I don't have much time... None of us do. This book thing, I'm writing, will help you defeat it. Defeat them. For the sake of all man kind, read this...

- Dusty


3. I'm Not Alone

I must have wandered for a couple more hours or so. The sun peaked and had started its descent. I yawned as the full weight of my last sleep deprived night fell upon my achy body. Never had I walked so much in my life. I do recall flooding myself in my own self pity. All of it seemed so unfair. My life was completely and utterly perfect. Sure, I wasn't the nicest guy but I was respected and worked to withhold my reputation. So what if a few people had to die for that.

I bent down and picked up a grey rock. Intricate patterns of clay weaved its way in between the pieces of rock. I pegged it hard at a uprooted tree. It flung off on if the roots with a thud and fell into a nearby bush. I stood there and just stared at where the rock landed for a while. As I turned to leave, something shifted. Leaves rustled and birds took flight away from the trees. Away from me. I turned my head slowly back. At such a slow pace, sloths would be jealous. I saw nothing. I panned my head side to side. Nothing but trees and bush. Yet again, I started in my way to nowhere. As I walked away, I felt eyes on the back of my neck. That uneasy feeling like when you've missed a crucial clue. One that depended on your survival. I turned yet again. Everything looked normal. Then all relief drained from my body. I started to shake violently. The uprooted tree was gone. In its place was a mound of upturned dirt. In all honesty, I didn't remember seeing any leaves or branches.

I ran. Faster than u had ever run before. I'd turn my head every five seconds to see if something was chasing me. I never saw anything except the birds scattering out of the trees behind me. They squeaked and flapped as if trying to escape a tornado. Luck was big in my side. Let's face it, it never was, I'm fully cursed.

I sat down on a boulder to catch my breath. It hurt to breathe. I clutched my stomach and leaned toward the grass in fear of disgracing myself. I let the feeling pass and slowly sat upright again. Sharp pain shot through the right side of my head. I was pushed off the rock and flung across the grass. My head landed on something sharp with a deafening crack. The pain vanished. Everything went numb. I dragged my hand across the grass, it snagged on a few roots and grasses but I managed to pull my hand up to my face. My face was covered in a warm liquid.


I heard a deep growling sound from my left. Whatever it was, it wanted me dead.

I must of fainted because everything blurred and mixed together. My eyes rolled to the back of my head and my senses slowly shut off one by one. I woke up with my wrists. Ankles and torso shackled to a tree trunk. The pain in my head return, but worse. Like my head was being torn open with nothing but pliers. I struggled against the shackles but the metal just dug into the skin on my wrists. I tried to scream and ask who had done this. But the wound on my head reminded me that any movement with my head would only worsen the pain. I wondered how bad it was.

Something approached me from the bushes in front of me. I thought my eyes were unfocused because the thing in front of me didn't look human. It didn't even look like an animal. It was covered in matted, long dark fur with eyes blacker than black. Instead of feet it had brown tentacles which were also covered in hair and spikes. It had a nose and mouth but teeth jutted out at off angles, digging into the things chapped lips. I shivered in disgust at the sight and smell of the monster, for it smelt of mould and blood. It shifted on its tentacles, eying me threateningly. What the hell was that? Was it another evil spirit? It poked out a forked tongue between its blood stained teeth. Sniffing the air I presumed. It did have arms, three in fact. In the right hand, it was holding spear type of weapon and in its too left, a key. A key to unlock the shackles. I moved my foot across the ground into a more suitable position. The things face snapped towards me and its tentacle wrapped around my throat and squeezed. I gasped and try to reach for the tentacles but the shackles held me back. I felt the metal pierce my wrists hard enough for blood. I thought about nothing except the need for air. Its grip tightened. My face burned and I felt as if u was going to die. Right then and there. It wouldn't have been too bad. Except for the whole soul splitting fiasco. It let go and retracted its tentacle back to its side. I struggled to breathe as the air flooded into my oxygen deprived lungs. After a few minutes, my breathing steadied, and slowed to a normal pace. I watched as the thing walked back into the forest the way it came. Probably to go terrorise it's other victims.

