Impossible Things

A person named Cassidy meets the new girl, Emma. Amber, Taylor, and Chiaki, the bullies, are picking on Emma. When Cassidy finds out a gigantic secret, drama goes down...


1. The new girl

I walked into school. Ugh, I thought. Another day of school... As I walked in the hall, I noticed something. The new girl. Glasses, jeans, short brown hair.... She couldn't look more basic if she tried. Then I saw Amber, Madeline, and Chiaki, my old friend. Halfway through grade six, she dumped me. We went to Brownies together in the third grade, and we did this little thing called "thumbuddies" where you had to trace your hand, give it a face, and give it to somebody. "I'm a thumbuddy," you had to say. Of course, with my lisp, "somebody" and "thumbuddy" sound the same. I still lisp sometimes when I'm not paying attention. I walked over to Amber, Madeline, and Chiaki. "Hey," I said. "Why don't you go away..."

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