Pretty Odd

Xavier and Kyoko have been best friends since they were little, inseparable in every single way... But when you throw a pretty odd being into the middle... Things can never be the same.


1. [I lost the original chapter, so forgive me if this intro isn't the best]

"Xavier, meet my boyfriend Yukio!"

... Okay, rewind... How did it get to this? Better take it back to the start...

*Rewinding noises*

My name is Xavier, I've been brought up as a wealthy and contented child, or as my best friend calls it: 'A spoilt rich kid'. I was sent to a private school for the 'better off' as soon as I turned sixteen, and I thought from there, everything would be soft-sailing, but hell was I wrong.

My life has been a rollercoaster of challenge, ever since then.

I've had one best friend my whole life. Her name is Kyoko, and she is the most beautiful girl that I know, she's smart, funny and well, quite unpredictable. We've always been inseparable, but when I turned sixteen, it was time for us to say our goodbyes, with promises to keep in close touch the whole time.

And like we do with all promises, we kept very close. We'd speak on the phone whenever we could, and I'd sneak my phone into class just to send her a text that said: 'I really do miss you.' Even though she already knew that.

I had waited and waited for summer to come along, and when it finally did I ran from my school to see her.

It had been a year, but somehow I hadn't expected anything to change, I was stupid in that aspect.

I drove for seven hours, I was going to the coast to stay with her for the summer holiday, but there was another development...

During the year, it wasn't a surprise that Kyoko had gotten herself a boyfriend, and I wasn't exactly bothered... Until I met him...

And that, Is where this story begins.

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