Our Small Li'l World...!!!

"Our Small Li'l World" is an Indian webseries by the blog Khaas Bath & Lots More. Meet Vihaan and Ahana entangled at various stages of their life and realize that they are soulmates who are meant to be together. The chapters of this webseries explore their relationship built at various stages of their life. Read on and fall in love with Vihaan, Ahana and their Small Li'l World :)



           “We meet so many people in our Life. Not everyone stays throughout the journey. But every person comes in for a Reason. Sometimes it is to teach a lesson, sometimes it is to get taught & only sometimes it is to STAY...”


           It was my first day of Standard IV. My mom & dad had decided that I will be moving to Ooty to continue my education in a Residential School there. All my resistance and tears did no good against their firm and unanimous decision. My grandfather was an Ex-Army official who served his term in Indian Army. My dad obviously wanted to see his son grow up with utmost discipline & he decided that only a residential school can instil that. We stayed in Indiranagar in Bangalore and I had a lot of friends to bid goodbye before moving in. The summer holidays were over and my dad dropped me to my new school. I entered the classroom. My sad and tensed face clearly would have given away how I missed Bangalore, my cozy bed, my house, my family, my friends, my cricket ground, my teachers and my lovely grandmother.


            “My dear students, please welcome your new classmate Vihaan. He has come from Bangalore. I hope you all will be really sweet to him & welcome him into our family.”, Sister Jessica announced after looking at the admission receipt handed over by me. She looked at me and smiled. She seemed to have been thoroughly impressed by the way I had dressed myself. My neighbours and teachers in the old school always used to tell me that I was very cute. She pointed me to go and sit in the third bench next to a girl called Ahana. Sister Jessica was the class teacher for the Section. As she started calling out the attendance, the girl next to me turned towards me to check whom she will be sitting next to the entire academic year & I turned too. That’s when we first saw each other... She smiled at me. I looked away.


            The school was widely spread across many acres and had accommodated space for all the activities for the all round development of the students. There was everything that the school had in place and catered to including expert faculty, sports coach, doctors, counsellors etc except for my mother’s love and father’s affection which could not be artificially sourced. The lunch break was from 12 to 1. I was feeling very lonely that day. I could not eat much. I just came to the playground and sat in the corner. I don’t know why but I couldn’t hold back my tears and I started crying. I saw the girl who was sitting next to me in class now walking towards me. Her name was still not registered in my mind. She came to me and asked, “Hey, why are you crying? Boys are not supposed to cry.” Her tone had the perfect innocence of an 8 year old girl. I asked her still weeping, “Why? Why should boys not cry?” She replied back, “Because Sister Jessica said that boys should not cry. She said boys are stronger than us. They will not cry for anything. But, why are you crying?” I looked at her and answered back wiping my tears, “I didn’t want to come here. I want to go back to Bangalore. I miss my school, my friends, my Daadi and her stories. I don’t know anyone here.”


          “Even I want to go home but I can’t. I spend only 15 days in a year in my home during vacations. My father is an Assistant Commissioner of Police, CCB and he always wanted no trouble to surround me because of his job. He always tells me that he wanted me to study in a residential school away from all potential troubles that could come in my way. So I am here from my Standard I. I don’t have any friends in school because everyone is afraid that my dad is a police. They are scared. Even you don’t know anyone here. Can we be friends?” she asked. “Friends? How is it possible? I am a boy and you are a girl. I can make friendship with other boys. You may not even know to play cricket.”, I told her. “Why can’t we be friends? I know many games apart from cricket that I can teach you. I know a lot of stories that I can tell you too...”, she said extending her hand. The idea of Stories instantly caught my excitement.  “Stories? Then definitely Yes.... FRIENDS”, I said extending a hand shake. “Ahana... My name is Ahana Deekshith.”, she said and I said, “Vihaan...and my name is only Vihaan.” We both instantly burst into laughter.


