A broken heart


1. a broken Heart chapter 1

I ran through the forest. Dodging all trees and bushes. Men followed closely behind. "Get her! Don't let her escape!"

I quickly ran to a cliff heading down to a certain death from the waterfalls rocks below. I was trapped. "Come here little girl. We don't want to hurt you." I knew he was lying.

With a partched throat, I finally said, "then why are you chasing me?" The men circled me. Well then, you will just have to come quietly with us." This man made no sence, but she still didn't want to go with them. I quickly turned around and jumped.

Know before we get to far, I forgot to tell you who I am. I am a simple girl that was brought into a serious mess. My name is clover. Clover parks. I live in a small town in Montana. I got dragged into this mess from a broken heart. Yes a broken heart. But, if you want to hear about that, you mite want to read this first.

It was a rainy day in February and Valentines was a couple days away. Living with a un romantic family, I did not enjoy love as much as other people. I lived in a divorced relationship, which is the worst problem that you could have in life. I hated love than so much waste time at the mall looking for my soulmate like the popular kids at school. I learned not to live with love.

But later I realize that I shouldn't have made that choice. I realize that I should have made the right choice the night that They broke in my Dads house.

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