Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


34. Attraction

        “” A male voice seemingly boomed as it easily found sensitive ears.

        The moment Fury’s voice echoed within the blue haired woman’s ears, she threw her head back, while a gurgling noise was made. Liara was in the middle of exiting the meeting room, just as all the others. The She Wolf turned, found the nearest chair and slouched into it. Waiting for the others to leave, she lowered her head onto the chocolate colored table. Watching as the occupants slowly made themselves sparse. Some heavy in conversation, to which she could hear every word, though she was trying her best to not. For each one held her interest even less.

        There was a slide of the cushioned chair, just across the table from her. Liara rolled her yellow eyes, as she turned to have her left cheek flush on the cool smooth surface. The woman took a long inhale.

        “Were you listening.” The Director cleared his throat.

        Liara let the breath go, slowly. “I hear everything, tell me again what choice I have.”

        Fury leaned back in his chair. Tucked his left arm into the crease of the other. His right hand found, and began to stroke either side of his goatee. Another disgruntled moan from across the table.

        The second Nick opened his lips, Liara cut him off. “Found your boy, I had an itch. He scra…”

        This time the dark-skinned man was the one stopping his company mid-sentence. “Shut it. You and I both know his…”

        “Are you sure though.” The smile that overcame her, provoked her cheek to taut and her head slightly rose higher.

        A close of the eye and a lift of the brow. “Really.”

        “I do heal.” While her chin now rested on the smooth surface, yellow eyes now took in the man sitting before her.

        A smirk, continuing the canter. “And you do lie.”

        “The only laying I do is in a bed.” A cracking of knuckles sounded from under the meeting table.

        The smirk changing into a cocky smile. “Are you sure.”

        Black neatly arched eyebrows raised twice in quick session. “Yep. It’s okay matchmaker. I can now walk. Everything is peachy keen. Hunky dory. Returned in pristine condition. Just the way you like.”

        “What are you going on about.” This remark made Fury raise his right brow.

        “For one.” An over dramatic breath. Liara now placed a right elbow on the table, to prop her head on her hand. While she pointed to him with her left pointer. “Your repeated failures.”

        “Really, Guerra.” With his remark, a smile came to the olive skinned woman facing him.

        Liara leaned even harder onto her hand. “My thing is, what in the hell even possessed you to even want to try and pair a celibate man with a beautiful woman? You trying that hard to see if he can get it up? I’d have a better time bedding her, hell him for that matter.”

        “So, what you are actually saying is the scientist.” A provoking cross of his arms.

        “Her yes, Jekyll ain’t nowhere near my speed.” Liara detested with a disgusted turned upper lip. “However, there are a couple round here that I wouldn’t even mind test driving. I mean I doooo tend to get those itches that I just can’t seem to get to. You know how it is. Unbearable. Anyhow, I just find it funny you are into mating people off now. Like, when did that even become a thing. Especially this paring. Let’s see. A woman that is seemingly overly cold. Refuses to let anyone in, always guarded. Out of his league. Coqueta...” (Flirty)

        “Romanoff, remember.” A lift of Fury's left brow.

        A smirk returned, “haha. Big difference there, buddy.”

        A stern look. “Oh absolutely, let's see. Unsure of herself. Clueless. Doesn't know when to shut her damn mouth. Unable to take or follow commands.”

        “Blah blah blah. I'm not insubordinate bitch!” A scrunch of her small nose.

        “Out of all that, this is what you choose.” Another blank stare.

        “Oh, my bad. Let's see, you're right, all knowing master. Talented, beautiful, gracious, can’t have children. Shoulder length hair, Assassin, computer skills. You are so right, We are just the same. Amazing, who would’ve guessed. I so cannot believe this! I always wanted to be like her when I grew up. Aside from the fact she’s a what, size 2? Me, a fat 10. She’s beautiful and normal, while I’m, yeah. Me. All the fine men find her to die for. Me, I only can catch the ones that have a hard time pronouncing the English language correctly. But then again, it takes a man adequately equipped to handle all this. Yeah good times, very good times indeed. Speaking of men from the hood, what the hell do you want with me?” Yellow eyes gave a trying look to the man across the table.

        While Fury wet his lips, yellow eyes now stared unblinkingly at the hard surface between them. “Exactly why were you stupid enough to take that ability from yourself. That’s not you, we both know that.”

