Nowhere to run

A twelve year old girl with a dark past finds an even darker future ahead of her. She finds out a secret - a secret that nobody else knows. She can't tell it, though...If she does, she will die. What will happen to her?


6. Insanity

I walked to the door, and opened it. "Hi!" I said, fake-smiling, trying to sound cheerful. "Hi, Chloe." She said as she walked inside. I closed the door behind her. "So, what's up?" Emily asked. This was my chance. "Come to my room, I'll show you!" I said, leading her to my room. We were there in just a few seconds. "So, what is it?" Emma asked, curiously. I closed my eyes, then opened them. A creepy smirk appeared on my face. I quickly grabbed my knife out of my back pocket, and tried to stab her. She dodged it and looked at me in shock and horror. She tried to quickly run out of the house, but I stabbed her in the back of the head before she could get to the door. I hid her body under my bed, and cleaned the knife.

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