The teacher and the student

The new teacher mr swed him and the pupil sky kissed she
Never told her friend she has a boyfriend and she's worried about how this will be she's having troubles at home and her friend is moving house who's there for her what her boyfriend going to think


1. The new teacher

He walked in my friend kept seeing me staring and nudged me I whispered "what".She looked at me and I knew she saw me staring at him she said to me "Skye stop staring".After class every one left and he came over to me and said "Skye plz wait behind".I was scared that I wouldn't be able to talk to him.After class he was talking about work all I heard was blah blah blah I looked at him.We got closer to each other and kissed we moved away from the door.I gave him my number and said bye.I could tell he was worried about his job now.In my head I was thinking why did we do that.I never talked in class anymore we stared awkwardly.He said to me wait after class and I said to Olivia "not again".After class he said to me "the kiss meant nothing so forget about it.

Hi everyone hope u guys enjoyed the first part of the teacher and the student

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