        “Just like everything else, it doesn’t matter.” Her speech was dry. Matter of fact, as her eyes refused to tear themselves from the wood eye just before her. “What is done is done, for now.”

        His voice still bothered. “Good. You can reverse it.”

        “And why would I even want to?” Yellow sad eyes, slowly lifted and took in her longtime friend.

        “Because it was a stupid ass move Liara.” Fury was still upset with this bit of information.

        A slight furrow of the brow. “One that drastically needed to be taken. Look, this was great and all baby. Catching up with your sexy ass is always eventful, but I really need to mosey along sweetheart. There is this thing that I need to do.”

        “What thing.” A raise of his left brow.

        "Not yours.” Liara returned a lifted left brow with a bit of sass.

        A shake of the head. “You think this is a game Liara?”

        The woman stood. Eyes glaring at the man who refused to stand. Seeming laxed in his position. “No, nothing about my life is fun. I hate everything about me. I’m the worst creature I know. But it’s too late to change any of it. No matter how much it hurts everyone. What’s done is done. The choices I make are always some sort of way…”

        “Ass-backwards, but you never seem to understand you do it for right.” Fury intervened.

        “You think I’m like you. Sorry sweetie. Mine are nowhere near the better for you nor anyone here. Every move I make is selfish and self-centered, never forget that. Always for me. I’m a bitch like that.” Her speech peaked at the end of her sentence. Feeling as if she had given too much of herself away.

        Liara made her way to the seated man. Rubbed her right hand on his bald head. Fury grabbed her wrist as soon as her fingertips began to close in on the scars upon his face. “Stop.”

        “You’re no fun anymore. If you won’t let me, then there is an arm that needs me to go and play with it.” Liara patted the man’s head before he swatted her away.

        “So he.” Nick inquired.

        “Sooo my speed. You know I love shiny things. The arm. Your head.” A completely amused giggle when Fury gave her a look. “You know I love me some thick hairy men. Sexy. I wonder if he shaves his chest. That’d be a goddamn crime on humanity. And oop he has an instrument of pleasure. I can never go wrong there. But sadly, it’s not to be. He tried to kill you. Which I’m still pissed about, mind you. Oh, and there’s the fact I hate his fucking.guts. Besides, there’s this retarded ass fleamale that can’t even act right around men, that wants him. I need to go and school her, that she has all the power in the world, right between her scrawny ass legs to get what she wants. I swear, the things I do for your hired help. I mean unless she wants for me to break him in first. Think about it, it’s been how long since he’s had a good piece of…”

        “Liara.shut.the.hell.up.” His tone caused the woman to bust out laughing.

        “No, I’m sorry. Sorry.” The woman barely made out the last ‘sorry’ before she grunted another laugh. “You’re right, you’re right. I just want the arm. Basically, most of you aren’t even good for the one thing you’re supposed to be good for.”

        Liara headed for the door. Closed her eyes tight when she thought about the real reason she was here. Shook it off, as she opened the door.

        Fury caught her hesitance. “Liara, I know you. I’ve been around you too damn long to take your words at face value. I see the hidden meanings. If you are here for an ulterior motive then it’s worth the price. We all make decisions that could endanger everyone around us. Hell, look at this god forsaken crew I have around me. Hired killers, superpowered, gods, mental cases, the whole nine.” There was a hand that found its way around her right shoulder.

        Liara lowered her head as her eyes squeezed shut. A slight shake of her head as she began. “I’m still not telling you. You trust me, but I don’t. Everything isn’t as black and white, you out of all people should know that. I’m done with this.”

        “Liara,” Fury began as the woman tore away from him to unhitch the door.

        There was a pause. “Leave it alone Nicholas.”

        There was a knock. The inhabitant within softly answered. “Hold on. Coming.”

        The second after the door was opened, an unpleased moan was given. “You need to get your sexy ass ready. Put something on that gives the allusion that you are somewhat thick.”

        Yellow eyes were paired with an upturned lip while taking in the other woman’s clothing choice. “Liara what are you going on about. And I have no shape. I have no…”

        “Allusion Alana, I swear. You got all that.” Yellow eyes stared at the light skinned woman as she poked her lips out to motion to her chest. “Men love those.”

        Alana crossed her arms, insulted. “And exactly why do I want to do this?”

        A raise of a left brow as she gave her reasons. “Because you want to inspect me, talk at me, oh and of course you need to make sure I ain’t dead for some strange reason. But what you really want to know is, what’s been going on with me over these years. You know, since you have been playing on Thor’s dick, you somehow lost track of time.”

