Our Small Li'l World...!!!

"Our Small Li'l World" is an Indian webseries by the blog Khaas Bath & Lots More. Meet Vihaan and Ahana entangled at various stages of their life and realize that they are soulmates who are meant to be together. The chapters of this webseries explore their relationship built at various stages of their life. Read on and fall in love with Vihaan, Ahana and their Small Li'l World :)




              It was my 24th birthday. My birthdays are not those happening ones. I have my small little world with whom I spend that day. Sometimes I don’t even get to spend it with them and I end up spending alone. My best friend Greeshma had come home that day to make it special. “Happy Birthday Ahana, my princess”, she shouted loud entering my home. She hugged me tight. She was one of the only few best friends I have. I am very selective about letting people into my Life. But once I let them in, I love them so much that the relationship does not require any special efforts once again. We both together decorated my room, lit candles all over the place and I cut a small cupcake that she had brought for me. This was my way of celebrating a birthday.


              Once she left in the evening, I went to the terrace. The sky also seemed to be lit with the twinkling stars celebrating my birthday. It was a lovely evening. Sitting on the terrace floor, I started listening to my favourite playlist on my headphones. I was just thinking. I feel so comfortable in my own skin. I feel good being with myself. Sometimes I do feel lonely but then I always have Greesh as my 3 AM call. But it is not that I tell her everything. Deep inside me lies a small island where I treasure all my secrets. I keep visiting the island once in a while all alone. I am neither an introvert nor an extrovert. I am a mixture of both, an ambivert. Just when I was listening to a song which was my childhood memory, I started thinking about my school days. Ooty, residential school, missing family, Sunday holy mass, unexpected rain, loneliness and Vihaan- every memory flashed in my head for a moment. He caught my attention in those flashes.  


              Vihaan- the name still gives me such a pleasant feeling just like his soft eyes does. He was my childhood buddy. When I met him for the first time on the Day 1 of Standard IV, there was something in his eyes that actually caught my attention. I smiled at him and he looked away. I went upto him and spoke to him when he was crying alone sitting in a corner. Maybe if I had not done that day, I would have missed such a wonderful friend. 3 years with him was such a blessing. We used to talk, talk and only talk. Whenever I had anything to share or whenever I missed my family, he was always there with me. I used to feel so protected when he was around. He was my best friend. He had become my habit, a routine and such an integral part of my life. The moments we spent and the fun we had was something I still treasure and go back thinking about. I think till date, those 3 years were the best years of my life.


               I thought things will be the same and we have a lot of time to spend until the day I got to know that dad has got transferred to Manipur and he needs to relocate there. There was an issue of law and order in Manipur then and dad had to immediately relocate in 2 days. We started packing and arranging all the household items to move. The fact that I cannot go back to my school and talk to Vihaan was hurting me more. I tried calling him on his landline number but there was no response as his family had planned for a pilgrimage that week. I tried several times until I was convinced that there will not be any answer from the other side. His landline number was written in our phone diary which was always placed next to the telephone. But while shifting, we lost that diary and I curse my memory that I could not have the number by heart.


               After coming to Manipur, I have cried so many times thinking about what all happened. I could not bid him a proper goodbye. I missed Vihaan in my new school. There was no one who could get so close to me like him in the new school. I was hoping that somehow I will get his call one day even after knowing that there was no means of him getting my contact details. I started missing his presence all day. I was worried as to how will he clear his mathematics examinations.  Standard VII was literally a hell. I was back to square one. Days and months passed and nothing changed. When I finally met Greeshma in Standard VIII, things improved a bit. But somehow Vihaan still crossed my mind always. He became an incomplete piece of my story puzzle.


