In which Hoseok falls in love with Kim taehyung and hopes for his feelings to be returned.


1. chapter 1

"The way I look at you will never change"

Walking into the familiar place which we call school reminds me of how much I hated it. "Hey Hoseok It's been long" I hear a bunch of my "friends" coming towards me. They were mostly fake, I guess that's one thing you have to be to survive.

I walked as fast as I could to avoid getting asked 'how was your summer' or 'did you hook up with anyone' in my prospective those are some private things. As I was walking with my head down there voice kept getting closer so I kept walking faster fixing my headphones. Suddenly when I looked up i find myself gazing at the most beautiful human being I had ever seen. With those amazing brown hair coming slightly over his forehead and those eyes, those eye that could hypnotize you just with one look. 'Snap out of it' I told myself I'm not usually like this I have no idea what's gotten into me. Girls chase after me they see me as if I'm a god I rarely look at a girl let alone describe the way a guy looks or how his eyes are so hypnotizing.

I tried telling myself it's just like one of the saying I've heard "attractive people attract attractive people" it didn't matter if you were a girl or a guy. "Oppa" I was standing there thinking 'shit why was I thinking useless things It made me slow down' Lee yang was the most annoying girl I know but she is also my parents friends daughter. "Oppa you didn't hear me?" She says coming closer to me. I didn't say a word all I did was take my headphones out and point it at her. "Oh I see" she says "Oppa I heard you want on a date this summer"

"It's none of your business Lee yang" I said walking past her "but oppa we are meant to get married in the future" this was one of the reasons why I thought she was annoying "who says?!" I replied "will of course our parents" I ignore what she says and walk away from her as she calls out "oppa wait for me oppa! Let's go together".

As I walked into my first period I see my true friend who actually isn't fake the only one who I like talking to "hey hyung sit here" he says pointing to the sit beside him "hyung it's been long" he says even though I saw him all summer "we saw each other yesterday" I say "ya but still" jungkook is a will a I don't know how to describe him his a happy person no matter what his just happy and nothing makes him mad in all my life of knowing him I've never seen him mad.

10 minutes later teacher Kim walks in "attention stand up bow, sit" says the class President. "I hope all of you had a good summer but I have the best idea today" he continues "I have a sitting plan. 'What' I think everyone seemed not happy about it but nothing they can do. "Also we have a student who is changing class to ours".

We all had our sitting plans arranged jungkook was sitting in front of me for some reason the sit beside me was empty so I thought it's probably for the kid who's changing class. " everyone say hello to your new classmate, you can greet yourself" said teacher Kim I looked up to see the same guy I was talking about before the guy with the hypnotizing eyes. "You can go sit beside Hoseok"

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