"All I want is to touch your hand, I just want to know you're really there. Josh, I know I'm not as crazy as they think, you've got to be real! You've got to!" "Why can't you be satisfied by seeing me? You know I'm real, you're talking to me Violet. Why does it matter to you what they think of you?" "I love them Josh, they are my family. Of course I care what they think..." "You shouldn't, that's the demon that makes your head all blurry. When you groggily look in the mirror, and your face is surrounded by a glaze of blur that's him." "Josh, I'm afraid of him. He's doing something awful inside me." "Don't be, I'll always protect you and be by your side as long as you let me." _____________ #bandoms


1. •chapter one•


"Well, at first I thought you were some type of phantasmagoria, that my mind was just piecing together because I won't accept the fact that everyone thinks your dead. I knew you couldn't be." I pressed my fingers against the glass, where his hand was placed from the opposite side.

"I'm glad you still believed in me, Violet. I always knew you would, you are a very intelligent girl." His raspy voice chuckled, reverberations bouncing off the glass like small waves through my fingertips.

"I'm not that intelligent, I just knew they were just playing a sick joke. Why would you overdose on your meds? I knew you loved me too much to do something like that, and like always I was right." I perched my head up, drawing nearer to the glass.

"Of course I love you, but just because someone commits suicide won't mean they don't love you. It just means they didn't love themselves, okay darling?" Joshua explained setting his forehead against the glass, where he replaced my reflection.

I nodded, a small yawn slipping from my lips.

"Angel, I think it's time for you to get some rest. We've been talking all night and you have school."

"Momma won't let me go to school, she's still not all together in the head either. She honestly believes that you died, so she pulled me out because I always tell her about the beautiful things you say to me." I shrugged, and his head raised to look at me directly.

"She pulled you out of school, because of me? Oh, Violet you had such big hopes for the future! You can't just give them up so easily, over something so vacuous." His eyes closed, disgust gracing his face.

"It's not vacuous Josh, you just gave them a scare because they didn't know you had come back to visit me. Which, I don't know why you won't just put an end to this and come out to see us, especially me. Instead of sneaking around through my looking glass, you are starting to make me feel like I'm the one insane." I laid my forehead where his once rested, almost as if we would take turns.

"Violet, you aren't insane. I'm here, and I'm real, but I can't come out just yet. It means the world to me when we can talk for hours, but not if it means you have to give up your dreams." He shook his head, before his beautiful face fell in his hands.

"Josh, you were living your dream and you came back here to see me everyday. You made a sacrifice, so can I." My hands glossed over his reflection, and he looked up at me wearily.

"I did something because I loved you, and if you love me you won't give up on your dream. You have to at least try to put up a fight, start by telling your mom that I left and I'm not coming back." His words frightened me, he couldn't really be going could he?

"Oh! Joshua no! I couldn't do that, you can't go! I need you!"

"I know, I know baby. I'm not going anywhere, but maybe your mom will understand if you just pretend I'm not here either. Just blend in, ya know?" He cooed sweetly, rubbing his index finger up and down a glass.

"I guess she might, but then how would I see you?"

"We'll make time, but can you do this for me Vi?"

"Anything for you."


I'm kind of excited about this one, I think it has some potential. If you enjoyed it please leave a comment below. peace, will win.

Be sure to tell me what you think. xo

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