I don't have much time... None of us do. This book thing, I'm writing, will help you defeat it. Defeat them. For the sake of all man kind, read this...

- Dusty



It's been three days since our encounter with Mars and all we have done is walk. I never knew how deep these woods were and I really still don't. But I do know it's longer than I would have ever imagined. I had to walk in the day and he walked at night. We talked. Sometimes. It felt like a sin to talk to it though. As if I was committing a crime or murder. I didn't know where we were going but I thought it had something to do with Mars's brothers since the wolf was angered when he heard what happened to them. Now here we are, searching in a sea of trees for some way back to where this thing was so desperate to escape.

At the end of what felt like an entire week, we arrived at a circular shaped gap in the trees. A stone the size and length of a four- seater wooden table you would have in a cottage sat in the middle of the clearing. We stalked the area before sitting down beside the rock. We waited. And waited. And waited. I thought it was almost as bad as the walk. Three days later and something strange happened. The rock table changed. The sediments within the rock churned and swirled, changing the shape of the rock. Then, two of its four sides stretched up, towards the sky  and merged together above the other part of the rock. Like a circle. I could feel the wolf smile. The wolf walked to the rock and touched the bottom right of the rock that was left on the ground. Something lightning shot from the rock and ran up the wolf's arm. The wolf howled in pain as he licked his paw.

"Work for me you stupid.."

The wind picked up and a fog rolled in, giving me the instinct to run. Then, like the rock had done before, the fog began to changed. It formed the shape of a cloaked man. Well, at least that's what I though it was.

"It takes more than one-"

The man stopped and looked the wolf up and down.

"Two, wretched souls to open my portal."

The wolf tilted his head and snarled.

"Really? I thought you loved people entering your realm."

The cloaked man folded his arms, his voice tinged with humour.

"Yes. However they don't tend to come back. Unlike you my friend."

"You seem surprised. You can't trap this soul."

The wolf shifted onto his other paw while eying the hooded man still.

"That will change my friend. No doubt you already know that but I cannot deny that your time will come. Nor can I deny my satisfaction. You will provide me with two souls. Yours and his."

I knew who this was now. Death. The one and only. The tales say you only meet him when your time to leave this world comes. Though, I met him before that time comes. Lucky me.

"That's a terrifying tale Death, but I'm not here to learn what will happen to is, I'm here to get my friends."

"Argh yes. Evil yet loyal. I wonder, what made you pick dusty?"

"Does it matter? Let me in and I'll be gone as soon as you scream murder."

"I suppose you were like him when you were human. Thought what you were doing was right but it was socially wrong in more ways than one. Oh and what you did, was on a much larger scale."

"Please Death, don't be difficult."

We tried to jump past him, but he cut us off.

"You were so young. Your parents had to go first didn't they? After all, they're the ones who left you alone, to suffer. Like father like son if you ask me."

The wolf growled.

"Well I didn't ask you."

The wolf spat. Death smiled, clearly enjoying the wolf's emotions jump from anger the grief. Then, Death leaned down and looked us right in the eye. At me.

"Oh my, someone is enjoying themselves far too much. Like to know the history of the wolf?"

Death's red eyes shimmered with evil as the wolf backed away.

"He cannot hear you. Just let me in I need them."

Death straightened back up.

"Oh so you can continue your evil deeds? Hmmm, how many people will you send to me?"

The wolf smiled.

"Oh more than the underworld can hold."

Death nodded in approval.

"I will send them out. For a cost of course. But for now, looks like your time is up."

Death looked up and the wolf followed his gaze. There was an orange tinge to the horizon.

"For you anyway. Your friend and I can still talk."

"What? What would you want to say to him?"

"You know everything about him but does he know anything about you? It's not fair that he knows nothing about the person who murdered his family and took over his body. Bye bye."

The wolf growled as the changed took place and I rose to the surface. It felt good to be back. A little less good when I remembered who was standing in front of me.

"Well Dusty, it's nice to see you."

I looked up at Death, his face still shrouded in darkness so all I could see was his red eyes.

