A girl is stalked by a shadow she gets creeped out but he is stalker her for a good reason he likes her she finds out what it is now that she sees him she falls for him she has found a soulmate but not just any soulmate a shadow soulmate


2. chapter 2: See it clearer

I walked to school thinking about last night about the dark shadowy figure

As I walked a black gust of wind pasted me it was the gust of wind from last night i had gotten stronger and stronger so strong I almost got knocked down

I walked to my locker as I was walking I noticed my backpack all over it was dark back smoke all over it

I went to my locker the smoke past me again but why’d it be in my school

It stopped and i saw something it looked like it had on a black hoodie and all black clothes and dark shades I couldn't barely see it I blended in with the smoke

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