Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


12. Arrival

        The Avengers, all except one solitary wolf, filed onto a Quinjet in beginning travel to their new mission location. Everyone at the ready, fully decked out in their uniforms. There hadn’t been hide nor hair from Guerra in three days. It wasn’t unusual for her to go missing. But with a threat emanate, she had always been the type to jump at the opportunity. Underfoot, ready for action. Fury shook Liara’s disappearance off to her being stronger than her fears. Which he always knew possible, when all she needed was the correct push. “Alright everyone, this time I’m coming along.”
        “Any specific reason Sir?” Natasha Romanoff asked as the organizer of their mission, Nick Fury took a seat next to her, followed by taking command of the helm.
        In fastening his harness, Fury nodded and shared, “let’s say that I have personal stock in this mission.”
        “Alright boys, let’s get in the air and take care of business.” As Black Widow’s voice carried throughout the vessel, all others buckled themselves in.
        Everyone was huddled deep into different conversations as they began the liftoff, except Tony Stark. Whom made his way to the end of the hull. Where his friend the overly shy scientist, Bruce Banner sat alone. Quietly far from all the others. Wearing a pair of earphones, trying his best to meditate. Iron Man took to his side and buckled in.
        Tony leaned into his friend, causing the other to open his eyes and remove the earphones. “What you thinking in my man? Which one you choose? And in which one he chooses? Hard choice. Hmmm, on one hand you have this skilled redheaded assassin. That obviously likes you, introvert nerd, but is terrified of the Big Guy. On the other you have this mangy mutt, that adores you both ways." Stark with his hands, made as if he were weighing his options, his cheek went taunt as he seemed to have made a choice. As his right hand stayed lower than his left, "I would rather you choose the one that desires you both ways and isn’t as much afraid of him as she should be. Oh and that you have found a way to get busy with. I mean you did didn't you, of course you did. So of course there's that perk.”
        Bruce seemed a bit bothered by this conversation that had been forced upon him. He scratched his head with his right hand as he turned left to his friend. "I would really rather not."
        Tony shook his head in not understanding the words coming from the man, "choose? My man, they will eventually get into it over you, ah, unless. Good on you, chick fight is always very entertaining. However, I hate to inform you, that your rabid stray will still be top choice, seeing as how she does have an advantage."
        "That is not what I..." Bruce shook his head innocently. “I simply meant that I would really not like to have this sort of conversation.”
        Tony looked around, “yeah, you’re right. Too much riffraff.”
        Bruce furrowed his brow as he rubbed his hands together after tucking his book away.
        “So how does our little loyal Heinz 57 seem? I mean she up and left me years ago without a goodbye, I’m so very hurt over that still, might I add. Now she’s back all…” Tony poked his lip out as he waved his hands in the air, “different.”
        The scientist removed the glasses from his face. “She looks well… um... the… yeah… the same.”
        “She did however leave me a little present, the other day. I did take joy in that little contraption, I must admit, but that’s still not enough to forgive her. So nothing has changed about her? Her looks, her weight, her tude? No? Nothing? No grotesque deformity?” The genius continued to pout.
        “Exactly the same. While we’ve aged, she seems to have… failed to.” A slight smile curled Bruce’s lips, which did not go unseen by his buddy. “Although she, oh yes she wears different attire.”
        “Sexier? More to your liking?” He raised his brows multiple times quickly.
        Bruce turned to the dark headed man, “Tony no, none of that. Like you saw in the security feed. I told you, there is nothing there, same as… as with Natasha. No good can come from anything, not for them, from him. He has a special way of destroying everything I lo… care about. I can’t… I… I can’t trust him. No matter my feelings. I refuse to inflict any pain on anyone that I care about.”
        “Am I included in the ‘care about’ category?” Tony tilted his head so far to the right that he was practically laying in Bruce’s lap. “Cause there was a time that I remember all too well, that he hurt my poor little feelings by not inviting me to the fun he was having. And I can quite honestly tell you that I am scarred for life. So do I count, you better say I do. Because I’m starting to feel like the red headed step child, and that isn’t fun. And here I thought that you were my best friend, I don’t know, I think that it is time to reevaluate my choices in life.” Tony huffed, rolled his eyes as he gazed up to Banner coyly.
        Banner patted Tony’s head, as he was about to return with his answer, he heard Fury arguing with a voice ringing through the intercom. “Of course it would, but if you would have told me.”
        “Look here old man, I have told you and all your little plastic soldiers before,” Liara’s voice spat.
        Fury began. “Never once in your…”
        “This is my neck of the woods, or have you forgotten, so yeah you should know that you are headed straight for a trap, you let Hydra… hey, grandpa sassin you going to hail them? That is your thing right... anyhow they led your dumbass right into a trap. Good thing that I am smarter than you, and have your slow ass covered.” The woman’s voice came through as mellow as it could possibly be.