        An upset, shocked gasp. “I have not, was not….”

        “Not what? Playing house with Thor?” Carried a voice from further in the room. One that made Liara cringe.

        Yellow eyes were shut closed, two hands shook as they were forcefully extended in front of her body. A whisper was strained from her. “Why in the absolute hell is that in here with you.”

        “You stole the words right out of my mouth. Sorry I don’t have a treat for you Scooby Dumb, but how about a pat on the head for your trick. Who was such a good girl.” The snow white haired, ancient ‘twin’ of Alana’s joined the others in the living room, walked up just behind Liara.

        “Bitch if you even remotely touch me.” Liara turned, grabbed Phoenix’ left wrist, purposely digging her nails into the other woman’s skin the second she made for contact.

        Light green which now stared deep into bright yellow, furrowed her thick brow. As her arm was relinquished and fell back to her side. The trail of thick black blood, result of the punctured wounds, only dissolved back into her skin. “Something is wrong with you. Not the fact I erased your memory, and you don’t remember whatever dogs do, with even nastier bedfellows, but you are different.”

        “Blue hair.” Alana tried to butt in. Which resulted in a roll of light green eyes from the woman that once only she herself could see and hear.

        Liara lifted her left brow as she gave Phoenix a turned right lip, in disgust. “Wouldn’t you rather go and harass the virgin? Last I saw him, he was in this wife beater and sweats.”

        “You know what, I have this sudden urge to workout. I can’t let myself go and get all fat like you. Then no one but the fugly ones would like me. How I do love the abs. Oh, and young virile men.”

        “She’s not fat. Jesus Phe.” Alana retorted.

        A devilish smile, “you taking up for your girlfriend. Why again? Oh that's right, you cheated on her with that blond god. And forgot she even existed. Shame on you. I'd hate you too, wait a minute. Funny enough, I already do. And they call that filth, bitch.”

        Liara grabbed her friend by the arm and ushered her from the confines of the living room. “Ignoring her is actually good for your health.”

        Alana led Liara to her bedroom. As they entered, the bigger of the two sat herself on the king sized bed. Content on just watching and listening to her friend.

        “Usually yes, but this time, she's right. I swear, the time there's totally different.” The small framed woman took to her friend’s side.

        “You want to make it up to me, then let's go.” Yellow eyes were happy as they studied Alana.

        “Can I ask you a question.” Fire themed hair was tossed over a left shoulder.

        A cocked left brow, “no.”

        The celestial being began. “But…”

        “Your question is about Jekyll, and I was answering all of them. No. We stopped being a thing over four years ago. You do remember that right? Before he got all handsy with that crazed fellow. I wish I could have been there. I know that had to be sexy.”

        “That is still not funny. Why haven’t you tapped in to Tony’s cameras by now. And I’m soooo going back to shipping the Lury then. He did want you after the meeting. What happened there?” Alana saw the snarl on her friend’s face. “Don't look at me like that Liara. There's too much there. Chemistry. Attraction. History.”

        “No, never funny. Manly, dominating, sexy as hell, get that shit right. I could care less, that’s why. Ugh, Nicholas, he was talking about something, then as always got sidetracked. He just wants me, I mean who wouldn’t right. No but seriously, he just wants to make sure I understood that I have to stay here, while the lot of you freaks go play Hero. Which is good for me. I want no part in saving the day. Alana, I want none of these men here. I want nothing to do with anything that has to do with anyone. Please understand that.” A cleansing breath, waiting on her friend’s retort.

         “Even though you…” A roll of flamed eyes. “Liara you are still so into Bruce. What is it you always say? ‘You talking out both sides of your mouth’. You need to just get back with him. No wait, then your baby Fury won’t have a woman to love. Nevermind, you are always with Bucky, maybe that is where you are wanting to be. Then your baby Fury still won’t have you to hold onto.”

        A shake of the head as Liara rolled her eyes. “That is yours, if you learn how to talk to him, that is. And since you're going on about your friend, and won't leave it alone. We made a decision. We’re done for good.”

        “Which is so why he followed you the other night.” Alana pushing her friend for more information.

        “His problem is a red head. And I'm going to love it. This is going to be fun.” Liara stared at the carpet as a smirk graced her plump face.

        Adding to the thought the She Wolf mentioned. “Even though it will kill you in the process.”

