Beginning Anew

Leaving behind a Superhero life is about the easiest thing to do. Being called back in, no matter the circumstances, is the hard part. Especially when there's more reason to stay hidden. My OC is a main character, please be advised.
This is an Avengers drama. I own nothing, only a couple ocs. No copyright infringement intended.


11. Alana Deltora

        "I'll be there when I'm there, I do have a life you know. Even yellow eyed freaks get play. You should have let me known that you were trying to scratch that itch for me." Came the chipper voice from the other end.

        "You got jokes I see. Make sure that you do remember you have something that belongs to me in your possession." Fury retorted as a smile formed his lips.

        "Last time I checked, I belonged to no man. As for the birdie, she is doing new tricks. Your wel..." Liara paused in hearing the steady breathing of Fury's company through the phone. A smile came to her face, in knowing the owner of the paced pattern. "Aww tell Hill I said 'hi'. I really like her, when are y'all two going to do the deed? I mean come on she's hot, you not so much, but awww y'all would make some beautiful babies. I support you in all your endeavors, one hundred percent." Liara then hung up.

        "She say anything useful Sir?" Hill asked as she studied the S.H.I.E.L.D. Director.

        The older man chuckled, "now when have you ever known Guerra to give up info of any kind."

        Maria nodded, "of course. So in other news there has been an extreme rise in Hydra activity, as well as a hit put upon one of our S.H.I.E.L.D. Political Officials in..."

        "Acapulco. Yes, I have been going over all information regarding the current situation, what is it that you have?" Fury extended his hand for the vanilla folder the woman contained in her possession.

        Hill handed over her intel, "Sir."

        Fury opened the cover then stroked his goatee. "That is all Hill."

        Maria nodded, "yes Sir."

        Fury, alone in his office, began going through the new more in detailed paperwork received from his Deputy Director. He threw the file down, followed by placing an intercom call to Steve Rogers whose location was somewhere within the Helicarrier itself. Within a few moments the man made his way to Fury's office. There was a rap at the door. "Enter." The Director stated.

        "Sir," Rogers entered the office, "you wished to see me?"

        "Yes." The man in all black slid the folder across his new desk and began to inform Captain America on everything concerning a new mission that would take the entire team's expertise in handling.

        "I see. I will find the others and let them know the details of our new mission, but what of Guerra is she to accompany us as well?" Steve furrowed his brow.

        Fury propped his elbows on the desk and loosely clasped his hands, "I know for a fact Guerra will be back well before the departure date, she'll want to play her new Oscuridad persona. Knowing her, she's already fully aware of everything we know and working her own various networks gathering more information in preparation."

        Rogers took in Fury's words. "Yes, speaking of which, what will her role involve exactly?"

        Fury tilted his head slightly upwards, "Oscuridad will walk in unseen, as she beyond has a knack of always doing. Retrieve the sensitive valuables Hydra has stolen from us, while everyone else is involved in the surrounding chaos. She'll be armed if the need be. Hopefully this time Guerra shoots the enemy, and not your boy. Return the assets while the rest of you finish with the enemy. Simple, just like last time."

        Steve placed the folder on the desk, "this should be interesting enough."

        "I'll keep her in check, if you keep him as well." Fury told the Team Leader, who made his way to the door.

        Rogers turned to a now standing Director, "easier said than done, they hate each other."

        "That's an understatement." Fury raised his right brow.

        "She hates everyone, but with him, it's... it's somehow exaggerated. Personal." Steve noted.

        "No one ever knows with that woman. She has more than a few demons. So much so Rogers, that I truly do wonder how she remains sane." Fury strolled to his favorite looking window.

        Steve nodded as he left he room.

        Fury stared over the horizon, lost in deep strategic thought. Ever since the Helicarrier took to the sky after Liara's departure, the clouds had been thick. Now they've grown dark gray, heavy, threatening. Ready to pelt their damage on the earth far below.


        Liara released a huge breath as she crashed backwards onto the comfy bed that hugged her form. "Ugh I hate, no, that's a strong word... dislike... yes, dislike you strongly Fury for waking me from that mmm oh so deliiiicious dream."

        The yellow eyed woman moaned in trying to fall back asleep. Even in her custom made sound resistant room, it seemed basically impossible. Liara continued to toss and turn, until a vision flashed in her mind's eye. Liara huffed as a woman in her daydream sat down in front of a golden vanity. The dream woman began to tease her long fire themed tresses. A coy smile formed while she sat, admiring herself in the mirror.

        Liara and her purple satin bedding slowly became visible within the lady's sight. The fire haired woman opened her mouth to speak. As soon as she did, her friend Liara rolled onto her right side to face the opposite direction. She was taken aback. "Well."

        Liara furrowed her brow as she heard her best friend's, super light voice. Even with the added exaggeration, it still came out high pitched.

        The caramel skinned woman shrugged her shoulders and continued with her grooming. "I mean if that's the welcome I get..."

        "Four years Alana, it's been four loooooong years," still with her back toward her friend.

        "How was I supposed to know, it's only been a few hours here." Alana's voice softened.        

