Jason McCANN has a sister now McKenzie McCANN who picks up some evil ways from the most dangerous, meanest ,cruelest dude in school who happens to be her big brother


3. chapter 3

My friends a blabber mouth she told every one in school so now every one knows I'm Jason McCann's little sister

Every one runs away from me just cause in Jason McCanns little sis

A boy pushed me of my chair he got mad why'd you push my little sis of her chair he said cause I wanted to Jacob said Jason dodged his punch Jason punches Jacob

I scratched him on the face

When me and Jason got home I put on a black hoodie ,clothes ,and shoes

I put on my hoodie while Jason was in detention for beating up his locker up with a baseball bat that it fell and broke cause it wouldn't open so he got detention for vandalizing school property

Well I beat up a table and my phone so i can't complain

We McCanns have a long history of beating things up with baseball bats for various reasons

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