I looked up towards the sky. Already the sun had reached the horizon, and was slowly sinking into the earth. The spirit will be back soon.

The sun sunk fully and the weakening of the wolf. I had already started the transition when the monster came back. My senses heightened and my muscles grew as well as my hair and tail. It was quicker to transform this time. The feeling was more neutral now. I became the voice inside the head that sees all but can do nothing. The wolf took control.

I could see the monster smile, and ugly, toothy smile. I could feel the wolf glaring at the thing. Then it relaxed. We had sunk down so that the chain around my torso had slipped off, but our legs were still imprisoned.

"Well it's been a while Mars."

The wolf's voice sliced through the silence like a knife through parchment. His named reminded me of the roman god of war, mars. The creature slid its tongue across his top lip, leaving a trail of saliva.

"Yesssss. It hasss."

It's 'A's were extended through a slobbering sound. Like a snake hissing I suppose.

"May I ask, what is with these chains?"

The wolf lifted its front paw to indicate.

"Precautions. It has been to long and a trust bond we might of had before, has long since broken."

The wolf seemed as though this statement had delighted him.

"So no welcome home party? Where are your brothers? I do believe they would be more forgiving."

The wolf looked around to exaggerate some point. The wolf knew this beast.

"My brotherss would not care to see you."

He spat.

"Your here to die and die you shall."

The wolf didn't seem fazed by this. I was not surprised either after I saw what he could do to my helpless family.

"Now, now Mars, are you sure that's what you really want?"

"Since when did you care what others wanted?"

"Haha I like that my friend. No I couldn't care less about what you may want. However, I do care about things when they involve myself. I have to then deal with it. Do you understand?"

Mars's pupils slitted and he took a step closer. The wolf notice the movement but didn't flinch. I heard a small click and felt the shackle on my hind leg, slacken. The wolf had freed one of our legs all the while keeping Mars's attention on his face.

"You see, that would sscare me but, you're chained to a tree while I'm free. I'm at an advantage friend, so for once, you have lost."

Mars snickered under his breath as he twisted the spear in his hand.

"Oh are you now?"

The rest of the chains fell to the ground and with one single movement, the wolf was on top of Mars. His tentacles crashed around frantically, trying to watch the wolf away. But he just kicked them away with swift movements of his hind legs.

"I told you, it would not end well for you last time. Don't you ever learn?"

Mars gave one more, frantic struggle before his body slackened.

"Just do it then."

His voice was weak and barely audible.

"Oh no. I've been waiting for this the whole time you sent me back. Sweet sweet revenge. Where are you brothers?"

His black eyes formed a tinge of blue and then red.

"Their dead."

His voice was now solid and steady.

"I killed them."

The wolf's nails extended fully as he cut chunks off of the hair on Mars's chest. His scaly skin started to show through the gaps.

"Tell me the truth Mars. I hate liars."

Mars gulped hard as the wolfs's nails moved closer to his skin.

"There gone. Dead. I killed them!"

Mars shouted. His nails slowly pierced the scaly skin. Blood oozed from the cuts. Black thick liquid anyway.

"I don't believer you could. Did you imprison them? Or did you send them back as well? TELL ME!"

The wolf roared as he sunk his nails further into Mars's skin. He shouted in pain, tears trickled from his eyes and sweat beaded on his forehead.

"No! Please stop!"

He dragged his nails through the skin, from Mars's chest to his stomach. Blood pooled around us and darkened the soil.

"Their trapped!"

He lifted his paw and ran it back down the gash. Deeper this time.


He writhed in pain as he screamed in agony.

"I vanished them back! Back to the same place I banished you! Please! Please have mercy on me!"

The wolf paused. I though he was considering it. Of course he wasn't. He slashed through the monsters face like it was wrapping paper. His skin tore apart and flung everywhere. Blood squirted out in bloody rivers, saturating the wolf's face. He dug his paw through his chest and clawed out the heart. Then ate it.

We left Mars not long after his death. I a tinge of sorrow towards the monster, but I also felt dread. I did nothing to stop it and I probably could have.

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