't given your way, you resort to hurting this body only to weaken me so you can take over. I find joy, you tear it apart. I'm happy, you ruin it. You are devastation plain and simple, and I hate myself everyday that I manifested you into that."
        The She Wolf was having a go at her, for the sheer fact Liara failed miserably at surviving without her, it was in her opinion, pathetic. If she hadn't have been able to find a way to break through when Liara was weak, then there wouldn't have been a body to come back to. Too many times over, Liara had tried to do away with her. Out of spite, out of fear. This time it was her downfall. Liara was never getting her body back completely, not after this. There was too much at stake, too steep a price. "You could always check out if you wanted."

        Yellow eyes peered deep into the mirror as if Liara was seeing someone there just beyond. A lighthearted smile. "You really do believe that you have control still don't you? I have already told you time and time again ifff you behave I let you out. But you always mess that up. Hell I even gave us a man, but for you he wasn't good enough. Even though he did so much for me. I know what you want and I'm not going back down that road. He's an ex for a reason. Besides you forget that there is that one special thing that we both share and need in our lives, I am not going anywhere no more than you are. So get the hell over it."

        The yellow eyes staring back at the woman dulled. "You sound so stupid, no wonder you have mental issues, look at you. Talking to yourself. We both want him and you know it. You know what being around him does. You know we belong to him no matter how many men we prey on."

        While Liara found a pair of boot-cut jeans, a black top and a purple pullover hoodie. The mental debate continued. She clothed herself and pulled a pair of Vans on. Took a once over as she headed back to the bathroom to fix her face and press her hair. Looking deep into the mirror she smirked, "I sooo cannot and will not. I have chosen to not forgive him, I could care less of the domination that he has over you. You forget that at the end of the day he will hate the decisions that you and I have made and there will be hell to pay."

        "He'd never...ok maybe he'd lose it, but that would be life." Liara and the woman that only she could see both took a second to think on that one. "Ok, on second thought."

Liara raised her left brow, "exactly, he stays at arms length and I continue..."

        "A bitch in heat will always be a bitch in heat. You are absolutely a disgrace." They both nodded and smiled a knowing smile.

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