"Don't be afraid I won't hurt you. Rather not yet. You don't seem like the monster you are. Your good at acting innocent aren't you. So is he. The wolf you call him. I don't even think I know his true name anymore. I know his original name though. Would you like to hear it? I sense you do. But you want more as well. Don't you?"

I couldn't help but nod for I did want to know. This wolf had killed my parents and taken away my freedom. I deserved. To know.

"Well then, where shall I start? Hmm, well he is human. Well was anyway. He sold his body to me in return for being able to posses and control people. Not the usual deal I tend to in counter which is probably why I agreed. He seemed different and so he was. When he was born, he was adored by all. He was the cutest youngster his town had ever laid their eyes upon. Until he got older. Yes he was handsome but he would do strange things. Light fires in the streets, dissect rats and mice to 'look for the plague'. His parents were worried about him. However the people of the town were more than worried. They thought he was a witch. They would gather at his house and protest to a point where his parents had to chase them away. But the pressure built and soon his parents turned on him. They tried to kill h while he slept. I won't go into detail but it was bad. His only chance at survival was to run.  Then he found me, and this portal."

Death stopped as his eyes flashed over.



I sucked up more tormented souls that had fallen to the plaque. For me, it was the best news to hear that there is an out break of the plaque. A war is good too. But the plaque is more slow and painful. You know the people have suffered and early their place in the underworld. I stood as always, watching the peaceful looking town on the other side of the woods. The gas lamps on the sides of the road flickered and danced, creating ominous shadows to move. With a swift flick of my hand, I turned a shadow into the shape of a demon, sure to scare even the toughest of men. A bush shook behind me. Something's shadow emerged into the moonlight, then retreated knowing I had seen it. Human? One found me? Hmmm interesting.

"Well hello."

I swiftly turned to see a small boy crouching in a thicket of bushes. Now knowing I've seen him, he stood and walked out of the shadows. That boy looked familiar. Ahh yes the one they thought was a witch. I closed my eyes and reached for his soul. It was shrouded in a blue haze indicating sadness. What had happened to him has taken its toll. Then a tinge of gold fused with the blue. Hope? Mm perfect.

"I know who you are my boy."

I opened my eyes and the boys hopefulness shine on his face. Oh if only he knew the consequences that come with the solution I'm about to offer him.

"Can't be easy to be hunted by your own village. Then have your parents try to kill you."

"I know."

He kicked a pebble and watched it bounce across the ground. When he didn't talk again I decided I would destroy the quiet.

"What are you hopeful for? Surely after all that has happened to you, you feel hopeless."

"Yeah but I know something can help. You can change but still be alive. Like a soul or something. I will be able to possess all the people that wronged me."

I nodded at him. This was possible. Of course I knew that.

"Yes but to be able to make the change, you need to talk to Death."

Now it was his turn to nod.

"Are you here to see him to?"

He asked. I looked surprised.

"What do you mean?"

"This is where they say his portal to the underworld is. I hope he'll come to collect some souls and see me."

"Well do you have something to offer in return? Body dissolving takes a lot of black magic. There is no going back."

"I know I know. I've thought about it a lot and it's the best option I can think of. Do you think he'll come?"

He looked around then back at me.

"Well your in luck. I'm right here."

I pulled out my scythe and flicked it from hand to hand. He took a step back and shuddered.

"I will help you. For a price. You will kill as many as you need and want."

He gulped as he absorbed this fresh information.

"I will."

I was surprised at his eagerness but glad. More souls for me. And another demon soul.

"Ok this shouldn't hurt."

I swiped my scythe across his chest and watched as his skin split. The wound grew and grew but not a drop of blood spilled from the cut. Then, his soul, now a mix of black and red, leaked from the body. As it left, his body fell to the floor.

"How do you feel?"

"Never been better."

I smiled.


Death regained consciousness and looked at me.

"I saw."

Was all I managed to say before falling into a bed of blackness.

But I could still here his voice.

"He killed his parents the slowest and made sure they knew it was him."

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