        Liara looked down to her hands, her voice distant as memory consumed her. “No, that happened a year ago.”

        “Liara?” With her name being whispered, she turned to take in the sweet innocent face of her best friend.

        Liara furrowed her brow, clearing her mind. “Alana, get ready. You have to get yourself back into form. You are nowhere near as strong as you were when the sorry half of you was only in your head. Let’s see, you have a mission to get this… what in the hell is she in there doing?”

        “I’ll go with you, only if you tell me what’s eating at you.” Alana stood and began to materialize a yoga outfit in change of the loose shirt and oversized sweats she sported.

        A court breath followed by a pout of the lips. “Fine, only if you tell me how that ugly brute was.”

        Alana began with pleading brows. “I never…”

        A cheerful chuckle was found in Liara’s tone. “Trust me, I know. You are about as scared of the dick as I’ve ever seen a person. Word of advice, they might be ugly as hell, but they make you feel so goo…”

        “Nasty!” A playful shout as a pillow was thrown at the blue haired woman.

        Liara noted the fact the pillow was never once touched by her friend. “Seems to me, someone else has some fessing up to do.”

        The wolf blood altered woman stood, shook her head, let go of a breath and made for the living room. The centuries old celestial being was seconds behind. When the pair entered the living room, they found the snow white-haired woman.

        “Oh my god, do you even understand how much you stink?” The light-skinned, small framed woman went back to spraying the room with aerosol. Causing Liara to gag and cover her face with her shirt.

        A growl was heard from under her clothing as she picked up speed for the door, needing somewhat fresher air. But before she opened the barrier, she made sure to use her last breath for a comeback. “You should have smelt me after making your boo a man. Talk about stank.”

        “I’ll kick your filthy ass, roadkill!” Were the last words heard to Alana as she pushed Liara through the threshold.

        When the two were a way down the hall, Liara still had her hand holding her shirt over the bottom half of her face. A groan could barely be heard as she took a few small breathes.

         Before Alana could ask what her issue was, Phe came jogging up to them. “You were really going to leave me? Wow, rude.”

        “Phe,” Alana’s voice, barely a whisper. “Why are you even here?”

        “You really think I’m going to even remotely let the whore touch or even look at mine. Don’t worry, I’ll watch out for yours as well, if he is the best friend, he deserves it. Besides, dogs can’t have any bones, not thrown to them. Heard that? Bad dog. Go away. Shoo shoo.” The trio continued to the gym. There was a small smirk on Liara’s cheek. “And why are you so…”

        Liara lifted her brow as she heard him silently approach, while Phe was on one of her rants. Her brow propped high as he opened his lips. “Ma’am, that is not very nice.”

        The She Wolf barely turned her face, just enough to where Phe could she her. There was a cocky rise of both brows before the heavy smirk made her right dimple sit deep into her cheek. She took a step forward as the man cleared his throat once again.

        “How long have you been behind me?” The white haired woman slowly turned to face the man she was currently in awe of, causing everyone to come to a halt.

        There was a tight furrow on his forehead. “Long enough to hear you insult her. That isn’t very nice, I really think you need to apologize to Liara.”

        Liara was already halfway down the remainder of the hall, leaving the three to talk. Knowing what was coming, she had smelled him after all. And with Phe being there with Alana, she knew her services were no longer needed. The petite hellish woman would be on her best behavior while in the company of Rogers. Liara turned to catch Alana’s eyes, and while doing so, made a motion for the woman to look over her shoulder. When red and orange eyes returned huge to meet her own, Liara blew a kiss.

        “Liara, hold on for a second. Miss Phoenix has something to tell you.” Rogers called out.

        “Yes.” The devious smile on the ancient being’s face went unseen to the leader of the Avengers. “I am sorry. So sorry that you can’t keep a man, sorry that you are foul to everyone around you. Sorry that you are uneducated, unloved, unwanted, and most of all, sorry you stink. Oh my god, when is the last time you washed up?”

        Liara took everything in stride. “I mean I don’t know, I have to be bathed by my owners right? When was the last time you did?” Liara took a long-upturned smell of the air. “I mean before or after the fact that you had sex with Loki? That stench is still lingering, so I take it before. Just awful. Also have you bathed after the fact you touched yourself to S…”

        “I swear if you finish that, I will tell everyone why I wiped your memory.” Her look was fierce and threatening as her words were delivered mentally.

