Nowhere to run

A twelve year old girl with a dark past finds an even darker future ahead of her. She finds out a secret - a secret that nobody else knows. She can't tell it, though...If she does, she will die. What will happen to her?


2. The diary

It was a hard choice deciding to miss school for a diary that could have meant anything. It could have even been a fake diary. Who knows? I started looking around, wondering where to look for clues first. Then, I saw some footprints in the grass that lead to the woods. I was hesitant, but decided to follow them anyway. I felt a knot of doubt in my stomach.

A chill went down my spine when I remembered that I was alone..Just walking alone in the woods. Is this even real? I thought. I heard a whoosh noise behind me. I quickly looked back. Whatever it was, it had just gone. Then I heard it again. Whoosh. I could actually hear where it was coming from this time. It sounded a bit like a person running by, but extremely fast.....No. It couldn't have been a human. Humans can't run that fast, especially without leaving a trace. I kept walking, then I found something. It was terrifying!

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