           Ahana and me got along very well. We were together almost every time. I hated Mathematics and Ahana was the one who saved me with all my homework. During tests and exams, she used to be my tuition teacher. Ahana was the brightest of the lot. She always had her rank secured in the top 1 to 3. All the teachers in the school knew that we were best friends. She was very happy that after 3 years she found a friend and that too a Best friend. I taught her how to play Cricket with a condition that only I get to bat all the time. She had got a listener to all the stories that she read in Tinkle Digest. She had explained me the entire Mahabharata and Ramayana. I somehow enjoyed listening to her stories. I no longer missed my grandma’s stories. Whenever any of my classmates tease Ahana, I used to get into a fight with them. Maybe after 3 years, she felt safe and protected in such a big school.


            Whenever I used to talk to my mother over phone, I used to tell her about Ahana on how we both played a new game that day, on how she cheated me in a game, or how she told me a new story that day, or how she helped me solve a LCM problem. My mom was happy that I had got a companion in the new place. Ahana and me grew up together creating our own world. We were in Standard VI already and we definitely did not realize how time flew. As per the norms of the school, every student had to choose a subject apart from academics and pursue it. Ahana had chosen music and I had chosen Yoga based on my grandfather’s advice. Ahana used to participate in all the music events in Inter school fests hosted by other schools and those days I used to just sit on the benches near the playground after school and wait for her arrival in the evening. I missed her so much on those days. I had no one else to play with. I had no one else to talk with. She had become such an integral part of my World.


             Summer Holidays were the toughest time considering the fact that we should part and we will not see each other for 2 months. Ahana still stayed in school and went home only for 15 days. I had given my landline number and we used to talk over phone once in a week. Ahana used to report to me on how she missed telling stories to me or playing with me & also on how boring her holidays are. The landline bill in my home during those two months was always the highest when compared to the rest of the months. She was the first person who used to cross my mind if I felt like sharing anything. We were so happy as best friends in our small little world until that one day which changed everything....


             School was supposed to reopen on June 2nd as always. Standard VII was about to begin. It was always Ahana who used to call me home from school. As last 15 days of her summer vacations she used to go home, I was not expecting any calls from her. The first day of the new academic year and I was very excited to go back to school and also to meet and talk to Ahana after a long time. I had so much to share with her about my vacations. I had prepared a small greeting card just for her. I was earlier than usual. I searched for Ahana in the classroom and also in the entire school but could not find her. I went to the classroom and Bindu Ma’am entered. She was our class teacher for that academic year. She greeted us saying “Good Morning Students. Hope you all enjoyed your vacations. I see all happy faces. So let us take the first attendance for this year...” and started calling out names. When she called out Ahana’s name, I raised my hand and told she is absent. Bindu Ma’am then looked at the class and said something that left me shocked.


             She said, “Dear students, Ahana is not absent. She has left the institution. Her father has been transferred from Chennai and the family had to relocate. We have no information as to which place they are relocating to. Let us all wish her a wonderful future ahead. Let us now go to the next names...Srikanth...Neha...” and she continued calling names. I was left bewildered by what she said. How could this happen? How could she leave the school all of a sudden? How could she leave without even telling her best friend? I was deeply hurt and upset. It was unexpected. I was left all alone again. I still went to the playground, sat in one corner and cried. But this time, there was no one around to ask me why I am crying. I missed Ahana so much. I started missing her every passing minute. We were always together and I thought we will continue to be the same way. I had not dreamt of being away from her even in my wildest dreams.


               Days and weeks passed and nothing changed. I had started hating my school and classes. Ahana’s departure remained a Question mark that I failed to get answers for. Standard VII was very difficult for me. I somehow wanted to finish that academic year and run away back to my home. I had realized that there was something deep about the bondage I shared with Ahana. We shared an instant connect which was not easy to achieve with every other person you meet. This was different. This was special. What was more haunting was that she had left without telling a Goodbye. The thought that I may never meet Ahana again in my Life was hurting me every day. 


              But somethings are not meant to end this way. Do they?    

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