Nowhere to run

A twelve year old girl with a dark past finds an even darker future ahead of her. She finds out a secret - a secret that nobody else knows. She can't tell it, though...If she does, she will die. What will happen to her?


1. Past

Once, there was a twelve year old girl named Chloe. Long black hair, blue jeans, black hoodie...She had a very dark past.


It started when she was seven years old. She was bullied a lot. She only had a few friends, but Chloe had moved away from them a very long time ago. She still misses them. She, therefore, grew up with depression. Many bad things kept happening to her. She also had low self-esteem. The select-few people that actually knew about it tried to cheer her up, but it never worked. Chloe never told them that, though. She didn't want to hurt their feelings.


Chloe was suicidal and depressed at such a young age, and it got worse overtime. She felt like nobody else could understand her kind of depression. She felt like she was going insane. And one day, she did...


Chloe was walking to school, when she saw a mysterious black leather book on the sidewalk. She, curiously, opened it. This was no book, this was a diary! She quickly read page after page as she walked, trying not to be late. One of the pages read, "Dear Diary, I'm going insane. I can't take it anymore! I just can't...Because now, you have nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide." There was a blood splatter on the next page, which was otherwise blank. Chloe was very curious about this, but also a bit scared...Was that even blood? If so, who's blood?

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