Jason McCANN has a sister now McKenzie McCANN who picks up some evil ways from the most dangerous, meanest ,cruelest dude in school who happens to be her big brother


5. chapter 5

I was on my computer it took 3 hours to load so I got so so mad that I beat it up with my baseball bat

Jason's computer was doing the same thing so he beat his computer up with his baseball bat

We have been spending a lot of time together

It was time for school I put on my clothes and my boots We had detention for a week for coming to school early but we didn't know it was early so we took our baseball bats and violently beat down the door to get in

I sprayed on my locker McKenzie McCann was hear on my locker and Jason sprayed on his his locker Jason MaCann was here

We got in trouble but we didn't do anything about it so we got 2 weeks detention for spray painting the our lockers

And destroying the security cameras so we wouldn't get in trouble but we still did

Then we had gotten 2 weeks detention for doing that well

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