The mixed sports

One day an ordinary girl that loves soccer and roller skating has a anything but ordinary idea. Definitely a huge idea. Will her idea to mix the sports make the history books or will it crash and burn?
(c) Dumbledores daughter made the cover


6. She didn't...

Mia  didn't look back until she heard the door slam. Mia didn't actually think Leah would leave, but she did. She didn't think Leah would yell at her, but she did. I thought she would support her, but she didn't . Mia thought she was her best friend, apparently not.  Mia bit back that thought as soon as she realized that she that she thought it. Pivoting on her feet, she ran towards the door and flung it open. She was just in time to see her best friend practically running into her house, long,  blonde hair flowing behind her.

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