        "I don't care how time is there, you should have known. Is it the fact that you have your head stuck so far up your..." Liara snidely began.

        "Hey hey hey." Alana frowned.

        "Or up his." The woman in the bed dryly stated, and hugged her pillow, "so over you."

        "Are you mad? Cause you kind of sound it." Alana exchanged the gaze of her reflection for the one of her friend instead.

        "Am I mad, well let me see," Liara rolled to her back, gazed into the infinite starred sky before her eyes, "nope, I could care less. While you have been in Asgard schmoozing that extremely demented fellow, I've somehow found the strength to go on without you."

        "That your ugly man almost killed, might I add. Yeah him. The nasty looking one. Even changing complexion didn't help him one little bit in the looks department." Alana narrowed her eyes.

       "But did he die though?" Liara's reaction wasn't the one Alana had hoped for. Instead of the expected neck snap, eye roll and defensive retort, what she gave her was, melancholy. "Word to the wise, not mine anymore, you should be pleased."

        Alana truly never understood why her friend found him to be easy on the eyes in the first place. But then again, in her honest opinion, all the men that caught Liara's eye were quite... horrible looking. "Good, he was too ugly for you, I never liked him anyhow, and of course you were always too good for him. But hey this gives me something... one, same difference, to hurt when I come and see you soon."

        "Tell me how you really feel. That felt so rehearsed and dry. Exactly how long have you been going over the way to express that? And here I thought that I had issues with human pleasantries and delivery." Liara now took in the site of Alana who stood and made her way to the bed. "Soon? In what? Another four years? I'll more than likely be dead by then."

        The thin caramel skinned woman sat on the edge of the bed. Even though she relaxed with the entirety of her weight, the bed made no depression. "Now, you already know that I would never let that happen."

        Liara sat up, and joined her friend. Narrowed her lips until her dimples sunk deep into her cheeks. She side eyed Alana, who was sitting contently to her right. "For all you know, I could have been dead already. I mean four years, many things could have happened, hell have. Which reminds me, why haven't you answered me in at least one of the times that I tried to contact you? You gave me this resource for a reason, did you not? Then tell me just what good is it to have if you aren't going to respond."

        Alana defended, "I was busy."

        "I'll bet." Liara retorted.

        The fire eyed woman becoming bothered. "Not what I meant."

        "Sure." The light olive complected woman nodded.

        "Oh my god, really?" Alana was upset to the point that she raised her voice.

        "Four years, Telepath." Her friend frankly stated.

        Liara was getting on her last nerve, "ughhh, fine!"

        "Only to you." Nothing but calm.

        Alana defended her honor. "His brother was there too."

        Liara raised her brows rapidly. "Keeping it in the family I see. Go head on girl."

        "I'm so done with you." The telepathic woman turned to her friend.

        The yellow eyed woman placed her hand on her chest and feigned she was insulted, "but, but what did I do?"

        "You just keep ignoring everything I say and..." Alana furrowed her brow as she clenched her fist.

        "Now you know how I feel." Liara laid back on the bed.
        "Oh." The smaller of the two women finally understanding.
        "Yeah, oh." The wolf serum infused female turned her head as she reached for her friend's coat. "New clothes I see."

        "Yes, I rather like them, this shade and the red leather trench does give it a badass look, doesn't it." Alana stood to show off her new attire.

        Liara propped unto her elbows. "I would have went with more of a blood red, but then again, fire engine red is your thing."

        "It so is. So tell me all about the Avengers, how's Steve?" Alana returned to her spot next to her friend as Liara came to a seated position.

        "Wait hold up, you are in Asgard with this dude that you find 'oh so dreamy' and 'his sexy brother that I neeeeed to touch' and you have the nerve to ask about Murica? Woooow." Liara enlarged her eyes as she pressed her lips tight, she tucked a leg under her, for the ability to face her best friend directly.

        "Well I would have asked how your boo thang Fury was, but the lack of a ring means not so good." Alana raised her brow and smirked.

        "" Liara lowered her head into her hand.

        "No that was all you, you and him, Lury, I ship it." Liara rolled her eyes as Alana laughed. "No but really, how is the youngster?"

        "Technically?" Liara shrugged as she tilted her head quickly to the left. "Dead."

        "That's why." Alana poked her lip out.

        The yellow eyed woman closed her eyes ever so lightly. "I swear to the universe."

        "Hey, leave my home out of this. Not it's fault you now can't take the title that oh so rightfully belongs to you, Mrs. Fury." Alana mocked sincerity.

        Liara did nothing but growl her displeasure.

        Alana held her perfect red manicured hands up, "sorry, calm down Killer. Ok, how's your friend, Romanoff?"

        Liara traced her bottom lip while staring through her friend, "trying to get into the scientist's pants."

        "Ewww, why?" Liara raised a threatening brow at her, Alana shrugged.

        "The why I get, just don't know the how long. See when I left all of you, I cut all ties, and I meant it. No going through any borrowed information. Alana you don't understand, yes I can tell by your face," Liara rolled her eyes. "I had a huge reason to give everything and everyone up. The only one I wanted to be able to have a human interaction with was you, but you see how that panned out. I dominated the wolf within, well not really cause that bitch..."

