Queen of madness

Thisbe White goes to coltwater high school just like every teenager Coltwater has to offer. which isn't very many. Thisbe is one of 700 students who are classified as "weird" and that's not a good thing. when Thisbe's arch-enemy takes it upon himself to humiliate her in front of the whole school, she decides she's had enough. Upon returning the Coltwater after hearing that her grandmother has got Alzheimer's she's back at high school with a new and slightly improved attitude with one goal in mind: ruin James Thurber.


1. James Thurber must die

Now I realize that that is a horrible thing to think about, but its true. James Thurber is your class 'A' douchebag. You know, the cliché people everybody hates? -cough, cough- me. So there I was standing in the middle of the hallway when a giant meteor fell and killed everyone. The end... I wish.

It was more or less like this: I was standing in the middle of the hallway minding my own business when none other than Brad freaking Thurber appeared with a fresh smirk and new joke at the tip of his tongue.

"What up whitey." He playfully punched my shoulder.

"What do you want?" I asked flatly.

"What I want? well..." He snickered.

"Dude. Come on. I'm a busy person. Spit it out." I rolled my eyes.

"Hm... I'm having fun though." He pouted.

"Well, have fun by yourself." I waved dramatically goodbye and continued down the hallway.

"No! wait!" He grabbed my arm.

"Augh. What could you possibly want that takes up so much of my time that I'm going to forget about within thirty seconds. I have more important things to do like go to my locker than stand here getting more annoyed my the minute by your audacity to stop me for nothing." I narrowed my eyes.

He looked around worried and then let out a loud groan before kissing me.

I stepped back instantly.

"ew.....ew.....ewewewewewewewewewewewewew!" I wiped my tongue on the back of my sleeve. "You're disgusting."

"sorry." He smirked.

I headed for my locker gladly distraction free only to be handed a load of bull shit. My locker was covered in glitter and pieces of my ripped up project Ive been working on for the last three weeks.

"Are you fucking kidding me?!" I shrieked.

A cackling laugh erupted from behind me and as I turned around I was sprayed with a can of adhesive glue, then had the rest of the glitter thrown on me. I stood there, no clue what to do, with my mouth wide open and my arms awkwardly in the air as if I was surrendering.

" That's called payback bitch." Brad's girlfriend Minny Santose smirked at me as she held a bucket full of glitter residue.

"For payback!? You humilliated me in front of the whole school because i outsmarted you in something you wouldnt have known in a million years? Are you fucking kidding me?" I screamed.

one of the teachers came into the hallway yelling for the crowd to disperse.

"Thisbe! follow me. You too Santose." Ms. Gunge demanded.

I followed in slow pursuit and every step I took glitter appeared.

"Go." She pointed into the office.


3 years later

I watched the towns pass by as we headed back to my old hometown of Coltwater. lets just say, I don't  miss this place.

"I know you don't want to be here, but your grandmother needs me. Its only until graduation." mom pep-talked me.

"I know but this place just brings back old memories." I shrugged uncomfortably in my seat.

"Trust me. You'll see things differently when you see grams." She patted my knee.

"I'm sure." I replied sarcastically.

" Cant you just... I dunno... Support my decision in what to do in this situation?" Mom bit her lip.

"We'll see." I snapped.

My grams house was just as I remembered it. Painted lime green for no apparent reason, red shutters that didn't even close, and a garden so out-of-date, the weeds were as tall as the living room window. The window was also on the second level of the house.

Mom grabbed our bags from the trunk as I went to unlock the front door. I did this only to find out it was already unlocked.

"Mom? I'm sort of concerned for grams capability of fending for herself." I announced when I gestured to the unlocked door.

"Would you quit that?" Mom asked with a disappointed tone of voice.

"Would you quit that." I mocked in my best wicked witch of the west impression.

"Just...Go." she grumbled. I skipped into my grams house and instantly headed to the fridge.

"ew! mom! what is this?!" I squealed as I pulled out old lady food. ugh. soups.

"Thisbe. enough." mom snapped.

I grumbled and took my bag upstairs. I wandered the hallway looking for the old bedroom my mom used to live in.

last door on the right

I threw my duffel bag on the bed and jumped right beside it. my phone going off.

yo T. what up? - fish

nmu? - T

sulking. mom thinks I'm being rash. - fish

cuz u prob r being rash. lol - T

watevr. don't care. - fish

gtg. bye. - T

bye - fish

I shut off my phone and placed on the empty nightstand beside me.

" Thisbe! Get down here!" Mom yelled. I let out a loud groan and slowly descended downstairs.

" what?" I asked.

Grams was sitting on the couch looking at us.

"Hey." I smiled politely.

"Mia?" she beamed.

"no grams. its me, Thisbe." I said frowning.

"oh. Thisbe. right." she looked off into the kitchen.

"im wasting my time." i whispered to mom.

"huh. fine. go... explore or something." she waved me away.

"mom." i snorted. "i dont explore. im not 6."

"go." she said with clenched teeth.

before she could change her mind i slipped on my flipflops and out the door.

i went to the one place i knew best. haily's house.

i knocked on her door and her mother answered with a look of shock.

"Thisbe. what a surprise." she smiled.

"hey. is Haily here?" i asked.

"um...no you just missed her." she frowned. "i can tell you where she was headed if you like."


"here." she jotted something down on a peice of ripped paper and handed it to me. "its great to see you again." she added with a warm, sad smile.

"yeah. you too." I said.

I quickly left her house. I didn't need the address. in act I knew exactly where she would have gone.


"no way." Haily gasped as I entered the threshold of the Den.

"what up?" I opened my arms for a hug.

"dude its been so long." she squealed as she hugged me tightly.

"i didn't think this would still be a hangout when I returned." I chuckled.

" Oh my god absolutely. literally all of us highschoolers come here after school.  and since its still only 4:30..." she gestured around her.

"damn Thisbe you got hot." daniel Wryder nodded his aproval.

"and you did not." i rolled my eyes.

"ouch." he shook his head.

"whats all the commotion?" somebody asked.

i turned around and my smile fell.

standing a few yards behind me was none other than Bradly Thurber.

"um..." haily said. she knew exactly what i was about to do. she reached out to me trying to stop me but i was full of anger.

"Thisbe dont you dare!" she warned.

brad looked at me up and down at the mention of my name. his face went from confused to shocked to a look of oh shit .

i approuched him, raised my fist and before he realized what was going on, i punched him.

he stumbled back and gripped one of the tables for support.

"jesus christ! what was that for?!" he yelled.

"ruining my early teenage years." i said with triumph.

"what are you talking about?" he groaned. the entire Den was silent as they watched my whole escapade go down.

" theres no way you dont remember." i rolled my eyes.

"no. i honestly dont remember." he glared at me.

"ninth grade year? dumping glitter all over me? humilliating me in front of everybody?" i said, my confidence quickly draining.

"1) that wasnt my idea. i had no clue what missy was going to do. and 2) i think its you who humiliates  yourself considering the fact your making a fool of yourself. like right now." he said harshly.

i turned around to see all the faces hungry for something to happen.

"oh shit."

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