Jason McCANN has a sister now McKenzie McCANN who picks up some evil ways from the most dangerous, meanest ,cruelest dude in school who happens to be her big brother


1. chapter 1

It's a new school year here in Phoenix Arizona I live with my big brother , mom , and dad my name is McKenzie McCann sister of the most scariest, meanest ,most dangerous boy in school Jason McCann

He is my big brother he is 17 he was born on march 1, 1994 and I was born on march 2, 1995 I'm 16 I have not told anyone he is my big brother at school we act like we don't know each other my bffs don't even know he is my big brother every one tells me to stay away from him

But I can't he is like my body guard at school honestly I like having him as a big brother

we're complete opposites he has spiked up hair he has spikes on the shoulders of his leather jacket and has chains on his belt and he where's fingerless gloves with spikes on the knuckles and he wears black shoes

On the other hand I wear a pink shirt and a a pink skirt with pinkish reddish shoes I love him he loves me he is mean to every one else but not me

No one knew he was my big brother and I didn't want any one to know he was my brother

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