        Nothing but a sweet smile, while giving an answer. “That’s cute bitch, yours is gone too. Wanna try again?”

        “I hate your fat ass.” Everyone standing in the hall could tell Phe was infuriated.

        “Thank you, it is thicker than it used to be, isn’t it.” Liara slightly turned so she could admire her own behind.

        Steve cut the evil looks as he spoke up. “You both should.”

        “Don’t worry Steven. My mouth is much more fly than hers. She could never offend me, much less without having to hear about her own self. I’m good sweetheart. It’s no nevermind. I hate her just a little bit more than I hate you. You two should completely do the grown folk. Then we’d all be good. So now could you all leave me alone? Your voices irk the hell outta me.” Liara turned to leave. Before anyone could stop her, she was behind the glass doors that enclosed the gym.

        “I swear I don't know how you put up with her.” A tug of Alana’s ponytail.

        A frown was given, “well if you didn't make fun of her every dying second”

        Liara’s best friend flipped her hair, then jogged off to follow her friend.

        When yellow eyes caught sight of Alana, her displeasure was made known. “what’s your major malfunction. You have a man hounding around and you're under me? What's wrong with this scenario.”

        The pair walked to the set off treadmills. “I might have kissed him.”

        An upturned lip. “Gross, I'm glad you can't catch human… wait, he's a Norse God. Can you catch anything from him?”

        “You are relentless.” Alana punched her friend on the shoulder.

        A smirk, “and what you are, is slow. He was really eyeing you, but you are too…”

        “Just like you and Bruce. Liara, give him another chance. He's just scared.” The ancient had changed their conversation to just them, mind to mind.

        A smile as the heavy set woman mounted the machine. “And she claims I'm relentless. Look. I've moved on. See, look at this. You see that? That’s right. The sun hadn’t seen that part of my skin for years. Besides, since you are somehow having selective seeing all of a sudden, you don't see your friend under his boo thang over there, do you.”

        Alana cocked her brow. “No, as a matter of fact, I see him constantly trying his best to sneak and look at you. I mean have you seen what you have on?”

        “Meh, he had good taste. And I just have on workout clothes. Same as you. Nothing special in the least.”

        “Only the fact that you have all that going on now. And you’ve lost weight, a lot in fact.” The light-skinned woman eyed Liara’s body.

        “Green tea. But this. Look at it, oooh ooh ooh oh.oh.oh.oh,” Liara arched her back, gave a few soft booty pops, receiving another punch. This time in the upper arm. She rubbed her arm while she laughed. “I play too damn much. But hey, you like that don’t you. I see you. But this, yeah it was the peanut butter. Now. Your man is coming over here. Either you be nice to him, or I will.” Liara lifted a left brow as she turned the machine on.

        There was a roll of the petite woman’s eyes. “Liara, you better not. Liara what are you, no. NO!”

        Yellow eyes gave her a look, Alana knew she had detested too much. She was going to regret this, and if Liara was going to make her miserable, she vowed to make her best friend suffer as well.

        The coy smirk on Liara was accompanied by a sentence, only the intended party could hear. “I wasn’t going to twerk on him, but since you insisted. Let me pop this booty right quick…”

        Alana was furious, so much so, her nostrils flared. “And if you do, your ass is grass.”

        “Hoe, I wouldn’t even waste my valuable time. He doesn’t live up to my standards.” A turned nose as yellow eyes looked her friend up then down.

        A shake of the head, listening to the nonsense echoing in her head. “What in the world does that even mean?”

        Liara took a long inspecting once over of Barnes, who was walking past the duo, on his way to the weight room. “That by the looks of him, he ain’t packing shi…”

        “And why are you even looking if you don’t like him?” Alana almost screaming, defending the man in her mind.

        A shrug, followed by a perplexed look as a fingernail found her lip while she pondered. “Psst. Hey you, yes you anciano. I have a question.” (old man)

        While Bucky made his way over to the women, Alana was screaming to Liara, which went unnoticed as she could tell the olive skinned woman was not going to shy away from whatever she had planned on asking their teammate.

        Bright, clear sea blue eyes took in Alana. They made her stomach lighten, and provoked a deep gulp to be taken on her part. The way he walked was strong, proud and unbelievably manly. He wore a skin tight, black long-sleeved sweat resistant top, paired off with loose-fitting dark gray sweatpants. His pace was slow, but seemed to turn somehow even slower when he ran a hand through his hair, pushing it from his face. Alana had found other human men attractive before, yes, Steve was one of them, but none compared to what she felt for this individual.

