Nowhere to run

A twelve year old girl with a dark past finds an even darker future ahead of her. She finds out a secret - a secret that nobody else knows. She can't tell it, though...If she does, she will die. What will happen to her?


5. Waking up

I woke up. I'm at..Wait, where am I? Oh no...And my once brown hair turned black. My eyes were red. What's happening? Please tell me this is just a really bad nightmare. I got up and looked around. I felt a strange feeling...Insanity. I wasn't in full control of myself. I saw where I was, I'm in the middle of the woods. I followed the footsteps back to my school.

I rushed to class. Wait, where was my backpack? Shoot. I lost it when I was knocked out. Oh well... I asked my friend to meet me after school...I suddenly felt insane again. The bell rang, and school was over. I walked home, no strange events this time. I waited for my friend, Emma, to come to my house. I heard the doorbell.

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