I don't have much time... None of us do. This book thing, I'm writing, will help you defeat it. Defeat them. For the sake of all man kind, read this...

- Dusty


1. Unwanted Arrival

October 1698

I kicked a pebble. I watched as it danced over the top of the crystal blue water. I watched as it sunk below the waters surface to settle at the waters bed. The water returned to its calmed state as my ears pricked at the sound of boots as they scraped hurriedly across the pebbles. Muffled whispers were shared between the frantic men. I sniffed at their wretched scents. I still hated the smell of old rum and body Oder. Obviously some must have been drunk...

Good. Makes them easy prey

They didn't know I was aware of their presence.

Let's use that against them

I also smelt...


My senses heightened to their full extent. I felt it's hunger, it's thirst for these poor, wretched people as I tried to fight it. I had to control it. But how? It's was a part of me now. There were too many humans and too much blood. I sensed around twelve. Their body heat radiating off the rocks.

Let's kill them. I'm starving

I felt my teeth sharpen, like daggers they would soon pierce the skin of all the humans behind me. I struggled against it. I tried to send my mind to my happy place, but it was shrouded in darkness.

Damn it!

No escape my friend. I thought you would have learnt that by now.

I roared in agony as I fell on all fours. I heard them all gasp as my hair turned and grew to thick fur. A tail grew behind me and with that, the transition was complete. I heard them yell and shout,

"It's the witch!"

"Let's kill it!"

They pointed their spears and  swords at me. It had taken control of me but I saw everything it saw. I saw everything it did. With one swift moment it leapt onto the nearest victim.

He latched on to the mans chest with his outstretched claws and dug his teeth into his flesh. He screamed in pain as the beast teared the flesh from his bones. The others just stood there, to stunned to run. He went from person to person, tearing them apart limb from limb. The beast splattered the dull grey pebbles with vibrant splatters of blood and flesh.

Their weapons they had were useless compared to us. Nothing could protect them from their fate. Not even me, who fought the beast from the inside.

Once the deed was done, it ate the hearts of all the men. Then it left to wander through the dense woodlands leaving the men to be discovered by their friends and loved ones.

Animals would whimper in the shadows as we walked past it would growl threateningly at anything, enjoying how it could manipulate any living being with their own fear. It's eyes were the colour of blood and would reflect on any light source, making it look as though it's eyes were glowing. Fortunately, the beast could only come out at night or in dark places. Like all evil, light was an enemy.

It sat by an oak tree as dawn slowly approached. Then it left again, leaving me bare and unconscious in the woodlands.



I shouldn't have started there. But that was the first time I realised how fast it could actually kill. When I realised how badly the humans wanted me or the beast dead. You see, the stories you know of witches are twisted. They weren't people with magic, but rather people possessed by depraved spirits which had escaped from the darkest places on this Earth. They would choose a soul and body and possess them. Those spirits could take forms of what you would call mythical creatures. Like dragons and ware wolfs.

They could not be defeated by any human tool. They can only be sent back to where they came from. I am writing this all down so that if these deranged spirits are to escape again, whoever finds this some what journal, will know how to send them back. If anyone get possessed by these spirits, will kill everyone they love and keep killing until the human race ceases to exist. To prove this to you non- believers, I will tell you of how it made me kill my family. It's a painful memory but it needs to be shared so that no one has to do what I did. To go through what I went through.


March 1695

After any day of manual labour, men would find themselves drifting towards pubs that were located around the outskirts of our town. Away from their spouses and offspring. I was the town's main black smiths. The largest in the kingdom come to think of it. I was the proud owner of the family business which had been in my family for generations.

When I had first started, the work was slow and tedious. But I soon built the muscle and learnt the skills needed to be the best black smith there was. The town however, was a fair distance away from the main kingdom. I think it was a days ride away. I would often have to travel there to sell my tools and weapons to towns folk and lords. It was a fair judgment to say that my family was wealthy and well respected. Even many people in the monarchy were aware of our work. I was full of pride and myself back then. I had power and I knew how to use it.


I opened the door to the pub. I was met with the stench of sweat and rum. Many of the less fortunate had never bathed and it was shown by their pasty complexion and the way the dirt looked as though it had fused with their skin. I grabbed the goblet which was dedicated to me and sat at my table in the corner.