        What was it about him that made her heart skip a beat? For her breath to hitch? She never believed in this ‘Love At First Sight’ absurdity the inhabitants of this planet spouted. But what exactly was she feeling? Could this possibly be what they meant? She was feeling quite uneasy, and scared. But why?

        Yes, the fear could be chalked off to the fact that Liara was about to open her fat mouth and say something completely off the wall and overly forward. Which would also explain the uneasiness that she would without a doubt share with this man afterward. Liara was never the one to shy from being bold, just like Phe, however just that much more provocative. Men never scared her, only prey to be toyed with. Always knowing what to say, when and how to say it. God. What was this woman about to say to embarrass everyone but her?

        Enjoying the accelerated heartbeat of the woman casually walking on the machine to her left, Liara began. “I have a question, okay so I really need to know. Is it the animal side of me that looks at a man’s junk first, or the human?”

        As soon as Liara began, Alana was regretting being next to her. “ please don’t entertain her. Liara what is wrong with you. You are disgusting.”

        “No, it’s natural, think about it. Men look at our titties first.” A tsk, followed by justifying her cause.

        Bucky furrowed his brow as he looked from Liara to allow his eyes to linger on Alana. “Well, I don’t know about first.”

        “Okay well not first first, but the first part of the body, right after the face. Yes or no.” With the man giving a guilty look, quickly removing his eyes from Alana’s person.

        “Exactly. See, completely normal human tendency. Okay, you can leave now. Bye bye.”

        Alana turned her machine off, began to leave her friend’s side after Barnes had walked away. “Liara, I swear I can’t believe you even said that. What the hell is wrong with you.”

        “You’re welcome.” A chuckle.

        The petite small framed woman pinched her nose. “Not ever did you think I said thank you.”

        Liara hopped off the treadmill. Leading her friend in the direction of the weight room. “You just did. Once again, you’re welcome. And you just spoke to the man of your dreams, even though you almost fainted. Now, what you need to go do is take a shower. Cause you talking about me being nasty, but you’re the one all wet wet over there based on the mere fact that the Neanderthal can walk. I swear. But look at the good side.”

        “There is no good side to what you just did.” Alana gasped at the gall her friend possessed.

        A shake of the head as yellow eyes rolled. “Of course, there is. He checked you out. He likey.”

        “No.” Red eyes narrowed.

        “Yes, he was all up in your cleavage. Like I said, first place men’s eyes go. And you got plenty to spare, since you won’t share. Stingy bitch.” Liara smiled. “Look, you like him, he clearly likes you. Make conversation. It isn’t hard. So you were Shakespeare’s sidepiece, oh my bad, friends. No, he was your friend boy, correction. Look, what I am saying is. You need to use that old dried up cobweb before it shrivels away.”

        A hand covered her face, “I don’t even understand how I became your friend.”

        “Cause you friendzoned me, duh. Even after I saved your scrawny ass. I could have given you the world, but you keep playing with my motions.” Liara grabbed Alana by the upper arm, jerking her still. Placed a hand on either side of her face, forcing her head in the direction of a certain long-haired brunette in the middle up a pull-up. “See, this is the reason I’ll never have you. I can’t compete against the perfection you find in him. No one can.”

        Red eyes only watched as the muscles flexed from within the shirt as Barnes pulled himself higher on the bar. “I mean he does nothing for me.”

        Liara gave a content huff as she smirked. Enjoying watching her friend admire the opposite sex. “What you are feeling is lust, nice huh. Yeah, I do that sin on the regular. Wait you don’t believe in the human god, nevermind. Continue. You’ll be working tomorrow with him, enjoy.”

        “Wait, you’re not leaving me here alone.” Alana tried to stop her friend from leaving, to no avail.

        “Bitch, you ain’t alone. Look, a man.” Almond shaped, unpainted nails pointed to the man with his back to them. “Besides, I have better plans than to be here smelling your bodily fluids and his stench. Just agree to give me the arm, while he beds you and we call it a deal.”

        The shorter woman grabbed Liara’s wrist. “I’m not going to let you go have a pity party for yourself.”

        “No, that is tomorrow night. Tonight, I’m going to howl at the moon.” Yellow eyes smiled to her friend.