        The intended party snarled as he lowered his head. Steve looked over to his friend, wishing that the two of them would just learn to get along. For he once had to as well, when he and Stark butted heads long ago.
        “Oh, this sounds promising.” Tony unbuckled and headed for the cockpit of the craft to get a better ear on things. All the others, aside for Bruce, who’d rather not have even been here in the first place, joined in as well. To listen completely to the conversation.
        Fury beyond pissed, hissed. “How did you even get through the cloaking. This is a private mission.”
        Liara busted out laughing. “Cause I’m boss. But I mean if that’s the way you want it, sure. Over.”
        Steve looked down to Fury whom was still steaming. “You think she’s telling the truth? She seemed pretty adamant, since she was more than a little ticked.”
        Fury stood, giving control of the ship to Romanoff, as he and the blond headed man walked to the belly of the craft. Going further into their conversation over strategy.
        Stark began to return to his seat next to Bruce. As he did, a voice rang through the earpiece he always kept in his ear while in the Iron Man suit. “Sup sexy.”
        Tony smirked. “And here I thought you forgot all about lil ole me.”
        “Now how could I ever forget about that sexy suit? It was the best thing about you, now wasn’t it.” Tony could hear the smile on her face.
        He sat next to Bruce, making sure to not call attention to himself, revealing he was communicating with Liara. “So what’s the real deal?”
        “Like you heard. Complete trap, but chill aluminum foil. I have you covered, as usual. I do have reason to keep all of you safe, now don’t I.” Liara, chipper as ever.
        “Oh, Bruce says hi.” Stark mentioned as he side eyed his friend.
        A chuckle came through, “I bet he does. But he wasn’t the one I was worried about.”
        “Me of course.” Tony boasted.
        “Barely,” she retorted.
        “She doesn’t love us anymore Bruce.” Tony leaned into his friend.
        Liara toyed. “Finally you get it.”
        “Wait. What are you eating?” Tony asked as he could hear her through the earpiece.
        “Mmmm tacos,” Liara swallowed, “and I am awfully thirsty, a can of soda like you could really come in handy right now.”
        “Guys, I have something to do, I’ll be back soon.” Tony lifted from his seat as he opened the hull door to blast off.
        Fury shot a look, “Banner, where is he going?”
        Bruce shook his head, “I have no idea, no one ever understands anything he ever does. This is no exception.”
        Fury pushed the button to close the hatch and returned to the helm of the ship. This time, Steve remained by his side. Taking in the route, the changing landscape as it quickly varied from mountain ranges to valleys. All the various waterways and the vast lush vegetation. Even though it was a dark November night, and snow covered most of the states, here it still seemed like midsummer.
        The Director broke his attention, “You can go tell the rest Captain, that we’ll be to our destination…what the hell.”
        As soon as the words left his mouth, the Quinjet seemed to hit slight turbulence, then quickly righted herself. “Sir, I have lost all control, the coordinates are gone as well. All the sensors are off.”
        “Check our cloaking.” He demanded to Black Widow.
        “Sir, we are still under the radar. I have no idea what is going on.” Romanoff answered.
        “Do you think that there is some sort of Hydra placed magnetic field around here that interfered with the jet, Sir?” Steve asked.
        Fury shook his head, then chuckled as he stroked his goatee.
        Natasha furrowed her brow as she took him in, “Sir?”
        “I agree with Natasha. I fail to see how this is even a time to be calm.” Steve grabbed the back of Fury’s seat.
        “Well, since there is nothing that we can do until we reach our new destination, I suggest that we all just sit back and relax.” Fury took to foot, strolled to the scientist that was seated all alone.
        Fury grunted as he sat. Bruce tore his eyes from the book that he was once again enjoying. “So, how are you feeling old man.”
        “I, I am just wondering, what is it that I am even needed for. I mean, I have gone over the entire folder of files and there is nothing there that remotely calls for my, well, my expertise.” Bruce once again removed his spectacles as he nervously replied.
        Fury nodded, “fair enough. There is no file, however I do think that if you think hard enough there is one reason that I need your, as you put it, expertise.”
        Bruce frowned, “I see.”
        Nick patted the olive skinned man on the back. “You are the only one that could get that job done.”
        “Yes, this I understand, but what if he decides that he really doesn’t care?” Banner grimaced as he stared at the metal flooring of the aircraft.
        Fury crossed his arms, “I really don’t see that happening. He actually plays very well with others, more than you give him credit for you know. Far better than Stark does, ironically.”
        Bruce nervously snickered, “do you really not trust her?”
        The man in all black side eyed him, “I trust her with my life. However, with that being said, right now there is something seriously going on with her. Guerra’s one push away from going there. And I’m too damn old to be tiptoeing around her.”
        “That is where he, we come in.” Banner took in the man at his side.
        Fury nodded.
        The Quinjet took a sharp right turn then lowered in altitude. Romanoff raised her voice as to be heard by Fury. “Sir we are lowering close to the ocean. There are a set of rocks ahead in the side of the steep mountain there is a cave that seems to be our final destination.”
