The mixed sports

One day an ordinary girl that loves soccer and roller skating has a anything but ordinary idea. Definitely a huge idea. Will her idea to mix the sports make the history books or will it crash and burn?
(c) Dumbledores daughter made the cover


3. Home Sweet Home. Sort of

Mia skidded to a stop in front of the garage, leaving marks among the others. She unlaced her skates, having to sit down on the front step in the process. Her neighbor and best friend headed over from her porch. Unlacing the other shoe mia began her story to the oncoming girl. " Hey! Leah! I haven't seen you in forever! How are you?" She asked suddenly concerned. "Why are you so scratched up?" Leah laughed. "We got a new kitten, Cissa. We keep trying to train her and we keep losing the battle." She chuckled slightly.

We walked in and I yelled that I was Home. My mom yelled back and I just went straight to the computer. I started typing flyers to do the mixed sports and couldn't bring myself to hit 'PRINT'. She didn't know why.

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