Daddy's Good Girl

"Have you been a good girl?"

"Yes, Daddy."


8. 7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

7. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

"So tell me about him?" Christine asked while filing through her clothes.

I was too preoccupied with texting Ryan to really register what she said.

"Ame?" she said.

I laughed at a meme Ryan sent and didn't really hear Christine, but then she kicked my leg.

I glared at her. "What the hell Chris?"

She shrugged with a smirked. "Well, you kept ignoring me."

I rubbed my leg. "Jesus, woman. What do you want?"

"I asked you to tell me about Donovan. How're things with him?" she asked wiggling her brows.

I rolled my eyes. "We're okay, I guess. I took him to In N Out the other day, which was good until I had to leave. He was pretty upset, but in sure he's over it."

She looked at me, raising a brow. "You don't know?"

I picked at one of her shirts on her bed. "Uhm, no. I haven't talked to him since."

Her eyes grew wide. "Well why the hell not?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. He hasn't texted me, or called. And I haven't messaged him, or called him. So..."

"Oh my god, Ame, just call the man. Ask him on a date or something," she said picking up a skirt.

"You know what Chris? Just for you, I'm going to call this man. Just for you."

She laughed and rolled her eyes.

I left my conversation with Ryan and dialed Donovan's number.

"Donovan Barrack."

"Uhm, hey Donovan. It's Amelia."

"Oh hey, how've you been?" he asked

"I-I've been good. You?"

"I've been alright. Work's kept me pretty busy," he said.

"Yeah, I bet."

I heard a mumbled on his end, and Donovan cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry, Amelia. I don't mean to be rude, but is there a reason why you called?"

"I-Well, I was wondering if you would like to go out tomorrow?"

"Uhm, sure. Can I get back with you on that? I'm about to go into a meeting."

I ran a hand through my hair and sighed. "Yeah, sure. Goodbye, Donovan."

Before he could reply, I hung up. I gazed up at a cringing Chris and rolled my eyes.

"Guess he isn't over the other night."


"Dance with me!" Ryan yelled over the music.

We were at the back to school party Chase, Chris's brother, was throwing. The party was in full swing, and everyone was feeling good.

I was sipping on my drink in the corner, when Ry came up to me. I laughed and shook my head. He rolled his eyes and grabbed my hand.


I laughed and sat my drink down, before following him. We were in the middle of everyone else, and our bodies shook to the music. The song had a sick bass that seemed to vibrates through the entire house.

Chase pimped the place out for the party. There were strobe lights, a foam machine, and a DJ. The party was dope as hell, which was great for back to school.

The song was getting toward the end, which caused everyone's dancing to dissipate.

The song turned slow, and I looked at Ryan. He wiggled his brows at me, and I punched his arm playfully. He chuckled and placed his hands on my waist. My arms went around his neck, and we swayed.

"So, you okay?" he asked, breath fanning against my ear.

I nodded against his neck. "I needed a break, and this party was exactly that."

I felt him smiled. "Good."

"How's the library?"

He shrugged. "Same ole, same ole. Mrs. C misses you."

I felt bad. I hadn't been back to volunteering since the kidnapping. I missed the old woman...

"Aww, I miss her, too. I'll be back soon. I promise."

He pulled back and smiled. "Good because I miss my partner in crime."

His hand shook my waist, and I laughed.

"You're such a loser," I said slapping his arm.

"Well, this loser seems to be winning."

My brows furrowed.

"Whatever," I said with a laugh.

"Hey!" I heard someone yell.

I looked over and saw Christine. She'd finally settled on a black skater skirt and a white crop top after our many hours of looking. She was looking super cute.

"Hey girl! What's up?"

She took a sip of her drink. "You two look so cute!"

I laughed, and under the strobe lights, Ryan's face got a little pink.

No way!

"Oh my god, Ryan!" I said with a laugh. I pulled away, giggling.

"You do not like me," I said.

"Ew, why would I do that?" he said with a laugh.

I crossed my arm and raised a brow.

Christine pointed a tipsy finger at him. "You're lying!" she sang.

"You guys are annoying when you drink," he said.

He walked away from Chris and I, both of us a giggling mess.

The song changed to something more upbeat and techno, which made Christine start jumping around. She grabbed me with her, and we started dancing like madwomen.

I was so into the music that I didn't notice the guy that came up behind me until he talked.

"Hey you," he said.

I turned around and saw this really attractive guy looking me. I smirked.

"Hey," I said. I turned and started dancing with him.

His hands roamed my body, and we ground to the music. Things were hot and fun, until he pressed his lips against my neck.

I pulled away from him. "Whoa, what're you doing fam?"

His brows furrowed. "What? We've been dancing for ten minutes. It got boring."

"Well, I'm going to get a drink. It's been real," I said. I threw up a peace sign and walked away.

"Hey! I wasn't done," the guy said grabbing my arm.

I have the dude a look. "If you don't get your crusty *ss hands off of me," I said over the music.

"I said I wasn't done," he said.

"What the hell? Why are you such a douchebag?!" I ripped my arm out of his grip and stormed away.

I went to the keg and grabbed a cup to fill.

I saw someone out of the corner of my eyes. I looked and saw Ryan making out with a pretty blonde girl. My eyebrows furrowed, and I took a big gulp of my drink before I left to find Chris.

She was making out with a cute brunette. I hated to interrupt, but....

"Yo Chris!" I said. She pulled away from the guy.


"I'm headed to your room okay? I'm tired," I said.

"Yeah, yeah sure," she said and went back to kissing the guy.

I rolled my eyes and headed towards the stairs.

I felt someone grab my arm, so turned to face them.

"Hey sexy," the guy said.

"Dude get off," I said and tried to yank my arm away.

"Don't be like that babe," he persisted.

I tried to pull my arm away again, and I heard a disembodied voice.

"Learn to take a hint!" it said.

I looked saw Ryan tug at the guy and punch him int the face. I gasped and looked at Ryan with wide eyes. I pinched the bridge of my nose, squeezing my eyes, before gazing up at Ry.

"Thanks," I said.

He put a hand on my lower back and began to guide me up the stairs.

"Don't mention it, please."

We made it to Chris's room, and I kicked off my heels once we opened the door.

I fell on the bed and groaned. "Why are guys such *ssholes?!"

I felt the bed dip, and I looked up through squinted eyes to see blue eyes starting down at me. He had a hurt look on his face.

"We aren't all bad," he said softly.

I smiled softly and touched his prickly face. My vision was slightly blurred from squinting, but I could see the outline of his cute little face.

"Nahhhh, you're great, Ry. You're amazing," I mumbled. "Any girl would be so lucky to have you."

I felt him chuckle, and I felt his lips touch my forehead.

"Get some sleep, Ame," he said softly.

"Mhmm," I mumbled


Well! How was it? It's a bit rushed, and I know it seems a little angsty, but this what came naturally. I love Ryan, though; he's such a sweetie.

But anyway, here's chapter 7. Hope you all liked it. Please leave a comment and a vote.

Much love,


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