        A quick furrow of her brow returned to the taller woman. “You better not be leaving again.”

        “No, I actually have to go and rig some things up for you and the rest of the Heroes.” A shake of the head while Liara now leaned upon the threshold of the weight room.

        Truly interested, “so you…”

        “I don’t do missions anymore Alana. I have reason to stay alive. I work under Fury. Take that as you will.” Liara smirked as she coyly raised her left eyebrow.

        “Yes, my ship is alive. I’m invited to the wedding.” A giddy tone.

        A cross of thick arms. “Only if I’m the Maid of Honor at yours and your firstborn girl is named after me.”

        “If you act right maybe her middle name.” Alana flatly stated.

        Liara narrowed her eyes. “Flaky, your Comrade wants you to show her how to do a pull up, chin up, whatever the hell you call what you are doing right about now.”

        A high left brow was plastered on the She Wolf’s face before she turned to leave. “Have fun boo. Do everything I wouldn’t.”

        “Hey, Alana, may I call you by your first name?” Alana started as the man silently eased up behind her.

        The light-skinned celestial being could feel the heat resonating from Barnes. She swallowed and turned to face the man who towered over her. “Yes. That would be fine.”

        Bucky wiped the sweat from his brow with his arm. “So, you want me to…”

        “I know how to do all this.” Alana somehow found the nerve right along with her voice. “I don’t need help. Look, Liara is just…”

        Barnes now crossed his arms as he leaned on the wall. “Being a bitch.”

        “She was, and is.” His arms were huge, and she was unable to tear her eyes away from them.

        The man ran both hands through his damp hair, pushing it back in place. “Some way to talk about your friend.”

        “Best friend, much like you and Steve.” Alana now found the boldness to eye the man who was having a slight attitude against Liara. Alana made a mental note to find out what transpired between these two.

        A smirk, as he recalled. “Oh yes, Mr. Handsome.”

        A roll of eyes made of flames. “True, but Phoenix is going to make that poor man’s life a living hell.”

        “I thought you were going to try to get to know him.” His reply was too quick, and even he knew it.

        “Me? No. He is a friend, and I have the upmost respect for him. I have known him for a while. Fyi.” She smiled, how could a man this precious be jealous of a man that was common compared to he himself?

        “Really, how long.” This peaked his interest.

        A slight smirk, “long enough to know all about you. It’s really nice to put a face with a name. James Buchanan Barnes.”

        “At your service.” His smirk made her weak. Jesus he was shear perfection. The way he looked over her body, made Alana squeal eternally.

        “” The voice that rang through her mind, completely ruined the moment.

        On reflex, she retaliated. “You have been eavesdropping this whole time?!”

        “No, I could care less about you right about now, but the fact you channeled your human feelings to me, it got all kinds of gross. I felt so violated. I could have done without the, no your need to see him shirtless, thank you.” The voice growled back. “Don’t ever do that again.”

        “Liara, I had no idea I was doing that, I’m sorry, but I do want to know why he is pissed at you. What did you do.” Alana truly had no idea she was casting her emotions without her knowledge.

        Liara was offended. “Why is it always me?”

        “Cause it is always you.” The celestial being snapped back.

        Of course, a sarcastic retort would be given by her friend. “Hey, I’m not channeling this dick I’m riding to you…”

        “Why would you, ugggh. Leave me alone.” Why did this woman always have to say something about sex.

        “Bitch you started it, same. Be a hoe on your own, don’t drag me into it then we’ll be good. Bye, baby mama.” The sass was unreal, even when Alana told Liara she was sorry.

        Red eyes looked up, daring to take a glimpse of the bright crystal clear blue eyes of the man that stood inches in front of her. “I have to go, Bucky. It’s kind of late and I need to mentally prepare for the mission tomorrow.”

        “I understand. May I at least walk you to your quarters?” The way he pushed off the wall was even manly.

        “I see no harm in that, sure.” A nod received with a smirk.

        The duo slowly headed three floors up in the stairwell before Bucky held the door open for Alana. They continued their silent trek, side by side. Either too preoccupied to even try to commence a round of small talk. Even though Alana could admit, being around this man was a lot calmer than she thought it would be. There was a certain easiness that could not be explained.

        “Well, this is me. Thank you for accompanying me.” A shy smile.

        A nod, “the pleasure was all mine, Miss.”

        Alana opened her door, but turned to watch the man silently walk off into the darkness of the hall.

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