Jason McCANN has a sister now McKenzie McCANN who picks up some evil ways from the most dangerous, meanest ,cruelest dude in school who happens to be her big brother


2. chapter 2

I was at the mall with my friends Jason was their too I didn't know he was there

We were walking around we stoped and looked over is that who I think it is it's said Emma yep that's Jason McCann

Just keep walking pretend you don't see them we kept walking and without looking Jessica bumped into Jason by accident she ran away screaming before he could say anything

My friend came over she saw trough the window Jason kissing me on the cheek Jason I have to tell her

Jessica he is my big brother you can not tell anyone she ran away screaming

Well I'm going to my room ok he said

I called her when she answered she screamed at the top of her lungs she hung up I got mad I put my phone on the table I took a baseball bat a started beating it up so hard I broke it and the table and my phone

She told all my friends they were scared of me they wouldn't even come near me same with Jason and his friends

Bet you weren't expecting a call from me"Said Jason's friend" "no actually I wasn't" said Jason it was Jason old friend

"Your sister I didn't know you had a sister" said his friend

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