                 I came back to the present when the playlist ended. 12 years have gone by. So many things have changed. My life has changed. I am not the same girl I used to be in the boarding school. I have grown. I now work as a Junior Research Fellow as a part of my PhD in a leading research lab in Ahmedabad. My stories remain with myself with no listening ears. Instead I write study reports based on my analysis on autistic children after the tests. After being in Imphal(Manipur) for 8 years, we moved to Ahmedabad 4 years back. During my college, I made a few very good friends. Greesh and Sitara were always there as my best buddies from the beginning. But whenever I spoke to a guy friend, my thoughts would automatically go back to Vihaan. It was so involuntary. Even now, whenever I hear this name, I would pause for a second to check who it is. Everything had changed but this boy was still there somewhere in the back of my mind occupying an irreplaceable chair when I do not even know if he remembers me. 

4 Months later:


               My phone beeps with a Facebook notification. It was a friend request. I do not accept any requests if I do not know the person. I already have 150+ friend requests which are left unconfirmed. I checked the request and it was from a person named ‘Vihaan’. Never had I received a request from that name. My excitement knew no bounds even before knowing it was him. On visiting his profile, I saw his profile picture and unfortunately it was just a random stupid quote. I wanted to go down to check his schooling details and during that time by mistake I clicked on ‘Confirm’ button. I regretted clicking it without even knowing if it was him. I went down to check for schooling details and for my bad luck; he had not mentioned those details. I did not want to unfriend him after accepting the request. It was 1 AM then. Just when I was about to turn off my data and go back to sleep in that disappointment, I got a text from him saying “Hi”.


                A girl accepts a friend request and she will be flooded with messages. This was not new to me. I do not even reply back to such messages. But this name was special. I could not resist myself from waving back a Hi. He immediately sent, “Hello Ahana, saw your profile. Are you from Eeksha Residential School, Ooty?”. My heart started pounding hard now. “Yes”, I replied back without even taking time. “Year of completing Standard VII? Is it 2006?”, he sent back. Now reading this message, I knew he was Vihaan. My happiness knew no limits. I found him, or rather he had found me back. “Yes 2006.Vihaaaaaan...!!”, I typed and sent it to him. I wanted to dance. I want to scream in happiness. I was getting goosebumps in the excitement. I am talking to Vihaan again after 12 years.

Vihaan: Ahana!! How are you?

Ahana: I don’t know what to tell. Vihaan, we are talking after 12 years. 12 years means 144 months. Imagine we are talking to each other AGAIN... I am so happppppy

Vihaan: I am very happy too. I don’t know what to say as well.

Ahana: I don’t want to say anything. I just want to cry and vent out all my emotions.

Ahana cries and as she did, her tears only showed how much she missed him for so long. A best friend, a companion, a habit, a routine and he was everything.

Ahana: Vihaan, you have no idea how much I missed you this long. I have missed every moment we spent together those 3 years. If I tell this to anybody, they will just think it is some friendship which has happened in childhood and that is bound to happen. But I remember everything about those 3 years. I met you at a time when I had nobody with me. Just when we were so happy in our small little world, we parted. I am so happy I met you again.

Vihaan: Hey, I think the feeling is so mutual. I can never forget our time spent. I keep going back to the same moments as little Vihaan to meet little Ahana again. It took me an year to come out of your sudden disappearance and get back to normalcy. Now that we are back, I think I will definitely need time for it to sync in. I am so glad to have found you again. Where are you now? What are you upto?

Ahana: I work as a Junior Research Fellow in a research lab as a part of my PhD. We are now settled in Ahmedabad. I work with autistic children and study their behavioural patterns as part of my thesis. What do you do? Where are you?

Vihaan: I am a certified counsellor. After my graduation on psychology, I took this up. I meet a lot of people from different backgrounds and having different problems. I reconcile and help them meet ends. It gives me a lot of satisfaction.

Ahana: That’s great Vihaan. Something that you are born to do: touch lives

Vihaan: Thanks yaar. Now tell me why did you leave me without even informing me once?

              I told him everything that happened and he understood my position. For a moment, wherever he was and whatever the distance maybe, it seemed so minuscule because we were again connected by texts. We chatted till 7 AM that night. We chatted about everything that happened in those 12 years. I felt so connected with him again. There was something very deep about the bondage I shared with this guy. There was no denial that it was something beyond friendship. It was much more. How beautiful it would be if I could spend my entire life with him...

           But wait!! What if he has someone already in his life? 

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