        Fury patted Bruce on the knee, “so that we are clear.”
        Bruce looked painstakingly at the Director. His voice barely even a whisper, “of course.”
        As the jet and it’s entirety landed safely within the well lit cave, Fury could see the other Quinjet setting further to the back of the man made hollow. “Well we are where she wanted us, let’s go.”
        As everyone disembarked, Tony walked up to them without the metal suit. “You guys sure took your sweet time.”
        Fury took in the site of everything around him. “Making yourself comfortable I see.”
        “Of course,” Stark, licked his finger. “She has tacos.”
        Clint walked up to him, “really?”
        “Enough for everyone.” Tony mentioned. “She’s not here, she left to celebrate with everyone else. They are making their way down the town’s main road. She also has clothes, so the ones that want to change can. Unless you wish to remain all Star Spangledly Bannered, then be my guest.”
        “No, I guess that I can’t, can I.” Steve looked down at himself.
        “Quite, follow the tunnel.” Stark called out to him as the group began to walk toward the hidden tunnels within the rock. His pace slowed as he waited for his friend to catch up, Fury pulled him aside before the quiet man caught up.
        “What’s the deal Stark?” Fury narrowed his eye.
        The shorter man smirked, “just as she told you, I agree with her you know. You are getting kinda rusty in your old age aren’t you. I mean I know that you’re dead, but wow. You’ll find everything you need inside. This place is amazing. I approve.”
        The tall man took off when he looked up to see Natasha waiting on him. They began to have a conversation as they quicken their pace.
        “So, I have this theory.” Tony eyed Bruce.
        Banner raised brows, “oh?”
        The two began toward the hand carved underground tunnels far below the house used by Liara Guerra for her base in México. They were large enough for two people to pass through comfortably. The further they entered, there were stairs intricately and carefully etched into the rock.

        “Yes, tonight is November 2nd, right. Día de los Muertos, and if my memory serves me correct, this is the night designated strictly for the adults that have died, right.” Tony began.
        Bruce nodded, “yes, that is the custom. People go to cemeteries to be with the souls of the departed and build private altars containing the favorite foods and beverages, as well as photos and memorabilia, of the departed. Why?”
        “You want to know whom means enough to Liara for her to go and participate.” Stark stated as the two finally entered the house through the secret wall.
        “Not really.” Bruce rejected his statement.
        Tony begged, “aw come on, aren’t you even a little bit curious to what she’s been doing these past few years?”
        “Can’t you find that out here? I mean look at this place, it’s fully decked out with all kinds of personal aspects of her life.” Bruce took in the entirety of the first floor.
        Stark shook his head, “I’ve looked through everything, there is nothing that is personal here at all. This is nothing more than a staged home. Which is boring.”
        Steve came into view, propped against a window as he spoke to his friend, Bucky who was seated looking down to his hands. “So what you think, Cap.” Tony interrupted.
        “There are many people still walking down the street, I think that we should go and find Guerra. Since she has more insight to the Hydra side of the dealings here. And with the number of individuals out there,” he motioned with his head. “It should be more than easy to use them for cover if there are any Hydra operatives, we would be able to get the jump on them.”
        “Sounds like a plan. Who’s going?” Fury asked.
        Rogers turned to face everyone, where most sat at the dining room table, eating the more than plenty choice of different foods. “No. This needs to be a one man job. Easier to maneuver. I’ll go.”
        “Not alone,” Bucky arose and placed his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I'm with you 'til the end of the line.”
        “Awww, bro moment. We need that.” Tony looked to Bruce, that only raised a brow.
        Captain America and The Winter Soldier, both in ball caps and jackets cut their way into the crowd as easy as a warm knife to butter. Within seconds, the others that watched from the privacy of the house had lost sight of them. They were making good time.
        “Steve, will you know her when you see her? I mean there are a lot of people here, and they are wearing face paint. What if she’s doing the same.” Bucky asked his best friend.
        Rogers tilted his head, “if I don’t, she will.”
        The duo continued along the route the crowd were taking, they saw ahead of them that there was a huge cemetery. The people of all ages filed slowly into the location. “Steve, I think that this is going to be a little harder than originally thought.”
        Steve stopped as something caught his attention to Bucky’s right. Off in the distance, he saw what he was looking for. “No, there Bucky, to your right. Come on.”
        Rogers began to weave in and out of the crowd of people, his friend in toe. There was a road that became elevated into a hill to give them a better viewing point, so they could scan the people more thoroughly. The two found their way back to each other. They reached the peak of the hill, in turning around they began to look over the mass.
        “Beautiful site, huh. Celebrating the dead.” A whisper came from the right of Bucky.
        The two men turned to see Liara in a traditional Mexican dress, with her entire face painted like a Calavera (skull) as she never lost sight of the people down below her.

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