This is what I did every night after work. I never liked to talk to people with less importance than my own. Which was cruel, I see that now. But it was too late.

After several drinks, I would wander through the quiet streets. A few houses had candles in the windows. The flames would flicker and dance on the wicks which created the illusion that made you think something was moving behind you. Hiding in the shadows. You could feel your body freeze up and stiffen with anxiety. Your eyes would dart side to side as you swung around and see...

Nothing but the brick road. Relief would wash away the panic as you turn back around and continue home. However you still feel as though something is there, laughing at your blindness to it.

A cold wind swept through the town. I pulled my dress coat tighter around my chest. I had rounded the last corner onto my street as the wind grew stronger. It howled in my ears and pushed against my attempts to move forward. I started to slide backwards, my feet and legs exhausted from the struggle. The howling grew louder and louder. It seemed as though the wind was mocking my weak attempts at fighting it. I could no longer stand the sound. I stuck my fingers in my ears to dampen the sound. The inside of my ears were wet. I looked at my fingers and smeared the substance. Blood.

Then, the wind lifted me. I flew up, arms and legs flailing around in the air. I tried calling for help and screaming but the wind drowned out my cries. I thought for sure I was going to die.

I went limp and let the wind throw me around in the air. I opened one eye and could no longer see the town. Instead, I saw dark clouds swirling around me. They moved as if it were mist or a fog. I stayed suspended and watched as the mist  spun and shaped itself into what looked like a wolf. However it was big. Bigger than myself and I was muscular. It's teeth were the length of daggers and the sharpness of them too. It's eyes shone red in the moonlight. It licked its lips maliciously, staring hungrily at me. With one swift leap, it jumped into my chest. It felt agonising. Like someone pierced a dagger in my chest and dragged it through. I get it spread through my body like a poison. I felt my teeth grow. I reached up and touched them. They reached down to my chin and dig into the skin. I felt all my senses heighten. I could see further, hear the slightest sounds, smell the faintest scents and taste the air. I fell on all fours and felt my hair grow denser. I had changed for the first time.

It leapt from the sky and landed in my street. Then it spoke,

Let's see. What shall we do tonight?

It sounded like a man. Deep and gravelly.

"W-who are you? W-what are you? What do you want with me?"

I whimpered.

I like you Dusty. Your pride and self centred ness makes you good material for me to use.

It slowly made it way towards my house.

"No please!.."

I picked you for a reason Dusty. Once their gone, you can focus

"Please no! I'll do anything!" I cried.

Good. Then watch

"No!! Please! Don't hurt them!"

Those spirits hate love. They see it as a weakness while we see it as a strength. It was easy for him.

It sliced the lock off the door with a single claw. It's padded feet were silent when crossing the wooden floor. I cried helplessly as I tried to escape the inside of the monsters head. It was clouded with thoughts of death and its hunger for blood. It found my wife's room first.

You could hear her soft yet exhausted breathing. We snuck around to her side of the bed. I saw the bags under her eyes. I had never noticed how tired she had become.

"Please no..."

I tried one last time. It laughed then backed off. Was it showing her mercy?

Then, with its left hind leg, it slammed the bedroom door shut. Elizabeth bolted upright.

"Dusty? Is that you? Be quiet or you'll wake up the children!"

She snapped. As her eyes adjusted, she realised I wasn't there.

" George sweetie? Is that you? Can't you get to sleep again?"

She was met by an eerily silence.

"Please George! I'm not in the mood for--"

She was cut off by the low growling coming from me. She peered over the edge of the bed and saw my beady red eyed staring back up at her. She jumped backwards and screamed. We leapt up onto the bed. It grabbed her foot in its jaws and dragged her across the bed to us. She kicked and screamed as she tried to tear at the fur on our legs. He pinned her down with his claws and bit off her hands with his teeth.


I screamed again. She was sobbing and quietly begging us to stop. Blood pooled over the sheets and her hands laid lifeless beside her.


I whispered. She stopped struggling. She must have went into shock. He ran his claws across her face before digging his face into her chest. He flung her flesh everywhere until he finally got to her heart. He pulled it out and spoke,

Soon, everyone in this town will end up like her!

Then he ate her heart. Her life source. I had just seen my wife, the love of my life, murdered. I failed her. I had failed them all.

He had just enough night time left to kill my two beautiful children, George and Anne. Then he took us away.

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