Danger moment

This is my story about the most brutal in my life. Read my story...


2. Chapter 1

Okay let the story telling begin now. It begins when I walk home from school with Emily and we saw a fat man in the left side of the road. He had a little girl in his left hand and his phone in the right hand. But the girl did not walk further from here. I get goosebumps just at the thought of who he is behind the facade, I think he has kidnapped the little girl. I will call the man Grumpy and the girl I will call Carolina.

Me and my sister walk away, we walk home, no we run home. I walk directly up to my room and lay on my bed. Checked my phone for messages and other, but which are nothing more than small messages from my girlfriends, who want to go to the city and therefore they wrote to ask if I want to go with them. My answer is no I can not today otherwise I would really like to, but I must help my mother, girls are so cute.

I check my phone again and again, but there is none new messages for me. Inconvenience by vampires are our food we cannot eat always. We must wait a moment more, wait to afternoon so not conceive what is on fewer.

One hour, two hours, three hours, so four hours and finally after five hours and nightfall, we can act and maybe if we are lucky also get us some dinner. We all walk up and down various streets, but there is almost no people left. There is only one and that is unfortunately, Grumpy.

Oh shit, I said what I was thinking just a bit too high. My father turns around and hushes me. Well yes, I had almost forgotten, we must for any price not be detected otherwise we get caught by the police and then we are put in prison.

People here from the city, but especially those who are newcomers to the city, will not have vampires to walk in the streets. Miserable people, they want to say when we go past one and hurries so far away at high speed. But neither I or Emily can realize that we should be so dangerous for other people, well, blood is indeed my food. That is what I live by, as well as other live of good steaks.

We list over to Grumpy. So far nothing and nobody has noticed. He stands just talking into his phone, probably someone who would like to buy Caroline with a certain amount of money. Yes, it is terrible what cruel thoughts people have, but most of all they are be able perform them, their thoughts.

I did not get as much food as I would have liked, but it is enough for me to survive. I close the door to my room and I turn off the lamp and sleep until next morning in the dream world. 

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