        "You were always a bitch, don't blame that on her." Alana smirked.

        "Quite." Liara raised her left brow, "it's an ongoing process, but I have figured out, that I'm which animal I choose to feed. Had a tougher time convincing myself to move on from Banner..." Liara began to explain some things.

        "Which you still haven't fully committed to." Alana studied her friend.

        "I was... until... I was back around him." Liara drooped her shoulders.

        Alana was becoming very uncomfortable with this topic. She was never the one for the fraternizing, romance, nor the feelings that were associated with it. And this human love was something even worse. Something she had no time for. Yes being found of someone's mental state and the destruction that they inflict were one thing, but the titles and clinginess was not her thing in the least. "And just why are you back again?"

        Liara shrugged and pouted, "I was asked back."

        That peaked Alana's interest, "by whom?"

        Liara only raised her left brow.

        "I KNEWWWWWWWWW ITTTTTTTTT!!!!!" Alana did nothing but smile a devious smile. "Ok, I'm sorry, no please, go on."

        Liara shook her head. "Really?"

        "I mean was or wasn't it Fury? It's an honest question." The fire in Alana's eyes did nothing but hold Liara's gaze.

        The she wolf crinkled her brow. "Yes, but..."

        "I.KNEW.IT!" Alana showed all her delight with that information.

        Liara was becoming annoyed. "Are you finished?"

        "He needed you back, awwwwsoooo the power couple, I love it. The Lury is so a thing." The celestial being continued.

        Liara huffed. "It's really not."

        "Of course it is. Haven't you seen the way you two steady loving on each other." Alana raised her eyebrows rapidly.

        The yellow eyed woman was bored with her friend's taunting. "What you need to do is stop. Nothing there, never was, never will be. I respect him, always will. He's family just like you sweetheart."

        "No, what you need to do is marry him, then it will be official." Alana wasn't quite finished yet.

        Liara narrowed her eyes until she was looking through her lashes. "Really? Really."
        Alana smirked. "Oh, have I hurt your feelings, Lury. I'm so sorry."

        "So, I thought that crazy fellow was some sort of Norse God or something, funny how a tiny insignificant green insect smashed him to pieces." The she wolf raised a cocky left brow.

        "NOT.FUNNY." Alana now was heated.

        "Actually I find it quite hilarious." Alana's friend smirked as she raised both brows. "'HULK SMASH' is a wonderful thing."

        Liara was getting the reaction she desired, as Alana turned her nose up. "Ewww you are gross, and disgusting."

        The yellow eyed female gave a coy smile and shrugged. "Hey, I'm just saying."

        "Eww, I can't even talk to you, you are nasty. I can't believe you let him touch you." The caramel toned woman was revolted.

        Liara rolled her eyes back in recalling, she sucked a long breath through her teeth. "In all kinds of places."

        "Could you like not." The fire eyed woman was more than disgusted.

        "It was amazing. You should so try it." Liara bit her lip while she moaned. "Mmmm."

        "You are so unbelievable disgusting. First you let that human Banner touch you, and you went there? The green one? How is that even something remotely... ewww." Alana turned her lip up.

        Liara laughed from her diaphragm, "I miss you so much. I miss this, us. I needed this."

        "No! I'm not in your friend anymore. I don't need that type of negativity in my life. One less pack member, Wolfie. Just you and Fury now, sister." The thin woman shook her head.

        A tender smile formed Liara's lips, "I love you too old lady."

        "I know, I am the best." Alana rolled her neck.

        "I take it back." The she wolf dryly stated.

        The celestial smiled. "No takebacks."

        "Forever takebacks. Hey random question? Since you hate the entire looove thing, did you even slightly enjoy the pawing of your Locote? (crazy man)" Liara wondered.

        "He did not paw at me, we are friends, strictly platonic." Alana defended herself. 

        A smirk caused Liara's right dimple to heavily divet, "like me and Murica, I sooooo believe you."

        "Exactly. Platonic. No touching." The darker of the women nodded.

        Liara wasn't buying it, "you so touched him."

        Alana's eyes grew large. "No."

        "I know for a fact that you touched the bro then. Cause you were hell bent on that." The hybrid pouted her lips to the side.

       "It wasn't anything sexual. I did it for science." The fire eyed woman replied.

        Liara busted out laughing. 

        "I'm serious." Alana was furious.

        "No, I'm sorry, go ahead." Liara could barely make the words out, before she laughed again.

        The thinner woman tilted her head. "You don't believe me."

        "Now what gave you that idea?" The chipper of the friends, snidely stated.

       "I have to go. My presence is needed." As soon as the words were uttered, Alana began to phase out. Her person became more transparent. "I really hate you Guerra."

        "That makes two of us friend, that makes two of us." Liara pushed at the inside of her cheek with her tongue. "Only difference is, I mean it. This self hate is the only thing that keeps me going."

        With her friend, Alana cutting the cord on their connection, and so much more left unsaid. Liara decided that it was time for her to get up and make herself useful. After a quick shower and check on her priorities, Liara made her way to a computer and did what she did best.

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