Nowhere to run

A twelve year old girl with a dark past finds an even darker future ahead of her. She finds out a secret - a secret that nobody else knows. She can't tell it, though...If she does, she will die. What will happen to her?


3. Suicide?

It was a person hanging by their neck...On a rope! It was suicide! But I had a horrible feeling that it was a fake suicide. I saw a suicide note on a branch right next to them. It read, "You did this to me." I got another chill down my spine. Was I going insane? This was insanely scary. I kept following the trail of footsteps, until I saw a person. A person! I was so relived to actually find another person here... "E-Excuse m-" I said in a hushed voice. I was cut off when I realized what was happening. They were walking slowly, a black cape with a hood trailing behind them. I couldn't see their real face. As they walked, there was a knife in their hand. "Kill," "Kill," they kept saying over and over again. I started walking the other way, where I found the journal, deciding to turn back, until I heard somebody say....

"You can't run from me." It was the exact same voice. My eyes were wide, my heart was beating fast. I had blew it. I had gotten myself into this mess. I was stuck. I thought for a moment what I should do next...

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